Contributed by Sharon Frank


Bear, Benjamin [no dates given]

Bear, Lavina A. d. 4-23-1901, age 35y, w/o Francis Bear

Bower, Nancy d. 8-27-1873, age 68y 4m 17d, w/o David Bower

Clouse, Jacob M. d. 11-26-1877, age 38y 7m 6d

Clouse, Mary E. d. 10-8-1879, b. 4-2-1849

Cohick, Christian F. d. 1-7-1901, age 79y, soldier

Cohic, Sarah Ann d. 1-13-1897, age 71y, w/o C. F. Cohic, 

Cohic, George W. d. 9-2-1871, age 16y 5m 17d, 

	ch/o C. F. & Sarah Ann Cohic

Cohick, Anna C. d. 3-11-1886, age 24y 10m, 

	ch/o C. F. & Sarah Ann Cohic [sp. Varies]

Cohick, Laura F. d. 9-24-1889, age 22y 11m 16

Cohic, Barney d. 11-15-1892, age 28y

Daelhousen, Henry Daniel d. 5-2-1853, age 86y 7m 18d

Daelhousen, Ann Catharine d. 12-11-1846, age 72y 7m 24d, 

	w/o Henry Daelhousen; gray sand head stone

Daelhousen, Daniel d. 2-4-1880, age 79y 8m 15d

Daelhousen, Barbara d. 2-8-1875, age 73y 3m 23d, 

	w/o Daniel Daelhousen

Dewalt, Jeremiah d. 5-24-1902, b. 5-26-1824

Dewalt, Rebecca d. 2-25-1897, age 69y 5m 4d, w/o Jeremiah 

Dewalt, Elizabeth Ellen d. 2-5-1875, age 20y 7m 17d, 

	d/o J. & R. Dewalt

Dull, Joseph d. 2-8-1880, b. 6-16-1816

Dull, Leah d. 12-28-1858, b. 7-4-1824, w/o Joseph Dull

Ensminger, Jacob d. 7-20-1837, b. 10-31-1759, 

	b. in Lebanon Co.; d. in Mifflin Twp.

Ensminger, Magdalana d. 8-21-1836, age 69y 0m 25d, 

	w/o Jacob Ensminger

Ensminger, Jacob d. 4-10-1861, age 62y 6m 1d

Ensminger, Mary A. d. 9-29-1890, age 87y 5m 25d, 

	w/o Jacob Ensminger

Ensminger, Daniel d. 2-5-1851, b. 5-17-1849, 

	s/o Jacob & Mary A. Ensminger

Ensminger, Mary Ann d. 3-3-1881, age 33y 5m 17d

Ensminger, Molly d. 1-4-1838, age 11m 25d

Ensminger, Joseph d. 1-12-1847, age 3y 3m 16d

Ensminger, Hannah S. d. 9-14-1883, age 28y 6m 4d, 

	w/o Francis A. Ensminger; [S.?]

Ensminger, George d. 11-10-1892, age 85y 2m 22d

Ensminger, Rebecca d. 3-28-1858, age 45y 1m 28d, 

	w/o George Ensminger; [3/2 8?/1858]

