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Family Histories
Family Histories

Family Histories & Genealogies, A-D

at the Pennsylvania Room

of the Centre County Library & Historical Museum

Below is a list of the published family histories with family surnames or last names of authors starting with the letter A through D that can be found under the Dewey Decimal call number 929.2 in the Pennsylvania Room of the Centre County Library and Historical Museum in Bellefonte, PA. To locate other holdings in this area, click on the selections above.

AARON Family.
	See Shannon, Catherine.
ABBOT Family.
	See Eisenhart, Willis.	The Abbott...
Abbott, Curtis W., and Rena Steele Abbott.
	Steele: The Descendants of Robert Moore Steele 1812-1889 (Newark, Ohio, 1973).
	See Curtis, Grace.
Adams, Marguerite Eleanor Dolan, and Earl K. Adams. The Harper, Reader, Dolan Line Out of Pennsylvania 
	(Some Texas Descendants) (San Diego, Calif., 1984).
ADAMS Family.
	See Bezilla, Barbara.
Adams, Alexander and Margaret Simler.
	Adams Family Bible Records
Addleman, Robert P.  
	The American Addlemans: German Immigrants to Pennsylvania (Apollo, Pa.: Closson Press, 1991).
	See Addleman, Robert.
Adgate, Joyce Hoy.
	The Roy Melvin Hoy Family (Howard, Pa., 1977)
ADLUM Family.
	See Eisenhart, Willis. The Abbott...
Airgood, James.
	A McCrackin/McCracken Family History: Some of the Descendants of Joseph McCrackin of Ireland and Indiana County...
Albrecht, Mrs. Harold A., and Jacqueline S. Rotering.
	Johann Peter Hachenberg and Descendants (Manhattan, Kansas, 1984).
	See Campbell, Merle.
	See Schaefer, Erma Bradford and David R. Albright, Jacob (Gunsmith) 
ALISON Family.
	See Morrison, Leonard.
	See McCorkle, Elyzabeth.
ALLEN Family.
	See Marshall, James. Joseph Williams...
Allison, Charles Walter.
	The Reverend Thomas Johnston Allison Family 
	History, including Tillett History Wyche History  
	(Charlotte, N.C., 1955).
Allison, Ralph Edward.
	The Descendants of James Allison and Mary Ann 
	Mason (Honolulu, Hawaii, 1985).
	See Allison, Charles.
	See Allison, Ralph.
	See McCabe, Alice.
	See Morrison, Leonard.
	See Owens, John.
	See Pierson, Verna.
Anderson, Alvin L.
	Wheeland/Wieland/Wheland/Weyland and Allied 
	Families (Canton, Ohio, 1986).  also, Volume 
	Four:	Descendants of John & Christina (Oberlin) 
	Wieland/Wheland (1987)
Anderson, Bart (ed.).
	The Sharples-Sharpless Family, vols. 1-3 (1966).
Anderson, Margery Kronk.
	Saxion Family History (Pittsburgh, Pa., 19--).
Andrews, George W.
	Schaublin and Thommen Emigrants from the Canton of
	Basel, Switzerland (1996).
	See Mosgrove, Glenna.
	See Zetty, Marjorie.
Anspauch, Donald Jones Jr.
	One Hundred Year History of the Family of Joseph 
	Philip Kucas and Barbara Grace Yakich Kucas, 1884-
	1984 (West Hollywood, Calif., 1984).
ANTES Family.
	See Seaman, Vashti. Record of John...
ANTHES Family.
	See Owens, John.
ARCHER Family.
	See Waid, Eloise. Isaac Archer...
ARDERY Family.
	See Floyd, Elizabeth.
Ardinger, Dennis B.
	The Markle Family of Allegheny County, 
	Pennsylvania, 1712-1987 (Bridgeville, 
	Pa.: 1987).
Ardinger, Dennis B.
	List of Markle Family Researchers: for Those 
	Searching the Markle, Markel, Markley, Mercklin 
	Surname and All Variations (Bridgeville, Pa., 
	See Curtin, Flora.  The Resides...
	See Brooks, Beverly.  The Armbruster...
Askey, Donald E.
	From the Valleys of the Susquehanna: the Story 
	of the First Askey Family in America (State 
	College, Pa.: West Branch Pubs., 1994).
Askey, Donald Edwin.
	Background on the Erskine-Askeys (1967).
ASKEY Family.
	See Askey, Donald.  From the Valleys...
