Chronology of Franklin County, PA Finleys

From Lurgan Township, Cumberland County, to Letterkenny Township,
now Greene Township, Franklin County

1739, James Finley, son of John (3-04-4) and Mary (Rippey) Finley born; wife
Jane (Rippey) born 1745.

From Everyname Egle's Notes and Queries (Marcia Logsden), p.107.

1743, Rev. Dr. John Blair, first pastor of Middle Spring received warrant of
land adjoining church property; John Finley a neighbor.

Thrush p. 320.

21 July 1744, a Joseph Finley married ... from Pennsylvania Marriages Prior
to 1790, Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued in the
Province of Pennsylvania Previous to 1790.

Compiled by John B. Linn and
William H. Egle, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co, 1976, p. 87.

1744, John Finley an elder in Middle Spring Congregation.

Thrush p. 320.

???, Rev. John Blair sold land adjacent to John Finley to Samuel Rippey.

Thrush p. 320-321.

10 March 1750, John Finley appointed Justice of Peace for Cumberland County.

PA Archives S 11, IX:897. Thrush p. 321.

15 December 1752, John Finley received warrant for 500 acres in Lurgan (now
Southampton Township); son Joseph Finley occupied this land during his lifetime;

Land Warrant Book C. H. Thrush p. 321.

10 August 1759, Letters of administration granted to Martha and James
Finley to settle estate of John Finley.

WB A:25, A:30, OC 1:65, OC 2:15, OC1:99, OC 2:35.

24 August 1759, Letters of administration granted Jane and Thomas Finley to
settle estate of Robert Finley.

WB A:31, OC 2:58-60,

> 1761 Letterkenny Township formed from Lurgan

1 April 1763, John Kerr to John Finley both of Letterkenny, 560 acres,
bounded by William Sharp, Samuel Culbertson, Josiah Ramage, James Robinson,
James Irvin and James Fulton, DB 2:21.

Thrush p. 319. DB 2:32 according to Fendrick Collection.

14 March 1764, Alice Finley Adam, administratrix for John Finley, late of
Cumberland County; George, eldest son; Elinor, minor daughter; Jane, minor
daughter; John, minor son; Elizabeth, minor daughter; William, minor son;
Sarah, minor daughter;

Cumberland County Orphan's Court Book 2:43.

28 April 1764, James Finley appointed administrator for brother Robert

Cumberland County Book 2A:227.

28 April 1764, James Finley, administrator for Robert, to Samuel Rippey, 500
acres in Guilford Township.

Cumberland County DB 2A:227.

1 April 1768, John Finley and Mary, his wife, farmer of Letterkenny to James
Finley, son, 208 acres, part of land bought from Kerr in 1763.

DB IV:484. Thrush p. 319. Also Fredrick Collection.

17 August 1768, Allice Adams, widow of John Findlay, deceased, to John
Findlay heirs, 500 acres for 5 shillings, in Letterkenny bounded by John
Rippies heirs, Thos. Alexander, M. Peters, Joseph Stevenson

Cumberland County DB 1C:233.
(Alice Mitchell? wife of John Finley 2-04? and mother of John 3-04-4? - no)

1 May 1775, James Robinson to James Finley of Letterkenny, 128.75 acres
bounded by Geo. Kinsor, formerly Gaven? Mitchel's; Samuel Cochran, formerly
Adam Burkholder; and James Stuart; 100 acres granted by warrant to Alexander
Mitchell in Letterkenny, formerly Lurgan, 6 February 1755; Mitchell sold to
Thomas Boyd in 1756; Boyd conveyed to Robinson in 1760.

Cumberland County DB 1D:445.

1776, James Finley, private in Captain Samuel Culbertson's Company of Fifth
Battalion, Cumberland County Militia, commanded by Colonel Joseph Armstrong,
8 December 1776

PA Archives SV, VI:3316; S11, IV:289. Thrush p. 327.

1780-81, James and John Finley, privates in Lt. Col. Samuel Culbertson's
Fourth Battalion, Company 3 of Captain Joseph Culbertson, of Cumberland
County Militia

PA Archives SV, VI:289-290, 279. Thrush p. 327.

1778-1782, James, son of John Finley heavy taxpayer in Letterkenny; in 1782
he had 328 acres, four horses, seven cows, seven negroes and two stills.

