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Sligo News — 1960-1970’s

Area news clippings transcribed by Pamela Myers-Grewell

Nov. 17, 1955 Derrick by Mrs. Bertha Kuhns

   Curllsville, Nov. 16 - Eighty-nine per cent of the registered voters of Curllsville Borough cast their ballots on November 8.

   Borough officers elected were Lloyd Lerch and Robert Hartman, school directors; assessor, Ray Shook; election board, Judge Maude Curll; Inspectors, Ruth Hartman and Bertha Kuhns and councilmen, J. FL Barger and Ray and Leon Shook.

   Hilda Lerch, Mary Fox, Ruth Barger and Bertha Kuhns recently attended the Cancer Society meeting at Sligo on Thursday.

   Rev. Paul B. Dunlap recently called on the old members of his parish.

   They were Mr. and Mrs. Thomp Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Art Burns, Steele Johnson, Harry Over, and Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Snyder.

   Mr. and Mrs. P.F. Ritter of Newark, Ohio and Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Dixon of Dayton, Ohio were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fox, New Bethlehem, RD. The ladies are sisters.

   Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McCall visited Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lerch of Reidsburg.

   Miss Sarah Holter, Mrs. Gladys Sayers, Mrs. R.J. White, Mrs. Lottie Grimm, Mrs. Hilda Lerch and Mrs. Ida Moggery recently accompanied the Home Economic Group by bus to the Flower Show in Pittsburgh.

   Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gibson and family have moved into the Todd Curll tenant house. Mr. Gibson will help Mr. Curll farm.

   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jones and children, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hollingsworth were Sunday visitors in the Emerson Byers home.

   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chandler and children of Oil City were dinner guests Sunday evening in the Todd Curll home. Clyde Vehner of Harrisburg spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Todd Curll.

   Mr. and Mrs. Dean Curll of New Jersey and Mrs. Burchfield of Strattanville were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.V. Curll.


Derrick, Nov. 13, 1956 — 95 Per Cent Voter Turnout Is Recorded in Curllsville by Mrs. Bertha Kuhns

CURLLSVILLE - Of the 79 voters registered in Curllsville Borough, there were 75 who cast their ballots in the recent election, an average of near 95 per cent.

   In checking back it was found that three of the four who failed to vote were unable to do so because of illness. Two of the ill persons were 81 and 86 years of age.

   S.E. Courson, who is in his 89th year, has never missed an election, which adds up to 68 years of consecutive voting.

   Mrs. Blanche Hartman, New Bethlehem, RD 1, will move next week into the house now occupied by her son, Robert Hartman and family in Curllsville Borough. Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Hartman moved into the Hartman house in Monroe township on November 11, 1915, a few weeks after their marriage on October 6, 1915. Mr. Hartman passed away several months ago.

   Mr. and Mrs. John Moggey have raised 1,200 turkeys this season. To date they have butchered 150 and are busily engaged at the work today. They are contemplating a drive-in freezer for next year.

   Mrs. Verna Over, president of the Guild, has set 8 p.m. Friday, November 16 for an executive board meeting, with a request for all secretaries to be present.

   Miss Lillian Phillips and brother, C.K. Phillips, will leave Sunday evening by plane to visit Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phillips of Grand Isle, La.

   Mrs. J.T. Kuhns and daughter, Ruby Seigworth, visited Hugh Kuhns at the Clarion Hospital on Wednesday evening.

   Mr. and Mrs. Meade Potter, Sligo RD, attended the Baptist Bible Conference held Monday at Distant.

   The Guild of the Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church met recently in the home of Mrs. Hazel Shook.

   Fourteen members answered the roll call with a Bible verse. Mrs. Ruby Shook, Mrs. Valjean Shook, and Mrs. Blanche Hartman were in charge of the program. It was decided to order one dozen slips, cut and ready to sew.

   The animal Thank Offering will be held at 8 p.m. Sunday, November 1*. Mrs. Eber Cockley, past president of the Women's Guild of the Pittsburgh Synod, will be the speaker.

   The Thank Offering boxes will be collected at this time.

   Plans were made for the Christmas Party after which Mrs. Shook, the hostess, served a lunch.


May 22, 1957 Derrick Curllsville News by Mrs. Bertha Kuhns

Taxpayers Meet Set to Discuss School Problems

    CURLLSVILLE - A meeting for the Curllsville taxpayers has been set for 8:30pm Thursday. Speakers will be A.A. Murphy, Clarion County Superintendent of Schools, and his assistant Mr. Bish. They will discuss Curllsville's own school problem.