	See Askey, Donald.  Background on...
	See Hugar, Sara Marie Askey Askey - Gross Family Tree
AUMAN Family.
	See Searfoss, Georgene.  The Auman Family...
	See Searfoss, Georgene.  Auman...
	See Harbaugh, Miriam.
BAILEY Family.
	See Wallace, Anita.  Bailey and Gardner...
	See Wallace, Anita.  Bailey History...
BAIRD Family.
	See Lloyd, Mrs. Bruce. William Baird: Bellefonte.
	See Cole, Maude E. Away Back When...
	See Daniel, Suzanne. Baird Genealogy: William Baird...
Baker, Elizabeth Hopkins.
	Mullikins of Maryland/an Account of the 
	Descendants of James Mullikin of the Western Shore 
	of Maryland (State College, Pa., 1932).
Baker, Irene Parrish.
	A Portrait of Our Ancestors: Jury, Troxell, 
	Shisler, & Parrish (Bountiful, Utah: Family 
	History Publishers, 1986 and 1992).
Baker, Sylvester William.
	A Genealogy of the Enders Family, 1740-1959 
	(Harrisburg, Pa.: Kurzenknabe Press, 1990.
BALL Family.
	See Kinsey, Margaret.
Balliet, Stephen Clay.
	The Balliet, Balliett, Balliette, Balyeat, Bolyard, 
	and Allied Families (Baton Rouge, La., 1968).
	See Balliet, Stephen.
	See Balliet, Stephen.
	See Balliet, Stephen.
	See Balliet, Stephen.
BARBEE Family.
	See Curtis, Grace.

BARE Family.
	See Spessard, Howard.
BARJA Family.
	See Bartges, Albert.
BARLOW Family.
	See Curtis, Grace.
Barner, Harry.
	More than 4,000 Direct Descendants of Adam & 
	Fanny (Bunn) Barner: Their Spouses & Families 
	(Liverpool, Pa.: Barner Reunion History Comm., 1976).
Barner, Konrad von.
	Compilation of History of the Barner Family 
	(Utica, Ky.: McDowell Pubs., 1983).
Barner, Reunion History Committee.
	A Collection of Historical Items of the Barner 
	Clan of the Colonies, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, 
	the United States (Liverpool, Pa.: Barner Reunion 
	History Comm., 1972)
BARNER Family.
	See Barner, Harry.
	See Barner, Konrad.
	See Barner, Reunion.
	See Wheland, Linnaria.
Barnhart, Descendants of John Holt
	Barnhart Family of Central and Eastern 
	Pennsylvania (Goshen, Ind.: 1965).
Barnhart, Shawn.
	Eberhart/Everhart Ancestry in the United 
	States of America: a Comprehensive Manual, 1727-
	1995 (Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1995).
	See Barnhart, Descendants.
	See Seaman, Vashti.  Record of John
Barr, Charles Richard.
	A Barr Family History: Descendants of Robert 
	Barr (ca. 1726-1808) and His Wife, Mary Wills, of 
	McAlevys Fort, Pennsylvania (Baltimore, Md.: 
	Gateway Press, 1995).
BARR Family.
	See Barr, Charles.
	See Miller, Dwight.
	See Barr, McKinney & Perkins John Barr, Rev. War Soldier...
Barr, Ray L., McKinney, June Barr, & Perkins, Dorothy Barr.
	John Barr: Revolutionary War Soldier (b. County Mayo, Ireland 1751 d. Bald Eagle, PA 1833) and Eight Generations
Barrett, William Edwin.
	A History of the Barrett Family of Centre County, 
	Pennsylvania	(St. Marys, Pa.: 19--).
	See Barrett, William.
Barshinger Family.
	See Smith, Stephen H. Barshingers In America
Bartges, Albert E.
	A History and Genealogy of the John W. Bartges 
	Clan (Millheim, Pa., 1939).
	See Bartges, Albert.
	See Bartges, Albert.
	See Bartges, Albert.
BARTO Family.
	See Hildebrand, Maribel.
Batdorf, Arthur C.
	Some Early Records of the Batdorf Family: 
	Germany, Switzerland & Pennsylvania (Lititz, 
	Pa., 1972).
	See Batdorf, Arthur.
	See Coleman, Ruth. Lawrence Bathurst...
	See Mackey, James.  The Lawrence Bathurst...
BAUER Family.
	See Strassburger, Ralph.
