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Transcribed by Paul Kifer

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The Pennsylvania law requiring marriage licenses did not become effective until October 1, 1885.  Even after the law became effective there were challenges to the requirement that wound up in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which eventually declared the requirement constitutional.

 The license transcriptions do not come close to representing the entirety of marriage licenses issued. The reasons for this are generally threefold.  First, the challenges to the marriage license law undoubtedly delayed a lot of the reporting.  Second, the editors depended on the County Recorder for the information. Third, many of the couples elected not to have their marriages and license information announced.

 We encourage you to check the Marriages section for more complete marriage listings.  We anticipate that this will be an ongoing project with information added from later years so check back often.



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 KANE – RUPERT (6/1/1893) Evan O’Neill Kane, Kane, and Miss Blanche A. Rupert, Leeper.


KARL – NUSSBAUM (3/5/1891) John H. Karl, Elk township and Miss Rachel Nussbaum, Pleasantville, Venango county.


KARNS – BURFORD (9/3/1891) George Karns and Miss Ada Burford, both of Perry township.


KECHEMS – SHAFFER (8/25/1892) John Kechems and Mrs. Margaret A. Shaffer, both of Oak Ridge, Armstrong county.


KELLY – JONES (6/3/1886) Mr. Cassius H. Kelly and Miss Ella Jones, both of East Brady, Pa.


KELLY – MOODY (5/21/1891) Perry N. Kelly, Oak Ridge and Miss Mattie Moody, Fairmount City.


KENEMUTH – LEWIS (10/29/1891) George A. Kenemuth and Miss Mary V. Lewis, both of Elk township.


KENNEDY – CONLEY (10/15/1891) James M. Kennedy and Miss Mary L. Conley, both of Elk township.


KERR – THOMPSON (RG 11/25/1886) George W. Kerr and Rosa B. Thompson, both of Scotch Hill.


KETNER – STANFORD (12/4/1890) David A. Ketner, Monroe township and Miss Florence H. Stanford, Toby township.


KEYES – SHOEMAKER (8/20/1891) C. H. Keyes, Denver, Colorado and Miss Mary D. Shoemaker, New Bethlehem.


KIFER – COOK (3/3/1892) William L. Kifer and Miss Salinda C. Cook, both of Licking township.


KIFER – GREENEWALT (10/28/1886) John H. Kifer, Callensburg & Jennie R. Greenawalt, Sligo.


KIFER – LARIMER (11/2/1893) Levi Allen Kifer and Miss Sadie Almira Larimer, both of Piney township.


KIFER – OVER (RG 6/17/1886) L. W. Kifer, Butler county and Lizzie A. Over, Piney township.


KILGORE – THOMAS (5/18/1893) Forbes Kilgore and Miss Lydia Thomas, both of Licking township.


KINCH – MYERS (5/27/1886) Isaac H. Kinch, Washington township and Carrie Myers, Fryburg.


KING – McCLURE (RG 11/25/1886) Eldredge G. King, Limestone township and E. A. McClue, Corsica.


KING – POLLOCK (12/4/1890) W. T. King, Parker City and Miss Maggie R. Pollock, Perry township.


KINNEY – IRWIN (7/14/1892) Henry C. Kinney, McKean county and Miss Anna E. Irwin, Warren county.


KISER – KORB (5/18/1893) Curtin G. Kiser, Elk township and Miss Sadie M. Korb, Venango county.


KISER – WINGARD (9/21/1893) William J. Kiser, Elk townsip and Miss Laura A. Wingard, Beaver township.


KLEPFER – FRAZIER (9/29/1892)Loudon Klepfer and Miss Bertha Frazier, both of Redbank township.


KLINGENSMITH – BOTZER (7/22/1886) Mr. Allison Klingensmith, Forest County and Miss Minnie Botzer, Sligo, Pa.


KOBER – DRYHAUPT (2/18/1892) Alexander E. Kober, Ashland township and Miss Emma J. Dryhaupt, Elk township.


KOHLER - KAPP (6/25/1890) (excerpt) John Kohler and Miss Katie Kapp were united in the bonds of matrimony at the residence of Geo. F. Kapp.


KONKLE – DAVIS (8/19/1886) W. P. Konkle and Miss Jennie E. Davis, both of Callensburg, are mentioned in the Brookville papers as getting a marriage license in Jefferson county.


KOONCE – JOHNSTON (12/28/1893) George A. Koonce, Shippenville and Miss Kitty Johnston, Foxburg.


KRATZER – FLICK (9/29/1892)Gilmore W. Kratzer, Youngstown, O. and Mrs. Amanda E. Flick, Madison township.


KRIEBEL – MORTIMER (3/16/1893) George W. Kriebel and Miss Clara J. Mortimer, both of Clarion county.


LACKEY – McCRAY (2/4/1892) Jacob Lackey, Butler and Miss Emeline McCray, Highland township.


LANDER – GRAHAM (10/28/1886) Fred Lander, Fern City & Kizzie Graham, West Freedom.


LANE – SHREFFLER (5/14/1891) Edward Lane, Pleasantville and Miss Lizzie Shreffler, Ashland township, Clarion county.


