Contributed by Sharon Frank

Adams, Robert d. 5-14-1874, b. 10-2-1798

Adams, Anna B. d. 2-25-1892, b. 1-26-1801

Adams, Ephraim d. 12-14-1893, b. 1-21-1806

Adams, Elizabeth Barr d. 1-20-1879, b. 4-19-1819, 

	w/o Ephraim Adams

Adams, Margaret Jane d. 12-12-1893, b. 1834, age 59y 9m

Adams, Anna J. d. 11-4-1855, b. 7-24-1849

Adams, Adaline d. 3-3-1862, b. 11-7-1856

Adams, Anna M. d. 8-23-1879, d/o R. A. & J. E. Adams; 

	aged ? years 9 months 28 days

Ahl, Alexander, Dr. [no dates given]

Ahl, Elizabeth Williams, [no dates given]

Ahl, Serrod d. 6-25-1868, b. 2-21-1846

Ahl, Elizabeth d. 9-28-1869, b. 1-26-1850

Ahl, Laura d. 8-25-1871, b. 12-20-1852

Ahl, Emma d. 11-27-1855, b. 4-20-1854

Ahl, Augustus d. 11-25-1859, b. 4-24-1859

Ahl, Abraham d. 4-17-1849, b. 2-24-1849

Allen, James Williams d. 7-19-1869, b. 1789, 

	age 80y 0m 24d, (b. 1789)

Allen, Janes d. 11-30-1903, age 80y, [Janes (sic)]

Allen, John d. 2-10-1817

Allen, Jesse K. d. 4-9-1865, age 23y 11m, Co. B, 1st Rifle, 

	Pa. Vols.; died a prisoner at Saulsbury, N.C., and is 

	buried there with unknown dead

Arbegast, Rebecca d. 10-25-1880, age 65y 11m 27d, 

	w/o Joseph Arbegast

Auxer, Elizabeth d. 4-11-1815, b. 10-2-1796, 

	w/o George Auxer

Barr, Alexander d. 9-4-1831, age 66y, (b. 1764)

Barr, Margaret d. 2-27-1808, age 7y 7m 20d, 

	d/o Alexander & Margaret Barr

Barr, Hugh, Sr. d. 1852, b. 1792

Barr, Martha d. 1866, b. 1800

Barr, Sarah, Mrs. d. 1-27-1838, age 35y, 

	d/o Dr. John & Elizabeth Geddes

Bear, Mary d. 5-4-1869, age 73y

Binnen, Mary E. d. 8-00-1853, age 81y

Blair, James d. 4-19-1862, b. 2-5-1826

Boyd, William d. 2-2-1846, b. 1-5-1778

Boyd, Martha d. 4-8-1848, b. 12-14-1779, 

	w/o William Boyd

Boyd, Abigail d. 3-28-1849, age 77y, relict of William Boyd

Boyd, Elizabeth d. 1-2-1865, age 67y 1m

Boyd, William Y. d. 4-23-1878, b. 7-23-1802

Boyd, M. B. d. 8-3-1899, b. 11-1-1816

Boyd, Mary d. 3-18-1856, b. 10-1-1819, w/o Matthew Boyd

Boyd, Hanna E. d. 1-27-1896, b. 6-24-1836, w/o M. B. Boyd

Boyd, Martha A. d. 4-10-1904, b. 6-9-1821

Boyd, Mary d. 4-19-1904, b. 1-14-1819

Boyd, James d. 3-7-1864, age 64y

Boyd, Jane d. 4-19-1869, age 69y 7m 24d, w/o James Boyd

Boyd, Rebecca Mary d. 4-20-1875, b. 6-8-1842

Boyles, Elsie J. d. 6-16-1883, b. 10-19-1882, 

	ch/o John & Mary Boyles

Boyles, Daisy R. d. 6-5-1884, b. 6-18-1877, 

	ch/o John & Mary Boyles

Bracken, William d. 1-16-1803, b. 1753, age 49y, Capt.

Brandon, Mary Eleanor d. 4-19-1876, age 61y

Brandon, Ellie Martha d. 11-29-1870, age 9y 4m, 

	d/o W. B. & Mary E. Brandon

Brannan, Thomas , Co. H, 22d Regt., U.S.C.T. (colored)

Brattan, Adam d. 6-6-1820, b. 1744, aged about 76 years

Brattan, Anna d. 12-26-1840, b. 1752, age 87y, 

	w/o Adam Brattan

Brattan, William d. 3-11-1862, b. 1791, age 70y

Brattan, Samuel d. 8-16-1864, age 67y

Brattan, George d. 9-13-1860, age 75y

Brattan, Mary d. 7-23-1837, age 70y

Brattan, Martha Weakley d. 10-1-1857, age 78y

Brattan, William d. 9-18-1790, infant s/o Adam Brattan

Brewster, William d. 6-25-1879, age 72y, Dr.

Brewster, James R. d. 1893, b. 1809

Brewster, Nancy J. d. 1889, b. 1822

Brown, John d. 6-10-1842, b. 9-19-1752, 

	a soldier of the Revolution

Brown, Margaret d. 9-17-1836, age 88y, w/o John Brown

Brown, James d. 10-11-1822, b. 12-31-1778

Brown, Martha d. 2-7-1852, b. 8-10-1792, 

	w/o James Brown

Brown, John d. 5-27-1870, b. 6-16-1787

Brown, Mary d. 3-2-1864, age 61y, w/o John Brown

Brown, Joseph d. 7-19-1863, age 38y, 

	s/o John & Mary Brown

Brown, Mary d. 9-23-1807, d/o John Brown Sr.; 

	aged about 43 years

Brown, John d. 6-20-1889, age 79y 5m 11d

Brown, Catharine G. d. 6-4-1878, age 63y 9m 10d, 

	w/o John Brown

Brown, John d. 5-8-1865, age 85y

Brown, Eleanor d. 4-24-1838, age 59y

Brown, Mary d. 9-16-1862, b. 4-15-1788

Brown, Eliza J. d. 9-16-1830, b. 5-1-1816

Brown, Joseph d. 7-31-1862, age 85y

Brown, Nancy d. 10-15-1835, age 35y 3m 10d, 

	w/o Joseph Brown

Brown, William d. 5-13-1864, age 67y

Brown, Jane d. 3-10-1877, age 74y 5m 29d

Brown, Rachel d. 3-24-1805, age 36y

Brown, James d. 2-15-1845, age 51y

Brown, Elizabeth M. d. 6-14-1848, age 29y, 

	w/o James Brown

Brown, J. Culbertson d. 5-20-1863, b. 11-4-1814

Brown, Ellen Q. d. 5-28-1858, b. 2-5-1818, 

	consort of John C. Brown

Brown, James Brackenridge d. 10-25-1895, b. 8-16-1822

Brown, Ellen Martin d. 3-30-1891, b. 8-21-1822

Brown, Nathaniel G. d. 12-2-1864, age 46y, in his 47th yr

Brown, Catharine d. 1-23-1869, age 53y, 

	w/o Nathaniel Brown

Brown, Martha B. d. 1897, b. 1854

Brown, George , Co. E, 187th Pa. Inf.; [no dates given]

Bryson, William d. 1-13-1800, b. 1728, age 72y, (b. 1728)

	 has a slate tombstone

Buchanan, Thomas d. 10-13-1823, b. 1747, age 75y, 

	General; soldier of the Revolution; Captain in 

	Col. Edward Hand's Regt.; Sheriff of Cumberland 

	County, 1789

Buchanan, William d. 7-7-1843

Buchanan, Ezekiel d. 8-31-1831

Buchanan, Mary d. 10-16-1823, age 59y

Buchanan, Robert d. 5-3-1833

Buchanan, Elizabeth d. 8-25-1863

Butler, Elliott, Corp., Co. A, 127th U.S.C.T. (colored)

Butler, Samuel d. 4-27-1859, b. 2-2-1788, (colored)

Butler, Sallie d. 3-15-1881, b. 4-4-1793, (colored)

Byers, Daniel d. 9-28-1870, age 68y 2m 29d

Campbell, William d. 4-1-1864, b. 10-26-1789

Carnahan, Mary d. 9-7-1823, consort of William Carnahan; 

	aged about 30 years; slate tombstone

Carnahan, Judath d. 5-21-1835, age 71y, 

	w/o Robert Carnahan

Carson, Priscilla d. 8-16-1864, age 72y

Carson, Hannah d. 4-5-1844, age 69y

Carter, Eva Alice , d/o W. R. & Alice A. Carter

Carter, Alice d. 6-22-1887, age 38y

Carter, Charles W. d. 10-00-1896, b. 1-00-1896

Chestnut, Lucy B. d. 1-24-1902, age 29y

Chestnut, Alta C. d. 7-31-1901, b. 1898, age 2y, (b. 1898)

Cobean, William S. d. 8-6-1859, age 64y

Cobean, Mary McFarlane d. 8-4-1855, age 50y, 

	w/o William S. Cobean

Cook, Samuel d. 7-18-1841

Cook, Jane d. 8-31-1843, age 48y

Cornog, Belle E. d. 11-17-1868, b. 11-10-1844

Cox, Mary d. 12-3-1866, age 65y

Coyle, Scott d. 8-31-1875, b. 12-10-1809

Coyle, Nancy d. 2-19-1843, age 26y 8m, 

	consort of Scott Coyle

Coyle, William Huston , age 10m, 

	ch/o Scott & Nancy Huston Coyle

Coyle, Anna , age 4y, ch/o Scott & Nancy Coyle

Cratzer, Joseph E., age 11y

Cratzer, John H. d. 10-30-1858, age 1y, 

	s/o William & Elizabeth Cratzer

Crawford, William d. 8-15-1860, age 61y

Crawford, Sarah, Mrs. d. 10-23-1845, age 44y, 

	w/o William Crawford

Crawford, G. W., Sergeant, Co. G, 45th U.S.C. Inf.;(colored)

Cremer, Martha Jane d. 7-10-1846, b. 2-1-1825, w/o 

	Theodore H. Cremer; d/o Robert & Elizabeth M. 


