Contributed by Sharon Frank

Barr, John L. d. 12-1-1864, age 1y 1m, ch/o Robert L. & Mary A. Barr

Barr, William A. d. 6-13-1865, age 6y 0m 21d, 

	ch/o Robert L. & Mary A. Barr

Barr, Maggie B. d. 2-11-1870, age 3y 7m 20d, 

	ch/o Robert L. & Mary A. Barr

Beaty, Elizabeth E. d. 11-25-1863, b. 1-4-1809

Beaty, Elizabeth d. 10-19-1815, b. 1777, age 38y, w/o John Beaty; 

	d/o Samuel Wherry

Cooper, Samuel K. d. 1836, age 25y

Cooper, Jane Nicholson d. 1835, age 28y, w/o John M. Smith 

	[see Smith]

Diehl, Esther d. 6-5-1866, b. 1778, age 88y 1m, w/o Peter Diehl

Elliott, John d. 2-15-1871, b. 12-28-1797

Elliott, Elizabeth d. 4-2-1867, age 58y, w/o John Elliott, Esq.

Faughender, Mary H. H. d. 8-27-1866, b. 3-9-1835, 

	w/o William H. Faughender

Hanna, William d. 7-7-1861, age 58y 2m 21d

Hanna, Martha d. 1-30-1846, b. 1-7-1810, w/o William Hanna

Hanna, Jane d. 4-14-1877, b. 3-1-1808, w/o William Hanna

Hanna, Samuel d. 8-21-1850, b. 10-27-1833

Hanna, John d. 12-13-1846, age 1y 3m 23d

Hanna, Martha E. d. 12-5-1846, b. 1-19-1840

Hanna, John d. 10-11-1823, age 57y, Big Spring Presb. 

Hanna, Samuel d. 2-8-1825, age 53y, Big Spring Presb. 

Hanna, Elsie d. 2-10-1850, age 78y, w/o Samuel Hanna; BSPC 

Hanna, Eliza d. 3-17-1885, b. 9-15-1808, Big Spring Presb. 

Holmes, Susan d. 2-14-1850, b. 12-17-1779

Kerr, Paul d. 11-28-1846, b. 1767, age 79y

Laughlin, Robert B. d. 8-8-1868, b. 2-25-1803

Laughlin, Maria d. 11-17-1879, b. 3-5-1802, w/o Robert B. Laughlin

Laughlin, John d. 6-7-1859, b. 11-13-1772

Laughlin, Mary d. 7-7-1832, b. 6-2-1782, consort of John Laughlin

Laughlin, Margaret d. 2-7-1888, b. 4-12-1811

Martin, Ann d. 3-2-1863, b. 4-1-1782

McElhinny, James d. 2-15-1870, b. 8-16-1791

McElhinny, Elizabeth d. 11-16-1881, b. 4-15-1802, 

	w/o James McElhinny

McElwain, William B. d. 8-8-1874, b. 1794, age 80y 1m 7d

McAlwain, Susanna d. 5-2-1839, age 42y 2m 30d, 

	w/o W. B. McAlwain [sp. Varies]