   The interior of the Curllsville Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church has been repainted and new carpet has been laid on the floor. Dedication services will be at 8 p.m. June 30.

   Visitors at the D.E. Coleman home were Mr. and Mrs. James Divens, Mrs. V.S. Jones, Mrs. J.W. Yourke of West Middlesex, Mrs. Albert Metz, Sharon, and Isaiah Divens, RImersburg.

   Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Myers and Mrs. Walter Myers visited Walter Myers at Hamot Hospital, Erie, on Sunday. He is still in traction but expects to have a cast on in the near future when he will be released from the hospital.

   The Curllsville Methodist WSCS will meet at 8 pm May 23. This meeting and the meeting at the school are on the same date. As it is unable to change the date of either meeting, each will be on the same evening, Thursday.

   Mrs. Bird Sherman visited her daughter, Mrs. Kimes, who is a patient in Hamot Hospital, Erie. Mrs. Kimes is a cancer patient and in very serious condition.

   A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fagley on May 15 at Clarion Hospital.


6/19/1957 Oil City Derrick - Curllsville Daily Vacation Bible School Opens Monday by Mrs. Bertha Kuhns

   CURLLSVILLE - Daily vacation Bible school opened Monday morning under the direction of Miss Anna Marie Henry. Teachers are Mrs. Patti McCall, Mrs. Evelyn Wishart, Mrs. Phillis Tippery, Mrs. Hilda Lerch, Mrs. Alda Jane Lerch and Josephine Barger. Forty children are attending.

   Miss Judith Dunkle of Curllsville and Sylvester Wensel, RD2 Clarion, were married Sunday, June 16 at Limestone, Pa. Miss Ruby Dunkle and Walter Fagley were their attendants.

   Mr. and Mrs. Lee Philp and daughter Karen Bish of Rural Valley and Mrs. Edwin Stewart and grandsons, Stuart and Rickie Kriebel of Sligo returned late Friday night from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Irrie McWhorter of Canton, Illinois.

   Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Morrison of Temple, Pa., and Mrs. T.E. Fagley of Clarion called at the John Minnick home Saturday afternoon.

   Mr. and Mrs. E.C. McCall were recent visitors at the Ross McCall home.

   Clarence Harter and daughter, Dorothy Harter of Glendale, Ariz., Mrs. Hazel Ayers of Franklin, Mrs. Pearle Gween of Callensburg, and David Dunkle were visitors at the Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barger home.

   Mrs. Emerson Byers is spending two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Kathleen Shirey of Gary, Ind.

   A shower for the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Wensel, will be held in the Grace Evangelical and Reformed church basement Friday evening, June 28.

   Mr. and Mrs. Leon Shook and Debbie were guests recently of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shirey of Sharon.

   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barger, Linda and Sherry were Sunday dinner guests of her aunt Mrs. Pearl Gween of Callensburg.

   Visitors at the D.L. Shook home were Mrs. Robert Hartman and daughters, Carol and Sandra, Hugh C. Kuhns of Clarion, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Lerch RD1 New Bethlehem and Mrs. Blanche Hartman.

   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pohl and children of Brockway are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.H. McCall.

    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Leasure and son of Etna were recent visitors of the E.C. McCall home. Sandy McCall accompanied them home for a week's visit.

   Mrs. Hertha Barger, Rimersburg RD, is visiting relatives in Erie.


Wednesday, February 12,1958 — Lenten Services Are Planned By Area Churches By Bertha Kuhns

    CURLLSVILLE —Services will be held during Lent in the Methodist, Licking Presbyterian

and United Church of Christ, Grace Evangelical and Reformed churches on Wednesday evening

al 7:30 o'clock. Rev. Gorman will preach the First two Wednesday nights at his church, Rev. McLuckie will preach the third and fourth Wednesday nights al his church, and each will have a Wednesday night service in the Grace Church.

    Mrs. Minnie Hicks celebrated her 87th birthday on February 4. On the previous Sunday, her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Mays of Bedford, 0., spent the day with her. On Sunday, February 9, she was taken by an ambulance to Brookville Hospital.

   We are happy lo learn Lonnie Dovenspike, Route 3 Rimersburg is home again, following two eye operations in the Montifiore Hospital, Pittsburgh. His vision now is perfect, with the aid of glasses, according lo his, doctor.

    Mr. and Mrs. George Burns, Mrs. George Smith, and Mrs. Bus Burns of Carion were recently guests of the Eugene Mumford family.

    Mr. and ,Mrs. L. R. Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Minnich of Ebeneezer, N. Y., arrived Friday evening lo spend the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. John Minnick.