	See Heffelfinger, John G.
Baughman, Clark W.
	Baughman Family History (19--).
	See Baughman, Clark.
Baum, Jane Curtin.
	The Roland Curtin Family of Centre County, Pennsylvania
Baumgardner Family.
	See Shallenberger, Sherry J.
Bayer, Frank.
	Abraham Teeter Family: Children & Descendants 
	of Abraham & Elizabeth (Shivley) Teeter of "Dry 
	Barrons" Morrison's Cove Bedford County 
	Pennsylvania 174- to 1984 (New Enterprise, 
	Pa., 1984).
BEAHM Family.
	See Mow, Baxter.
Beaver, Irvin Milton.
	History and Genealogy of the Bieber, Beaver, 
	Biever, Beeber Family (Reading, Pa., 1939).
BEAVER Family.
	See Beaver, Irvin.
Beck, Dean B.
	...Beck & Wolf Families of Centre & Clinton Cos.(1997)
Beck, Elizabeth Kintzing.
	The Kintzing Story (1991).
Beck, Elizabeth K.
	Bottorf Family
Beck, William Franklin.
	History of Daniel and Katherine Beck (Pioneer 
	Settlers of Warriors Mark Valley) and Their 
	Descendants (Altoona, Pa., 1942).
BECK Family.
	See Beck, William.
	See Douty, Norman.
	See Zetty, Marjorie.
	See Beck, Dean.
	See Fredericks, Hugh.
	See Schenck, Samuel.  Centre County...
BEEBER Family.
	See Beaver, Irvin.
	See Spessard, Howard.
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	Eight Central Pennsylvania Families of the 
	Tyrone Region: Buck, Crocker, Gates, Kelly, Laird, 
	McFarland, Weston, Woodring (Washington, Pa., 
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	Family of Frederick Cowher (Cougher) (1997).
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	Family of Henry Gates of Gatesburg, Ferguson 
	Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania (1996).
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	Founders of the Bell Family: a Record of Pioneer 
	Settlers in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania 
	(Carlisle, Pa., 1930).
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	The Gunsalus Family also Gonsalus, Gonzales of 
	Oliver Township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania (1996).
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	History of the Woodring Family (1975).
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	The Story of George Whippo Who Died in Centre 
	County, PA about 1813 (Washington, Pa., 1989).
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	The Story of James Kelly, Franklin County and 
	His Sons William Kelly, Centre County, Samuel 
	Kelly, Indiana County, Pennsylvania (Washington, 
	Pa., 1988).
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	William Bell (died 1783) of Paxton, Pennsylvania, 
	and His Descendants (Ann Arbor, Mich.: Univ. 
	Microfilm Intl., 1978).
Bell, Raymond Martin.
	The McElhatton Brothers...of Bratton Township, Mifflin County, PA 1760-1783
Bell, Raymond Martin; Frank R. Baird; and, Margaret S. Ward.
	The Clemson Family of Pennsylvania 
	(Washington, Pa.: Washington and Jefferson 
	College, 1971).
Bell, Raymond Martin, and Mabel Ghering Granquist.
	The Wotring-Woodring Family of Pennsylvania 
	(Washington, Pa., 1968).
Bell, Raymond Martin, and James Allen Woomer.
	The Wommers of Saarland and Pennsylvania: Also 
	Spelled Woomer, Womer, Wummer, Wumer (Washington, 
	Pa., 1980).
BELL Family.
	See Bell, Raymond.  Founders of...
	See Bell, Raymond.  William Bell...
BENN Family.
	See Monks, Caroline.
Benner, Philip, Lenore Peters Benner, and Eleanore Benner Bathurst.
	The General Philip Benner Family (1987).
BENNER Family.
	See Benner, Philip.
	See Forney, Charles.
Berendt Family.
	See Berendts, William H. From Then Til Now
	See Bartges, Albert.
Berkey, William Albert, and Ruth Berkey Reichley.
	The Berkey Book (2nd ed., 1995).
BERNER Family.
	See Barner, Reunion.
Bernreuter, Robert Gibbon.
	The Jacob Bernreuter Family in America 
	(State College, Pa., 1986).
	also, 1994 Supplement (1994).
	See Bernreuter, Robert.
Bertolet, Daniel H.
	A Genealogical History of the Bertolet Family: 
	the Descendants of Jean Bertolet (Harrisburg, 
	Pa.: United Evangelical Pub. House, 1914).