PA Archives S L11, vol. XX. Thrush p. 326.

6 April 1782, John Finley, farmer and Mary, his wife of Letterkenny to son,
Joseph, 406 acres in Lurgan bounded by land of Petershoff, John Williamson,
Thomas McComb, Malcom McComb, Jeremiah Purcell, late Jacob Miller, granted
to John Finley by warrant 15 December 1752.

Cumberland County DB 1F:174.

6 April 1782, John Findley to Joseph Finley, property in Southhampton
adjoining Casper Lay, John Herran, Esq., John McComb, Robert Shannon.
Fredrick Collection.

Cumberland County Grantee Index = 1:F:174, 406 acres in Lurgan.

1783, James Finley appointed Justice of Peace for Cumberland County for term
of seven years; when Franklin formed in 1784 he became judge of Court of
Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions for Franklin County along with Humphrey
Fullerton and Thomas Johnson.

Thrush p. 327.

17 March 1783, Alexander Mitchel to James Finley, 201 acres 19 poles
adjoining Finley's other lands on the south, border to Adam Burkholder and
James Stewart.

Thrush p. 319.

9 August 1783, John Finley will, probated Carlisle 21 October 1783; names
wife, Mary; daughters Elizabeth Armstrong (Mrs. Joseph), Martha Jack
(Mrs. Patrick), Hannah McConnochee (Mrs. Robert), Mary Rippey (Mrs. Samuel, Jr.);
sons James, Joseph, John.

WB D:38. Thrush p. 324.

1783 Southampton Township formed from Lurgan

1783, John, son of John Finley received 400 acres in Letterkenny (formerly
Lurgan) where father resided, bounded by Samuel Culbertson, James Stewart,
James Finley, heirs of William Sharp.

Thrush p. 324.

1784 Franklin County formed from Cumberland

15 September 1784, James Finley presided at first term of court held in
Franklin County.

Thrush p. 327.

1788, Joseph Finley, 411 acres surveyed out of 500 acres bought by father,
John Finley in 1752 in Lurgan (now Southhampton Township), adjacent to
Casper Lay, Robert Shannon, Thomas McComb, John McComb, Daniel Nevin, Peter
Shoafe, Nicholas Mink.

Land Warrant Book C.H. Thrush p. 326.

18 October 1788, John Finley of Letterkenny to my sister Martha Jack of
Hamilton Township, a negro woman named Rachel which was bequeathed by my

DB 2:65. Fredrick Collection.

1788 Greene Township formed from Letterkenney

9 May 1790, Joseph and Eleanor Finley of Southampton to John Herron,
adjoining Peter Wolff, Daniel Nevin, Casper Lay, warrant dated 15 December
1752 to John Finley.

DB 2:467. Fredrick Collection.

16 March 1791, Mary Finley, deceased, letters of administration granted to
James Finley.

Book A:200. Fredrick Collection.

30 June 1791, Joseph and Eleanor Finley of Southampton, yoeman, to Thomas
Wilson, warrant dated 15 Secember 1752 to John Findlay, conveyed by deed
dated 6 April 1782 to Joseph Finley, adjoining Casper Lay, John Herran,
Esq., John McComb and Robert Shannon.

DB 2:322. Fredrick Collection.

24 November 1791, Samuel Rippey will, of Shippensburg, Cumberland County,
probated 19 December 1791; names grandchildren, Isabel, Samuel, John, James
and Mary children of James Finley.


21 January 1793, James Findley of Green Township to brother John Findley,
warrant dated 3 September 1788 to John Findley, Jr., situated in

DB 4:354. Fredrick Collection.

2 October 1793, John Findlay of Green Township, son of James Findlay, to
John Findlay, Sr., brother of said James Findlay, of same place, warrant
dated 3 September 1788, in name of John Findlay, Jr. for 200 acres in
Letterkenny upon which was surveyed to said John Findlay, son of James, 132
acres and 99 per.

DB 4:275. Fredrick Collection.

8 August 1796, James Finley of Green Township and Jane, his wife (daughter
of Samuel Rippey, the elder, late of Southampton, decd) sells her legacy
with brother Samuel's to William Rippey.

DB 4:41. Fredrick Collection.

