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Sportsmen’s Club News archives

11/21/1950 Derrick - Sportsmen Plan Running Deer Shoot

   SLIGO - The Sligo Sportsmen's Club will hold a running deer shoot from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday. Any persons participating in the shoot is to take his own gun and ammunition. No deer shoots have been held in the past few weeks due to the weather.

   The annual Christmas party will be held Saturday, Dec. 27, for members and one guest and will be for adults only. Reservations must be made by December 22 with Ben Davis, the cost is $2 per person. The committee in charge of the party is Ben Davis, "Poss" Haun, Art Love, Bill Lobaugh, Russell Heeter and Connell Taylor.

   The club is sponsoring the Big Buck Contest with an entry fee of $1. Entries must be paid at the Davis Store by November 29. Judging will be made on the widest spread of horns.

   The next meeting will be December 6 with nomination of officers to take place.


11/21/1950 Derrick —  Deer Shoot Set - SLIGO - A running deer shoot, sponsored by the Sligo Sportsmen's Club, will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday at the clubhouse grounds north of Sligo, four miles off Route 68.


1/11/1965 Derrick - Sportsmen to Meet - SLIGO - The Sligo Sportsmen's Club will meet at 8 p.m. today in the club house. Election of officers will take place at this meeting.


5/19/1969 Derrick - Tim Shoup Heads Club at Meeting by Sara Douthett

   SLIGO - Tim Shoup, vice president, was in charge of the meeting of the Sligo Sporstmen's Club.

   Thirty-one members were present and three junior members, who had attended the B.B. Gun Shoot at the Clarion Rifle and Pistol Club. The junior members, Mike Carrier, Rick Carrier, and Terry Peroeci, were awarded certificates for completing the course and gave a report on the activities at the shoot.

   A request from the National Rifle Association to change the name of the club to "Shooters' Club" was vetoed and it was decided to retain the name of "Sligo Sportsmen's Club, Inc."

   Members voted to purchase three cases of clay pigeons for practice use by members only; Fred McKinney was appointed to purchase fertilizer for the fishing pond to enable better fishing.

   A new senior member accepted into the club was Hershel Shick of Rimersburg. One hundred acres of training ground was reported to be available to members, and an announcement was made that the 1969 dues are now payable. Membership fees are $5 for the first year and $2 for each successive year.

   Door prize was awarded to Ben Davis; the membership prize was awarded to Craig Carrier.

   Lunch was served by Chip Craig and Bill Lobaugh.


Monday, January 19, 1970 The Derrick — DUNCAN IS WINNER OF BUCK CONTEST

   SLIGO - Jim Duncan has been named winner of the Big Buck Contest held by the Sligo Sportsmen Club. The buck was a seven point.

   Art Love, president, conducted the business meeting, at which time election of officers was held. Elected as president was Connell Taylor, "Poss" Haun, vice-president; Russell Heeter, secretary-treasurer; Art Love and Joe Brenneman, delegates; Tim Shoup, alternative delegate; trustee for two years, Jim Johnston; trustee for one year, Ab Klingensmith; trustee retained from last year, Jim Duncan.

   Jim Johnston and Fred McKinney were appointed to audit the books for 1969.

   Ben Davis reported that 25 persons attended the Holiday Party held by the Club. It was also reported that there were 90 paid in full members for 1969.

   Prizes were awarded to Fred McKinney; membership prize to "Poss" Haun, who was not present and was not eligible to receive the prize.

   Refreshments were served at the close of the meeting.


2/17/1970 Derrick  - Sligo Sportsmen's Club Meets

   SLIGO - The Sligo Sportsmen's Club is presently making plans to build a shelter on the rifle and shotgun range on the club's grounds.

   President Connell Taylor conducted the meeting which was attended by twenty-four members. It was announced that membership has been renewed in the National Rifle Association and the animal dues have been forwarded. Members were reminded that membership dues are now payable to Russell Heeter for the local club.

   Ben Davis was appointed to keep records for the current project.

   Dan Gallagher was the recipient of the gloves awarded at the conclusion of the evening. The name of John Dunlap was drawn for the door prize but was not eligible as he was not present at the meeting.


5/25/1970 Game Wardens Attend Meeting

     SLIGO - Al Pedder, game warden, presented a talk on stray dogs at the recent meeting of the Sligo Sportsmen's Clubs. He noted that these are a great problem to the game wardens.

  Lee Harshbarger, game warden, reported that 53 turkeys have been stocked in Clarion County. Announcement of the stocking of 300 walleys in the county was made by Robert Cortez, county fish warden.

   Jack Lavery, also a Game Commission representative, reported on the reorganization of the Clarion County Council of Sportsmen's Clubs.

   The Sligo Sportsmen voted to rejoin the Clarion County Sportsmen's Club and will send delegates to the meeting which will be held at 8 p.m. June 14 at Gameland 63.

   The following reports were made:

   Homer Myers will mow the dog training area, Jim Duncan will arrange for the repair of the mower, Tim Shoup will oversee the diversion ditches which will drain water from the shooting range.

   A monetary donation was made to the Sligo Boy Scouts. The door prize was one by Bruce Dixon.

   Following the meeting, two films, "Snakes in the West" and "Wild Life and the Human Touch" were shown by the game commission.


1/26/1971 The Derrick — Sportsmen's Club Discusses Repairs

   SLIGO - The Sligo Sportsmen's Club held reports on various repairs to the clubhouse at their regular meeting, conducted by Connell Taylor, president.

   February 6 was scheduled for a stag party, with reservations to be made to Ben Davis by February 2 for both members and guests at $2 per person. Ben Davis was also instructed to contact the Game Commission for rabbit box traps.

   Election of officers was held for 1971. Elected were: Bill Lobaugh, president; James Duncan, vice president; Art Love, secretary-treasurer; Tim Shoup, delegate; Connell Taylor and Art Love, alternate delegates and Ed Best, trustee for a 3 year term.

   Bill Lobaugh was awarded the membership prize.

Photo by Pamela Myers-Grewell

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