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Festivities & Recreation

1976 Sligo Bicentennial Celebration

1983 “Fowl Days”

1927 Callensburg Centennial Celebration

2007 Sligo Irish Festival



Also see Churches, Fire Dept., Lady Priscilla Lodge, Lions Club, American Legion, Murphy Grange, IOOF Lodge 387, Sportmen’s Club, etc. for various other festivities.


10/6/1926  Troop 67, Sligo, To Give Several Demonstrations — Troop 67, Sligo, while yet in the process of organization will give several demonstrations at the Licking Valley fair at Curllsville, Saturday, October 8. Professors Reese and Hartman are assuming leadership of this troop and it will be but a short time until they appear in public and make a demonstration that will be a credit to any town. Source: The Oil City Derrick, October 6, 1926. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


5/9/1969 May 30 Annual Horse Show, Route 68 just north of Sligo.


5/30/1969 May 30 12th Annual Horse Show, sponsored by Sligo Saddle Club, noon, Show Ring, on Route 68 north of Sligo. Rain date for the event will be June 1.



   SLIGO - The Sligo Area Recreation Board has received the mini-grant funds, applied for several months ago.

   Tom Filson of Clarion presented the grants to the various areas and organizations.

   A mini-grant in the amount of $300 was presented to Carl Buterbaugh and James Grant Jr., representing the Sligo Borough Council. A mini-grant in the amount of $300 was awarded to Dale Bracken for the Piney Township area. Accepting the mini-grant in the absence of Bracken were Mrs. Lois Smith and Mrs. Margaret Wensel. A $300 mini-grant was also awarded to Leon Shook for the Curllsville community. Accepting the mini-grant in his absence were Rod Heeter and Mrs. Virginia Davis. A grant was presented to Rod Heeter and James Grant Jr., representatives of the Recreation Board, in the amount of $1,000.

   In attendance at the meeting was Ron Radaker, Boy Scout Leader. Radaker announced several projects are now ready for the organization. Anyone in the Piney, Licking and Toby Township or Sligo Boro area interested in joining the organization may contact Radaker at Sligo, telephone 745-xxxx, or his assistant, Leo Gathers of Sligo.

Note: telephone number intentionally omitted for the purpose of this transcription. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


8/16/1969 Oil City Derrick

   Sligo Fire Company was granted permission by the board to use the Madison Street Playground at Sligo for a water battle August 23.

   The Sligo Order of Eastern Star asked permission of the board to use the all-purpose room of the Sligo Elementary School for a meeting January 19, 1970. Permission was granted with a rental fee to be assessed plus janitorial service and cafeteria workers, if required. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


12/19/1969 Report On Fun Fair is Heard

   SLIGO - A report was heard concerning the recent successful Fun Fair sponsored by the Sligo Area Recreation Board at their meeting. Clair Bracken also reported that he will contact John Backwalter to secure a loudspeaker for the auditorium.

   It was decided to charge the Varsity "U" Club of Union High School $20 for a dance held recently; and it was noted that hereafter a rental charge of $25 will be made for all profit-making affairs held in the auditorium.

   It was also decided to purchase card tables with the donations from the Ladies Auxiliary of the Sligo Fire Company.

   Permission was granted for an area family to use the auditorium on Christmas day and a room was assigned to the Brownies which will be subject to change.

   It was agreed to pay Rodney Heeter for the four ping pong tables being used by the center.

   It was announced that thank-you notes had been forwarded to First Seneca Bank and Trust Company, the Lady Priscilla Rebekah Lodge and the Ladies Auxiliary to the Sligo Fire Company, for the contributions to the Recreation center.

   The next meeting of the SARB will be held at 8 p.m. January 7. Source: Oil City Derrick, transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


7/17/1970 Public Events — July 18 - Teen-age dance, 8:30 to 11 p.m., Sligo Area Recreation Center, music by The Plagues.


8/7/1970 Sligo Backyard Carnival Nets Total of $147.10

   SLIGO - A backyard carnival for muscular dystrophy was held in the Myersdale area at Sligo RD1 recently which netted a total of $147.10. Chairman of the carnival was Sandy Potter, assisted by Patti and Carol Potter, children of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Potter; Harmon and Darrin Myers, children of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Myers; Esther and Terry Wensel, children of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Wensel. Other helpers included Mrs. Debbie Cramer, Candy Myers, and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Myers.

  Activities included a hayride, go cart and pony rides, grab bags, penny sale, five fun games and fortune teller. A raffle was held for a stuffed animal "Road Runner" with the winner being Larry Simpson. A nine place salad bowl set was won by Marie Keener of New Bethlehem.

   The group expressed their special thanks to merchants of the local and surrounding areas and to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Magness and Gourley Packing Company for their donations. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


8/12/1970 Oil City Derrick — Sligo Recreation Board Sets Dance

   SLIGO - The Sligo Area Recreation Board will sponsor a teen-age dance on Friday with dancing from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

   Music will be provided by the Dickerson Earthquakes with Tom Reed being in charge. Donations will be $1 per person.