9 April 1798, John Finley and Rachel, his wife, of Green Township, farmer,
to George Hetich and Samuel Riddle both of Chambersburg, Esqs., situated in
Green Township (formerly Letterkenny), joining James Finley, James Stewart,
David Mahon and John Myers; warrant to John Finley, Jr.

DB 4:286. Fredrick Collection.

6 October 1799, Samuel Riddle to John Finley of Green Township, land in
Green joining William Sharpe's heirs, Abraham Reese, James Finley, John Stump.

DB 4:488. Fredrick Collection.

26 October 1799, John Finley, yoeman and Rachel his wife, of Green Township
to Samuel Riddle, property whereon John and Rachel reside, joining Wm.
Sharpe's heirs, Abraham Resser, James Finley, John Stump, warrant dated 6
February 1749 to John Kerr.

DB 4:491. Fredrick Collection.

5 May 1800, Joseph Armstrong granted guardianship of John, Mary, and Samuel
Finley minor orphan chldren of Joh Finley late of 'Green Township.

Franklin County OC A:143.

17 May 1802, Col. Joseph Armstrong of Hamilton Township appointed guardian
of John, Mary and Samuel Finley, minor children of John Finley, late of
Greene Township.

Orphans' Court A:143. Fredrick Collection.

20 December 1802, James and Jane Finley of Greene Township to John Stump,
joining John Stump, James Steward, Stambaugh and Null.

DB 5:466. Fredrick Collection.

1794, Joseph Finley on Southamptom tax list; not listed in next sequential
listing in 1807.

14 October 1807, In Knox County, Hunter vs. John Findly says Findly resided
in Knoxville all of 1796, about 10 March 1797 he went to Franklin County, PA
where his father resides, intending to return to Knoxville; Knox County DB
N, vol. 1:149-156. (Letters left at Knoxville P.O. for John Finley in April
1800 and January 1801; John Finley estate papers indexed 5 January 1818 in
Knox County - Court Minutes 9:114; David Finley receives power-of-attorney
from John Finley 5 July 1819 - County Minutes 10-2:70 ... both docs
requested; 1804 tax list shows John Finley, no land, 1 poll; 1806 - 1812 tax
list shows 2 John Finleys, one with land and one with no land; John Jack
appears with landed John Finley in Capt. Bowman's Company in 1807 and 1808).

7 January 1809, John Findley appointed Clerk of Courts, Prothonotary,
Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills, by the Governor.

DB 8:263. Fredrick Collection.

9 July 1809, James Finley will, probated 12 October 1812; wife, Jean/Jane
(Rippey); children, Samuel, John, James, William, Elizabeth Duncan
(Mrs.Stephen), Isabel Galbraith (Mrs. James), Mary Culbertson (Mrs. Joseph);
Jane Rippey (Mrs. Samuel A.); WB C:76. Son John, received "all land he now
lives on bounded by lands of Adam Burkholder, John Miers (Myers) and others."

Thrush p. 327-328. Wayne Johnson gives this reference as Orphan's Court Book A:417
and adds "said James died 4 February 1809."

3 April 1810, Joseph Culbertson, Jr. of Greene Twp and Mary, his wife, to
James Finley of same place, situated in Letterkenny, joining Fredk. Hess,
Abraham Reser, George Besore, heirs of John Finley and James Finley, patent
date 29 December 1774 to John McConnell, who conveyed to Joseph Culbertson,
6 June 1809.

DB 9:151. Fredrick Collection.

September 1811, Col. Joseph Armstrong of Hamilton appointed guardian of John,
Mary, and Samuel Finley, minor orphan children of John Finley of Green County.

Orphans Court A:143.

17 September 1811, Edw. Crawford, Esq. appointed guardian of Samuel A. Findlay,
minor child of John Findlay, late of _____ Township, decd., aged 14 years & upwards.

Orphans' Court A:327.

27 September 1812, James Finley, Esq. died; marker at Rocky Spring reads,
"is dedicated to the memory of James Finley, Esq., and Jane his wife. James
died the 27th day of September, 1812, in the 73d year of his age. Jane
departed this life on the 21st of July, 1814, aged 69 years."

In Alfred Nevin, Churches of the Valley, or An Historical Sketch of the Old
Presbyterian Congregations of Cumberland and Franklin Counties, PA. PA:
J.M. Wilson, 1852, p. 207.