LANGSTROM – BERGH (9/17/1891) John M. Langstrom, Fairmount City and Miss Ina Bergh, New Bethlehem.


LAUER – GINKEL (2/2/1893) Joseph H. Lauer, Washington township and Miss Teressa C. Ginkel, Farmington township.


LAUER – SHETTLER (6/9/1892) Edward Lauer and Miss Rosa W. Shettler, both of Knox township.


LAUGHLIN – ELGIN (12/30/1886) John I. Laughlin, Frogtown and Maggie L. Elgin, Limestone township.


LAUGHNER – PIERCE (12/25/1890) James L. Laughner and Miss Laura L. Pierce, both of Salem township.


LAWHEAD – COCHRAN (12/30/1886) William Lawhead, Millcreek township and Margaret R. Cochran, Corsica.


LAWHEAD – McKINSEY (6/9/1892) J. Burt Lawhead and Miss Lottie McKinsey, both of Highland township.


LEADBEATTER – HANNOLD (12/29/1892) F. F. Leadbeatter and Miss Ida L. Hannold, Clarion township.


LECHNER – HANEL (8/20/1891) Frank Lechner, Elk township and Miss Laura Hanel, Ashland township.


LEHNER – HERTWICK (4/23/1891) Joseph Lehner, Madison township and Miss Louisa Hertwick, of East Brady.


LENARD – Henry (EBR 10/12/1888) William Lenard and Miss Dolly Henry of Parker, eloped last Friday and were married at Jamestown, N. Y.


LERCH – MOODY (12/8/1892) William E. Lerch and Miss Fanny C. Moody, both of Oak Ridge, Armstrong county.


LEWIS – FELLARS (5/12/1892) Parley M. Lewis, Lisle, N. Y. and Miss Alice M. Fellars, Newmanville.


LEWIS – HAUPT (7/27/1893) Thomas R. Lewis and Miss Anna L. Haupt, both of Pinegrove township, Venango county.


LEWIS – HUNTER (5/27/1886) Mr. Monroe J. Lewis, Millcreek township and Nannie W. Hunter, New Athens.


LEWIS/LEVIER – HUNTER (RG 5/27/1886) Monroe Levier, Millcreek township and N. May Hunter, New Athens.


LEWIS – JONES (1/21/1892) John H. Lewis and Miss Edith G. Jones, both of Monroe township.


LICHT – SEIGEL (12/8/1892) Urban W. Licht and Miss Catharine Seigel, both of Strobleton.


LOBAUGH – HEETER (4/2/1891) Harry J. Lobaugh, Callensburg and Miss Mary C. Heeter, Licking township.


LOBAUGH – HULL (1/21/1892) William H. Lobaugh, Harmony, Butler county and Miss Nettie F. Hull, Madison township.


LOBAUGH – McCARTNEY (7/14/1892) John M. Lobaugh, Licking township and Miss Maggie McCartney, Farmington township.


LOGUE – BAKER (10/15/1891) Wall Logue, Perry township and Miss Mary L. Baker, West Freedom.


LOGUE – GRAZIER (8/4/1887) George B. Logue and Nettie A. Grazier, both of West Freedom.


LOLL – GRONER (1/19/1893) James Loll and Miss Mary Groner, both of Fryburg.


LONG – CROOP (11/13/1890) John C. Long and Miss Nora M. Croop, both of Salem township.


LONG – FULTON (12/25/1890) David M. Long and Miss Bertie C. Fulton, both of Monroe township.


LONG – SHIRLEY (1/13/1887) William Long, Clarion and Ella S. Shirley, Indiana, Pa.


LONGNAKER – PAGE (12/29/1892) Melvin E. Longnaker and Miss Christianna Page, both of Clarion.


LONGNAKER – SHANER (10/2/1890) Harvey C. Longnaker and Miss Sarah D. Shaner, both of Salem township.


LOVE – FETZER (3/23/1893) William Love, Strattanville and Miss Ella Fetzer, Monroe township.


LOVE – McKEE (1/1/1891) James H Love, Sligo and Blanch M. McKee, Piney.


LOWTHER – CLINE (6/25/1891) Thos. S. Lowther, Rimersburg and Miss Maud A. Cline, East Brady.


LUCAS – BOYER (7/22/1887) Geo. W. Lucas and Cora E. Boyer, both of Redbank.


LUCAS – CHAMPION (2/21/1884) Wm. Lucus and Miss Ida Champion were married on the 12th.


LUCAS – CHAMPION (6/16/1887) George B. Lucas and Maggie M. Champion, both of Redbank.


LUCAS – SHERMAN (6/16/1887) Frank A. Lucas, Jefferson Co. and Sarah C. Sherman, Clarion township.


LUNDBERG – HAGERTY (7/14/1892) Fred Lundberg, Forest county and Miss Anna Hagerty, Clarion county.


LUTZ – MOORE (8/5/1886) Charles A. Lutz and Catharine C. Moore both of Knox.


LUTZ – SEIGLE (5/20/1886) Frank Lutz and Clara Seigle, both of Knox township.


LYNUM – SEIGLE (RG 6/17/1886) Edward A. Lynum and Frances R. Seigle, both of Washington township.




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