   The dance will be held at the Recreation Center. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


1/28/1971 Sligo Saddle Club Plans Horse Show

   SLIGO - A good turnout sparked the evening planning session for the upcoming annual Horse Show of the Sligo Saddle Club at a recent meeting at the home of president, John Moggey.

   Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Ewing, Otis Lerch and John Raybuck were enrolled as new members, and it was noted again 1971 dues for past members are now due.

   Anyone wishing to join the club should contact Moggey, Merle Males or Harry Fague.

   A refreshment committee was set up for the next meeting February 16. Source: Derrick. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


2/23/1971 Recreation Center Begins Course

   SLIGO -- Approximately 30 ladies gathered at the Sligo Area Recreation Center to begin the eight-week beauty course "Swing Into Spring." Games, exercises, and riding equipment were all included in the program.

   Prizes were awarded to Rose Butler and Debbie Graham,a long with other prizes awarded.

   Special programs are being held following the regular exercising program. The February 25 program will feature a demonstration on make-up and how to use it properly.

   On March 4, Mrs. Ellen Page of Sligo RD will present new hair styles for spring. Other programs are being scheduled for later meetings.

   Teen-age girls and women of the area are welcome to attend any or all of these sessions. The charge is 25 cents for each night attended and no enrollment is necessary. The money is used for prizes awarded at the program. Source: The Derrick 2/23/1971


5/24/1971 Oil City Derrick — Teen Council Holds Meeting

   SLIGO - The newly-formed Teen council, who will work with the Sligo Area Recreation Board, held a meeting recently at which time election of officers was held.

   Dan Vogel was elected president with Ken Medders as vice president; Debbie Shoup, secretary; and Pam Johnston, treasurer. Council trustees elected were: Randy Best, Bill Switzer, Kenny Shirey, and bonnie Wensel. Junior trustees are David Paulden and Penny Brinker.

   Serving as advisors to the council are Tom Johnston, Bob Shirey, and Jim King.

   It was announced that the Teen Council would meet with the SARB at their next meeting. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


6/3/1971 Recreation Board Receives Reports by Sarah Douthett

   SLIGO - A short business meeting which included the hearing of various reports was held by the Sligo Area Recreation Board at its regular meeting. It was announced that additional tables were needed for the "Man of the Year" dinner and program on June 5.

   Following a discussion concerning the public address system, Clair Bracken volunteered to make arrangements for correcting the difficulty before Saturday's program. It was also decided that the center be closed until the program so that the necessary preparations can be made.

   The Teen Council then met with the board and reported on the recent election of officers for the council. Dan Vogle was elected as president; Ken Medders, vice president; Debbie Shoup, secretary, and Pam Johnston, treasurer. Trustees elected were Randy Best, Bill Switzer, Kenny Shirey and Bonnie Wetzel. Junior trustees are Penny Brinker and David Paulden.

   Dan Vogel was asked to mow the lawn for the first time after clean-up and the boys will then keep the lawn mowed. Vogel and Medders also volunteered to replace the broken window and to repair ping-pong equipment. The board decided to permit a room to be used by the girls, following  request noting that the gym is used for games and basketball.

   Jukebox dances were discussed. It was decided that a couple, as senior supervisors, must be present, plus the teenage chairmen. It was also decided that the Teen Council would receive half the profits.  Mrs. Janet Switzer volunteered to help make plans for the near future but stressed that she would not supervise. The teenagers will be in charge of advertising.

   In discussing other projects, it was suggested that submarine sandwiches be sold and also such other food. Further plans will be made by the teens and announced as finalized. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


2/8/1972 SARB Sets Teen Dance

   SLIGO - Each Wednesday evening, Ron Mosher, disc jockey from Butler, will be at the Sligo Area Recreation Center for dancing from 7 to 10 pm.

   As a special attraction Wednesday, Dave Wolfe and "The Shoes" from Pittsburgh will be present to supply the music for dancing from 7 to 9 p.m. Donations will be $1 per person.

   These dances are sponsored by the Sligo Area Recreation Board as entertainment for the youth of the area. Adult supervision is a necessity. Anyone in Sligo or surrounding areas who would like to spend an evening helping with these dances should contact any SARB member.

   Officers are Tom Johnston, Bob Graham, Mrs. Lois Smith and Mrs. Brenda Atzeni. Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell.


5/16/1972 Saddle Club Sets Show May 29

   SLIGO - The 15th annual Horse Show of the Sligo Saddle Club will be held Memorial Day, May 29, at the clubgrounds on Route 68 north of Sligo.

   The event will begin at 10 a.m. with the halter classes. Trophies and ribbons will be presented to winners in the classes and a high-point trophy will also be awarded. Entry fee for the show is $1 for each horse in each class.

   Several members of the saddle club will participate in the Firemen's Parade on June 8.

   It was also announced at the meeting that the camera to be awarded in on display at Carol & Don Studios in Clarion.

   Rain date for the horse show has been set as June 4.

   There will be a carnival in Sligo June 5 through June 10. (JW) Transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell

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