    Terry and Sheila Barger of New Castle are spending some time with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Barger while their mother, Mrs. Jack Barger, is in the hospital with a new baby. The new baby arrived on February l and has been named Kathy Jo.

     Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Kuhns celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, Feb. 9. A family dinner was served at noon and Open-House was held from 2-4 and 7-9. Mr. and Mrs. Kuhns were married on February 11, 1918 by Rev. A. C. Locke, in the Methodist parsonage, Clarion. On May 4, 1918, Mr. Kuhns was inducted into the service. At the close of the war, he went into Germany with the sixth regular army. He was honorably discharged on June 18, 1919 from Fort Dix. In the meantime his wife made a home at Curllsville for herself and the little son, who was born December 22, 1918. The Kuhns residence has been Curllsville since September 28, 1918. They have raised two sons, Ardell and Hugh, two daughters, Ruby and Phyllis. They have eight grandchildren.


12/2/1964 Oil City Derrick — Appointment Announced by Council

SLIGO - Carl McCall last night was elected to fill the vacancy on the Sligo Borough Council.

  Mr. McCall will take Mr. McKee's place on the street committee.

   The new councilman was sworn in by mayor James Keener.

   Ted Williams was appointed chairman of the street committee by the vice president, Ronald Muir, who conducted the meeting.

   Council decided that fixing the approaches and the berm will be included in all future bids on roads paved by the borough.

   A special meeting of the council, the water authority and the engineers will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7, to study the possibility of a sewage system for Sligo.

   The C&K Coal Co. will be asked to grade the road and clean the ditch line on Scalp Level St. because the street was damaged by the hauling of coal.

   Council granted a salary increase of $500 to Ronald Wetzel, borough maintenance man.

   Part on the expense of installing Christmas lights in the borough will be paid by council. The lighting is a project of the Sligo Lions Club.

   Six members attended the meeting held in the fire hall.


2/23/1965 Derrick — One Injured in Accident in Sligo

   SLIGO - One person was injured in a truck-car collision on Route 68 at Sligo at 12:40 p.m. Monday.

   Thomas Burns was taken to the Brookville Hospital with a possible concussion.

   Burns was a passenger in a truck operated by William S. Burns of Sligo RD 1, who was struck by an auto driven by John T. Beggs of Sligo RD 2.

   Beggs, traveling north on Route 68, skidded on the icy highway into the path of the truck, traveling south.


1/8/1970 Sligo Council Members Receive Oath of Office

    SLIGO - Newly-elected mayor of Sligo, James Keener, administered the oath of office to new council members at the meeting of Sligo Borough Council held Tuesday evening in the Sligo Area Recreation Building.

    The new council members are Dr. Robert Varner, Craig Elliott, Welsey (Pat) Sherman and Thomas Johnston.

   Keener presided at the reorganizational meeting. Officers elected were Keith Wensel, president; Thomas Johnston, vice-president; and Gerald Snyder, secretary-treasurer.

   The following committees were also named: Water - Tom Hile, chairman; Robert Varner and Wesley Sherman.

   Roads - Carl McCall, chairman; Thomas Johnston and Craig Elliott.

   This was the first meeting of council to be held in the building operated by the Sligo Area Recreation Board.

   It was reported that approximately $4,000 had been received during the past year for coal fines.

   Mayor Keener stated that in his opinion, Sligo residents are becoming disgusted with the mud being brought into the borough by trucks. It was suggested that a detour would be the answer but no definite action was taken.

   Discussion was also held regarding the condition of Route 58 through the borough. Snyder will notify the state highway department regarding the situation.

   A police report was given by Fred Myers as follows: one state convict was turned over to the state police; one drunken and disorderly conduct and various complaints about snowmobiles.

   Snyder also stated that the television cable agreement had been received and must be signed by the mayor and council president. Installation should start on the systems as soon as weather permits.

   A letter was read from Karl M. Smith of New Bethlehem requesting that council members accompany him to Kittanning for meeting with John R. Saylor, U.S. representative, regarding water pollution.

   Council will make a decision later as to which member will accompany Smith.

   It was again brought to the attention of council that the terms of Fred Kline and Dick Henry of the water authority had expired. Suggested names for replacements should be presented by council members at the next meeting.

   Sligo Area Recreation Board President, James Grant Jr., was present and discussed the functions of the board in relation to the council. He also requested that council have an active representative on the recreation board.

   Thomas Johnston was appointed to represent council and to report activities of the board at council meetings.


