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Blacklick Township Civil War Veterans

The Ebensburg War Memorial was erected in 1913 to honor the soldiers and sailors from Cambria County who fought for their country. It contains the names of soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War and the Spanish American War. It is located next to the old jail in Ebensburg. It includes many, but not all, of the Blacklick Township soldiers who served in the Civil War (a.k.a. War of the Rebellion). Included among the ranks of Blacklick Township veterans are two Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, a commander of an Emergency Militia unit, and three soldiers who who perished at Andersonville Prison Camp in Georgia.

Pvt. Thomas Evans, Company D, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry, was one of the1,520 recipients of Medal of Honor during the Civil War. On June 5, 1864, his unit engaged the enemy at Piedmont, Virginia where he and a fellow comrade, Pvt. James Snedden of Co. E, both earned the Medal of Honor. Pvt Evan's citation is as follows: EVANS, THOMAS - Rank and organization: Private, Company D, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry. Place and date: At Piedmont, Va., 5 June 1864. Entered service at: Cambria County, Pa. Birth: Wales. Date of issue: 26 November 1864. Citation: Capture of flag of 45th Virginia (C.S.A.).

George Wesley Reed, one of six children of William and Sarah Reed, was born and raised in Belsano. During the Battle for Weldon's Railroad in Virginia, Reed was moving through a large patch of woods when he ran into five flag-toting soldiers from the 24th North Carolina Infantry. There was a moment of panic, but Reed kept his head. It soon became obvious the Rebels were lost in the woods. Reed kept telling them he knew the way out. After hours of wandering, the tattered and hungry Confederates finally told him to lead them out. He did, right to his Union lines. On Aug. 31, the Secretary of War awarded Reed the Medal of Honor for capturing the 24th North Carolina colors.

Robert Litzinger, from Blacklick Township, commanded one of the emergency militias organized for the protection of Pennsylvania against Lee's invasion. Robert Litzinger was a Captain when the outfit was formed and was promoted to Lt. Col. a month later.The official army records refer to this as "Lt. Col. Litzinger's Battalion, Infantry, Emergency, 1863." It was also called "Litzinger's Infantry Battalion." There were 399 men in this unit and many of the men in the unit seem to have been from the Blacklick Township area. The Litzinger unit was mustered into duty on June 23, 1863 and the muster out date was August 8, 1863 at Harrisburg. It is believed that the unit may have been at "Camp Huntington" during their brief service. After this unit was disbanded many of the soldiers went on to serve in "3 year units." For example, Thomas Empfield of Belsano was mustered into Co A of Litzinger's Infantry on June 23 1863 and mustered out on August 8, 1863. On June 26 1864 he was mustered into Co H, Pa 110th Infantry and mustered out on June 28, 1865 at Washington, DC. At the Civil War website a brief history of the unit is provided: "Organized at Harrisburg for 100 days July 22, 1864. Moved to Baltimore, Md., July 22, and provost duty there until November. Attached to 3rd Separate Brigade, 8th Corps, Middle Department. Mustered out November 6, 1864."

Three Blacklick Township soldiers, Jacob Mardis, Adam George and John L. Rager, were among the nearly 13,000 Union soldiers who died at Andersonville prison camp in Georgia. Jacob Mardis enlisted in Company A, 40th PA Infantry (previously known as the 11th PA Reserves) on August 29, 1862. He was taken as a prisoner of war twice. First, he was wounded and captured at Fredricksburg, Virginia, on December 13, 1862. Jacob was later released at City Point, Virginia, on January 12, 1863. On May 30, 1864, he was transferred into Company A, PA 190th Infantry and was captured, at Mechanicsville, Virginia, on the same date as his transfer. Private Mardis was subsequently transferred to the Andersonville Prison, near the towns of Americus and Plains, Georgia where he died from dysentery on August 9, 1864, aged 23. He was buried in a nearby plot, now designated with Andersonville Marker #5130.

Lieut. Adam George, a school-teacher, who enlisted in the One Hundred and Forty-ninth regiment Pennsylvania infantry; was taken prisoner at South Anna, and died at Andersonville Prison after six months' confinement, July 7, 1864. His burial site is noted by Andersonville Marker #2992.

Private John L. Rager joined Company H, One Hundred and Tenth regiment Pennsylvania infantry and was captured and died on August 19, 1864 at Andersonville Prison, Marker #6373.

