Contributed by Sharon Frank

Albright, Peter d. 11-4-1871, b. 8-12-1809

Albright, Hannah d. 6-1-1892, b. 1792, age 80y 4m 9d, 

	(dates and age do not agree]

Albright, Anna d. 8-4-1865, age 14y 0m 6d, 

	d/o Peter & Hannah Albright

Albright, Samuel d. 1-17-1881, b. 3-8-1856

Albright, Jacob d. 1-12-1886, b. 6-15-1804

Albright, Mary d. 2-22-1885, b. 7-27-1806, w/o Jacob Albright

Albright, Jonas d. 3-15-1897, b. 5-6-1832

Albright, Mary Shambaugh d. 8-18-1901, b. 9-13-1834, 

	w/o Jonas Albright

Albright, Jacob d. 2-19-1882, b. 7-22-1836

Albright, Mary E. d. 4-23-1878, age 9m 11d, 

	ch/o Sophia & ---- Albright

Albright, Anna M. d. 8-24-1878, age 6y 7m 12d, 

	ch/o Sophia & ---- Albright

Albright, Maria Ilgenfritz d. 7-1-1858, age 22y 0m 10d, 

	d/o Jacob & M. Albright

Albright, Johnny Paul d. 1-12-1866, b. 9-8-1862, 

	s/o Jacob & Henrietta Albright

Albright, Emma d. 4-7-1866, age 10m 14d, 

	d/o Jonas & Mary J. Albright

Albright, Chester W. d. 12-20-1884, b. 10-8-1881, 

	s/o George A. & Sadie E. Albright

Allen, Samuel d. 3-9-1878, age 74y 6m

Ashenfelter, Samuel d. 9-6-1890, age 69y 4m

Ashenfelter, Louisa d. 5-28-1896, age 74y 10m 14d

Bair, Elizabeth d. 3-11-1869, b. 1779, age 90y 10m 4d

Basehore, David d. 4-10-1868, b. 1-16-1795

Basehore, Sarah d. 9-19-1850, b. 4-1-1801, w/o David Basehore

Bashore, John S. d. 11-19-1869, age 41y 7m 25d

Berkheimer, Harvey d. 8-11-1887, age 18y 2m 10d

Berkheimer, infant son d. 5-20-1876, s/o G. & S. A. Berkheimer

Bierbrower, Dora d. 9-15-1881, age 5y 7m 6d

Bierbrower, Elizabeth d. 4-19-1888, age 80y 6m 16d

Blosser, Benjamin d. 5-22-1882, age 87y 8m 22d

Blosser, Margaret d. 9-29-1902, age 4m 11d

Blosser, Helen M. d. 3-9-1900, age 2m 11d, 

	d/o A. C. & Laura Blosser

Boas, Jacob d. 4-4-1884, b. 11-5-1815, Rev.

