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Centre County Photos

This website is an opportunity to make available photographs of genealogical value (family, reunion, wedding and school pictures) which seem to have a connection to Centre County, but may lack identifications. If you have a photo that you'd like to add to this site, contact Lisa.

  • A photo from Kathleen Bradbury. Cathy writes that the surnames involved in her family are SHADE, MOORE, RHONE, LIVOSKY, NELSON, FARGUS, MCCLOSKEY and CHATHAM, and as this photo was in her grandfather's album, and he grew up on Keating Mt., she's sure it's a relative. WHO? is the big question.

  • A Group Photo by Forrest Helman, is identified (it has persons with the BOWER, CONDO, HENDERSON, HENNSYL, HOLMES, IRVIN, LEATHERS, McDOWELL, MOORE, PLETCHER, REBER, ROBB, SCHENCK, SNYDER, STETZMAN, WEBER and ZEIGLER names in it) although we can't be exactly sure which face is whose. The picture came from Forrest Helman. Can anyone identify the scene and date?

  • Carla Hornibrook has sent that she has a number of photos that she's clearly uncertain about. They can be found at: First Mystery Photo, which was photographed by W.M. Bruchlacher, possibly of Williamsport area; second mystery photo which is of a Sunday School gathering in Blanchard; and Third Mystery Photo possibly of Snyder name; and, Fourth Mystery Photo which is actually a set of wall portraits from around 1904. There are many more on Carla's website. Perhaps you could help her?

  • Dottie Summerlin has sent in two sets of photos. One is what she believes to be from a wedding party which her scrapbook merely states "Wedding Party - Stuarts - Mothersbaugh Meadow. Check out the Wedding Party and Wedding Guests.

  • The other set of photos from Dottie have been identified. They are: Jane Rankin Hastings who was married to Governor Daniel Hastings. She was (Dottie's great grandmother) Isabella (Rankin) McIntire's 1st cousin. Isabella is shown here with husband Edward. Isabella is the daughter of J.Duncan & Sarah (Riley) Rankin of Boalsburg. A third family photo of Dottie's is that of her great-great-great grandparents Daniel & Sarah (McCormick) Riley of College Twp. He was born 13 Jan 1796, died 16 Jan 1873. She was born 14 Jan 1806 and died 5 Aug 1882. They had 12 children with two sons killed in the Civil War. If you should want more information about these people, contact Dottie.

  • Leanne Keefer Bechdel has sent in two photos of school classes. The first is Blanchard High School, probably 1910-1916. Two students who have been identified are Joe Bitner (back row, first from the left) and Claude Bechdel (back row, sixth from the left). The second photo is probably of a Liberty Township area school class. The photo was owned by Jane Pool of Beech Creek; her grandmother was from Marsh Creek. Leanne also has a photo from the 1954 Bechdel Reunion with a listing of those who attended, but not a listing of those in the photo. If you can help with identification of these photos, please email Leanne.

  • Beverly Stimer Walker has a photo from October 14, 1913 of children attending Hannah School in Taylor Township. She has a listing of the names of those in the photo but does not know who did the identification or how accurate the identifcations are. The photo includes her great uncle Dan Stimer, her great aunt Hannah Stimer, and she knows the teacher Miss Helen Thomson as she was her father's teacher as well as her teacher in Port Matilda. If you can provide some feedback about any other names, please email Beverly.

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