9/28/1970 Derrick - Sligo News

Homecoming Day Held Sunday in Center

   SLIGO - James Grant, Jr., president, gave the welcome to all persons attending Homecoming Day on Sunday at the Recreation Center in Sligo. Grant introduced Rev. Boyd Bell of the Sligo United Presbyterian Church who served as master of ceremonies for the day's festivities. Mrs. Lottie Dunlap provided organ music throughout the day.

   Rev. Bell led the group in the singing of "How Great Thou Art," followed by prayer by Rev. Barry Mohney of the Sligo Church of the Nazarene. Rev. C.F. Hunt, retired minister of the Nazarene church, read scripture.

   The combined Junior Choir then presented a selection, with the choir being comprised of members from the various local churches. Mrs. Katheryn Hartman directed the choir and Mrs. Ila Meier provided the piano accompaniment.

   The message delivered by Rev. Chester L. Brachmen, used scripture from Matthew 6, on the subject of the Lord's Prayer. Rev. Edward McKee offered prayer, following the message.

   A group from the Nazarene church was next on the program and featured a trumpet duet and a solo by Rev. Barry Mohney. Mr. and Mrs. Williams sang a duet and provided their own accompaniment on the guitar and accordian.

   The United Methodist Church had entertainment with Pam Johnston and Debbie Burris singing a duet and Mrs. Gale Jewell singing a solo.

   Rev. Gale Jewell led the congregation in group singing.

   A fellowship dinner followed the program. The Dorcas Class of the United Presbyterian Church were in charge of the table arrangements.


9/21/1971 SLIGO NEWS

   The second homecoming held at the Sligo Area Recreation Center has been judged a success by the board. The board members are deeply grateful to the Sligo area churches, ministers, organists, pianists, choir directors, choir members, Elmadollar's String Band, Dunlap's Music Store, Clarion State College Christian Group, the table committee, and the guest speaker Rev. Edward McKee.

   The board wishes to thank everyone who has helped in the past two years to make the programs sponsored and presented at the center's success.

   It is the desire of the SARB to present programs of interest to both the young and old and they would appreciate suggestions for future programs.

   Mr. and Mrs. Don Smith served as hosts to members of the Young Adult Class of the United Methodist Church for their September meeting. Mrs. La Rue Buterbaugh served as devotional leader.

   During the business meeting, conducted by Emmett McHenry, Dick Henry, chairman of the calendar committee, reported that the calendars will be ready for delivery around the first of November.

   A short discussion was held on the sponsoring of a musical in the recreation center at Sligo. It was announced that there will be a quartet at Cherry Run on Oct. 2 and special services will be held in the Sligo Church from April 2-9.

   Rev. Jewell advised that a setup for a singing group was hoped to be held every other month in the church. With these activities slated, it was decided to wait until early spring before a musical is scheduled.

   Jessie Tay, a guest of the Jewell family for the past several months, has left the Sligo area to begin training at East Liverpool School of Nursing. A card was signed for her and a monetary gift presented to her.

   Mrs. Murial Stewart will be devotional leader for the October meeting.

   A hymn sing was held following the meting with organ accompaniment by Debbie Burris.

   Plans were made by the Dorcas Class of the Sligo United Presbyterian Church to hold its annual sauerkraut and pork supper.

   A tentative date has been slated for October 7 in the church social rooms with serving from 5-7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door only and take home orders will be sold by the quart. This dinner is open to the public.

   The group met at the Burns' Camp with members and their families in attendance.

   Mrs. Mary Slaugenhoup, president, conducted the business meeting when a report was made on the new china purchased recently for the church kitchen. The china has arrived and the committee was commended for their work on the project.

   A wiener was held at the close of the business meeting.

   The Willing Workers Class of the United Presbyterian Church slated October 14 for their annual banquet. Class members and their guests are invited to attend the dinner to be served at 6:30 p.m. by the Dorcas Class of the Church.

   Mrs. Agness Snyder opened the meeting with scripture reading, followed by prayer and the reading of a poem.

   Hostesses for the evening were Mrs. Bess Craig, Mrs. Veda Miller and Mrs. Agnes Snyder.


May 24, 1975 Sligo Plans Memorial Services

    SLIGO—Memorial Day services will be held beginning at 11 am Monday at the Sligo Cemetery with Rev. Dale H. Reitz as guest speaker.

   Reitz is pastor of the Monroe Chapel Methodist Church. Also, participating in the program will be a Sligo Singing Trio and the Union High School Band, under the direction of John Bixler.

    The services will be sponsored jointly this year by the American Legion Post 149 and the Sligo IOOF 387.

   Color guards and firing squad, composed of local veterans, will take part in the service which will be held in the  Sligo Area Recreation Center in case of inclement weather.

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