1812, James Finley, son of John Finley died; buried at Rocky Spring.

Thrush p. 328.

12 July 1812, from William Finley of Chambersburg, to James Finley of same
place and Joseph Culbertson of Newville, Cumb. Co. Pa. situated in
Letterkenny joining land of George Besore, heirs of John Finley, decd,
James Finley, decd, Fredk. Hess, same land which Joseph Culbertson and Mary,
his wife, 3 April 1810 sold to James Finley, father of said William and

DB 12:168. Fendrick Collection.

1813, James Finley petition to divide 27 acres in Green Township among heirs
of James Finley, deceased 1812.

OC A:416-417.

23 March 1814, Jane Findlay of Chambersburg will, probated 25 August 1814,
widow of James Finley.

Book C:188. Fredrick Collection.

20 July 1814, William Finely of Chambersburg to James Finley of Chambersburg
and Joseph Culbertson of Newville, 27 acres inherited from father, James

Franklin County DB 12:168-169.

July 1814, Jane Finley, widow of James Finley, Esq. died; buried at Rocky

Thrush p. 328.

13 August 1814, James Finley and Atley, his wife, of Chambersburg, to Samuel
Agnew of Harrisburg, situated in Green Township joining Henry Eby, Simon
Menich, John Myers and William Finley; same land devised by his father James
Finley and which said John sold to James Finley first party hereto, 26 March 1814.

DB 12:165. Fredrick Collection.

19 September 1816, from Samuel Finley of Madison County, Miss., to James
Finley and Joseph Culbertson of Chambg., James Finley, father of said Samuel
died intestate so far as respects property in Letterkenny, joining Fredk.
Hess, Abraham Rissor's heirs, John Finlay's heirs.

DB 12:167. Fredrick Collection.

19 January 1818, James Finley petition to divide 27 acres in Green Township
inherited from father, James Finley.

OC B:473.

19 February 1818, James Finley petition to divide 27 acres in Green Township
inherited from father, James Finley.

OC B:271-273.

9 March 1818, James Finley heirs sign off on settlement of 27 acres in Green
Township inherited from father.

1 April 1826, from John Butter and Catherine, his wife, of Chambersburg, to
Abraham Kryder of Greene Township, land in Greene, joining John Palmer, John
Butter, John Finley and Adam Harbison's heirs, 31 acres and 12 perches,
being part of a larger tract warran dated 16 February 1749 to John Carr,
who deeded it to John Finley 1 July 1763, the elder, who by his last will
dated 9 August 1783 devised same to son John Finley during his life and said
John Finley dying seized left issue 3 children: John, party hereto, Samuel
and Mary, who later married John Palmer.

DB 15:43. Fredrick Collection.

3 April 1826, John Finley of Chambersburg, release from John and Catherine
Butler, plantation situated in Green Township adjoining John Palmer, Abraham
Kryder, Adam Harbison's heirs and John Myers heirs.

DB 17:532. Fredrick

Guardians appointed for the grandchildren of James Finley Esq, minor
children of Joseph Culbertson... who are Robert, James Findley, Alexr,
Cyrus, Duncan, and William Culbertson ... under age of 14 ... to care for
their share of their grandfather's estate.

Orphan's Court Book B: 271-3.

Tax Records - from Schaumann


1751 Andrew Finley
John Finley, Sr.
John Finley, Esq.
John Finley, sawyer
James Finley
Robert Finley
1753 John Findley
Widow Findley
John Findley
Eliza Findley (widow)
Widow Findley (Roberts)
1764 John Finley, Sr.
1768 John Finley

Letterkenny (formed from Lurgan in 1761)

1763 John Finley
1764 John Finly
1768 John Findlay
James Findlay
1769 John Findlay
James Findlay
1770 John Finlay
James Finlay

Tax Records - from Fredrick Collection
1788 John Findlay
Mary Findlay, widow - 1 negro
James Findley, Esq.
B. Green (formed 1788 from Letterkenny)

1789 James Finley
John Finley, Junr. (son of James?)
Mary Finley (mother of James and John)
John Finley (brother of James)
1791 John Findley
James Findlay
John Finley Jr.
1794 John Finley
James Finley
1796 John Finley
James Finley
1799 John Findley
James Findley
1804 James Findley
C. Southampton

1794 Joseph Finley
1807 McClure Findley

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