Daugherty, Rachel d. 1856, b. 1789, w/o George Daugherty; 

	also "Our Father"; see below

Daugherty, father, age 82y

Davidson, John d. 3-8-1823, age 80y

Davidson, Leacy d. 4-8-1823, age 75y

Davidson, John d. 1-9-1840, b. 12-15-1786

Davidson, Eleanor d. 1-9-1877, b. 4-5-1797

Davidson, John M. d. 1-23-1875, age 63y 3m 24d

Davidson, Charles E. d. 7-25-1875, age 9y 2m 13d

Davidson, Margaret d. 11-21-1883, age 56y 6m 7d, 

	w/o John H. Davidson

Davidson, John d. 1900, b. 1831

Davidson, Jennie d.?, b. 1835, w/o John Davidson

Davidson, George d. 1859, son [no further reference]

Davidson, John S. d. 1901, b. 1829

Davidson, Alexander d. 10-19-1865, age 78y 4m 5d

Davidson, Jane d. 8-19-1879, age 88y 8m 20d

Davidson, Margaret E. d. 1904, b. 1836

Davidson, Alexander L. d. 1852, b. 1831

Davidson, Catharine d. 1860, b. 1807

Davidson, Samuel d. 1880, b. 1804

Davidson, John Y. d. 1840, b. 1802

Davidson, George d. 6-12-1856, b. 10-27-1777

Davidson, Jane d. 12-6-1863, b. 3-13-1779, 

	w/o George Davidson

Davidson, George G. d. 3-27-1886, age 69y 7m 29d

Davidson, Jane E. d. 1-9-1856, b. 10-24-1820, 

	w/o George G. Davidson

Davidson, Margaret d. 11-10-1864, age 53y 11m 16d, 

	w/o George G. Davidson

Davidson, Jane E. d. 12-13-1855, age 11m 15d, 

	ch/o George G. & Jane E. Davidson

Davidson, George E. d. 7-28-1848, age 11m, 

	ch/o George G. & Jane E. Davidson

Davidson, Mary M. d. 8-3-1851, age 1y 11m 8d, 

	ch/o George G. & Jane E. Davidson

Davidson, James d. 9-27-1858, age 68y

Davidson, Annie d. 9-17-1867, age 75y, 

	w/o James Davidson

Davidson, Ann d. 6-8-1827, age 33y 0m 6d, 

	consort of James Davidson

Davidson, James A. d. 1904, b. 1827

Davidson, Nancy C. d.?, b. 1830, w/o James A. Davidson

Davidson, William d. 8-25-1843, age 54y 8m 2d

Davidson, Mary d. 4-3-1843, age 51y 4m 15d, 

	w/o William Davidson

Davidson, Eleanor d. 9-2-1838, age 19y 11m, 

	d/o William & Mary Davidson; aged 19 yrs 11 mons 

Davidson, William M. d. 3-8-1863, age 12y 3m 19d

Davidson, Margaret E. d. 10-17-1889, age 65y 7m 18d, 

	w/o William M. Davidson

Davidson, William G. d. 9-15-1864, age 54y 1m 8d

Davidson, Mary W. d. 4-20-1850, age 38y

Davidson, William d. 1-25-1882, age 71y 5m 13d

Davidson, Rosanna H. McF. D. 8-2-1845, age 35y

Davidson, Jane Ann d. 4-21-1833, age 3y 7m, 

	d/o John & Eliza Davidson

Davidson, John L. d. 2-8-1837, age 20y 3m

Davidson, Ann d. 2-17-1866, age 77y 3m

Davidson, Lacy L. d. 8-9-1877, age 59y 0m 29d

Davidson, Matilda d. 1-14-1891

Davidson, Mary A. d. 12-20-1854

Deckard, Johnson Ellsworth d. 1-6-1870, age 6y 1m 16d, 

	ch/o Jacob R. & Sue B. Deckard

Deckard, Ada Sue d. 2-27-1864, age 2y 11m 23d, 

	ch/o Jacob R. & Sue B. Deckard

Denning, William d. 1830, b. 1737, the patriotic blacksmith 

	and forger of wrought iron cannons during the 

	Revolution; erected by the State of Penn.

Diener, John d. 5-18-1897, b. 7-25-1810

Diller, Harry d. 1-2-1877, age 9y 2m 16d, 

	ch/o B. P. & A. L. Diller

Diller, Lacy K. d. 1-11-1877, age 6y 3m, 

	ch/o B. P. & A. L. Diller

Diller, Lewis E. d. 1-19-1877, age 4y 6m, 

	ch/o B. P. & A. L. Diller

Diller, Frank H. d. 10-17-1869, age 4m 12d, 

	ch/o B. P. & A. L. Diller

Dougherty, Mary J. d. 11-12-1890, age 54y, 

	w/o J. S. Dougherty

Duey, Conrad d. 10-15-1833, age 63y

Duey, Rachel d. 2-22-1854, age 84y, w/o Conrad Duey

Dunbar, John d. 10-18-1829, age 61y, in her 62d year

Dunbar, Robert H. d. 10-15-1834, age 23y

Dunbar, Isabella d. 9-25-1824, age 24y

Dunbar, William McFarlan d. 1-6-1835, age 26y 0m 17d, 

Dunbar, Mary d. 1-30-1830, age 57y

Duncan, Eliza Smith d. 8-7-1863, b. 6-18-1789

Duncan, David D. G. d. 8-30-1895, b. 2-14-1817

Duncan, Grizelda P. Linn d. 9-11-1900, b. 7-22-1824

Duncan, Theresa A. d. 10-5-1867, b. 2-6-1865

Duncan, Flora G. d. 12-5-1891, b. 4-2-1867

Duncan, Arabella d. 1-15-1872, age 25y

Duncan, David M. d. 5-15-1872, age 6m, 

	s/o Linn & Arabella Duncan

Duncan, M. B. Boyd, s/o W. L. & Lydia Bell Duncan

Dunfee, Hannah d. 12-14-1840, age 71y 1m 28d

Dunlap, Daniel Scott d. 1893, b. 1811

Dunlap, Fannie d. 1-25-1872, age 51y 9m 13d

Dunlap, Elizabeth d. 4-15-1841, age 23y, 

	d/o Michael & Mary Heffleman

Dunlap, Anna d. 9-20-1852, age 6y 2m

Dunlap, Ralph d. 9-5-1863, age 1y 6m

Dunlap, Johnny M. d. 8-4-1877, age 4y 7m 7d, 

	s/o N. B. & E. M. Dunlap

Ege, Michael Peter d. 3-29-1853

Ege, Jane Louisa McKinney d. 11-9-1853

Ege, Jane Elmira d. 5-26-1850, age 57y 1m 21d, 

	w/o Joseph A. Ege

Ege, Mary Ann d. 2-18-1842, b. 8-27-1830

Ege, Mary Ellen d. 7-30-1850, age 3m 13d

Elliott, Nancy d. 4-16-1798, age 46y, slate tombstone

Elliott, Thomas d. 3-19-1849, age 62y

Elliott, Elizabeth, Mrs. d. 2-19-1859, age 64y 7m 6d

Elliott, Alexander d. 7-12-1866, age 47y 7m 23d

Elliott, Robert Fullerton d. 12-13-1859, age 4y 0m 10d, 

	s/o James L. & Catharine A. Elliott

Elliott, Bessie C. d. 12-23-1881, age 4y 9m 17d, 

	d/o John A. & Emma J. Elliott

Erskine, Ebenezer d. 1901, b. 1821, D.D.

Erskine, Florence Trainer d. 1879, b. 1878

Ewing, Elizabeth, Mrs. d. 1-16-1846, age 55y, 

	d/o George & Sarah Gillespie

Ewing, Margaret Hays d. 1901, b. 1900

Fenton, Samuel T. d. 1892, b. 1820

Ferguson, William d. 4-23-1834, aged about 76 years; 

	a soldier of the Revolution

Ferguson, George d. 2-22-1874, age 57y 10m 23d

Fickes, Andrew d. 12-12-1882, age 60y 6m 18d, 

Fickes, Anna d. 4-25-1882, age 54y 3m 17d, 

	w/o Andrew Fickes

Fields, Rosa M. d. 2-16-1886, age 38y 8m 1d, 

	w/o J. L. Fields (colored)

Frownfelter, Catharine d. 6-15-1849, age 44y 8m 2d, 

	w/o John Frownfelter

Frownfelter, Mary Ann d. 6-3-1847, age 17y 3m 15d, 

	d/o John & Catharine Frownfelter

Frownfelter, Lydia J. d. 1900, b. 1832

Frownfelter, Samuel d. 4-12-1896, age 50y 5m 19d

Fry, Jesse R. d. 1893, b. 1832, Capt. , Co. D, 

	77th Regt., Pa. Vols.

Fulton, Francis d. 10-16-1843, age 78y

Fulton, Sarah d. 8-4-1834, age 65y, 

	consort of Francis Fulton

Fulton, F. Huston d. 6-1-1855, age 48y

Fultin, Sarah Ann d. 8-29-1842, age 27y 4m 23d, 

	consort of Francis H. Fultin 

Fulton, Samuel H. d. 1-25-1838, age 1y 8m 16d

Fulton, Sarah Isabella d. 8-14-1853, age 14y 9m 24d

Fulton, James d. 8-17-1860, age 64y 10m 7d

Fulton, Grizzella Blean d. 6-12-1875, age 70y 4m 30d, 

	w/o James Fulton

Fulton, David Blean d. 2-20-1876, age 39y 11m 10d

Fulton, Robert d. 8-16-1891, b. 1838, a soldier

Fulton, Jennie Bell d. 9-19-1868, age 8m 28d, 

	d/o Robert & Minnie Fulton

Furman, Ella d. 4-1-1896, age 28y, w/o Charles E. Furman

Furman, Flesta Bell d. 1-27-1897, age 1y 9m 15d, 

	d/o Charles E. & Ella Furman

Galbreath, William d. 11-00-1815, age 83y

Galbreath, Sarah d. 2-22-1827, age 78y 3m 18d, 

	consort of William Galbreath

Galbreath, John d. 6-3-1845, age 40y

Galbreath, Leah d. 1838, age 34y, w/o John Galbreath

Galbreath, Julian d. 1841, age 5y, d. in her 6th year 

Gebhart, Elizabeth d. 6-19-1869, age 34y 11m 27d, 

	w/o Samuel C. Gebhart

Gebhart, Elmer G. d. 12-15-1868, age 4m 3d, 

	s/o S. C. & E. C. Gebhart

Geddes, John d. 12-5-1840, b. 8-16-1766, (M. D.)

Geddes, Elizabeth Peebles d. 5-20-1839, b. 2-8-1772

Geddes, John P. d. 12-8-1837, b. 10-10-1799, (M. D.)

Geddes, Jane d. 1889, b. 1805

Geddes, Martha F. d. 1897, b. 1808

Gettys, Rebecca d. 3-17-1897, b. 11-15-1827, 

	w/o James Gettys; b. in Newville; 

	d. in Washington D.C.