	See Bertolet, Daniel H.
Best, Franklin I.
	The Best Families of Nittany Valley, 
	Pennsylvania (1981).
Best, John Frederick.
	A Short Biography of the Lives of John Franklin 
	and Elizabeth (Mechtlay) Best and Descendants 
BEST Family.
	See Best, Franklin.
	See Best, John.
	See Moyer, Ruth and Altland, Betty  
	See Williams, Alvah.
BETTS Family.
	See Betts, Willian Wilson and Kurtz, Robert Thomas Betts of Guilfort
Betts, Nancy Bell Hammer.
	John Shirk, Veteran of the War of 1812; His 
	Ancestors and Descendants (1934).
BEVETT Family.
	See Curtin, Flora.  The Resides...
Bezilla, Barbara Wells Bailey.
	Alexander Adams and Margaret B. (Simler) Adams
	Family Bible Records-- Bible Page Dated 1881 (n.d.).
Bice, Lucille Bonebreak.
	A Family Tree with Braches, Dates, Names, and 
	Data about the Aurandt, Bice, Bonebreak, Lykens, 
	Miller, Oellig, Rhodes, Rodkey Families 
	(Martinsburg, Pa., 1967).
BICE Family.
	See Bice, Lucille.
Biddle, Philip Cuthbert.
	Klein--Peck: Prairie Milestones (Logan, 
	Utah, 1990).
BIEBER Family.
	See Beaver, Irvin.
	See Hunt, Betty.  Jacob Duck and...
BIERLY Family.
	See Boob, Larry.
	See Shuman, Helen.
	See Rice, Suzanne W.
BIEVER Family.
	See Beaver, Irvin.
Bigsby, Nina Kagarice, and Margaret Kagarice Yoder.
	The Ancestors and Descendants of John Calvin and 
	Mary Clapper Kagarice (Chula Vista, Calif.: 
	Sidekick Printers, 1980).
	See Lowder, Kitty.
Biographical Sketch of the McCurdy 	Families, Lewistown, Pa. (19--).
BITNER Family.
	See Koppenheffer, Pearl John Bitner and Susannah (Nestlerode) Bitner
	See Koppenheffer, Pearl Abraham Bitner and Mary Leathers Bitner
	See Knoc, Larry.
	See Updegraff, Carol.
	See Kanagy, Ezra.
	See Peachey, Abraham.
Bittner, Shirley E., Kaye F. Brown, and Beth C. Steffan. 
	Family History of Andrew Dill and Ettal Mabel Confer
BLAIR Family
	See Weir, Pamela
Blum Family.
	See Garbrick, Harry Jr.
BLAIR Family.
	See Weir, Pamela.
Bock, Melvin L.
	John Turner and Some of His Descendants 
	(Clearwater, Fla., 1989).
Bock, Melvin L., E. Dale Hooper, and Carole J. Skelly
	Joseph and Mary Dale and Their Descendants1998
Bock, Melvin Lynn.
	The Descendants of Frederick and Maria (Reichard) 
	Bock (Franklin, N.C.: Genealogy Publ. Service, 
BOCK Family.
	See Bock, Melvin.  The Descendants...
	See Miller, Harold.
	See Copper, Ellen.
	See Miller, Harold.
	See Balliet, Stephen.
	See Bice, Lucille.
Boob, Larry.
	The Ancestors of Bernard and Lulu Stover 
Boob, Thomas S.
	Walizer-Jones Family Group Sheets (1993).
BOONE Family.
	See Spraker, Hazel Atterbury.
Boop, Warren C., and Gladys M. King.
	Descendants of John Diehl and Wife Christianna 
	of Union County, Pennsylvania  (1983).
	See Beck, Elizabeth.
BOWES Family.
	See Peake, Anna. William Walter Bowes, World War I Album
Bowers, Dorothy W.
	The Irwins and the Harrisons (Mercersburg, 
	Pa.: Irwinton Publishers, 1973).
BOWERS Family.
	See Strassburger, Ralph.
	See Tyson, Ardell.
Boyer, Donald Arthur.
	American Boyers (York, Pa.: Assoc. of 
	American Boyers, 1984).
BOYER Family.
	See Boyer, Donald.
	See Hunt, Betty.  George Boyer...
	See Lontz, Mary.  Centre County...
	See Smith, Larry.
BRADER Family.
	See Kocher, Frank. The Brader Family...
Braun, Walter G.
