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     Bethel Church was founded in 1833 by Rev. William Williams who had formerly served as pastor of the Beulah Church at Beula City. A meeting house was started in 1859 and was completed in 1867, being dedicated on Nov. 17, 1867. The women set on one side of the church and the men on the other as was the custom in the early days, until Rev. G. W. Baker changed this with the establishment of the family pews.

     The historical booklet for 1933 marking the Centenary of the church shows, among other interesting facts, that in 1850 Enoch Reese and his wife, Elizabeth, for the sum of six dollars, deeded one acre of ground to John T. Williams and David E. Jones in trust for the Bethel congregation of the Particular Baptist church.

     The first regular meeting was held in 1859 on Saturday, April 30. The pastor at that time was Rev. J. R. Morris; Dedication sermon was preached by Rev. J. W. Evans on Nov. 17, 1867. The church was severely damaged by lightning in 1906 and, although inactive today, holds fond memories for many families in our area.

     Pastors have included Rev. Williams, 1833; Rev. Evan D. Thomas, 1851; Rev. J. R. Morris, 1859; and also Rev. Thomas Davis in 1859; Rev. J. W. Evans, 1861; Rev. W. P. England, 1871; Rev. J. W. Evans, 1872; Rev. Thomas Thomas, 1873; Rev. G. D. Knox, 1876; Rev. G. W. Baker, 1877; Rev. A Shadrach, 1880; Rev. R. C. Morgan, 1885; Rev. T. M. Evans, 1888; Rev. D. C. Thomas, 1890; Rev. B. H. Fish, 1892; Rev. Elias Rowland, 1896; Rev. A. D. Wirts, 1903; Rev. Eliaas Rowland, 1904; Rev. J. M. Hunter, 1906, and Rev. F. I. Sigmund in 1907.