Geese, Christian d. 3-12-1816, b. 1-17-1788

George, C. S. , Co. E, 127th Pa. Inf. [no dates]

Gillelen, Margaret d. 5-7-1852, b. 6-25-1828

Gillespie, George d. 7-24-1887, age 78y

Gillespie, Lucinda B. Stewart d. 7-5-1875, age 55y 4m, 

	w/o George Gillespie

Gillespie, Robert E. d. 4-13-1845, age 7m

Gillespie, Samuel B. d. 4-27-1881, age 27y

Gillespie, Nathaniel d. 8-16-1824, age 75y

Gillespie, Ann d. 11-16-1827, age 44y

Gillespie, Alfred E. d. 11-8-1851, age 12y 0m 26d, 

	s/o Samuel & Elizabeth Gillespie

Gillespie, Nancy d. 8-21-1835, age 48y

Gillespie, Martha d. 6-25-1819, age 72y 4m 5d

Gillespie, Mary E. d. 10-6-1863, age 6y

Gillespie, James G. d. 10-17-1863, age 12y

Glauser, Shaeffer M. d. 1900, b. 1822, 

Glauser, Catharine d. 1903, b. 1824

Glenn, Alexander d. 11-13-1835, b. 2-22-1787

Glenn, William Mills d. 6-15-1884, b. 6-28-1817

Glenn, Mary Jane d. 3-3-1879, age 56y 9m 21d, 

	w/o William M. Glenn

Glenn, Maria d. 5-28-1841, b. 5-17-1792, 

	w/o Alexander Glenn

Glenn, Anna Maria d. 2-7-1852, b. 3-23-1848, 

	d/o William M. & Mary J. Glenn

Graham, James d. 9-25-1807, b. 1725, age 82y

Graham, Martha d. 7-22-1779, age 48y

Graham, Isaiah d. 8-27-1835, age 66y 3m

Graham, Nancy (Lindsey) d. 2-17-1841, age 68y 6m, 

	(w/o Isaiah Graham)

Graham, Nancy d. 1-19-1863, age 64y 7m 2d, 

	d/o Isaiah & Nancy Graham

Graham, Samuel d. 4-27-1869, age 73y 4m 17d

Graham, Robert M. d. 1-24-1873, age 73y

Graham, Robert M. d. 12-6-1855, age 56y

Graham, William d. 11-21-1868, age 61y 0m 21d

Graham, Nancy (Davidson) d. 12-10-1876, age 68y 8m 4d, 

	w/o William Graham

Graham, William Findley d. 1904, b. 1843

Graham, Alfred M. d. 2-19-1882, b. 11-15-1849

Graham, James d. 11-11-1874, age 71y 1m 16d

Graham, David C. d. 12-10-1856

Graham, Emma B. d. 7-17-1883, age 40y 11m 14d, 

	w/o John B. Graham

Graham, Maggie D. d. 2-3-1892, age 11y 8m 20d

Graham, George M. d. 3-27-1870, b. 12-24-1802

Graham, Eliza (Alter) d. 2-26-1870, b. 1-16-1805, 

	w/o George M. Graham

Graham, George W. d. 5-24-1839, age 3m 14d, 

	ch/o George & Eliza Alter Graham

Graham, Jane d. 3-14-1846, age 9m 5d, 

	ch/o George & Eliza Alter Graham

Graham, Elizabeth d. 6-10-1847, age 11y 5m 22d, 

	ch/o George & Eliza Alter Graham

Graham, Mary d. 2-17-1852, age 17y 7m 8d, 

	ch/o George & Eliza Alter Graham

Graham, George W. d. 5-16-1863, age 22y 5m 10d, 

	Sergeant; killed in a skirmish with the Rebels

	near Piedmont Station, Virginia

Graham, John d. ?, b. 8-4-1843, [no death date given]

Graham, Harriet McKee d. 10-4-1871, age 25y 11m 15d

Graham, Isabel Sterrett d. 10-6-1896, b. 11-13-1840

Green, John, Sr. d. 2-25-1846, age 76y 6m

Green, Samuel d. 3-27-1892, age 73y

Green, Mary d. 12-9-1902, age 82y

Green, William d. 7-17-1889, b. 9-15-1805

Green, Jane Duncan d. 5-24-1893, b. 1-28-1809, 

	w/o William Green

Gumpert, Miriam d. 1-24-1901, b. 8-19-1849

Gutshall, Jeremiah d. 1904, b. 1825

Gutshall, Nancy A. d. 1901, b. 1828, w/o Jeremiah Gutshall

Hackett, Henry G. d. 12-7-1845, age 53y 10m 5d

Hackett, Mary d. 9-28-1854, age 59y 9m 4d, 

	w/o Henry G. Hackett

Hackett, Mary Ellen d. 11-26-1870, b. 8-5-1846, 

	d/o Robert & Margaret Hackett

Hackett, Minerva B. d. 11-9-1881, b. 2-17-1857, 

	w/o Frank D. Hackett

Hackett, Frank L. d. 3-11-1897, b. 8-16-1895, 

	s/o F. D. & L. M. Hackett

Hackett, Robert Coulter d. 3-15-1851, age 2y 1m 19d, 

	s/o Robert & Margaret Hackett

Hamill, Mary d. 10-13-1811, age 24y, w/o William Hamill

Hanna, John d. 10-11-1823, age 57y

Hanna, Samuel d. 2-8-1825, age 53y

Hanna, Else d. 2-10-1850, age 78y, w/o Samuel Hanna

Hanna, Eliza d. 3-17-1885, b. 9-15-1808

Hard, James H. d. 10-10-1862, b. 9-20-1856

Hard, William G. d. 5-4-1868, b. 6-5-1866

Harder, Samuel d. 6-00-1841, age 37y

Harder, Mary E. d. 3-00-1852, age 50y

Harlan, James d. 6-21-1832, age 40y

Harlan, Ruth d. 2-2-1854, b. 11-15-1792

Harlan, George d. 3-11-1892, b. 1-12-1794, 

	was a great checker player

Harlan, Elizabeth d. 8-9-1858, b. 4-9-1811

Harlan, James M. d. 5-15-1894, age 74y 5m

Harlan, Ruth E. d. 5-8-1896, age 70y 3m

Harlan, Matthew R. d. 9-18-1868, age 8y 3m 16d, 

	s/o J. M. & R. E. Harlan

Harlan, Mary Ruth d. 1-26-1860, age 3y 2m 21d, 

	d/o J. M. & R. E. Harlan

Harper, Robert d. 11-19-1802, age 32y, slate tombstone

Harper, Samuel d. 4-15-1802, age 27y, slate tombstone

Harper, John d. 9-25-1804, age 73y, slate tombstone

Harper, Jean d. 3-16-1808, age 73y, relict of John Harper; 

	slate tombstone

Harper, James d. 2-13-1816, aged near 59 years

Harper, Mary d. 2-8-1852, b. 12-2-1762

Harper, Margaret d. 8-8-1817, age 19y, 

	d/o James & Mary Harper

Harper, William d. 5-18-1824, age 63y

Harper, Esther d. 4-13-1827, relict of William Harper; 

	aged about 63 years

Harper, Andrew d. 1-19-1827, age 28y 2m 13d

Harper, Elizabeth d. 10-10-1827, age 21y 3m

Harper, John d. 10-11-1846, b. 11-29-1793, Major

Harper, Mary, Mrs. d. 8-3-1865, age 67y, 

	w/o Major John Harper; d/o Diana Lewis

Harper, Dianna L. d. 8-7-1829, age 6y 8m, 

	d/o John & Mary L. Harper

Harper, Margaret d. 2-13-1871, age 64y, 

	d/o William & Esther Harper

Harper, John d. 6-5-1847, b. 6-22-1795

Harper, Elizabeth d. 3-27-1813, age 40y, 

	w/o John H. Harper

Harper, Margaret d. 5-21-1830, age 25y, 

	w/o John Harper, Jr.; d/o John Harper of 

	Adams County

Harper, Sarah d. 3-16-1848, age 79y, w/o Samuel Harper

Harper, David d. 6-3-1801, age 27y, slate head stone

Hartzell, Jane E. Boyd d. 11-1-1886, b. 10-12-1838, 

	w/o Charles D. Hartzell

Hays, Patrick d. 7-28-1856, age 89y

Hays, Margaret d. 1-23-1857, age 66y, w/o Patrick Hays

Hays, Jane d. 11-30-1842, age 19y, 

	d/o Patrick & Margaret Hays

Hays, John E. d. 3-29-1877, b. 1842, age 34y, Sergeant, 

	130th Regt., Pa. Vols.

Hays, Robert M. d. 3-4-1889, age 75y 9m 9d

Hays, Hannah Sharp d. 5-11-1889, age 70y 2m 17d, 

	w/o Robert M. Hays

Heagy, Eliza d. 10-1-1888, age 62y

Heap, John , [no dates given]

Heffelman, Michael d. 7-24-1845, b. 3-9-1780

Heffleman, Mary d. 2-2-1837, b. 12-22-1785, 

	w/o Michael Heffleman [sp. Varies]

Herron, James d. 4-3-1846, age 41y 6m

Hood, Joseph d. 9-13-1868, b. 2-10-1829

Hood, Sarah d. 3-18-1852, age 57y 5m 20d, 

	consort of Joseph Hood

Hood, Josiah d. 10-2-1873, b. 8-11-1794, 

	soldier of War of 1812

Hood, Mary Jane d. 2-28-1831, age 12y 8m 8d, 

	d/o Josiah Hood

Hood, Elizabeth d. 8-24-1842, age 18y, d/o Josiah Hood

Hood, Mary Elizabeth d. 9-30-1843, age 1y 2m 7d

Hood, Robert d. 11-22-1902, age 77y, Private, Co. C, 

	158th Regt., Pa. Vols. Inf.; discharged 

	August 12, 1863

Horn, Simon Buser d. 4-19-1862, b. 8-7-1846, 

	s/o Henry & Elizabeth Buser Horn

House, John d. 11-00-1872, b. 1782, age 90y, 

	soldier of War of 1812

House, Elizabeth d. 8-00-1863, age 79y, w/o John House

House, Ruhannah J. d. 1904, b. 1818

House, John, Jr. d. 1835, age 22y

House, William d. 1836, age 12y

House, Jane d. 10-00-1812, age 8m

House, Michael d. 1823, age 7y

House, George d. 1824, age 1y

House, Jacob d. 1832, age 25y

Householder, Florie H. d. 12-18-1867, age 2y, 

	d/o Frank & Dessie Householder

Howard, Nicholas d. 11-18-1847, soldier of War of 1812

Hudson, William d. 3-8-1828, age 1y 7m, aged 19 months

Hume, Anna M. d. 9-4-1852, age 6y 6m, 

	d/o William D. & Hetty G. Hume

Hunter, Joseph d. 6-28-1835, age 59y

Hunter, Rebecca d. 11-25-1851, age 71y, 

	w/o Joseph H. Hunter

Hursh, William Ray d. 5-30-1865, age 3m

Huston, James d. 6-17-1825, age 41y

Ickes, Charles d. 1-23-1873, b. 3-12-1811

Ickes, Lucinda d. 2-12-1881, age 71y, w/o Charles Ickes

Ickes, Henry d. 11-8-1861, age 16y 0m 29d, 

	ch/o Charles & Lucinda Ickes

Ickes, Charles d. 10-1-1878, age 22y 8m 20d

Irvine, Samuel d. 3-9-1806, age 58y, Esq.; Lt. Colonel, 

	3rd Battalion, Pa. Inf., 1776-17

Irvine, Mary d. 10-28-1819, age 74y, 

	relict of Samuel Irvine, Esq.