Ensminger, David d. 1-16-1847, age 8y 3m 16d, 

	ch/o George & Rebecca Ensminger

Ensminger, Washington d. 1-31-1847, age 5y 10m, 

	ch/o George & Rebecca Ensminger

Ensminger, Jacob H. [?] d. 12-23-1856, age 22y 9m 15d

Finkenbinder, David d. 8-31-1867, b. 12-20-1791

Finkenbunder, Elizabeth d. 4-15-1870, b. 12-19-1796

Fry, Sarah d. 1-25-1873, b. 8-25-1852

Fry, William A. d. 2-14-1898, b. 11-18-1870

Fry, Frederick G. d. 1905, b. 1904

Gayman, Jonas d. 12-4-1891, age 73y 1m 8d

Gayman, Elizabeth d. 11-30-1901, age 81y 5m 10d

Gees, Jacob d. 3-3-1885, age 73y 8m 14d

Gees, Nancy d. 1-24-1894, age 81y 6m 17d

Greeger, John A. d. 12-29-1850, age 22y 3m 16d

Greeger, George d. 8-1-1878, age 74y 9m 19d

Greeger, Victor Roy d. 11-11-1889, age 11m 20d, 

	s/o G. W. & I. J. Greeger

Gutshall, John d. 11-26-1901, age 80y 1m

Gutshall, Mary d. 3-9-1902, age 78y 6m 6d

Gutshall, Oliver Jacob d. 8-21-1877, age 16y 7m 6d, 

	s/o John & Mary Gutshall

Gutshall, Daniel d. 8-4-1899, age 83y

Gutshall, Mary d. 9-21-1895, age 76y

Gutshall, William d. 5-23-1901, b. 1-15-1824

Gutshall, Maria d. 7-22-1899, b. 3-9-1822

Gutshall, Isaac d. 1902, b. 1854

Gutshall, Mary Alice d. 1902, b. 1899

Gutshall, David W. d. 1902, b. 1845

Gutshall, George W. d. 1878, b. 1878

Gutshall, Mervin M. d. 1887, b. 1872

Gutshall, John H. d. 9-3-1873, age 3m 10d

Gutshall, Arthur E. d. 9-27-1878, age 9m 19d

Gutshall, Lizzie d. 10-9-1890, age 43y 1m, w/o J. D. Gutshall

Gutshall, Simon d. 12-8-1899, age 51y 3m 3d

Hamilton, W. H. d. 10-5-1880, age 45y 11m 24d

Hamilton, Margaret A. d. 12-21-1894, b. 8-29-1827

Hamilton, Maggie M. d. 2-18-1881, age 7m 10d, 

	d/o Thomas M. & M. J. Hamilton

Heckendorn, Lulu Blanche d. 4-26-1893, age 4y 6m 20d, 

	d/o Charles & Hettie Heckendorn

Henry, George d. 10-20-1874, b. 3-31-1817

Henry, Sarah d. 6-17-1904, b. 10-18-1820

Henry, John d. 1-23-1851, age 3y 9m 26d, 

	ch/o George & Sarah Henry

Henry, David W. d. 1-31-1851, age 1y 4m 27d, 

	ch/o George & Sarah Henry

Henry, John d. 8-24-1878, age 65y 11m 24d

Henry, Nancy d. 2-16-1878, age 65y 1m 3d, w/o John Henry

Henry, William d. 12-3-1888, age 77y 5m 18d

Henry, Elizabeth d. 4-13-1894, age 83y 7m 11d, w/o J. W. Henry

Henry, Joseph M. d. 7-16-1884, age 8m 3d, 

	s/o George H. & J. E. Henry [8.03?]

Henry, Joseph d. ?, b. 4-24-1823 [no death date given]