Boas, Franklin Goodman d. 10-22-1865, b. 12-15-1863, 

	ch/o Jacob & Rebecca Boas

Boas, Henry Goodman d. 1-10-1851, b. 6-9-1849, 

	ch/o Jacob & Rebecca Boas

Boas, Wesley Augustus d. 3-2-1852, b. 2-21-1852, 

	ch/o Jacob & Rebecca Boas

Boas, Emma Elizabeth d. 6-2-1845, b. 4-28-1845, 

	ch/o Jacob & Rebecca Boas

Bolen, Carrie Ruth d. 12-5-1891, age 3m, 

	d/o William & Lydia A. Bolen

Bowers, Wilson G. d. 9-15-1854, age 4y 0m 17d, 

	ch/o William & Caroline Bowers

Bowers, Alfred S. d. 9-13-1854, age 9m 26d, 

	ch/o William & Caroline Bowers

Braught, Edward A. d. 7-3-1901, age 30y 1m 26d

Breckenmaker, Philip d. 2-11-1879, age 91y 8m 1d

Breckenmaker, Catharine d. 5-9-1861, age 75y 3m, 

	w/o Philip Breckenmaker

Breckenmaker, Philip d. 8-6-1896, age 82y 1m 8d

Breckenmaker, Lydia d. 3-3-1901, age 84y 1m 12d, 

	w/o Philip Breckenmaker

Breckenmaker, Susan d. 7-10-1866, b. 10-11-1819, 

	w/o Philip Breckenmaker

Breckenmaker, Andrew d. 4-20-1858, age 14y 7m 16d, 

	s/o Philip & Susan Breckenmaker

Breckenmaker, Magdalene d. 12-22-1864, age 19y 4m 10d, 

	d/o P. & S. Breckenmaker

Bricker, Sallie G. d. 12-13-1886, age 5m 20d, infant 

	d/o Benjamin & Kate Bricker

Buttorf, John d. 8-31-1884, age 67y 7m 22d

Buttorf, Elizabeth d. 11-13-1871, b. 3-17-1819, w/o John Buttorf

Coleman, John d. 9-14-1896, age 66y

Coleman, Jane [no dates given]