Irwin, James d. 2-22-1854, age 77y

Irwin, Prudence d. 10-20-1818, age 33y, w/o James Irwin

Irvine, Ruth, Miss d. 12-21-1859, age 82y 5m

Irwin, Isabella d. 4-20-1881, b. 5-10-1808

Irwin, Elizabeth J. d. 1-27-1880, b. 10-20-1813

Irvine, Samuel d. 5-10-1849, age 64y

Irvine, Rosanna d. 4-4-1834, age 36y, 

	consort of Samuel Irvine

Irvine, Isabella d. 7-12-1839, age 36y 4m 7d, 

	consort of Samuel Irvine

Irvine, Margaret R. McClelland d. 9-2-1886, b. 9-21-1803, 

	w/o Samuel Irvine

Irvine, Mary d. 1-7-1833, age 2y

Irvine, Margaretta d. 2-13-1878, age 37y 7m 15d, 

	w/o Samuel I. Irvine

Irvine, Annie Wagner d. 3-1-1897, w/o Samuel I. Irvine

Irvine, R. Hays d. 12-9-1886, age 24y 9m 28d, 

	s/o S. I. & Margaretta Irvine

Irvine, Bruce Kilgore d. 11-11-1877, age 2y 7m 3d, 

	s/o S. I. & Margaretta Irvine

Irvine, Mary d. ?, age 19y 3m 18d

Irvine, Mary Ellen d. ?, age 3m, only ch/o Mary Irvine

Irvine, Sarahbella , [no dates given]

Irvine, James Davidson [no dates given]

Jacob, Joseph d. 10-8-1861, age 81y

Jacob, Lydia d. 12-20-1849, age 63y, w/o Joseph Jacob

Jacob, Joseph A. d. 1-28-1870, age 39y

Jacob, Lydia d. 4-29-1893, b. 11-21-1820

Jacobs, Adams d. 1872, b. 1787

Jacobs, Sarah Lenney d. 8-30-1834, age 46y, 

	w/o Adam Jacobs

Jacobs, Margery d. 1865, b. 1795

Jacobs, William L. d. ?, b. 1837

Jacobs, John d. 1888, b. 1814

James, Harry Marshall d. 3-7-1882, age 1y 9m 9d

Jenkins, George, Co. B, 23d U.S.C.T. (colored)

Johnson, James W. d. 8-31-1823, b. 10-31-1822, 

Johnson, Elizabeth d. 3-2-1817, age 58y

Johnson, John d. 9-8-1841, age 60y

Johnson, William H. d. 7-16-1869, age 23y

Johnson, William B., age 33y

Johnson, Robert C. Geddes, age 3y, 

	s/o William B. Johnson

Johnson, N. H. d. 7-16-1869, U.S. Navy

Karlskint, Peter d. 1-1-1900, Private, Co. D, 

	69th Regt., N. Y. Vols.

Keiffer, Cora V. d. 5-11-1885, age 12y 5m 11d, 

	d/o A. & M. Keiffer; (colored)

Kelley, John Jackson d. 2-17-1857, b. 9-17-1827

Kelly, John d. 3-1-1864, age 73y, [sp. Varies]

Kelly, Grizzella d. 3-23-1864, age 63y 1m 8d, [sp. Varies]

Kelley, George Samuel d. 9-14-1850, age 8y 10m 12d, 

	s/o John & Grizzella Kelley

Kelly, C. V. d. 2-23-1895, b. 11-26-1822

Kelly, Agnes A. d.?, b. 8-14-1832

Kelley, John A. d. 3-14-1864, age 1y 3m, 

	s/o John & Elizabeth Kelly

Kelley, Maggie A. d. 12-15-1869, b. 1-23-1869

Kennedy, Thomas d. 3-9-1831, age 86y

Kennedy, Margaretta d. 1-16-1826, age 66y, 

	consort of Thomas Kennedy

Kennedy, Alexander d. 7-17-1878, age 52y 6m 16d

Kennedy, Willie d. 8-13-1875, b. 9-16-1873, 

	s/o W. S. & M. Kennedy

Ker, William d. 10-8-1854, b. 1-1-1753

Ker, William d. 9-20-1874, b. 10-30-1791

Ker, Elizabeth Bell d. 12-24-1844, b. 9-16-1806, 

	w/o William Ker

Ker, Lizzie J. d. 6-22-1879, b. 10-14-1840, 

	d/o William & Eliza B. Ker

Ker, Mary Bell d. 8-8-1881, b. 11-29-1837

Ker, Mary d. 9-21-1828, age 4m 22d, 

	d/o William & Eliza Ker

Ker, Thomas Orr d. 3-18-1897, b. 12-5-1895, 

	s/o W. O. & Jane Ker

Kerr, Sarah d. 6-29-1838, age 53y, 

	consort of Alexander M. Kerr

Kerr, William G. d. 1817, age 1y, 

	ch/o Alexander M. & Sarah Kerr

Kerr, Sarah d. 1824, age 6y, 

	ch/o Alexander M. & Sarah Kerr

Ker, Elizabeth J. d. 1-29-1840, b. 3-7-1835

Kilgore, William d. 10-11-1823, age 67y

Kilgore, Isabella d. 2-18-1820, age 64y 4m, 

	consort of William Kilgore

Kilgore, Jesse d. 8-19-1823, age 59y 8m 6d

Kilgore, Jane d. 12-5-1834, age 62y 8m 15d

Kilgore, Margery d. 1-12-1824, age 9y 2m 27d

Kilgore, James d. 2-11-1877, age 75y 9m 9d

Kinsly, J. R. d., Co. H, 3d Pa. Cavalry

Kinsly, John d. 12-13-1851, age 70y

Klink, George d. 1-30-1869, age 76y 8m 7d

Klink, Elizabeth d. 3-24-1875, age 80y, w/o George Klink

Knettle, William d. 9-5-1833, age 78y, "in his 79th year"

Knettle, Lacy H. d. 5-24-1890, age 82y

Knettle, Hannah E. d. 3-26-1841, age 12y 3m 13d, 

	d/o William & Lacy Knettle

Knettle, Henry d. 7-5-1843, age 70y

Knettle, Hannah G. d. 10-27-1854, w/o Henry Knettle; 

	about 76 years

Knettle, Matilda d. 7-27-1898, age 55y 7m 21d

Knettle, Laura Bell d. 6-12-1862, age 11m 29d, 

	ch/o Joseph L. & Matilda Knettle

Knettle, William Green d. 8-1-1863, age 8m 22d, 

	ch/o Joseph L. & Matilda Knettle

Knight, Thomas H. d. 4-30-1852, age 56y 6m 22d

Knight, Elizabeth d. 4-17-1863, age 58y 1m 6d, 

	w/o Thomas H. Knight

Knight, Jeremiah d. 5-1-1852, age 23y 6m 11d, 

	s/o Thomas H. & Elizabeth Knight

Knight, Alexander d. 12-22-1829, age 4y 2m 16d

Knight, James , U. S. Navy [no dates given]


Koons, Isaac d. 11-19-1874, age 82y 2m

Koons, Jane d. 8-11-1866, age 70y 8m 28d, 

	w/o Isaac Koons

Koons, Thomas d. 10-10-1850, age 19y 3m 3d

Koons, Jane E. d. 11-7-1877, b. 11-10-1833

Koons, Mary J. d. 2-15-1888, age 66y 5m 24d, 

	w/o William C. Koons

Koons, Willie C. d. 6-24-1875, age 17y 6m, 

	s/o William C. & Mary J. Koons

Koons, Joseph T. d. 7-28-1870, age 1y 5m 13d, 

	ch/o James & Mary E. Koons

Koons, Mary B. d. 8-18-1873, age 1y 5m 14d

Koser, Alexander d. 4-12-1875, age 58y 11m 29d

Koser, Lavina C. d. 3-3-1905, age 81y 9m 21d

Koser, Howard M. d. 2-12-1901, b. 6-19-1857

Kulp, Eve d. 10-4-1857, age 82y

Kulp, Mary A. d. 2-17-1882, age 67y 11m 3d

Kyle, J. House, age 4y

Laird, Hugh d. 9-30-1815, age 28y

Laird, Thomas d. 4-19-1830, age 36y

Laird, James d. 10-19-1834, age 81y

Laird, Robert d. 1-15-1848, age 57y

Laird, Catharine d. 6-19-1850, age 85y 7m, 

	mother of  Mary & John Laird

Laughlin, Atcheson d. 1-11-1825, age 68y

Laughlin, William R. d. 2-12-1838, b. 2-6-1784, [R.?]

Laughlin, Mary d. 10-22-1842, age 81y

Laughlin, Atcheson d. 7-7-1876, age 76y, in his 77th yr

Laughlin, James d. 2-11-1851, b. 9-14-1785

Laughlin, John A. d. 5-14-1893, b. 3-24-1816

Laughlin, Jane S. d. 8-26-1897, b. 5-8-1831

Laughlin, Eliza d. 2-21-1864, age 67y

Laughlin, Nancy d. 8-18-1871, age 77y

Laughlin, Isabella O. d. 4-2-1891, b. 10-1-1813

Laughlin, William L. d. 12-13-1862, age 41y, 

	killed in the Battle of Fredericksburg

Laughlin, Walter d. 11-24-1859, b. 3-27-1859

Laughlin, Edgar M. d. 2-5-1871, b. 12-31-1862

Lawrence, Anna Manda d. 11-6-1832, age 23y 6m, 

	red sand headstone

Leckey, Daniel d. 3-3-1854, age 70y 6m

Leckey, Ann d. 9-25-1843, age 65y 5m 19d, 

	w/o Daniel Leckey

Leckey, Daniel A. d. 9-13-1824, age 7y 2m 20d

Leckey, Serabella d. 10-6-1823, b. 9-1-1789

Leckey, William Alexander d. d. 12-3-1894, 

	age 84y 5m 19d

Leckey, Matthew D. d. 1886, b. 1814

Leckey, Sarah d. 1887, b. 1815

Leckey, James B. d. 4-10-1875, age 55y 4m 22d

Leckey, Mary E. d. 10-22-1881, age 59y 10m 8d

Lemon, Diana, Mrs. d. 12-00-1837, age 75y

Lenney, William d. 10-20-1823, age 41y

Lenney, Sarah d. 3-17-1862, age 72y, w/o William Lenney

Lenney, Mary Blair d. 1883, b. 1821

Lenney, William d. 1898, b. 1822

Lenney, Catharine Elliott d. 1902, b. 1827

Lenney, Isaac d. 8-14-1848, age 54y

Lenny, Hannah d. 8-16-1869, age 71y, w/o Isaac Lenny; 