Another Blacklick Twp veteran, Leander Bush, was taken prisoner in 1865 and was confined at Andersonville for three months.

The following is a composite list of Blacklick Township's 143 Civil War Veterans identified from various sources. Out of 143 veterans, 34 perished in the war. An additional 25 were wounded or injured but survived their injuries.

By 1910, based on a question asked in the Federal Census conducted that year, only six Blacklick Township Civil War Veterans were still alive: Elias Edwards, Isaac Mahan, John M. Markley, Thomas M. Reese, Uriah Wagner, and I.N. Wissinger.

Last Name     |First Name         |Unit                              |Dates Served    --        |Notes
Adams          Simon G.            Co E BN of Emergency Men           13 Jun 1863-08 Aug 1863    BM *
                                   Pvt Co F 56th Regt P.V.            19 Sep 1864-31 May 1865
Adams          William H. H.       Sgt. Co I 206th Regt P.V.          31 Aug 1864-26 Jun 1865
Anderson       Robt.               19th U.S. Inf
Bennett        A.H.                19th U.S. Inf                                                 Died
Bennett        James               Pvt 67 Pa Inf                      ? - ?                      *
Bennet         Peter               Pvt Co G 11 Pa Inf                 29 Feb 1864-07 Jul 1865    *
Berkey         George Washington   Pvt Co F 133rd Regt                15 Aug 1862-?? May 1863    BB Wounded *
Berry          Jos.                11th Regt P.V. Inf                                            Died
Berry          Valentine           11th Regt P.V. Inf                                            Died
Black          Elliot F.           Hamptons Ind Pt Bat Co F, PVI                                 LL Injured
Black          William M.          Cpl Co K 106 Regt P.V.                                        DC
Blickenderfer  John                Pvt Co I 206th Regt P.V.           29 Aug 1864-26 Jun 1865    DC Injured *
Blough         Henry D.            Co K 206 PVI                       3 Nov 1862 - 31 May 1865   BB
Blough         John D.             Co H 3rd P.V.I.                                               BB
Boring         Ephram              11th Regt P.V. Inf                                            Disabled
Boring         Ephram, Jr.
Boring         George              Pvt Co I, 82 Pa Inf                06 Dec 1864-13 Jul 1865    *
Boring         John F.             148th Regt P.V.                    1 Jun 1863 -18 Jun 1864    Killed CP
Boring         Reuben              Co D 115th Regt P.V.
Bracken        Henderson           206th Regt P.V.
Bracken        James               19th U.S. Inf                                                 Wounded
Bracken        Nathan                                                                            Killed
Bracken        Wm.                 Co H 12th Regt P.R.C.
Brallier       Emanuel             Capt. Co D 115th Regt. P.V.        7 Sep 1862 - 1 Jun 1865    Chambersburg, Pa
Brallier       Levi Roberts        Pvt Co I 206 Regt P.V.             31 Aug 1864 - 1 Jul 1865   HD
Brown          Joshu (Josiah) R.   Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.                                         Died
Brown          Uriah K.            148th Regt P.V.                    23 Oct 1863 - 1 Jun 1865   Wounded LC
Bush           Leander             Pvt Co I 135 & 46 Pa Inf (CSA?)    07 Aug 1862-24 May 1863    Wounded *
                                                                      ?? Jul 1863-?? Jul 1865
Campbell       George W.           Co E 54 P.V.I/Co D Pa Vol Cav                                 BB
Campbell       William M.          148th Regt P.V.                    24 Oct 1863-1 Jun 1865     Wounded DC
Clawson        William C.          Pvt. Co. A, Pa Vol                 13 July 1863 -             BM
Clements       Patrick             19th U.S. Inf                                                 Died
Conway         Jos.                                                                              Killed
Cramer         Elias               Co E 67th Regt P.V.                                           BE
Davidson       Charles W.          Co. F 74 Regt P.V.I.                                          BB
Davie          Thomas P.           Co H 15 M.V.I.                                                BE
Davis          David                                                  In Camp in Texas           Died
Davis          Edward E.           Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              25 Jun 1861-23 May 1863    Died
Davis          Evan                                                                              Died
Davis          Moses               Pvt Co D 11th Regt Pa Cav          ? - ?                      BB *
Davis          Richard R.          Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              At Fredricksburg           Killed
