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Some Northern Chester County History & Genealogy

United States Federal Census of 1850.

SCHEDULE 3. - Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, in  East Vincent Township  in the County of  Chester  State of  Pennsylvania , enumerated by me,  Thomas Jacobs  Ass't. Marshal.

during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, whose
usual Place of Abode at the Time of his Death
was in this Family.
Age. Sex. Colour. Free or Slave. Married or Widowed. PLACE OF BIRTH.
Naming the State, Territory, or
The Month
in which the
Person died.
Number of
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  
1 Frederick Layer 37 M     M Germany August Farmer Dysentary Six 1
2 Albert Johnson 1 M M     Pennsylvania do   Fits Sixteen? 2
3 Susanna Hook 69 F     M do December   Consumption C 3
4 Isabella Christman 26 F       do September   Typhoid Fever Eight 4
5 Hannah E Himes 3 F       do do   Dysentary Twenty 5
6 John Histand 2 M       do August   do Four 6
7 Catharine Rosin 12 F       do May   Consumption C 7
8 William Roads 40 M       do do Miller do C 8
9 Allen Huzzerd 1 M       do March   inflammation of the lungs Fourteen 9
10 Esther Newcomer 76 F     W do May   Fever C 10
11 Isaac Grubb 11 or 77 M       do September   Rupture of Blood Vefsel Sudden 11
12 Mary Islaquild? 2/12 F       do April   Fever Fourteen 12
13 Elwood Tyson? 2/12 M       do October   Liver Complaint C 13
14 Sarah Geerhart 26 F       do May   Apoplexy Sixteen? 14
15 [illegible] Snyder? 22 M       do June   Consumption C 15
16 Alfred B Snyder 1 M       do February   Fever Fifteen 16
17 Elisabeth C Eifes? 2 F       do do   S. Fever Three 17

Remarks   The Land of a portion of East Vincent is Red Shale, _____ the middle of the township a Ridge of Slate land?
Running nearly due East and West Crosses it Along the Valley of French Creek, the Soil _____ the larger portion is a mixture of
L___ and L___ as this part of the Township ___ bed of excellent Limestone ... [very difficult to read the rest - tjk.]

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