Contributed By Leon E.Hertzler

Transcribed   by  Helen  I. Harman,  Mt. Holly Springs, PA

This  listing  comes from  the  Zeamer  Records, housed at the

Cumberland  County  Historical  Society,  Carlisle,  Pennsylvania. 

During a telephone  with coversation Ms Harman in 1996, she  

expressed joy and excitment  that  researchers  were  benifitting  

from  her labors  of   40 years ago. LEH 

Contributed  by  Leon E. Hertzler.

CEMETERY  DIRECTIONS:  Byers  Road,  South Middleton Twp,  

3 miles East of Carlisle,  Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

This burying place is located on the farm of John Stickler in the north

east corner of Lower South Middleton Township, east of Hickorytown. 

I took these inscriptions in the afternoon of November 17, 1905. 

Frank Greegor, tenant on the farm.                         J. Zeamer

HARTZLER,       Abraham,   d. 09 Sep 1861, aged 87-5-8

                Catharine,  d. 26 Apr 1864,  aged 80-8


HOFFER,         Daniel,   d. 20 Nov 1901,  aged 80-11

                Alfred  H., M.D., d. 13 Nov 1876,  aged 26-2-8

                   s/o Daniel & Elizabeth Hoffer

                John,  d. 13 Feb 1871,  aged 7-1-20

                  s/o Daniel & Elizabeth Hoffer

STRICKLER,      Ulrich,  d. 15 Jun 1871,  aged 70-8-9

                Catharine Hertzler, b. 24 Dec 1810,  d. 26 Aug 1838

                   consort of Urich Strickler, 

                 leaving 2 children Abraham & John

                Abraham,  d. 02 Sep1887, aged 53-1-17

                Barbara,  d. 17 May 1899, aged 61-6-9

                   w/o  Abraham Strickler, also widow of  Mr Larew

                Frankie H.,  d. 31 Aug 1875,  aged 9mos & 19 dys

                   s/o  Abraham & Barbara Strickler

                Sammy Herr, d. 19 Aug 1872,  aged 4mos & 20dys

                   s/o  Abraham & Barbara Strickler

                Lizzie Hulda,  d. 29 Mar 1892,  aged 22-1-1

                     w/o  J. Edwin Strickler, 

                 Barbara  May,  d. 29 Mar 1892,  aged 2yrs & 24dys

                    d/o J. Edwin Strickler & Lizzie H. Strickler

                 Jacob D., b. 14 Nov 1898, d. 30 Dec 1898

                    s/o  J. Edwin & Jennie E. Strickler

        Zeamer count 14

    All the inscriptions in this burying ground are in sood

condition       and the stones were all standing erect when I visited

the place..

    The grounds are well kept and surrounded by a fence made of 

wire     and wooden rails.    November 17, 1905    J. Zeamer


    The Strickler Farm was formerly owned by Abraham & Catharine        

Hertzler-Hartzler. Abraham, s/o Elizabeth Brubaker and Christian       

Hertzler was born in 1774 in Manor Township Lancaster Co., PA  He      

married Catharine Dellebach on 22 Feb 1802, at Trinity Lutheran    

Church Lancaster, PA.  On 12 Apr 1806 they purchased the 224acre 

plantation from John Sheafer located  in South Middleton Twp.         

Cumberland Co., PA There is a marble plate on the wall of

the house     "Built by Abraham & Catharine Hartzler in 1822".

    In 1855, Abraham sold the farm to his son-in-law, Ulrich

Strickler,     and moved to his retirement home in Hickorytown, PA. 

It was known for many years as the "StricklerFarm". Two of their

daughters and      their families are buried  in the family

graveyard,Catharine Hertzler    married Ulrich Strickler, Elizabeth

Hertzler married Daniel Hoffer.

  Tradition has it, that when the Hertzlers came to Cumberland

County,    speaking their German language, the English and Irish 

thought their     name sounded like, "Hartzler",so they were known 

as Hartzlers.  In the   1880's they went back to the original spelling.

This can be found in     the deeds, maps and other legal papers at 

the courthouse at Carlisle,   PA.

  In 1998, there are some of these Hertzler descendents still living

in   Cumberland County, PA. However, these are not my direct 


  In Jun 1992 I visited this homestead & Graveyard on Byers Road,

South   Middleton Twp, Cumberland Co., PA.  The Graveyard was 

found to be in   very bad condition. Only four of the fourteen 

gravestones were standing  The others were either laying down or 

buried.I knew something had to be  done!!  I immediately, searched 

for others who could be interested in  seeing that the place was 

cleaned and restored. In Aug 1992, I returned  to coordinate the 

project and was assisted by Galen Byers, Rev. John G.  Brubaker 

of Carlisle, Gerald Kraybill of Dillsburg,  PA., Danny Hege,    Gary 

Hege of Olar, South Carolina and Rebecca Hertzler of Newport, 

New  Hampshire. With the help of a listing and a map done in 1975 

by area  historian John Frailish, Jr., this "God's Acre" has been 

restored and   is presentable again. The gravestones have been 

relocated and repaired  and now stand to show the resting place of

all that repose there.       



                                December 2, 1998,  Leon Hertzler