Davis          Thomas E.           Pvt. Co K 147 or 187 Regt          30 Mar 1864-05 Aug 1865    BB *
Donehoe        Peter               Co D 115th Regt P.V.                                          Killed
Eastman        Asa                                                                               BE
Edelblute      Geo.                Co H 11th Regt P.R.C.                                         Wounded
Edelblute      Max.                Co F 133 P.V.
Evans          Thomas                                                                            BB
Edwards        Aaron H.            Co D 115th Regt P.V.               29 Oct 1862-3 May 1863     Killed Chancellorsville
Edwards        David H             61st Regt P.V.
Edwards        Elias               Pvt Co H 192 Pa Inf                25 Feb 1865-29 Aug 1865    *
Edwards        Joshua
Edwards        Lewis               187th Regt
Edwards        Solomon             Co E 11th Regt P.R.C.                                         Killed
Edwards        William             11th Regt P.V.                                                Killed
Eminhizer      George W.           Corp Co A 45th Pa Vol Inf          15 Aug 1962-07 Jun 1865    Wounded HC
Empfield       Thomas S.           Pvt Co H 110th Regt. P.V.          26 Feb 1863-02 Jul 1865    Wounded BM *
Farenbaugh     Charles             Pvt Co E 171 Pa Inf                16 Oct 1863-04 Aug 1864    *
Foust          John                Sgt Co F 55 Pa Inf                 19 Sep 1861-31 Dec 1863    *
George         Adam                Lt 149th Regt Pa Inf               Andersonville, Ga Prison   Died
George         Jacob D.            Co I 54th Regt P.V.                                           Wounded 5x
George         Rev. Nicholas S.    Co D 204 Pa Regt 5th Hv Art                                   BM
George         Samuel              Pvt Co E 2 Batt                    15 Jun 1863-21 Jan 1864    *
George         William R           Sgt Co F 55 Pa Inf                 ?? Aug 1861-?? Sep 1865    Wounded *
Hawksworth     John                Co A B 187th Regt.                                            BM
Harndon        John                19th U.S. Inf
Helman         Daniel              Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              25 Jun 1861-27 Jun 1862    Killed Gaines Mill
Hill           Frederick           Co D 4th Cav.                                                 Killed DC
Hill           George              67th Regt P.V.
Hill           Peter               11th Regt P.V. Inf                                            Wounded
Hilty          Simon H.            Co G 139 Regt Pa Vol                                          BB
Hoffman        Adam                Co C 54 Regt Pa Inf                                           BE
Hoffman        Milton              Pvt Co H 54 Pa Inf                 18 Jan 1862-22 Feb 1865    Wounded *
Johns(t)on     Henry               148th Regt P.V.                    24 Oct 1863- 1 Jun 1865    Wounded
Jones          Edward              Co B 87th Regt P.V.
Jones          Evan E              Pvt Co F 133 Pa Inf or 209 PV      08 Aug 1862-26 May 1863    Wounded *
Jones          John J.             Pvt Co A 54 Regt P. V. I.          Or Co K 187 Pa Inf         BB *
Jones          John L.             187th Regt
Jones          Philip H.           Pvt Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.          12 Jun 1861-13 Jun 1864    BB *
Jones          Richard E.          Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              25 Jun 1861-27 Jun 1862    Killed Gaines Mill
Lance          Joseph              Co F 28th P.V.                                                Died
Lance          Stephen A.          Pvt Co F 28 Pa Inf                 06 Jul 1861-26 Dec 1863    Wounded *
Larimer        William             Co H 192 Regt P.V.I.                                          BB
Litzinger      Robert              Capt Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.         25 Jun 1861 -              GV
Longenecker    John                19th U.S. Inf                                                 Disabled
Longenecker    Samuel              49th Regt P.V.
Luke           Daniel              1st Sgt Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.      11 Jun 1861-17 Dec 1864    PH
Mahan          Isaac               Pvt Co G 79 Regt Pa Vol            08 Feb 1865-12 Aug 1865    BM *
Mahan          Thomas              Co E 171 Regt Pa Vol                                          BB
Makin          Abraham C.          110th Regt P.V.                                               Killed
Makin          Adam                148th Regt P.V.                    24 Oct 1863-28 Mar 1863    Died
Makin          John A.             Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              29 Aug 1862 -              Wounded
Makin          Oliver              19th U.S. Inf
Makin          William H.          148th Regt P.V.                    1 Jun 1863-6 Jul 1864      Wounded,died AN