Lenney, Elizabeth d. 1-17-1847, age 64y

Lenney, Eleanor d. 1-22-1863, age 48y 7m 29d

Lewis, James W. d. 9-12-1872, age 11y 8m 13d, 

	s/o Jacob T. & S. J. Lewis

Lindsey, William d. 1-23-1838, b. 7-6-1793

Lindsey, Mary Forbes d. 10-26-1842, b. 4-27-1786, 

	w/o William Lindsey

Lindsey, William E. d. 1-6-1859, b. 2-21-1822

Lindsey, Sophia d. 9-24-1860, b. 9-19-1829, 

	w/o William E. Lindsey

Lindsey, Peter Wilt d. 12-8-1866, age 15y 7m, 

	s/o Peter & Sarah Lindsey

Lindsey, Jane d. 5-4-1837, age 78y 7m

Lindsey, John F. d. 2-14-1888, b. 9-2-1819

Lindsey, Rachel W. d. 11-18-1894, b. 3-6-1821, 

	w/o John F. Lindsey

Linn, Maggie A. d. 2-22-1869, b. 12-14-1833, 

	w/o W. H. Linn

Logan, James d. 10-26-1828, age 45y

Logan, Alexander d. 1870, b. 1795

Logan, Martha Mc. d. 1873, b. 1797

Logan, Robert Laird d. 1842, b. 1841

Logan, Mary Elliott d. 1902, b. 1870

Logan, William Alexander d. 1900, b. 1839

Long, Louise Hulme d. 8-23-1877, age 1y 1m, 

d/o H. D. & L. M. Long

Loy, Clarence B. d. 2-5-1901, age 16y

Manning, Harry d. 1899, b. 1834

Manning, Margaretta Beistline [no dates given]

Manning, George B. McC. d. 1865, b. 1862

Manning, Edna I. d. 8-24-1878, b. 8-7-1878, 

	d/o J. & Ella Manning

Martin, John M. d. 8-29-1871, age 66y 1m 21d

Martin, Ruhama d. 7-8-1879, age 70y 4m 28d, 

	w/o J. M. Martin [7/8 ?/ 1879]

Mathers, Andrew T. d. 11-00-1889, b. 7-00-1805

Mathers, Nancy d. 8-19-1882, b. 8-26-1802, 

	w/o Andrew Mathers

Mathers, William d. 10-18-1850, age 89y

McCachran, Isabella d. 1-8-1851, b. 1-8-1765, 

	b. at Abington; d. near Philadelphia

McCachran, Robert d. 2-25-1885, b. 9-24-1798, Rev.

McCachran, Jane (Laughlin) d. 11-27-1871, 

	age 69y 3m 24d, w/o Rev. Robert McCachran

McCachran, James d. 8-25-1885, b. 1-1-1797

McCachran, Rachel d. 9-22-1859, age 36y 10m, 

	w/o James McCachran

McCachran, Isabella d. 11-5-1891, b. 4-29-1807

McCachran, John d. 6-8-1850, age 15y 3m

McCachran, Robert d. 11-29-1881, b. 11-28-1881, 

	ch/o Robert & Martha McCachran

McCachran, William C. d. 8-11-1890, b. 3-1-1890, 

	ch/o Robert & Martha McCachran

McCaleb, James d. 5-25-1855, age 30y 2m 8d

McCandlish, William d. 4-9-1827, age 58y

McCandlish, Jane d. 8-4-1827, age 45y, 

	relict of William McCandlish

McCandlish, Thomas d. 8-17-1876, age 58y

McCandlish, Mary G. d. 5-9-1852, age 28y, 

	w/o T. M. McCandlish

McCandlish, Mamie d. 9-11-1874, age 22y, 

	d/o Thomas & Mary McCandlish

McCandlish, James d. 4-14-1882, age 62y 11m 21d

McCandlish, Julia d. 11-12-1871, age 49y 11m 17d, 

	w/o James McCandlish

McCandlish, John M. d. 1903, b. 1861

McCandlish, Maria d. 10-1-1827, age 24y, 

	consort of John McCandlish

McCandlish, Julia d. 3-30-1869, age 21y

McCandlish, J. Morris d. 3-23-1871, age 18y 9m

McCandlish, J. Walter d. 11-30-1877, age 16y 9m 21d

McCandlish, Alice d. 9-28-1878, age 32y 7m 22d

McCandlish, Mary d. 4-20-1852, age 48y

McCandlish, Jane R. d. 1-15-1869, age 61y

McCandlish, Elizabeth d. 3-27-1882, age 69y

McCandlish, Margaret M. d. 7-17-1888, age 64y 2m 2d

McCandlish, W. Morris, age 2y, 

	[the name appears as "Mc.     W. Morris"]

McCandlish, John d. 5-29-1859, age 3y 7m 21d, 

	ch/o J. & J. A. McCandlish

McCandlish, Freddie d. 4-28-1859, age 1y 3m 10d, 

	ch/o J. & J. A. McCandlish

McClure, Isabel E. d. 7-30-1871, age 20y 7m 12d, 

	d/o Jacob W. & Mary McClure

McCormick, Thomas d. 1-16-1835, age 68y 7m 18d

McCormick, Elizabeth d. 2-20-1824, age 58y 11m, 

	consort of Thomas McCormick

McCormick, William d. 6-00-1835

McCormick, Margaret d. 12-11-1831, age 22y

McCormick, Jane d. 8-00-1857, b. 10-00-1785

McCoy, John F. d. 1840, b. 3-24-1832

McCoy, George J. d. 5-25-1835, b. 7-7-1834

McCrea, William d. 1837, b. 1759

McCrea, Margaret d. 1822, b. 1759, w/o William McCrea

McCrea, John d. 3-15-1879, b. 5-28-1803

McCrea, William d. 10-25-1886, b. 7-21-1800

McCrea, Mary Jane d. 2-25-1855, b. 6-1-1816, 

	w/o William McCrea

McCrea, Margaret d. 4-16-1842, b. 9-1-1839, 

	ch/o William & Mary Jane McCrea

McCrea, William H. d. 5-19-1853, b. 10-14-1840, 

	ch/o William & Mary Jane McCrea

McCrea, Florence W. d. 5-25-1867, b. 10-5-1846, 

	ch/o William & Mary Jane McCrea

McCrea, Alexander L. d. 1898, b. 1848

McCullough, John d. 3-10-1808, age 67y

McCullough, Elizabeth Huston d. 1813, 

	w/o John McCullough; aged about 73 years

McCullough, James d. 8-13-1825, age 64y, 

	s/o John & E. H. McCullough

McCullough, William d. 11-8-1824, age 45y

McCullough, Sarah d. 4-4-1834, age 51y, 

	relict of William McCullough

McCullough, John d. 2-5-1847, age 75y

McCullough, Mary d. 9-5-1862, age 89y, 

	w/o John McCullough

McCullough, David W. d. 11-22-1859, age 60y 11m 6d

McCullough, Betsey d. 12-28-1882, b. 9-3-1804, 

	w/o David W. McCullough; d/o David & Martha 

	Linn Coyle

McCullough, Jane E. d. 10-1-1855, age 10y 11m, 

	d/o David W. & E. McCullough

McCullough, Jane Dunbar d. 3-7-1838, age 33y, 

	consort of John McCullough

McCullough, Sarah Evaline d. 2-16-1845, age 8y 6m 4d, 

	d/o John & Jane Dunbar McCullough

McCullough, James d. 11-1-1850, age 48y

McCullough, M. Harriet d. 2-25-1876, age 28y

McCullough, Mary Henderson d. 6-24-1847, age 74y, 

	w/o James McCullough

McCullough, Annie E. d. 5-1-1866, age 40y, 

	w/o W. Linn McCullough

McCullough, Leonidas d. 4-27-1881, b. 5-27-1842

McCullough, Sarah Bella d. 12-26-1870, age 3y 10m 15d, 

	ch/o Leo & Emma McCullough

McCullough, Mary Ellen d. 12-27-1870, age 1y 3m 16d, 

	ch/o Leo & Emma McCullough

McCullough, Margaretta M. d. 4-2-1842, age 29y, 

	w/o James McCullough

McCullough, Mary Jane d. 7-28-1850, age 28y

McCullough, Berdilla d. 2-27-1862, age 18y

McCullough, Jane A. d. 3-2-1851, age 2y

McCullough, Jane Hays d. 4-28-1866, b. 12-9-1819

McCullough, Samuel d. 11-10-1881, age 66y

McCullough, James d. 11-29-1892, age 81y

McCullough, William J. d. 1902, b. 1836

McCullough, William A. d. 1904, b. 1834

McCullough, Martha, w/o William A. McCullough

McCune, William d. 2-11-1879, b. 1-23-1807

McCune, Margaretta d. 12-31-1850, b. 7-5-1849, 

	d/o William & Margaretta A. McCune [two 

	entries;;; (1) b. 7-5-1849, d. 12-31-1850;; (2) 

	d. 12-31-1851, aged 1 year, 5 months, 25 days]

McCune, Jennie d. 7-21-1887, b. 2-5-1849, 

	w/o John K. McCune

McCune, John Brady d. 9-8-1883, b. 5-10-1881, 

	ch/o John K. & J. A. McCune

McCune, Mary Bell d. 5-25-1888, b. 9-14-1872, 

	ch/o John K. & J. A. McCune

McCune, Margaret J. d. 12-13-1900, b. 9-24-1826

McCune, J. A. , Co. M, 7th Pa. Cav.

McCune, Ruth Jennings d. 3-5-1898, age 5y 1m 2d, 

	d/o S. A. & Anne I. McCune

McDannell, Daniel d. 3-27-1789, b. 11-11-1722, b. in the 

	Kingdom of Ireland; slate headstone

McDannel, Jane d. 6-28-1798, b. 1-1-1726, b. in 

	County Tyrone, Ireland; slate headstone

McDannel, John d. 1-1-1800, age 71y 1m 15d

McDannell, Daniel d. 6-26-1811, age 59y 11m 8d

McDannell, Jane d. 2-18-1842, age 77y

McDannell, Daniel d. 11-13-1825, age 33y 7m 20d, 

	s/o Daniel McDannell

McDannell, Margaret d. 5-8-1809, age 12y 2m 2d

McDannell, William S. d. 8-23-1896, age 73y

McDannell, Mary d. 1-23-1902, age 79y

McDannell, John Martin d. 8-10-1856, age 9y 4m, 

	s/o W. S. & Mary McDannell

McDannell, Elizabeth, Mrs. d. 5-25-1866, age 75y 7m 7d

McDermond, Joseph d. 1869, b. 1796

McDermond, Nancy d. 1868, b. 1792

McDermond, Elizabeth d. 1901, b. 1824

McDermond, Isabella d. 1831, b. 1820

McDermond, Mary Agnes d. 3-11-1879, age 30y 5m 5d, 

	d/o John & Catharine McDermond

McDonald, Margaret d. 11-10-1831, aged about 57 years

McDowell, John d. 6-9-1829, age 51y

McDowell, Margaret d. 5-30-1855, age 64y 5m 11d 

McDowell, Samuel d. 4-24-1830, age 63y

McDowell, Mary d. 12-24-1834, age 65y

McDowell, William J. d. 12-18-1834, b. 7-27-1808

McDowell, Elizabeth d. 6-8-1851, b. 11-16-1797

McDowell, Margaret d. 6-9-1851, b. 12-30-1792

McDowell, Samuel K. d. 12-8-1862, b. 11-3-1805

McDowell, Mary d. 4-28-1863, b. 9-18-1794

McDowell, John d. 7-27-1857, age 31y 7m 27d

McDowell, Agnes E. d. 3-9-1864, b. 10-17-1819

McDowell, Mary I. d. 2-12-1865, b. 3-7-1836, 

	w/o James L. McDowell

McDowell, Maggie L. d. 4-7-1884, b. 7-29-1863, 

	d/o James L. & Mary I. McDowell

McDowell, Rachel d. 10-3-1893, b. 8-3-1803

McDowell, John d. 7-31-1878, b. 11-11-1801

McElhenny, Margaret d. 4-22-1835, age 42y, 

	w/o Robert McElhenny

McElwain, Andrew, Jr. d. 8-21-1840, age 55y 3m 21d

McElwain, Mary d. 10-27-1868, age 70y 3m 11d, 

	w/o Andrew McElwain, Jr.