	The Family of John Gill of Beccaria Township, 
	Clearfield County, Pennsylvania (1994).
Braun, Walter G.
	The John Harris Family Connection (1994).
Braun, Walter G.
	The Greiner and Voight Families (1994).
Braun, Walter G.
	The William Williams Family of Bald Eagle 
	Valley (State College, Pa., 1994).
Braun, Walter G., and Gloria M. Brown.
	The Family of John Scott of Clearfield, County,
	Pennsylvania (1995).
Braun, Walter G., and Gloria McCurdy Braun.
	The John S. McCurdy Family (1995).
BRAUN Family.
	See Brossman, Schuyler.  Notes on the 
	See Myers, Forest.
Brendlinger, LeRoy R.
	The Brendlinger Family History, 1660-1994 
	(Pottstown, Pa., 1994).
	See Brendlinger, LeRoy.
	See Myers, Forrest.
Breon, Gary Allen.
	Breon-Brion Families in America since 1741  
	(Wheat Ridge, Colo., 1983).
BREON Family.
	See Breon, Gary.
	See Bunting, Elizabeth.
	See Seyler, Barbara.
BRETT Family.
	See Leonard, Eleanor.
BREW Family.
	See Nolan, Thomas.
BRIAN Family.
	See Liggett, Donavene.
	See Myers, Forrest.
BRION Family.
	See Breon, Gary.
	See Chambers, Cordes Brisbin, James S...
Bronoel Family.
	See Heffelfinger, John G.
	See Miller, Dwight.
Brooks, Beverly K.
	The Armbruster Family of Centre County, 
	Pa. (1992).
Brooks, Beverly K.
	Clyde and Alice Savilla (Homan) Dutrow and 
	Their Descendants (1992).
Brooks, Beverly K.
	The Descendants of Michael Homan I (2002).
Brooks, Beverly K.
	The Emanuel E. Fye Family of Centre County, Pa. (2002).
Brooks, Beverly K.
	The History of Andrew Marshall I and His Descendants (2002).
	See Seyler, Barbara.
Brossman, Schuyler C.
	Brossman Pioneers in America (Rehrersburg, 
	Pa., 1964).
Brossman, Schuyler C.
	Notes on the Ancestors and Descendants of (John) 
	Peter Rieth-Rid-Reed, 1760-1833, and His Wife Anna 
	Maria Braun of Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, 
	Pennsylvania (Rehrersburg, Pa., 1974).
Brossman, Schuyler C.
	Notes on Charles Edwin Brossman, 1879-1950, and 
	His Wife Sarah Minerva Deck, 1884-1948, and Their 
	Descendants of Rehrersburg, Berks Co., Penna. 
	(Rehrersburg, Pa., 1974).
Brossman, Schuyler C.
	Notes on Frederick Deck (Also Known as Johan 
	Frederick Deck), b. 2 Feb. 1741-d. 9 June 1820, and 
	His Wife Maria Veronica Seirer, Aug. 1743-28 Mar. 
	1828, of Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co., Pa. and 
	Some of Their Descendants (Rehrersburg, Pa., 1973).
Brossman, Schuyler C.
	Notes on the Gosser-Gassert Family of Berks and 
	Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania, Especially the 
	Families of George Gosser-Gassert, 1766-1841, and 
	Wife Margaret (Rieth) Gassert, 1810-78  
	(Rehrersburg, Pa., 1975).
Brossman, Schuyler C.
	Notes on John Nicholas Deck (a/k/a Nicholas Deck) 
	b. ca. 1741, d. ca 1787 and his Family of Tulpehocken 
	and Bethel Townships, Berks County, Pennsylvania 
	(Rehrersburg, Pa., 1972).
Brossman, Schuyler C.
	Samuel Z. Deck Family Bible  (19--).
	See Brossman, Schuyler.  Brossman Pioneers...
	See Brossman, Schuyler.  Notes on the Ancestors...
	See Brossman, Schuyler.  Notes on Charles...
BROWN Family.
	See Hildebrand, Maribel.
	See Hildebrand, Maribel.  George Brown Civil...
	See Miller, Dwight.
	See Shannon, Robert.
Browning, Charles Henry.
	Magna Charta Barons and Their Descendants: with 
	the Story of the Great Charter of King John; 
	Sketches of the Celebrated Twenty-five Sureties for 
	Its Observance, and Their Lineal Descents from Them 
	of the Baronial Order of Runnemeade (Baltimore, 
	Md.: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1969).
