Elizabeth Myers

and Her Family

Elizabeth (Weaver) Myers is one of the three women credited with founding Memorial Day at Boalsburg, Pa., and the only one of the three attempting to honor a child, and thus we wish to honor her on Mother's Day with a big THANK YOU to mothers everywhere for their unselfish devotion to their children.

A daughter of Jacob Weaver (of whom no more details have been identified), Elizabeth was born 16-Jan-1818 in Pennsylvania and on 30-Oct-1838 married Joseph Myers and they were the parents of 13 children: Amos, John, Mary, Sarah C., William J., Daniel M., Wesley, J. Frederick, George, Calvin, Henry F. and Adaline as well as an unnamed child. Joseph Myers was born circa 1810 in Pennsylvania and died 19-Mar-1865. Elizabeth died 25-Apr-1892. They are both buried in the Boalsburg Cemetery. Here are some more details about the children:

In recent years, some of Elizabeth's grandchildren and great grandchildren, have been known to carry on the tradition of paying respects to their dear Uncle Amos.

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