Henry, Anna E. d. 4-7-1900, b. 6-7-1820

Henry, Elmina d. 10-5-1862, age 1y 9m 10d, ch/o T. M. & R. Henry

Henry, Carrie Jarine d. 9-24-1866, age 5d, ch/o T. M. & R. Henry

Henry, John M. d. 2-4-1870, age 7y 7m , ch/o T. M. & R. Henry

Hershey, Isaac d. 5-23-1886, b. 2-21-1824

Hershey, Elizabeth d. 3-30-1893, b. 8-10-1827, w/o Isaac Hershey

Hershey, Samuel S. d. 8-12-1862, b. 12-2-1847, 

	ch/o Isaac & Elizabeth Hershey

Hershey, Harvey B. d. 10-25-1870, b. 5-16-1866, 

	ch/o Isaac & Elizabeth Hershey

Hershey, Catharine L. d. 11-12-1854, b. 9-7-1853, 

	ch/o Isaac & Elizabeth Hershey

Hershey, Jemima d. 12-10-1861, b. 9-17-1855, 

	ch/o Isaac & Elizabeth Hershey

Hershey, Mary d. 1-21-1845, w/o John Hershey; age near 64 yrs


Hoover, Lizzie D. d. 2-5-1875, age 20y 8m 17d, w/o John Hoover

Jacoby, Catharine d. 1903, b. 1818

Jacoby, Mary d. 3-22-1876, age 74y 6m 24d

Jumper, John d. 5-7-1851, age 44y

Jumper, Clark Victor d. 3-13-1893, age 1y 4m 4d, 

	s/o Theodore & Laura Jumper

Knettle, George d. 10-12-1816, age 76y

Knettle, Elizabeth C. d. 12-28-1817, age 70y, 

	consort of George Knettle

Knettle, Isaac d. 8-8-1826, age 41y 8m 25d

Landis, Henry d. 5-31-1890, age 81y 6m 16d

Landis, Elizabeth d. 1-2-1891, age 68y 10m 15d, w/o Henry 

Landis, Rosanna d. 10-19-1862, age 8y 2m 24d, 

	d/o Henry E. Landis

Landis, Charles S. d. 10-19-1881, age 5y 11m 18d

Landis, Myrtle Z. d. 10-14-1889, age 1m 8d

Lay, Catharine d. 2-11-1853, age 24y 4m 17d, w/o George Lay

Lay, John d. 6-26-1865, b. 10-20-1819

Lay, Elizabeth d. 3-1-1875, age 54y 5m, w/o John Lay

Lehman, George d. 6-10-1880, age 64y

Lehman, Nancy d. 12-27-1895, age 72y 8m 25d

Lehman, William C. d. 3-9-1883, age 19y 1m 2d, 

	ch/o George & Nancy Lehman

Lehman, Joseph d. 10-27-1862, age 9y 7m 22d, 

	ch/o George & Nancy Lehman

Lehman, Simon d. 11-8-1862, age 12y 1m 22d, 

	ch/o George & Nancy Lehman

Lehman, Annie Florence d. 3-30-1887, age 9m 17d, 

	d/o G. W. & Maggie Lehman

McCallister, Elizabeth d. 2-15-1896, age 42y, w/o John McCallister

McGlin, John M. d. 8-20-1861, age 17d, s/o S. & E. McGlin

Miller, Juleyann d. 1-28-1832, age 36y 11m

Miller, Henry d. 8-22-1848, age 56y 5m 6d

Miller, John d. 6-24-1849, age 68y 2m 18d

Miller, Rachel d. 7-3-1853, age 66y 8m 22d

Miller, John d. 2-27-1871, age 54y 11m, s/o John & Rachel Miller

Miller, John M. d. 5-22-1862, b. 10-23-1803

Miller, Bertha K. d. 2-26-1897, b. 2-22-1896, d/o S. & A. Miller

Miller, Lucinda d. 11-20-1900, age 60y

Moffitt, William d. 7-15-1887, age 58y 11m 15d, 

	Co. A, 87th Regt., Pa. Vols.

Mohler, George Perkins d. 3-21-1886, b. 3-5-1886

Mumper, Mary d. 1-26-1880, age 28y 8m 27d, w/o Arnold R. 

North, George d. 9-6-1835, aged 23 yrs. & 1 mo. [or 33 yrs.]

North, Jacob d. 10-8-1850, age 55y 3m 24d

Oiler, Peter d. 5-4-1874, age 53y 11m 28d, [aged 2 8? Days]

Oiler, Susan d. 11-30-1893, age 76y 8m 13d, w/o Peter Oiler

Oiler, George H. d. 4-8-1896, b. 6-11-1866, killed by the 

	explosion of an engine

Over, Mabel V. d. 5-2-1895, age 4y 3m 23d

Railing, George d. 7-26-1860, b. 7-12-1794

Railing, Ann Barbara d. 9-23-1886, b. 4-22-1805, w/o George Railing

Railing, Henry d. 12-28-1863, age 75y 4m 17d

Railing, Catharine d. 3-9-1846, age 58y 4m, w/o Henry Railing

Railing, Samuel d. 2-21-1893, age 76y 2m 29d

Railing, Rosanna d. 7-25-1892, age 72y 9m 2d, w/o Samuel Railing

Railing, Mary C. d. 9-15-1846, age 1m 23d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Rosanna Railing

Railing, Jacob H. d. 1-25-1852, age 2y 2m 10d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Rosanna Railing

Railing, Emma S. d. 1-15-1858, age 2m 8d

Railing, Sarah d. 1-23-1894, age 43y 6m 1d, w/o Levi A. Railing

Reeder, Anna d. 10-8-1887, age 6y 11m 20d, 

	d/o E. & Sarah J. Reeder

Rider, Emanuel d. 10-20-1852, age 13y 9m 21d, 

	s/o William & Anna M. Rider

Rynard, Susannah d. 10-22-1886, b. 4-28-1818, w/o Cyrus A. 