Bruggebors, Barbara.
	The Private War of Peter Gray Meek (1975).
	See Curtin, Flora.  Genealogy of...
Brumley, Frances George; Mary Doty Gleason; and Millard 
	Cornelius George.
	The George History, 1752-1979 
	(Rogersville, Tenn.: East Tennessee Printing Co., 1980).
	See Wakeman, Virgina Brumage.
Brungart, Vera Catherine, and Jasper Royer Brungart.
	History and Genealogy of the Brungart Family 
	See Brungart, Vera.
BRYAN Family.
	See Meginness, John. Origin and History...
	See Seaman, Vashti.  Ancestry of the Holt
Buchwald, Etta Lyons.
	Lyons/Lines, Lion Family of Centre County, 
	Pennsylvania (1992).
BUCK Family.
	See Beck, William.
	See Bell, Raymond. Eight Central...
BUNN Family.
	See Barner, Harry.
Bunting, Elizabeth Bressler.
	The Bressler/Pressler Family of Niederochstadt/
	Pfalz and Berks County, Pennsylvania 
	(Pennsylvania Genealogical Mag., 1992).
Burchard, Edward Lawver.
	Contribution to the Genealogy of the Family of 
	John Shellenbarger, Watchmaker in Geneva, 
	Switzerland, Who Arrived in America in 1754 from 
	Switzerland, Organized down to the 5th Generation 
	(Chicago, Ill., 1939).
BURK Family.
	See Burk, James. Our Union of the Clans...
Burk, James
	 Our Union of the Clans: from the Emerald Isle
	to the Land of the Eagle
Burke, Sir John Bernard.
	Burke's American Families with British Ancestry: 
	the Lineages of 1,600 Families of British Origin 
	Now Resident in the United States of America 
	(Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1984).
BURKET Family.
	See History of the Descendants of Peter Burket...
Burkett, Jerry Lynn.
	The Huber-Hoover Family History Index 
	(Elverson, Pa.: Olde Springfield Shoppe, 1993).
Bush, Charles.
	Bush Family Tree
BUSH Family.
	See Bush, Charles.
Buss, William Claude.
	John Hannon 1785?-1855? (1994).
	See Lontz, Mary.  Centre County...
	See Curtis, Grace.
	See Fulton, Otis.
CALET Family.
	See King, Robert.
Calhoun, Dan M.
	Family of Peter Calhoun ca 1782-1997 (1997).
	See Calhoun, Dan.
Camp, John Robert, and Emily Patch Camp.
	Four Families in America: Patch, Payne Camp, 
	McNabb (1979).
CAMP Family.
	See Camp, John.
Campbell, Joseph Andrew.
	Genealogical Account of the Ancestors in America 
	of Joseph Andrew Kelly Campbell and Elizabeth Edith 
	Deal (His Wife) (1921).
Campbell, Merle E.
	In Search of Jacob Albright, Gunsmith 
	(Allentown, Pa.: Kentucky Rifle Association, 1990.)
Campbell, Sue F.
	Family History John Campbell 1730-1810 and His 
	Sister Jane 1736-1821, Chester, Pa. and Mifflin Co., 
	Pa. (Rock Spring, Pa., 1898).
	See Campbell, Joseph.
	See Campbell, Sue.
	See Sherrard, Hallock Campbell The Campbells of Kishacoquillas...
CARLE Family.
	See Curtis, Grace.
Carlock, Walter; Alvin Faust; and, E. Irene Miller.
	The Studebaker Family in America (Tipp City, 
	Ohio: Studebaker Family National Association, 1986).
	See Deppen, Elmer.
CARSON Family.
	See Reed, David.
	See Reed, Kenneth.
Case, Jean R.
	William Fisher Rishel and Sallie Olivia Shafer
	Rishel and Their Descendants (1997).
CASHER Family.
	See Garbrick, Harry.
	See Jungen, Mary.
	See Curtis, Grace.
Catherman, Paul M.
	David Katterman Family (Mifflinburg, Pa.: 
	Katherman/Catherman Reunion Association, 1985).
Catherman, Paul M.
	K/Catherman, K/Cotterman, K/Codderman, 
	K/Catterman, Corderman Apollo, Pa.: Closson 
	Press, 1993).
	See Catherman, Paul. David Katterman...
	See Catherman, Paul. K/Catherman...
	See Catherman, Paul. K/Catherman...
Chambers, Cordes.
