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Map of Blacklick Township 1821

Source: Melish-Whiteside map of Cambria County about 1816-1821. Based upon actual county surveys that were the first official set of county maps produced for the Commonwealth, and include information such as township lines, municipality names, geographic features, and roads and distances. Additional data on some of the maps includes post offices, factories, mills, mines, furnaces, forges, houses, churches, academies, and taverns. The names of property owners for certain taverns, dwellings, furnaces, and mills are also present on a number of the maps. The maps were the result of the work of John Melish. A number of deputy surveyors provided their completed maps to the surveyor general, who in turn sent the maps to Melish for copying and engraving. Before these maps were delivered, a clerk made an office copy of the original. The first clerk to execute these copies was named John Whiteside, and based on his signature, they have become known as the “Whiteside Maps”. On the map of Cambria County the population of principal towns and villages include: Ebensburg, seat of justice - 150, Johnstown - 60, and Munster - 20


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