Contributed by Sharon Frank

Keeny Cemetery (Keenytown) Craighead Station, South Middleton Twp., Farm Cemetery Record, Copied August 1938 by Helen I. Harman, Cumb. Co. Chapter D.A.R.

BAKER, Mary d/o Joseph and Elizabeth,  d Feb. 10, 1854

BRADLEY, Thomas  b Jan. 1, 1797-d Feb. 12-1877 aged 80y 1m11d

	-------------- aged 79y 8m 26d (probably w/o Thomas, at 

	least grave of a woman)

Samuel, s/o Thomas and Ann b 6-22-1829, d 1-27-1853-aged 

	23y 7m 5d

Abraham  d Nov 7-1869-aged 43y 8m 18d

Mary w/o Abraham b Feb 10-1826, d Sept 27-1851-aged 

	25y 7m 17d

Fanny G. d/o Abraham and Amanda C.  d March 3-1861-

	aged 11m 3d

BRANDT, Mary w/o Michael Frieze  b 4-19-1797-d 5-13-1823-

	aged 26y 25d

BREADY, Sallie A. d/o P.and Catharine, d 9-3-1879-aged 

	1y 11m 8d

BURKHOLDER, John d 7-25-1835-aged 74y 6m 13d

 Catharine E. b 1-8-1766, d 6-9-1838 age 72y 5m 1d

 Jacob  d 4-7-1869 age 82y 10m 27d

 Esther w/o Jacob  d 10-26-1863 age 65y

DAY, Esther w/o George F.  d 4-23-1875  age 23y 2m 19d

DILLER, Barbara Wanders,  relict Abraham, b 2-12-1778, 

	d 7-12-1846

DONNELLY, Minnie A. d/o George and Margret, d 4-17-1875, 

	age 11m 25d

   Robbie W. s/o George H. and M. E., d 6-30-1883, age 2y 3m 13d

FRIEZE, Michael  b 11-16-1766, d 5-3-1847, age 80y 5m 17d

  Elizabeth w/o Michael  b 5-17-1770, d 4-4-1848 age 77y 10m 18d

  Mary Brandt w/o Michael, b 4-19-1797, d 5-13-1823, age 26y 25d

  David b 7-10-1822, d 4-20-1824, age 1y 10m 10d

FRIES, John d 5-26-1826, age 26y 12d

GLEIM, Samuel d 9-16-1881, age 85y 10m 28d

  Anna w/o Samuel d 2-1-1880, age 80y 3m 12d

  Frederick s/o Samuel and Ann, d 12-9-1850, age 27y 11m 16d

  Jacob  d 10-2-1834, age 4y 6m 15d

  Ann  d 8-31-1837, age 2y 1m 4d

  Jacob s/o Samuel and Maria, d 2-23-1869, age 2y 11m 8d

  Emma A. d/o Samuel and Maria, d 6-9?-1875, age 5y 1m 1d

GRIMM, Jacob d 1-30-1819, age 77y

GUNKEL, Baltzer b 3-31-1774, d 9-11-1849, age 75y 5m 11d

  Elizabeth w/o Baltzer b 1-9-1776, d 2-1-1850, age 73y 6m 23d

  Daniel s/o John & Maria b 4-11-1842, d 3-18-1844, age 1y 11m 7d

HAVERSTICK, Mary b 9-20-1788, d 10-18-1865, age 77y 28d

HOFF(?), Michael s/o David & Elizabeth b 10-17-1834, d 2-24-1854

JACOBS, William F. s/o Henry & Mary Ann b 4-15-1845, d 6-10-1854

KEENY, Samuel d 11-29-1884, age 8y 11m 24d

  Elizabeth d 11-20-1888, age 80y 4m 4d

  William S. s/o Samuel & Elizabeth b 6-14-1852, d 10-8-1850, 

	age 18y 4m 4d

  Samuel S. d 10-19-186-, age 39y

  William H. s/o John G. & Lysia b 2-10-1852, d 3-24-1852, 

	age 1m 14d

  Fanny d/o Joseph & ------- d 5-27-1862, age 2y 10m 9d

  Elmira G. d/o Josiah(?) & Catharine d 1864, age 2y

  Lizzie d/o J.S. & M.C., d 2-28-1869, age 2y 8m 23d

  Elizabeth d/o H.S. & E.R.  d 12-6-1876, age 3y 2m 16d

KOUGH, Sallie w/o W.H., d 1-19-1883, age 24y 4d

LENHART, Henry C. d 12-23-18730? Age 19y 7m

LEIB, John b 7-8-1821, d 12-30-1890, age 69y 5m 22d

 Anna Mary d/o John & Elizabeth, d 2-18-1850, age 3y 10m 17d

MORRISON, John M. s/o Andrew J. & E. b 5-21-1853, d 12-4-1853

MYERS, Mary w/o N.A., d 7-19-1862, age 38y 10m

NOFFSINGER, Thomas s/o J & A, d 2-2-1864, age 1y 5m

ROHN, George d 4-4-1851, age 41y 8m 1d

SAILOR, Eliline R. d/o Levi & Rachel, b 4-12-1849, d 3-20-1850, 

	age 11m 17d

SHETRON, Peter d 1-5-1888, age 77y 7m 21d

  Elizabeth J. w/o P., d 3-14-1876, age 69y 5m 24d

SHUPP, James d 1-17-1863, age 57y 6m

  Elizabeth d 11-5-1869, age 60y 6m 20d

  Susan d 8-27-1867, age 18y 4m

  Martha d/o Wilson & Amanda, d 3-2-1862, age 1y 2m 2d

  Howard G. s/o William & L.A., d 7-3-1878, age 28d

  Elmer K. s/o J & L, d 2-4-1880, age 7m 21d

SPANGLER, Jacob d 3-9-1854, age 62y 3m 26d

   Catharine w/o Jacob, d 9-16-1885, age 84y 1m 16d

   Lovelia(?) b 9-21-1838, d 11-12-1862, age 34y 1m 21d

   Nancy d 1-18-1841, age 25y 2m 2d

   John d 1-4-1848, age 25y 3m 27d

   Joseph d 12-12-1853, age 26y 8m 16d

   Sarah d 10-18-1845, age 12y 2d

   Henry b 4-19-1841, d 4-25-1863, age 22y 6d

WANDERS, Barbara, relict Abraham Diller, b 2-12-1778, d 7-12-1846, 

	age 68y 5m

WOLF, William Rabley s/o Jacob & Frances, d 7-8-1857, age 

	1y 2m 12d

ZUG, John b 10-23-1796, d 11-28-1867, age 71y 1m 6d

 Elizabeth (Burkholder)  w/o John Zug, d 2-13-1851, age 50y 11d

 John d 4-16-1848, age 25y 3m 19d