Markley        John M.
Mardis         Jacob S.            Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              Andersonville, Ga Prison   Died
Marsh          Andrew              Pvt Co I 206 Pa Inf                ? - ?                      BE *
May            William             67 Pa Vol                                                     BM
McBride        John                Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              25 Jun 1861-
McLune         John                Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              25 Jun 1861-27 Jun 1862    Killed Gaines Mill
McAllister     Nason               Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              25 Jun 1861-10 Apr 1863    Wounded, discharged
Miller         Geo.                Co A 11th Regt Pa Cav
Mills          Edward                                                                            BB
Moody          Edward M.                                                                         BM
Morgan         Wm. R.              9th U.S.                                                      Killed
Parks          George              187th Regt
Patterson      John M.             Co I 206th Regt P.V.               31 Aug 1864-26 Jun 1865    BB
Patterson      William J.          Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              29 Aug 1862 -              Killed
Powell         David               209th P.V.
Quinton        William             Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              19 Sep 1862 -              BM
Rager          George C.           Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.              18 Feb 1864 -              Died
Rager          Henry D.            Pvt Co D or F 13 Pa Cav            22 Feb 1864-17 Jun 1865    Wounded DC *
Rager          John L.             Co H 110th Regt P.V.               29 Feb 1864-19 Aug 1864    Died Andersonville
Reed           George W.           11th Regt P.V. Inf                                            GV
Reed           Oliver              Corp Co I 206th Regt P.V.          31 Aug 1864-26 Jun 1865
Reed           Samuel              Pvt Co I 211th Regt P.V.           01 Sep 1864-02 Jun 1865    Wounded BM *
Reed           William                                                                           BM
Reese          Enoch               Corp. 187th Regt Co A Ind B Inf                               BB
Reese          Joram               Co G 11th Regt Pa Cav                                         Died
Rodkey         John H.             Pvt Co E 2 Pa Inf                  04 Jul 1862-22 Feb 1863    *
Reese          Thomas Malcom       Pvt Co K 187th Regt P.V.           30 Mar 1864-03 Aug 1865    BB *
Rooney         Jas.                1st U.S.                                                      Died
Ross           J.M.                Co G 11th Regt Pa Cav
Rowland        Rev. Elias          Pvt Co A & K 187th Regt            15 Jun 1862-08 Aug 1863    BB *
                                                                      31 Mar 1864-03 Aug 1865
Sechler        William H.          Co A 11th Regt P.R.C.                                         Disabled
Shaffer        John                84th Regt P.V.                                                Died
Sharrah        George                                                                            BE
Shelin         John
Skelly         Jos. A.             Co G 11th Regt Pa Cav
Snovel         Joseph              Co A 11th Regt Pa Cav
Stephens       Nelson              Pvt Co I 206 Pa Inf                24 Aug 1864-25 Jul 1865    *
Stephens       Westley             Pvt Co I 206 Pa Inf                24 Aug 1864-25 Jul 1865    *
Stiles         Luther              187th Regt Co A Ind Bn Pa Vols                                BB
Strausbaugh    Charles                                                                           BE
Strausbaugh    Peter               Pvt Co I 135 Pa Inf                07 Aug 1862-24 May 1863    BE *
                                   Pvt Co D 4 Pa Cav                  24 Feb 1864-01 Jul 1865    BE *
Thomas         Samuel              187th Regt
Wagner         Peter               Pvt Co C 209th P.V.                01 Sep 1864-01 Jun 1865    BB *
Wagner         Uriah               Pvt Co C 209th P.V.                01 Sep 1864-01 Jun 1865    BE *
Werfield       E.                  19th U.S. Inf
White          James H.            187th Regt   
Williams       Joseph J.           Co H 110th Regt P.V.               26 Feb 1864-16 Dec 1864    Died Alexandria, Va  BE
Wilson         George A.           Pvt Co H 148th Regt P.V.           1 Jun 1863-20 Jul 1865     Wounded *
Wilson         Geo.                187th Regt
Wissinger      Isaac N.            Pvt. Co K 187th Regt               28 Apr 1864-05 Aug 1865    BB *


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