McElwain, Robert d. 1-18-1853, age 72y

McElwain, Jane d. 5-12-1869, age 79y

McFarlane, Esther d. 2-18-1789, age 19y

McFarlane, Patrick d. 3-16-1792, age 65y, 

	a large granite slab

McFarlane, Rosanna d. 11-26-1812, age 77y, 

	on slab of Patrick McFarlane

McFarlane, William d. 1-29-1802, age 45y, 

	granite slab, 2nd one

McFarlane, William d. 1-7-1806, age 2y, 

	granite slab, 2nd one

McFarlane, James d. 1-26-1812, age 4y, 

	granite slab, 2nd one

McFarlane, James d. 12-16-1807, age 49y

McFarlane, Elizabeth d. 3-26-1814, age 49y, 

	consort of James McFarlane

McFarlane, William d. 4-5-1811, age 66y

McFarlane, Eleaner d. 10-19-1814, age 37y

McFarlane, Elizabeth d. 3-6-1816, age 48y

McFarlane, Robert d. 4-24-1838, b. 11-15-1784

McFarlane, Clemens d. 4-30-1869, b. 3-20-1798, interred 

	in Spring Hill Cemetery at Shippensburg; See 

	Spring Hill Cemetery

McFarlane, Lydia d. 3-29-1846, age 46y 7m, 

	w/o Clemens McFarlane

McFarlane, Thomas d. 6-24-1832, age 26y

McFarlane, Robert d. 9-14-1847, b. 10-23-1776

McFarlane, Jane d. 3-11-1833, age 45y, 

	w/o Robert McFarlane

McFarlane, Jane M. d. 2-1-1882, b. 11-21-1799, 

	w/o Robert McFarlane

McFarlane, Robert W. d. 4-16-1845, age 27y

McGaw, Thomas Edgar d. 9-2-1867, age 1y 8m 1d

McGlen, Jennett d. 1-15-1879

McIntire, John d. 8-16-1830, age 85y

McIntire, Margaret d. 9-17-1830, age 74y, 

	w/o John McIntire

McIntire, Mary d. 6-13-1853, age 45y

McKeehan, George d. 11-30-1884, b. 1810

McKeehan, Benjamin d. 10-23-1814, age 63y 2m 21d

McKeehan, Tabitha d. 1-21-1824, age 21y 8m 3d, 

	consort of John McKeehan

McKeehan, William Smith, age 40y 9m 2d

McKeehan, Robert d. 4-26-1863, age 78y 6m 13d

McKeehan, Mary d. 2-28-1854, age 71y 11m 4d, 

	w/o Robert McKeehan

McKeehan, Samuel d. 12-12-1870, age 84y

McKeehan, Deborah McBride d. 4-30-1867, age 78y, 

	w/o Samuel McKeehan

McKeehan, Benjamin d. 1885, b. 1819

McKeehan, Jane Mary d. 1887, b. 1821

McKeehan, Rebecca E. d. 4-28-1891, b. 6-20-1819

McKeehan, Jane E. Davidson d. 1903, b. 1854, 

	w/o Oliver McKeehan

McKibben, Joseph d. 11-13-1836, age 42y 5m

McKibben, Tabitha d. 6-5-1826, age 24y 0m 12d

McKibben, Thomas A. d. 3-2-1881, b. 10-12-1803

McKinny, Jane R. d. 10-13-1889, b. 10-25-1821

McKinny, David A. d. 9-1-1880, b. 8-19-1850

McKinny, Mary R. d. 4-5-1876, b. 11-5-1852

McKinny, Leonidas Coyle d. 2-7-1864, age 2m, 

	s/o S. D. & H. A. McKinny

McKinstry, James d. 1-30-1846, age 41y 0m 9d

McKinstry, Jane d. 3-22-1845, age 72y, 

	w/o James McKinstry

McKinstry, James d. 10-23-1825, b. 11-22-1776

McKinstry, William H. d. 8-14-1874, age 66y 0m 6d

McLaughlin, Thomas d. 5-19-1878, age 88y

McLaughlin, Elizabeth d. 1-1-1866, age 76y, 

	w/o Thomas McLaughlin

McLaughlin, Elizabeth d. 3-21-1878, b. 12-25-1828

McLaughlin, Jane d. 1-12-1893, age 40y 1m 10d, 

	w/o Daniel McLaughlin

McLaughlin, Samuel Harper d. 9-2-1878, 

	s/o Daniel H. & J. A. McLaughlin; aged 27 days

McLaughlin, Charles Bruce d. 11-14-1892, age 2y 1m 13d

McMonigal, Agnes d. 5-19-1812, aged --- years; 

	slate head stone

McMonigal, William d. 7-14-1813, age 47y, 

	slate head stone

McMullen, William d. 6-23-1882, age 77y 4m 21d

McMullen, Elizabeth C. d. 2-20-1853, age 50y 1m, 

	w/o William McMullen

McWilliams, John, [38-44 one entry in text; no dates]

McWilliams, Sallie D., w/o John McWilliams

McWilliams, Mary, ch/o John & Sallie D. McWilliams

McWilliams, James , ch/o John & Sallie D. McWilliams

McWilliams, Tiry, ch/o John & Sallie D. McWilliams

McWilliams, Jane , ch/o John & Sallie D. McWilliams

McWilliams, John , ch/o John & Sallie D. McWilliams

McWilliams, Hetty Rose, ch/o John & Sallie D. McWilliams

McWilliams, Robert d. 3-10-1813, age 27y

Megaw, Joseph d. 7-22-1811, age 2y

Megaw, James d. 3-26-1838, age 63y

Megaw, Sarah d. 5-24-1840, age 70y

Megaw, Samuel d. 4-15-1878, age 70y 11m 28d

Megaw, Elizabeth d. 8-17-1872, age 66y 10m 23d, 

	w/o Samuel Megaw

Mickey, Robert d. ?, b. 1-14-1823, [date of death not given]

Mickey, Elizabeth d. 9-21-1893, b. 2-18-1827, 

	consort of R. Mickey

Mickey, James Ira d. 3-19-1887, age 28y 0m 5d

Mickey, Robert, Sr., died at an advanced age

Mickey, Agnes, w/o Robert Mickey; died at an 

	advanced age

Mickey, Robert, Jr. d. 12-3-1827, age 80y 11m 12d

Mickey, Ezemiah d. 12-8-1830, age 75y, 

	w/o Robert Mickey, Jr.

Mickey, Ezemiah d. 4-15-1858, age 1y 1m 30d, 

	d/o R. & -- Mickey

Mickey, James d. 1835, age 40y

Mickey, Lucetta d. 1862, age 60y 7m 9d, 

	w/o James Mickey

Mickey, Mildred A. d. 3-17-1863, age 2y 4m 21d, 

	d/o H. & E. D. Mickey

Mickey, Laura A. d. 12-27-1859, age 9y 6m 22d

Mickey, Charles C. d. 12-11-1877, age 9y 0m 3d


Miller, Henry d. 1-23-1838, age 61y 0m 22d

Miller, John F. d. 9-16-1849, b. 5-10-1808

Miller, Mary d. 2-25-1889, b. 7-6-1803

Miller, Martha Ann d. 1902, b. 1834

Mixell, George d. 4-29-1905, age 68y, Private, Co. A, 

	202d Regt.

Moffitt, Robert E. d. 9-14-1856, age 76y 4m 8d

Moffitt, David S. d. 5-8-1888, b. 9-18-1818

Moffitt, Sarah d. 4-30-1887, b. 12-18-1821

Moffitt, Robert d. 3-14-1860, age 2y 5m 6d, 

	s/o David & Sarah Moffitt


Montgomery, John W. d. 10-8-1870, age 19y

Moore, William d. 7-11-1864, age 72y 11m 6d

Moore, Jane d. 5-2-1838, age 49y, w/o William Moore

Morrow, Rachel Talbot d. 1-3-1900, b. 1-15-1812

Morrow, John Stevenson d. 4-18-1865, b. 7-26-1788

Morrow, John Benton d. 1900, b. 1838

Mowrer, Mary d. 11-29-1889, age 71y 3m 2d

Mull, Anna M. d. 9-5-1865, age 10y 3m 5d

Mull, Sarah Bella P. d. 11-17-1859, age 2y 5m 3d

Myers, Catharine Rhoads d. 1-12-1838, age 21y 5m 11d, 

	w/o Henry Myers

Myers, Margaret E. d. 10-30-1862, age 3y 11m 23d, 

	ch/o M. & E. Myers

Myers, George W. d. 9-20-1838, age 2y 0m 17d, 

	ch/o M. & E. Myers

Myers, Mary J. d. 3-1-1895, b. 6-20-1819

Neal, James, Sr. d. 2-27-1793, insrciption on an elevated 

	marble slab [with the six following inscriptions]

Neal, Sarah d. 9-13-1814, w/o James Neal

Neal, John d. 9-22-1814, s/o James, Sr. & Sarah Neal

Neal, Sarah d. 2-8-1818, d/o James, Sr. & Sarah Neal

Neal, Mary Ann d. 9-19-1831, 

	d/o James, Sr. & Sarah Neal

Neal, Margaret d. 2-22-1835

Neal, James d. 3-25-1838, Colonel; [see Neal, James, Sr.]

Neff, George H. d. 7-11-1890, age 47y 8m 23d, Co. I, 

	12th Regt., Pa. Vol. Reserve Corps; also Co. D, 

	190th Regt., Pa. Vol.

