Emmanuel's Church Cemetery
in Tusseyville, 1906-1940 Death Cert. Stub Info

The following people are buried in the Reformed and Lutheran Cemetery at 
Tusseyville. Data was taken from death certificate stubs furnished to the 
cemetery association by Undertakers. No tombstones were found for any of 
these people. We can only assume people could not afford tombstones, or 
perhaps wooden ones were made that rotted or some may have fallen over and 
are buried underground. Some of those listed as child were stillborn and not
named.  As of 28-Jul-1997, we do not know where any of these graves are 
located. Based on the date of death we can guess most are in rows one 
through five or the right end of the old cemetery. Perhaps more records may 
be found in the future and we can pinpoint their location.

The dates shown are dates on the certificate stubs and not necessarily the date of death. The stubs may show the date of burial.

Bedlyon, Samuel Amon 19340210 Bedylon, Annie May 19080728 Bedylon, Margaret 19220611 Boal, Rebecca 19090321 Bortorf, Amanda Jane 19261018 Bottorff, Harry A 19380419 Clark, Susanna 19130908 Coble, Herbert Glenn 19310516 Colyer, Leah 19120323 Condo, Emma Catherine 19351003 Confer ? Dina 19260111 Confer ? James W 19260206 Diehl, Minnie May 19370624 Emenhizer, Child 19260416 Flisher, Catherine 19170331 Fohringer, J B Child 19130525 Frazier, Margaret Ellen 19340228 Frye, Susuanna 19110420 Glasgow, Baby 19190202 Glasgow, Frederick 19090222 Glasgow, Ida May 19070329 Glasgow, John Y 19130826 Harper, Katherine 19090616 Harter, Child 19310805 Harter, George Child 19250526 Heckard, Sarah 19170531 Hess, Ella 19100414 Houser, Frederick Joseph 19350416 Ishler, Bruce 19330210 Ishler, John H ? 19270907 Ishler, John William 19380823 Ishler, Lydia 19230711 Ishler, Sarah Jane 19191108 Jackson, Emma R 19120709 Jordan, Eliza 19331-31 Jordan, William Abraham 19380310 Kerlin ? Ephrim C 19220925 Kline, Harry 19070923 Klinefelter,Ida Child 19131026 Klinefelter, Lymer 19150326 Klinefelter, Sara Jane 19400323 Klinefelter, William O 19260711 Klinger, Mary Eliza 19280528 Lee, Anna M 19130328 McMinn ? George 19261206 Messinger, John 19080322 Nevil, Charles Child 19140521 Nivel, Samuel 19390416 Noll, Betty L 19280917 Philips, C 19280307 Phillips, Sara 19230502 Royer, Jacob 19340927 Runkle, Calvin 19060111 Runkle, Elizabeth 19230601 Runkle, Jacob Kerlin 19230409 Runkle, Samuel 19270515 Shaffer, Leah 19140329 Sharer, Wilson ? Franklin 19300908 Shutt, Emma E 19330426 Smith, John L 19060321 Solt, Paul Child 19070206 Strong, Louise 19260503 Strong, William Francis 19350521 Summers, Wallie H 19330720 Tate, Elizabeth Ann 19400721 Tate, Franklin D 19190805 Tate, Mary Eliz 19220918 Walker, May 19150219 Weaver, Israel 19060419 Weaver, Lydia 19081115 Wingard, John S. 19220620