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Thursday, January 22, 1953 Oil City Blizzard - REIDSBURG NEWS

Jan. 17 - Some residents of our community have been attending evangelistic services at Church of God in Clarion conducted b Rev. Ralph Smith.

   Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Elder of Strattanville were supper guests at Wade Kuhns' home recently.

   Mr. and Mrs. George Bish and children visited in the Kimes home.

   Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Parsons and daughters visited in the Dale Haugh home at Roseville.

   Mr. and Mrs. Wade Kuhns have received word that their son, Theodore, has been transferred. His new address is: Theodore W. Kuhns, M.M.F.N. 428-93-05, U.S. S.F.D. Roosevelt, CVA 42, care F.P.O., N.Y.

   Mrs. Dale Hough and son visited the John Klingensmith home Friday.

   Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Parsons and daughters visited in Carl Myers' home Wednesday.

   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kuhns were Sunday visitors in the W.W. Kuhns home recently.

   Local residents attended church services in the Church of God at Callensburg last week conducted by Rev. N.K. and A.J. Powell of Butler.

   Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Parsons and daughters visited Mr. and Mrs. Allen Klingensmith and Rev. and Mrs. Frank Hunt recently.

   Mrs. Wade Kuhns and daughter, Mrs. Marcella Hackett, were Saturday visitors in Pittsburgh.



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