	James S. Brisbin
Chance, Hilda Nancy Ersula Snowberger.
	Family Records of Snowberger and Kegarise 
	Ashton, Pa., 1964).
	See Seyler, Barbara.
	See Curtis, Grace.
	See Bigsby, Nina.
	See Forney, Charles.
CLARK Family.
	See Larson-Sieling, Naomi.
	See Updegraff, Carol.
	See Curtin, Flora.  Jesse Cleavers...
CLEM Family.
	See Denniston, Elmer.
	See Strassburger, Ralph.
	See Strassburger, Ralph.
	See Bell, Raymond.  The Clemson...
	See Smith, Larry.
	See Miller, Dwight.
	See Kleppinger, Stanley.
CLOSE Family.
	See Reighley, Orr and Mitchell
Closson, Bob, and Mary Closson.
	Family Genealogies in Carnegie Library, Oakland, 
	Pennsylvania Apollo, Pa.: Closson, 1980).
CLOWES Family.
	See Witherspoon, Lois.
COBLE Family.
	See Gill, David.  1983 Pennsylvania...
	See Catherman, Paul. K/Catherman
	See Dart, Anna.
COHOE Family
	See Totten, Kenneth.
Colby, Barnard L.
	Thirty-One Generations: A Thousand Years of Percys 
	nd Pierces New London, Conn., 1947).
COLE Family.
	Cole, Maude E. Away Back When...Bairds of Clearfield Co.
Coleman, Larry.
	The Ditsworth Family of Jacob, Samuel, Abraham and 
	Susan (1979).
Coleman, Larry.
	The McHattons (n.d.).
Coleman, Larry.
	McIlhattan Family (St. Paul, Minn., 1979).
Coleman, Ruth M.
	James Middleton of Centre County, Pennsylvania, 
	circa 1800-1820 and Some of His Descendants Who 
	Migrated to Ross County, Ohio (Peterborough, 
	N.Hamp.: Sim's Press, 1977).
Coleman, Ruth M.
	Lawrence Bathurst, 1757-1845 of Centre County, 
	Pennsylvania: His English Ancestry and Some of His 
	Descendants (1981).
Collins, Dale, and Florence Collins.
	Frankenberger Family History Includes Naumann/
	Newman and Jung/Young Families (Espyville, Pa., 
Collins, Dale, and Florence Collins.
	Reichard/Reighard/Richard Family of Centre 
	County, Pennsylvania (Espyville, Pa., 1991).
Collins, Dale Whitman, and Florence Hoffman Collins.
	Conrad Frankenberger 1716-1761 and Some of His 
	Descendants (Espyville, Pa., 1995).
Collins, Dale Whitman, and Florence Hoffman Collins.
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CONDO Family.
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CONFER Family.
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	See Dorman, Dorothy. History of George W. and Sarah...
	See Haagen, Doris A.
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	CONINCK Family.
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CONSER Family.
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Corio, Jean.
	Lamborn Family
CORMAN Family.
	See Cornman, Charles.
	See Hildebrand, Maribel.
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	Genealogical Record of Descendants of Ludwig 
	Kornman, Sr. in America (Carlisle, Pa.: 
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	See Cornman, Charles.
	See Catherman, Paul. K/Catherman...
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Cowden, Robert.
	An Illustrated, Historical and Biographical 
	Sketch of the Descendants of William Cowden Who 
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	and of James Gilliland Who Came from the Same 
	Land and about the Same Time; Including a System 
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COWDEN Family.
	See Cowden, Robert.
	See Stuebing, H. G. and Carol Cowgill Stuebing.
COWHER Family.
	See Bell, Raymond. Family of Frederick...
	See Eater, Charles.
	See Cowher, Jack L.
Cowher, Jack L.
	The Cowhers of Centre County, Pennsylvania
COX Family.
	See Mosgrove, Glenna.
Craig, Jane Maria.
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	Pennsylvania, and His Descendants (Greensburg, 
	Pa., 1915).
CRAIG Family.
	See Craig, Jane.
	See Jayne, Barbara.
Creigh, Thomas A.
	History of the Creigh Family (Omaha, Nebr., 
CREIGH Family.
	See Creigh, Thomas.
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CRIDER Family.
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CRITES Family.
	See Douty, Norman.
	See Bell, Raymond. Eight Central...
CROFT Family.
	See Smith, Mildred. John L. Croft...
	See Crumly, Cromly, Kromly....