Collins, Margaret d. 1-29-1874, age 33y 7m 29d, w/o Amos Collins

Cornman, Mary, age 73y

Cornman, William K. d. 8-12-1887, age 76y 2m 15d

Cornman, Elizabeth d. 11-29-1889, age 70y 3m 11d

Cornman, John A. d. 10-6-1871, age 15y 6m 16d, 

	ch/o William & Elizabeth Cornman

Cornman, William C. d.?, b. 10-5-1845, 

	ch/o William & Elizabeth Cornman

Cornman, Charles B. d. 9-5-1872, age 4y 11m 17d, 

	ch/o H. P. & E. C. Cornman

Cornman, Harry A. d. 7-30-1870, age 6m 11d, 

	ch/o H. P. & E. C. Cornman

Cramer, John d. 8-26-1867, age 29y 3m 20d, 

	s/o Jacob & Eliza Cramer

Crotzer, Elizabeth d. 6-30-1870, b. 4-16-1781

Darr, Samuel d. 7-12-1871, b. 11-25-1870, s/o H. & C. Darr

Deitch, George W. d. 2-4-1882, age 7y 4m 22d, 

	s/o Christ & Mary A. Deitch

Dewalt, Annie E. d. 4-10-1877, age 1y 6m 6d, 

	d/o W. C. & J. E. Dewalt

Dull, John d. 4-9-1874, b. 2-24-1802

Ebersol, John d. 1-16-1868, age 85y 7m 4d

Ebersol, Elizabeth d. 12-9-1842, age 50y 4m 19d, 

	w/o Johannes Ebersol

Ebersol, John d. 6-29-1852, b. 10-13-1817, 

	s/o John & Elizabeth Ebersol

Eppley, Martin Luther d. 1901, b. 1839

Eppley, Mary E. Kutz d. d.?, b. 1846, w/o M. L. Eppley

Eppley, Daniel K. d. 1879, b. 1877

Eppley, Ella E. d. 1881, b. 1881

Eppley, Sarah E. d. 1887, b. 1885

Farenbaugh, George d. 3-30-1901, b. 3-2-1817

Farenbaugh, Jane d. ?, b. 2-2-1820, w/o George Farenbaugh

Farenbaugh, Rebecca Shreiner d. 2-23-1875, age 34y, 

	d/o George & Elizabeth Farenbaugh

Felgner, Henry d. 3-2-1858, age 45y 6m 8d

Firestine, Ida d. 1-19-1893, age 4y 10m 7d

Fortenbaugh, Sarah E. d. 9-29-1892, age 24y 0m 15d, 

	w/o David H. Fortenbaugh

Fortenbaugh, Setta V. d. 3-16-1858, age 2y 4m 18d, 

	d/o D. H. & S. E. Fortenbaugh

Fought, Peter d. 2-11-1852, b. 5-4-1776

Fought, Elizabeth d. 12-13-1866, b. 8-5-1804

Franklin, John G. d. 3-22-1891, age 41y 0m 24d

Fuget, Andrew Clarence d. 2-7-1882, age 4y 3m 1d, 

	s/o W. A. & A. S. Fuget

Garber, George W. d. 3-9-1893, age 8m 20d, s/o H. & J. Garber

Gill, Thomas d. 2-9-1875, age 77y 3m 1d

Gill, John C. d. 4-12-1866, age 47y 4m 29d

Gill, B. W. , Co. F, 17th Pa. Calvary [no dates given]

Gladfelter, , Moses d. 7-7-1891, b. 2-1-1816

Gladfelter, Elizabeth d. 1-15-1901, b. 1-8-1819

Gladfelter, John d. 7-23-1896, b. 10-16-1813

Gladfelter, Susan d. 11-27-1896, b. 8-28-1805

Gladfelter, Sarah d. 6-23-1886, b. 3-15-1850, 

	widow of Jeremiah Gladfelter

Gladfelter, Harry M. d. 8-20-1889, age 4y 9m 18d, 

	s/o W. F. & S. J. Gladfelter

Green, J. B., Lieutenant, Co. F, Pa. Calvary

Greybill, Dephen d. 2-10-1881, b. 1-4-1881, 

	s/o John & B. Greybill; [D? ephen]

Grubb, John d. 10-14-1880, age 68y 2m 6d

Grubb, Elizabeth d. 4-3-1889, age 76y 0m 6d

Grubb, David d. 1-26-1843, b. 3-16-1842, 

	ch/o John & Elizabeth Grubb

Grubb, John d. 6-10-1848, b 10-20-1847, 

	ch/o John & Elizabeth Grubb

Grubb, William H. d. 11-28-1850, b. 1-28-1844, 

	ch/o John & Elizabeth Grubb

Grubb, Joseph d. 11-27-1850, b. 1-13-1849, 

	ch/o John & Elizabeth Grubb

Grubb, Jacob d. 1-19-1843, b. 9-18-1839, 

	ch/o John & Elizabeth Grubb

Grubb, Christian d. 12-7-1850, b. 12-19-1848, 

	s/o Jacob & Mary Grubb

Hach, George N. d. 11-16-1884, age 82y 5m 2d, (or Hagh)

Hach, Elizabeth d. 4-24-1833, age 72y 5m 9d, (or Hagh)

