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Emmanuel's Church Cemetery
in Tusseyville

We are grateful to Paul Rishel for furnishing the following lists that identify persons buried in the cemetery at Tusseyville. Paul surveyed the cemetery in the summer of 1997 and then carefully checked his survey against other records that have been maintained over the years. There are a significant number of names in this material for which documentation exists for burials that have taken place BUT which do no have markers. Paul is on the cemetery association, and if you have additional information to add, please contact Paul..

Burials from the 1997 Survey

Burials not on the 1997 Survey but which do appear in Adella Fink Spangler's records of 1928/1932.

Burials, 1906-1940, for persons without markers but for whom undertakers have furnished death certificate stubs

Burials for persons without markers but for whom notes exist that suggest they are buried here

Persons who paid money to the cemetery association but who may not have markers