West Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
. Contributed by Sharon Frank

AUKERMAN,  Paul  age 92y

   Barbara age 72y

BEAR, John d 8-27-1836, aged about 75 yrs.

  Maria d 2-6-1845, age 88y

  Eliza d 8-31-1836, age 7y 2m 18d

  John d 6-6-1866, age 71y 11m 2d

  Rebecca d 6-1-1860, age 37y 3m 8d

  John H. d 8-28-1893, b 11-11-1824

  Mary Ann d 2-8-1897, b 5-3-1828, w/o John H.

  Andrew d 12-10-1835, age 18y 1m 23d

  Maria d 1-6-1836, age 20y 0m 12d

  Christie S. d 3-18-1894, b 1-18-1894

BROWN, Catharine d 8-24-1895, age 37y 5m 8d, w/o Jacob

DESANNO, Charlotte G. d 5-9-1850, b 11-16-1811, consort of John F.; 

     b. in Phila.

DILLER, David D. d 1-14-1845, s/o Samuel & C.

EBERLY, Ann d 8-10-1853, age 23y 5m 2d, w/o John; 

     d/o John & Elizabeth Bear

GILL, Sarah d 1-26-1834, b 1744, w/o W.G.

GIVLER, Ann d 4-28-1848, age 25y 2m 29d

HAINES, Annie d 8-6-1873, age 64y 3m 3d, w/o John

HAYS, George d 12-15-1835, age 42y 11m 15d

HEDDEN, Mary d 11-7-1868, b 9-30-1792

KEISER, Rachel d 3-27-1863, age 34y 11m 21d, w/o George

  Anna d 4-12-1857, age 4y 0m 9d

  Mary d 4-17-1857, age 10m 6d

  William d 4-23-1857, age 5y 5m 6d

  Mary E. d 8-24-1867, b 2-22-1866

KIZER, John B. d 3-4-1846, age 1m 20d

  Ann E. d 5-19-1851, age 1y 6m 7d

LONGNECKER, Rebecca Jane d 11-10-1861, age 21y 10m 29d, 

     w/o Benjamin F.; d/o Samuel & Catharine Diller

MESSIMER, Catharine d 8-16-1866, age 71y 0m 1d, w/o George

MUSSELMAN, George d 9-28-1860, b 12-24-1775

   Mary d 12-19-1851, b 2-26-1802

   Caroline d 9-16-1848, age 23y 2m 2d, d/o Jacob & Mary

SHAW, Susana d 5-2-1836, age 22y 0m 4d, w/o Solomon; 

     d/o George & Mary Strome

YARLET, Peter d 8-25-1902, age 75y, b. in France; d in U.S. of A.

ZEIGLER, Isabella d 4-25-1848, age 22y 0m 3d, w/o Charles

  Elizabeth d 5-22-1848, age 62y 11m 28d



MYERS, Christiana d 11-00-1805, age 72 y, w/o John

  Abraham d 10-28-1826, age 68y 5m, , "Preacher of the Gospel"

  Anna BAKER, w/o Abraham; d/o Felty Baker; 

 [name is given as M. Anna Baker]