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	See Cronemiller, Fred.
Cross, Samuel Benjamin.
	The Griest Family (Westhampton Beach, N.Y., 
CROUSE Family.
	See Lontz, Mary.  Centre County...
Crowe, Rosetta B.
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Crumly, Cromly, Kromly, Gramly, Gramlich, Gromlich, 
	Gramley (of Northampton Co. and Centre Co.) (n.d.)
CRUMLY Family.
	See Crumly, Cromly, Kromly....
CRYDER Family.
	See Crider, Lester.
	See Roher, F.
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CURTIN Family.
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CUTLER Family.
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DALE Family.
	See Bock, Hooper and Skelly
	See Dale, Clement.
	See Dale, G.
	See Dale, John.
	See Fry, Virginia Kay  Honoring Dale and Fry Ancestors
The Daniel Moyer Family History A Collection of
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DARST Family.
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DAVIS Family.
	See Sigworth, Robert.
DEAL Family.
	See Campbell, Joseph.
DEATON Family.
	See Wilson, Larry.
DECK Family.
	See Brossman, Schuyler.  Notes on Charles...
	See Brossman, Schuyler.  Notes on Frederick...
	See Brossman, Schuyler.  Notes on John Nicholas...
	See Brossman, Schuyler.  Samuel Z. Deck...
	See Owens, John.
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DECKER Family.
	See Decker, William.
DeHaas Family.
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DeLANG Family.
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DeLONG Family.
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	See Lucretia "Jane" DeLong’s Journal 
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DEPPEN Family.
	See Deppen, Elmer.
	See Deppen Family History...
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Derr, C. A.
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Descendants of Conrad Kresge the Pioneer Born -- Died -- 
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Deter, Eunice, and Grace Bray Deter.
	The Deter Family History: A Genealogy Beginning 
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DETER Family.
	See Deter, Eunice.
	See Dymond, Robert.
	See Hildebrand, Maribel.
	See Owens, John.
DIEHL Family.
	See Boop, Warren.
	See Dale, John.
DILLEN Family.
	See Burk, James. Our Union of the Clans...
	See Dillon, Ramon H.  
Dillon, Ramon H.
	The Dillen Family
DILLON Family.
	See Dillon
DIMM Family.
	See Mosgrove, Glenna.
	See Coleman, Larry.  The Distsworth...
DIXON Family.
	See Darby, William.
	See Hildebrand, Maribel.
	See Strassburger, Ralph.
DODSON Family.
	See Jungen, Mary.DOLAN Family.
	See Adams, Marguerite.
Dominguez, Andre Jermain.
	Wagner Genealogy (Bloomsburg, Pa., 1991).
	See Steer, Rev. Arthur.
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	History of George and Annie Emenhizer Long and 
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	See Fassold, John.
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DOUTY Family.
	See Douty, Norman.
Drake, Julia Angeline.
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	See Hunt, Betty.  Jacob Dressler...
DUBBS Family.
	See Millbrook, Minnie.
DUCK Family.
	See Gressley, Helen.  Duck Family...
	See Hunt, Betty.  Jacob Duck and...
DULANY Family.
	See Furlong, Roland.
Dunkle, Helen B.
	Peter Kuhn Family: 1748-1976 (1976).
Dunkle, Helen R.
	The Family History Book: A Genealogical 
	Record (1993).
Dunkle, Helen R.
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Dunkle, Helen R.
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	County: a Genealogical Record (Auburn, N.Y., 
Dunkle, Helen R.
	The Moser Family (1976).
DUNKLE Family.
	See Dunkle, Helen. The Family...
	See Dunkle, Helen.  John, James & David...
DUNLAP Family.
	See Genealogy of the John...
	See Simon Peter...
DUNLOP Family.
	See Mervine, William.
Dunn, Orrell Marie.
	A History of the Rishell Family in America 
Dunning, Milo Benjamin.
	Genealogical Notes on the Dunning Family in 
	America (1915).
	See Dunning, Milo.
DUPPS Family.
	See Millbrook, Minnie.
DURST Family.
	See Gladden, Sanford.
Dutch, Margaret Schrode.
	Descendants of Thomas Watson - Born 1779 on Isle of Britain - Died 1856 Marsh Creek, Centre Co, Pa.
DUTROW Family.
	See Brooks, Beverly. Clyde and Alice...
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Dymond, Robert Herschel.
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DYMOND Family.
	See Dymond, Robert.

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