McElwain, Elizabeth d. 5-26-1853, b. 1810, age 43y 9m 2d, 

	w/o William B. McElwain

McElwain, Ellen d. 12-23-1860, b. 2-6-1823, 

	d/o William B. & Susanna McElwain

McElwain, William G. d. 8-13-1870, b. 7-3-1813

McElwain, Margaret d. 3-13-1859, age 38y 0m 2d

McKinney, David, Sr. d. 3-19-1849, age 73y

McKinney, Jennet Smith d. 4-11-1843, age 90y 0m 6d, 

	w/o David McKinney

McKinny, William Reynolds d. 1-1-1836, age 4y 11m 19d, 

	s/o Abraham S. & Margaret R. McKinney

Miller, Henry G. d. 5-2-1871, b. 8-15-1813

Miller, Elizabeth J. d. 9-00-1874, age 55y 5m, w/o Henry G. Miller

Mitchell, William d. 9-29-1854, b. 1776, age 77y

Mitchell, Mary d. 8-28-1877, b. 12-24-1801, w/o William Mitchell

Mitchell, Mary d. 5-21-1897, age 70y 1m 14d

Mitchell, John d. 1-17-1894, b. 1-25-1825

Mitchell, William Clarence d. 1-10-1894, b. 11-18-1892, 

	s/o John & Clementina Mitchell

Montgomery, Ellen d. 12-15-1864, b. 6-11-1789

Morrett, Mary J. d. 2-17-1892, age 63y 10m 16d, w/o William Morrett

Mowery, David d. 1-27-1862, b. 4-13-1824

Mowery, Jane M. d. 3-26-1888, age 60y 0m 18d

Mowery, Clarissa d. 6-24-1853, age 1y 0m 24d, 

	ch/o David & Mary J. Mowery

Mowery, Joseph E. d. 10-11-1862, age 5y 5m 17d, 

	ch/o David & Mary J. Mowery

Myers, Wilhelmina E. d. 4-25-1897, age 62y 8m 15d

Newcomer, Sarah Elliott d. 5-20-1874, age 34y 6m 28d,

	w/o Benjamin Newcomer

Peebles, William d. 10-22-1830, age 49y 0m 20d

Peebles, Eleanor d. 9-14-1859, age 70y 11m 10d, w/o William 

Peebles, William D. d. 4-13-1837, age 15y 10m 29d, 

	s/o William & Eleanor Peebles

Peebles, Benjamin A. d. 7-4-1877, b. 10-28-1825

Peebles, Martha Barr d. 8-1-1874, b. 12-4-1823, w/o B. A. Peebles

Peebles, William A. d. 4-6-1858, age 10m, 

	ch/o B. A. & Martha Peebles

Peebles, Martha Ellen d. 12-22-1863, age 4y 8m 16d, 

	ch/o B. A. & Martha Peebles

Peebles, Hugh Barr d. 10-1-1865, age 3y 5m 6d, 

	ch/o B. A. & Martha Peebles

Peebles, Sarah Ellen d. 8-1-1864, age 36y 2m 5d, w/o Robert 

Peebles, Hugh B. d. 1862, ch/o Robert & Sarah Ellen Peebles

Peebles, Martha Bell d. 1863, ch/o Robert & Sarah Ellen Peebles

Peebles, William d. 1864, ch/o Robert & Sarah Ellen Peebles

Pislee, Peter d. 3-28-1853, age 52y 2m

Pislee, Elizabeth d. 12-10-1847, age 44y 1m 16d, w/o Peter Pislee

Pislee, Horace B. d.?, b. 2-12-1856, ch/o C. R. & B. H. Pislee

Pislee, Franklin d. 8-3-1853, b. 5-27-1853, ch/o C. R. & B. H. Pislee

Reinhardt, Augusta Louisa d. 11-29-1864, b. 7-15-1829

Reinhardt, Ernst Edward d. 2-17-1872, b. 10-21-1831

Reinhardt, Sophia H. d. 10-15-1879, age 54y 8m 23d

Smith, Jacob d. 5-26-1825, age 62y

Smith, Eleanor d. 7-7-1833, age 51y, w/o Jacob Smith

Smith, Abraham W. d. 1-20-1848, age 42y 0m 12d

Smith, Jane Nicholson Cooper d. 1835, w/o John M. Smith;

	[see Cooper]

Smith, D. R. d. 5-7-1864, age 52y; (MD) “Sacred to the memory of 

	the beloved physician”; committed suicide

Smith, D. Harvey, age 17y, s/o Dr. Smith; 

	“Died at the Columbia Classical Institute”

Wagoner, William d. 5-16-1859, age 61y 2m 13d

Wherry, Samuel d. 1-21-1826, b. 1746, aged upward of 80 years

Wherry, John d. 4-14-1828, age 51y, (b. 1776)

Wherry, Margaret d. 6-26-1837, b. 1774, age 62y, w/o John Wherry

Wherry, John M. d. 3-14-1835, age 29y