Newman, Genny Hunt , age 1y 5m 2d, 

	d/o Albert & Annie Newman

Nicholson, Richard d. 12-18-1792, b. 1713, age 79y, 

	(b. 1713); granite slab

Nicholson, Mary d. 1-5-1793, b. 1710, age 83y, (b. 1710);

	 granite slab

Nickey, Jacob d. 1-1-1886, age 88y 11m 27d

Nickey, Fanny d. 3-16-1878, b. 5-13-1802, 

	w/o Jacob Nickey

Noel, Elizabeth Elliott d. 10-9-1873, age 53y 2m 10d, 

	w/o Jacob Noel

Noel, Martha E. d. 12-31-1868, age 2y 4m 19d, 

	d/o Jacob & Elizabeth Noel

North, Mary d. 5-9-1867, age 31y 10m 

North, Rebecca d. 1-28-1870, age 74y 4m 19d

Oliver, Mary d. 4-11-1875, b. 4-2-1837, w/o James Oliver; 

	d/o Rev. Robert & Jane McCachran

Over, Keziah d. 7-28-1861, age 60y 10m 5d, 

	w/o Samuel Over

Over, Adaline d. 9-19-1849, age 11y 3m 23d, 

	d/o Samuel & Keziah Over

Palm, Margaret d. 1841, b. 1828

Patterson, Andrew d. 11-10-1792, age 62y

Patterson, Mary d. 3-15-1807, age 73y, 

	consort of Andrew Patterson

Patterson, Thomas d. 12-10-1822, age 48y, 

	s/o Andrew & Mary Patterson

Patterson, Elizabeth d. 3-8-1798, age 26y, 

	slate head stone

Patterson, Obadiah d. 3-10-1804, age 42y, 

	s/o Robert & Sarah Patterson

Patterson, Ann d. 3-5-1840, age 72y, 

	w/o Obadiah Patterson

Patton, Elizabeth, Mrs. d. 2-4-1870, b. 1-3-1797

Peebles, William d. 1776, Captain; killed at the Battle of 

	Flatbush, Long Island

Peebles, Robert d. 1-7-1830, age 54y 8m 28d, Captain

Peirce, Paul d. 6-7-1794, age 78y, [Peirce (sic)]

Pierce, Joseph d. 8-30-1806, age 49y

Pierce, Jane d. 2-23-1827, age 58y 2m, w/o Joseph Pierce

Perry, Abraham, Co. K, 25th U. S. C. Inf.; (colored)

Philips, Edward d. 12-25-1857, age 60y

Philips, Jane d. 12-22-1870, age 77y, w/o Edward Philips

Philips, James A. d. 4-26-1847, age 20y 11m, 

	ch/o Edward & Jane Philips

Philips, Nancy I. d. 9-22-1853, age 21y, 

	ch/o Edward & Jane Philips

Philips, William D. d. 1-3-1857, age 28y, 

	ch/o Edward & Jane Philips

Pollock, Mary d. 8-00-1858, age 79y, 

	relict of Joseph Pollock

Ralston, David d. 3-8-1849, age 65y 5m

Ralston, Lacy d. 1-28-1863, age 72y, w/o David Ralston

Ralston, Mary d. 2-13-1852, age 72y

Ralston, Jane E. d. 2-26-1857, b. 2-7-1833, 

	w/o Andrew Ralston

Ralston, James McA. D. 1903, b. 1823

Ralston, James Dunlap d. 8-19-1871, age 9m, 

	ch/o James M. & Margaret J. Ralston

Ralston, William Wallace d. 11-13-1876, age 4y, 

	ch/o James M. & Margaret J. Ralston

Randall, Lawrence H. d. 1900, b. 1810

Randall, Jane Dunlap d. 1887, b. 1813

Randall, W. Graham d. 1843, b. 1842

Randall, Florence d. 10-23-1871, b. 1-4-1848

Randall, Ralph W. d. 11-12-1870, b. 12-24-1868, 

	ch/o R. S. & P. Randall

Randall, Ira L. d. 2-12-1871, b. 1-17-1870, 

	ch/o R. S. & P. Randall

Randall, Earnest Hawkins d. 2-21-1897, b. 10-18-1883, 

	ch/o R. S. & M. A. Randall [R?]

Randall, Lawrence Edmund d. 11-8-1890, b. 6-12-1885, 

	ch/o R. S. & M. A. Randall [R?]

Randolph, Paul d. 6-13-1861, age 58y

Randolph, Emily d. 8-12-1869, age 68y, 

	w/o Paul Randolph

Randolph, Mary d. 12-12-1841, age 39y, 

	consort of John Randolph; 

	d/o Henry & Hannah Knettle

Rankin, Mary J. d. 11-2-1845, age 27y 3m 23d, 

	consort of Dr. Archibald Rankin

Reed, Hugh d. 1823, b. 1783

Reed, Jane d. 1861, b. 1788

Reed, James d. 5-12-1842, age 52y

Reed, James d. 2-10-1855, age 35y 6m 26d

Reed, Rebecca d. 12-3-1839, age 5y 4m 2d, 

	d/o J. & E. Reed

Reed, William d. 11-14-1862, b. 1-8-1821

Rhoads, John P. d. 10-6-1823, age 36y 5m 21d

Rhoads, Barbara d. 3-18-1874, age 85y 5m 9d

Richards, Eliza K. d. 6-22-1861, age 3y 5m 18d

Richardson, J. H., Corporal, Co. B, 5th Massachusetts 

	Cav.; (colored)

Richardson, Jennie B. d. 2-26-1896, age 17y 0m 25d, 

	d/o James & Bella Richardson

Richey, William d. 2-3-1830, Esq.; aged about 70 years

Rippey, Elizabeth Finley d. 9-16-1832

Ritner, Mary Jane d. 6-5-1845, age 22y, w/o Peter Ritner; 

	d/o William & Mary Davidson

Ritner, Amelia Jane d. 10-18-1870, b. 8-6-1823, 

	w/o Peter Ritner

Ritner, Jane Woodburn d. 3-23-1860, b. 6-1-1858, 

	ch/o Peter & A. J. Ritner

Ritner, Susan d. 1-24-1861, b. 1-6-1861, 

	ch/o Peter & A. J. Ritner

Ritner, Margaret Sharp d. 2-22-1865, b. 8-28-1864, 

	d/o Peter & A. J. Ritner

Roberts, Robert G. d. 1-18-1836, age 1y 1m, 

	ch/o Andrew & Catharine Roberts

Roberts, Nancy d. 11-16-1839, age 8m 7d, 

	ch/o Andrew & Catharine Roberts

Robinson, Mittie d. 6-19-1880, b. 8-23-1872, 

	d/o R. E. & A. M. Robinson

Russell, James F. d. 1883, b. 1806

Russell, Mary Jane d. 1886, b. 1810, 

	w/o James F. Russell

Scouller, Eleanor d. 6-27-1858, b. 5-7-1816, 

	w/o William M. Scouller

Sellers, Susanna d. 4-17-1875, age 63y 2m 20d, 

	mother of J. B. Deckard

Sharp, James d. 1-28-1823, b. 1-17-1774

Sharp, John Wilson d. 2-25-1823, b. 7-20-1807

Sheriff, Margaret d. 4-27-1867, age 27y 3m 16d

Sheriff, Miles A. d. 12-12-1866, age 6y 6m 7d

Shullenberger, Maggie S. d. 1-25-1875, age 1y 4m 25d

Smith, Hugh d. 3-17-1823, age 73y

Smith, Elizabeth McCormick d. 5-22-1822, age 58y, 

	w/o Hugh Smith

Smith, David D. d. 8-7-1823, age 7m 28d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Ruth Smith

Smith, Samuel d. 8-7-1839, age 1m 18d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Ruth Smith

Smith, Mary d. 8-31-1840, age 7y 4m 8d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Ruth Smith

Smith, Joseph d. 1-26-1869, age 67y 8m 26d, 

	s/o Hugh & Elizabeth Smith

Smith, Rebecca Duncan d. 12-21-1894, b. 10-12-1811, 

	w/o Joseph Smith

Smith, Susan d. 3-18-1870, age 63y 0m 6d, [d. 3.15?]

Smith, James d. 1874, b. 1810

Smith, Matilda Palm d. 1875, b. 1812, w/o James Smith

Smith, Margaret J. d. 1844, b. 1840, ch/o J. & M. Smith

Smith, Alexander G. d. 1844, b. 1843, ch/o J. & M. Smith

Smith, James H. d. 1847, b. 1845, ch/o J. & M. Smith

Smith, Margaretta M. d. 1855, b. 1851, ch/o J. & M. Smith

Smith, Frances A. d. 1858, b. 1857, ch/o J. & M. Smith

Smith, James H. d. ?, b. 1848, [no death date given]

Smith, Anna M. d. 1854, [year not specified as that of death]

Snodgrass, Nancy Buchanan d. 4-23-1859, w/o B. Snodgrass

Snowden, James H. d. 10-21-1889, b. 10-6-1839, Co. A, 

	24th U. S. C. T.; (colored)

Snowden, Samuel , Sergt., Co. G, 8th U. S. C. Inf. (colored)

Sollenberger, Michael d. 1855, b. 1811

Sollenberger, William H. d. 1856, b. 1854

Sollenberger, Julia A. Mahon d. 1896, b. 1816, 

	w/o Michael Sollenberger

Sollenberger, Sarah A. d. 1871, b. 1851

Spencer, George W. d. 4-10-1873, age 8m 6d, 

	s/o D. W. & S. C. Spencer

Spottswood, M., Mrs. d. 1833, age 23y

Spottswood, Lizzie d. 7-17-1889, age 58y

Stanton, Perry d. 8-12-1889, age 74y, Rev. (colored)

Stanton, Mary d. 4-16-1876, age 68y, w/o Rev. P. Stanton

Stanton, Grace E. d. 8-29-1871, age 11m 17d, 

	d/o John T. & M. A. Stanton

Starrett, James Milford T. d. 6-18-1812, age 53y 11m 

Starrett, Martha d. 1858, b. 7-23-1801, age 57y, 

	w/o Robert Starrett; d/o Thomas W. -----; 

	b. Lancaster County; see Sterrett

Stawart, Jane d. 1-6-1835, age 52y, 

	consort of James Stawart; see Stewart

Steel, Robert d. 8-17-1836, age 70y

Steel, Mary d. 8-19-1859, age 83y 6m 19d, 

	w/o Robert Steel

Sterrett, David d. 11-2-1790, aged about 53 years

Sterrett, Alexander M. d. 2-10-1809, age 6y 5m

Sterrett, David d. 7-26-1825, age 58y 3m

Sterrett, Rachel d. 12-28-1823, age 27y, 

	w/o David Sterrett, Jr.

Sterrett, David D. d. 12-17-1874, age 32y 0m 14d

Sterrett, Isabella d. 2-16-1850, consort of David Sterrett

Sterrett, David d. 5-6-1864, age 64y 1m 6d

Sterrett, Rebecca E. d. 3-7-1865, age 62y 6m 26d, 

	w/o David Sterrett

Sterrett, David d. 11-28-1832, b. 2-24-1828, 

	ch/o David & Rebecca Sterrett

Sterrett, Thomas d. 12-2-1832, b. 10-23-1831, 

	ch/o David & Rebecca Sterrett

Sterrett, Martha M. d. 10-8-1869, age 24y 0m 9d, 

	w/o David W. Sterrett

Sterrett, Rebecca Ellen d. 5-8-1869, age 1y 2m 11d, 

	d/o D. W. & M. M. Sterrett

Sterrett, A. W. d. 6-30-1880, b. 12-9-1814

Sterrett, Ezemiah E. d. 7-8-1837, b. 1-1-1816, 

	w/o A. W. Sterrett

Sterrett, Marion Sharp d. 1904, b. 1879, 

	w/o A. W. Sterrett

Sterrett, Brice Innes d. 3-7-1873, age 62y

Sterrett, Elizabeth d. 3-14-1858, age 41y, 

	w/o Brice Innes Sterrett

Sterrett, Jane d. 9-21-1832, age 23y 1m 7d, see Starrett

Stevenson, James, [no dates given]

Stevenson, John d. 8-19-1777, age 38y, 

	son of above James Stevenson [223:12]

Stevenson, Rachel d. 4-30-1780, age 34y, 

	w/o John Stevenson; d/o Alexander Scroggs

Stevenson, William d. 12-1-1817, age 76y

Stevenson, Jane d. 5-27-1818, age 66y

Stevenson, Margaret d. 4-1-1821

Stevenson, John d. 1-1-1835, age 55y

Stevenson, Jane d. 2-14-1835, age 40y 

Stevenson, Mary d. 2-11-1837, age 54y

Stevenson, William d. 11-27-1848, age 56y 2m 5d

Stewart, John M. d. 1-20-1884, age 72y 11m

Stewart, Rebecca M. d. 4-2-1897, age 82y

Stewart, Mary E. d. 4-25-1881, age 35y, 

	d/o John & Rebecca Stewart

Stewart, William Graham d. 4-12-1899, b. 4-15-1841, M. D.