Rynard, George W. d. 12-10-1886, b. 6-3-1846

Salter, David d. 3-19-1893, b. 8-19-1827

Salter, Elizabeth d. 5-18-1866, age 34y 2m 2d, w/o David Salter; 

	d/o Henry & Mary Showó

Smith, George d. 11-27-1901, age 79y 8m 22d

Smith, Mary d. 9-28-1897, age 78y 8m 25d

Smith, Effie d. 10-23-1898, age 15y 0m 25d, [d. 10.23 ?]

Smith, Leffery d. 4-27-1902, age 55y 10m 13d

Sollenberger, John A. d. 11-11-1893, age 46y 5m 10d

Stum, Jacob d. 8-19-1872, age 55y 9m 25d

Stum, Lydia d. 4-23-1887, age 46y 1m 7d

Stum, Michael d. 4-8-1899, age 72y 0m 27d

Stum, Mary Catharine d. 8-1-1885, age 23y 4m 6d

Thomas, John d. 9-16-1896, b. 5-24-1819

Thomas, Mary d. 4-9-1890, age 66y 7m 29d, w/o John Thomas

Thomas, Samuel G. d. ?, b. 3-22-1880

Whistler, Christian d. 12-28-1814, age 39y 1m

Whistler, Catharine d. 7-1-1868, age 89y 2m 21d, w/o Christian 

Whistler, Abraham d. 12-25-1856, age 71y 10m 2d

Whistler, Susanna E. d. 2-13-1845, age 56y 4m 2d, 

	w/o Abraham Whistler

Whisler, Susan d. 2-15-1845

Whistler, Isaac d. 12-23-1874, age 63y 5m 17d

Whistler, Sophia d. 8-28-1899, age 88y, w/o Isaac Whistler

Whistler, John d. 7-14-1874, age 79y 0m 28d

Whistler, Easter d. 3-4-1876, age 78y 6m 17d

Whistler, Mary d. 4-17-1877, age 60y

Whistler, Joseph d. 10-4-1900, b. 10-25-1831

Whistler, Samuel E. d. 10-3-1904, b. 5-4-1839

Whistler, Mary A. d. 4-22-1902, b. 9-25-1847

Whistler, Elizabeth Ann d. 12-31-1852, b. 2-12-1851, 

	d/o John & Nancy Whistler

Whistler, Alfred S. d. 1903, b. 1867

Whistler, Nancy d. 6-16-1804, age 47y 11m 17d, w/o Daniel 

Whistler, Sarah d. 1-16-1853, age 30y, w/o David A. Whistler

Whistler, Gillen d. 8-28-1852, age 2y 11m 1d, 

	ch/o Elias & Mary Whistler

Whistler, Mary E. d. 5-27-1855, age 3m 2d, 

	ch/o Elias & Mary Whistler

Whistler, Emmie S. d. 3-2-1875, age 2m 18d, 

	ch/o George & Elizabeth Whistler

Whistler, Samuel Ira d. 12-30-1883, age 5m 26d, 

	ch/o George & Elizabeth Whistler

Widders, Sarah Ann d. 4-27-1863, age 35y 5m 30d, w/o Samuel 

Wise, Samuel d. 7-15-1830, age 38y

Wise, Elizabeth d. 4-19-1843, age 51y 9m 19d, w/o Samuel Wise

Wise, Abraham d. 1-8-1832, age 64y

Wolf, David d. 2-4-1851, age 1y 11m 4d, s/o Samuel & S. Wolf

Wolf, Sarah Anna d. 11-8-1862, age 6y 2m, d/o  Samuel & S. Wolf