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1877 Advertising Directory of Sligo/Curllsville

1877 Advertising Directory of Piney Twp

1877 Advertising Directory of Monroe Twp

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Altman, Tenna — Piney, Milliner 1880

Autner, Calvin — Curllsville, Photographer, Oil Paintings abt 1850

Autner, John — Curllsville, Furniture Painter, Chair maker about 1850

Barger’s General Store

Baughman, Samuel — Piney Twp, Carpenter, 1850

Bennett’s Garage — 1920’s—1930’s Sligo. George Bennett, 1930 census: Automotive Mechanic.
    AUTO REPAIRS - Have your Radio Battery charged for the World Series. Bennett's Garage, Sligo, PA.
    (Oct 1927 advertisement printed in the Oil City Derrick).

Berk, Thomas — Piney Twp, Carpenter, 1850

Berrean/Berrane, Thomas — Piney Twp, Groceries, 1880. Born in 1804 Ireland.

Bomgardner, John — Piney, Stone Mason 1850

Bracken Construction

Burns Dairy

Clark, W.T.—Electric Co.— was in operation 1951.

Corbett, James — Piney Cabinet Maker, 1850

Craig’s Mill

Davis Drug Store —1950’s-1960’s

George, Homer Blaine — Sligo, Heating 1920’s

Grant’s Plumbing & Heating

Greer, John — Curllsville, Tin Shop about 1850

Griffith, Thomas J. — Piney, Groceries, 1880

Hahn, Cornwell—Piney, Shoemaker, 1880

Hahn, John M. — Piney, worked in father (Cornwell’s) shoe shop 1880

Hamilton, John — Curllsville, Tannery, harness & shoe shop abt 1850

Hamilton & Sons — Pottery, Curllsville

Heeter Lumber

Henry, Turney Paul—Lumber dealer in Sligo. Died 1959.

Hodil, Jacob & Sons — Piney, General Merchants of Hodil Store 1880+

Hook, Henry — Piney, Plasterer 1850

Hoover’s Garage, Sligo 1970’s+

Hull, Silas E. — Piney, Tinner, 1880

Hunter, Amos—Undertaking, Curllsville

Jackson, Louis — Piney, Shoemaker, 1850

Jones Brothers—Blacksmiths

Lantalme’s garage/service station

Lerch’s Service Station—operated by Ames Lerch

Kaster, John E. — Curllsville, Stove Maker, about 1850

Kearney, Alexander — Piney, Merchant, 1880

Kelley, William D. — Piney, Shoemaker, 1850

Kirk, John — Curllsville, Tailor, about 1850

Knight, Frank — Curllsville, Skimming Station, about 1850

Lee, Andrew — Curllsville, Stove Maker, about 1850

Limberg, Frederick — Piney, Milliner, 1880. Born Wisconsin. Parents from Prussia.

Logan, Mrs. — Curllsville, Milliner, about 1850

Logue’s Granite

Lowry, Mrs. — Curllsville, Milliner, abt 1850

Magee, James M. — Piney, Carpenter, 1850

McCafferty, Charles — Curllsville, Furniture, about 1850. Also did undertaking.

McCall’s Meat Packaging & Egg Farm

McGreggar, John — Piney, Carpenter, 1850

McKee, John & Kiser—woolen mfg— from the HISTORY OF CLARION COUNTY: John Magee, with his family,
      came to the farm now owned by his son, Kiser, in 1814. He had a woolen manufactory here in an early day and
      also followed farming. He died in 1884, at the age of 100 years and 100 days. He and his son Kiser lived together
     for seventy years, an unusual experience in the life of a father and son.

Mercer, Mark — Piney, Plasterer, 1850

Miller, Jacob B. — Firebrick plant Sligo

Mills, Abraham — Piney, Plasterer 1850

Moss, Abraham — Piney, Carpenter, 1850

Myers’ Clover Farm Store — Owned & operated by Neuland & Margaret (Wensel) Myers, it was a service in the Piney Twp. Vicinity, and many children walked from the Mast School to the store for lunch. It bore many of the “Clover Farm” brand items. Thomas Albert Larimer, who wrote the “Shamburg News” for the Derrick mentions going out to the Clover Farm store (1941-1942). It was later owned by Clyde & Esther Myers, Clair & Greta Kitchen, and finally Eugene & Darrin Myers (who used it as a business location for Myers Water Wells).

Myers, Ed & Cheryl—Chimney Sweeps 1980’s

Myers Water Wells — 85 Coleman Rd, Sligo, PA. Owned by Eugene & son, Darrin.

Otto Milk Co.

Over, Vern—Dairy

Paul’s Market

Platt, George (x2) — Piney, Carpenters, 1850

Platt, Samuel—Piney, Carpenter, 1851

Rhea, Melvin T. and sons (Merle & Claude) — Pennzoil Distributor/gas stations. Est. about 1926.

Rimer, Susie — Curllsville, Tailor, abt 1850

Rosie’s Restaurant — Sligo. Operated by Rosie Mohr Benetti (b 1908 d 1975)

Schweichert, Frell — Piney Twp, Shoemaker 1880. Born Wurtemburg.

Sedgwick Lumber Company

Sever, John P. — Piney, Hardware Man, 1880

Silves Brothers—Sligo, General Store 1920’s

Slaugenhoupt, Thomas Randle — Sligo, General Store 1920’s

Sheridan House [Curllsville]

Sligo Hotel

Smith, unnamed — Piney, Castrating, 1880

Snyder, Ira — Piney, Shoemaker, 1850

Stahlman Plumbing/Heating — Sligo/Curllsville

Stopp, Reuben — Curllsville, Shoe Shop, abt 1850

Swarm, Henry—Brickmaker, Curllsville

Thorne, Robert — Curllsville, Insurance Agent, abt 1850

Turney, Michael —  Flour Mill and Saw Mill, Curllsville 1880

Varner, Jim — Curllsville, Shoe Shop, about 1850

Wasson, William—Piney, Mason, 1850

Weeter, Emma—Piney, Milliner, 1880, sister of Lizzie

Weeter, Lizzie—Piney, Milliner, 1880, sister of Emma

Wilson, Samuel — Piney, Tailor, 1850

Wilson, Orville Stitt — Merchant in general store 1920’s





Business/Industry in Sligo area

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Stahlman’s Plumbing & Heating

14932 Route 68
Sligo,   PA   16255



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In the early 1940s, J. W. McDowell, was traveling to Pittsburgh regularly for farm supplies and bringing back plumbing supplies.  He soon opened McDowell Plumbing and Heating, Co. at our current location.  In 1967, Carl W. Stahlman purchased the property and the company from Jim, and continued doing business under the aforementioned name.  In 1988, Carl and his wife Bonnie, wanted to pass the company down to their three sons, and incorporated, thus changing the name at that point to Stahlman Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Source: 60 Year History at the Stahlman Plumbing & Heating website.

Ames Lerch’s service station

Piney Twp Web Banner

1927 Advertisements in an October Oil City Derrick