Stewart, Samuel P. d. 1890, b. 1818

Stewart, Margaretta McDannell d. 1895, b. 1823, 

	w/o Samuel P. Stewart

Stewart, William M. d. 1869, b. 1858, see Stuart

Stover, Amos d. 9-9-1858, b. 10-18-1835

Stuart, Thomas M. d. 6-16-1852

Swiler, Prudence H. Davidson d. 4-23-1847, 

	age 33y, w/o James Swiler

Swoyer, Juliann d. 4-8-1828, age 29y 8m 29d, 

	consort of Jacob Swoyer

Thompson, Mathew d. 10-13-1823, age 68y, red sand stone

Thompson, Matthew d. 5-27-1882, b. 8-1-1804

Thompson, Elizabeth d. 3-14-1869, b. 7-22-1818, 

	w/o Matthew Thompson

Thompson, Susannah d. 7-4-1830, age 25y

Thompson, Joseph d. 11-5-1832, age 46y

Thompson, Joseph J. d. 7-26-1867, age 12y 8m 21d

Thompson, Lydia E. d. 8-8-1841, age 3y 2m 19d

Thompson, Ruth R. d. 1-30-1841, age 16d

Thompson, Mary Ann d. 4-27-1869, age 59y 2m 29d

Thompson, Easter d. 12-13-1873, age 75y 0m 2d

Trego, Rebecca d. 10-7-1823, age 71y, w/o Moses Trego

Tritt, Peter d. 2-24-1839, b. 3-5-1755

Tritt, Elizabeth d. 2-7-1835, age 74y 2m, 

	consort of Peter Tritt

Tritt, Samuel d. 2-22-1873, age 69y 5m 8d

Tritt, Ann Eliza d. 9-23-1843, age 33y 3m 29d, 

	w/o Samuel Tritt

Tritt, Julia Ann d. 11-26-1875, age 53y 7m 4d, 

	w/o Samuel Tritt

Tritt, William Henderson d. 2-28-1860, age 5y 1m 23d, 

	s/o Samuel & J. A. Tritt

Tritt, Robert F. d. 3-9-1898, age 5y, s/o E. G. & E. B. Tritt

Tritt, Frances Charlotte d. 2-28-1899, b. 3-16-1818

Vanard, William Henry d. 11-4-1859, age 9m 24d, 

	s/o William & Eliza Vanard

Vanard, Sarah A. Melstead d. 2-20-1840, age 33y 9m 9d, 

	w/o John Vanard; [M? elsted]

Vanard, Robert d. 4-14-1859, age 19y 3m 3d, 

	s/o John & Sarah A. Vanard

Vanderbilt, Jacob, Sr. d. 4-11-1804 [age is given as 10 years]

Vanderbilt, Elizabeth d. 11-21-1822, w/o Jacob Vanderbilt, Sr.

Vanderbilt, Cornelius d. 12-9-1851, b. 10-11-1775

Vanderbelt, Mary d. 12-28-1829, b. 6-18-1776, 

	w/o Cornelius Vanderbilt; [sp. Varies]

Vanderbelt, Cornelius L. d. 10-16-1854, age 45y 9m 11d

Vanderbelt, Mahala d. 8-5-1883, b. 6-27-1819, 

	w/o Cornelius Vanderbelt

Vanderbilt, Cornelius H. d. 6-29-1862, b. 8-3-1841, 

	s/o Cornelius L. & M. Vanderbilt; killed and buried

	 at Willis Church near Charles City Cross Roads, Va.; 

	Co. H, 3rd Regt., Pa. Cav.

Vanderbilt, Jane E. d. 11-24-1846, age 6y 10m 1d, 

	ch/o L. & Mahala Vanderbelt

Vanderbilt, Joshua Steel d. 8-4-1852, age 1y 3m 16d, 

	ch/o L. & Mahala Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt, John Wilson d. 8-23-1850, age 5y 10m 23d, 

	ch/o Joshua & Catharine Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt, William Cass d. 1-11-1851, age 2y 2m 2d, 

	ch/o Joshua & Catharine Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt, Cornelius Hays d. 8-24-1852, age 1y 9m

Wagner, John d. 3-30-1889, b. 4-30-1808

Waggoner, George A. d. 3-22-1843, b. 4-19-1837, 

	s/o John & Jane Waggoner

Wagner, Jacob A. d. 12-16-1874, b. 11-8-1852

Wagner, Mary E. d. 7-12-1877, b. 1-12-1839

Wagner, Eva F. d. 8-27-1882, b. 9-10-1857

Wagner, John A. d. 8-1-1876, age 4m, 

	/o S. C. & Laura Wagner

Wallace, John d. 12-12-1814, age 70y

Wallace, Agnes d. 5-28-1827, age 60y

Wallace, John H. , age 19y

Wallace, Thomas d. 9-30-1832, age 39y 10m 3d

Wallace, Mary d. 4-13-1838, age 41y 4m 21d, 

	consort of Thomas Wallace

Wallace, Margaret d. 4-2-1855, age 63y

Wallace, John d. 1876, b. 1798

Wallace, Mary d. 1887, b. 1801, w/o John Wallace

Weakley, Samuel d. 2-10-1829, age 73y

Weakley, Hetty d. 10-1-1819, age 63y

Weakley, John d. 11-22-1826, age 47y, 

	s/o Samuel & Hetty Weakley

Weast, Leonard d. 11-12-1882, age 75y 10m 3d

Weast, Jane Elliott M. d. 8-16-1863, age 59y 6m 12d, 

	w/o Leonard Weast

Weiss, Lavinia Catharine d. 3-28-1849, age 2y 5m, 

	d/o Rev. J. S. & E. Weiss

Whiteside, Jane A. d. 2-3-1876, age 76y, 

	relict of Dr. Thomas Whiteside

Whitley, Andrew d. 12-7-1848, age 79y

Williams, Joshua d. 8-21-1838, age 70y, Rev.; D. D. ; 

	Pastor, Big Spring Presbyterian Church, 1801-1829

Williams, Eleanor d. 4-28-1856, age 76y, 

	w/o Rev. Joshua Williams

Williams, James Campbell d. 1822, age 21y, 

	s/o Rev. Joshua Williams

Williams, Tabitha P. d. 7-5-1866, b. 1-8-1812, 

	w/o L. H. Williams

Williams, Jane Whiteside d. 1839, age 3y 4m, 

	ch/o L. H. & Tabitha Williams

Williams, Margaretta d. 1844, age 6y 8m, 

	ch/o L. H. & Tabitha Williams

Williams, Eliza Ker d. 1848, age 11m, 

	ch/o L. H. & Tabitha Williams

Williams, Samuel Lewis d. 1851, age 1y 9m, 

	ch/o L. H. & Tabitha Williams

Williams, Catharine d. 3-14-1862, b. 8-5-1780, 

	relict of George Williams (of Bellefonte); born

	near Ickesburg, Perry Co.; died near Newville; 

	d/o Thomas & Jane Elliott

Williams, William K. d. 12-11-1864, age 1y 2m 6d, 

	s/o D. W. & Jane A. Williams

Williamson, Tamar d. 3-23-1819, age 50y, 

	w/o David Williamson

Williamson, Williamson d. 4-24-1837, age 46y, 

	[Williamson Williamson (sic)]

Wilson, Samuel d. 3-1-1799, age 44y, Rev.; 

	d. in the 15th year of ministry

Wilson, Jane d. 5-29-1835, age 74y, 	

	w/o Rev. Samuel Wilson

Wilson, John d. 1-30-1809, age 16y 2m 10d, 

	s/o Rev. Samuel Wilson; on the same slab is the

	name "John Heap"

Wilson, Mathew d. 6-6-1824, age 77y

Wilson, Samuel d. 4-3-1837, age 88y

Wilson, Joseph d. 1883, b. 1816

Wilson, Esther Butler d. 1900, b. 1825, w/o Joseph Wilson

Wilt, Peter d. 1842, b. 1775

Wilt, Susanna d. 1900, b. 1818

Wilt, Peter, Jr. d. 1813, b. 1813

Wilt, Kittyanne d. 1822, b. 1810

Wilt, Eleanora d. 1865, b. 1802

Wilt, Hannah H. d. 9-5-1887, age 75y, w/o A. Wilt

Wilt, Thomas, "In memory of" [no other information]

Wilt, Mary , "In memory of" [no other information"

Wimer, Martha E. d. 12-27-1875, age 50y

Wolf, Anna d. 2-8-1889, age 68y 10m 10d

Woodburn, Julia A. d. 4-23-1863, age 37y

Woodburn, John M. d. ?, b. 4-6-1833, [no death date given]

Woodburn, Lucy Stewart d. 9-26-1896, b. 10-18-1825

Woodburn, Charles E. d. 2-6-1886, b. 2-21-1865

Woodburn, Thomas A. d. 9-14-1886, [date is not specified 

	as that of death]

Woodburn, John M. d. 4-10-1865, age 57y

Woodburn, Elmira Louisa d. 1-12-1845, age 6y 3m 16d, 

	d/o J. M. & A. D. Woodburn

Woodburn, Ann Jane d. 9-12-1835, 

	ch/o J. M. & A. D. Woodburn

Woods, N. J. Ramsey d. 1-28-1866, age 57y 0m 28d,

	[57/0.2  8?]

Woods, Charlotte Holmes d. 10-21-1904, age 85y 5m 14d, 

	w/o N. J. Ramsey Woods

Woods, Lizzie M. d. 12-6-1862, age 13y 3m, 

	ch/o N. J. R. & C. H. Woods

Woods, Jonathan d. 11-10-1867, age 20y 10m 20d, 

	ch/o N. J. R. & C. H. Woods

Woods, Nathan C. d. 12-9-1869, b. 9-20-1844, 

	ch/o N. J. R. & C. H. Woods

Woods, Jennie A. d. 1-26-1878, b. 9-27-1851, 

	ch/o N. J. R. & C. H. Woods

Woods, William d. 12-10-1867, age 85y

Woods, Margaret d. 2-23-1868, age 72y

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