Hackenberger, Samuel d. 3-8-1892, b. 10-7-1824

Hanshaw, Mary E. Braught d. 4-14-1890, b. 3-4-1860, 

	w/o Harry Hanshaw

Hartman, Sarah Melhorn d. 8-7-1901, b. 4-27-1818

Hartman, Jacob d. 12-24-1869, b. 12-31-1804

Hartman, Isaac d. 4-22-1864, age 28y 2m, 

	s/o Jacob & Catherine Hartman

Hartman, Clara d. 6-1-1854, b. 3-2-1853, 

	d/o Jacob & Sarah Hartman

Hartman, Harmon d. 4-3-1860, age 2m 19d, 

	d/o Jacob & Sarah Hartman

Heagy, Earl d. 9-17-1894, age 6d, s/o G. W. & Ida E. Heagy

Heiser, Lydia A. Minnich d. 12-11-1889, age 52y 3m 4d

Hemp, Harry E. d. 4-24-1877, age 13y 6m 10d, ch/o J. & L. Hemp

Hemp, Annie L. d. 6-2-1876, age 3y 3m 20d

Hertzler, Magdalena Witmer d. 2-26-1874, b. 1-19-1817,

	 w/o A. Hertzler

Hoerner, Andrew d. 11-22-1901, age 81y 5m 9d

Hoerner, Elizabeth d. 10-30-1898, age 71y 7m 23d

Hoerner, Abraham Goodman d. 9-1-1859, age 19d, 

	ch/o Andrew & Elizabeth Hoerner

Hoerner, Mary Ann d. 9-4-1849, age 3m 18d, 

	ch/o Andrew & Elizabeth Hoerner

Hoffman, Catharine Helen, age 3m 17d

Hosler, Elizabeth, age 72y 5m, w/o John Hosler

Ilgenfritz, Frederick d. 9-22-1891, age 75y 0m 4d

Ilgenfritz, Sarah d. 10-1-1891, age 63y 9m 2d

Ilgenfritz, William d.?, b. 8-22-1831,[ no death date given]

Ilgenfritz, Caroline d. 4-2-1902, b. 4-23-1836

Ilgenfritz, Noah d. 11-23-1858, b. 11-9-1858

Ilgenfritz, Wesley d. 2-2-1860, b. 1-31-1860

Ilgenfritz, Daniel [no dates given]

Ilgenfritz, Minnie S. Dunkleberger d. 3-24-1897, age 25y 5m 1d, 

	w/o Daniel Ilgenfritz

Ilgenfritz, Mary d. 6-27-1860, age 59y 2m 6d, 

	w/o Frederick Ilgenfritz

Ilgenfritz, Henry d. 12-2-1850, b. 11-21-1839, 

	s/o Frederick & Mary Ilgenfritz

Ilgenfritz, Catharine d. 5-21-1867, age 41y 2m 5d, 

	w/o William Ilgenfritz

Ilgenfritz, Harvey E. d. 11-16-1874, age 18y 2m 21d, 

	s/o William & Caroline Ilgenfritz

Ilgenfritz, Katie E. d. 11-16-1894, age 25y 5m 17d, 

	d/o William & Caroline Ilgenfritz

Ilgenfritz, Solomon d. 1-10-1844, b. 2-22-1829, 

	s/o Jacob & Catharine Ilgenfritz

Ilgenfritz, Catharine d. 4-9-1850, age 55y 11m 29d, 

	w/o Jacob Ilgenfritz

Kauffman, Daniel d. 8-5-1895, age 75y 1m 12d

Kauffman, Laura L. d. 12-21-1870, age 7m 7d

Kauffman, Amanda d. 3-3-1874, age 38y 11m

Keene, Mary d. 4-1-1831, age 27y 2m 20d, w/o M. Keene

Keiser, Mary Ann, age 62y 3m 6d, w/o David Keiser

Kline, Washington d. 6-20-1900, age 74y 3m 28d

Kline, Sarah A. d. 11-5-1891, b. 8-31-1836, w/o Washington Kline

Kuntz, William H. d. 4-8-1884, age 57y 2m 24d

Kuntz, Nancy d. 5-4-1892, age 66y 1m 2d

Kuntz, Michael d. 4-18-1872, age 75y, [4/18?/1872]

Kutz, Jacob d. 5-31-1875, b. 5-18-1796

Kutz, Sarah d. 7-7-1883, b. 5-26-1808, w/o Jacob Kuts

Kutz, Benjamin D. d. 7-22-1879, b. 2-24-1834

Kutz, David d. 12-15-1871, age 78y 2m 25d

Kutz, Lydia Bear d. 1-9-1889, b. 2-6-1800, w/o David Kutz

Kutz, Mary d. 4-28-1853, b. 11-24-1831, w/o David Kutz

Kutz, Henry d. 3-4-1841, age 18y 4m 16d, s/o David & Lydia Kutz

Kutz, George d. 1-27-1889, age 59y 3m 24d

Kutz, Sarah d. 2-24-1890, age 64y 10m 13d, w/o George Kutz

Kutz, Margaret C. d. 1-10-1889, age 34y 10m 15d, w/o F. J. Kutz

Kutz, Daniel d. 10-15-1892, b. 12-13-1831

Kutz, Catharine Witmer d. 6-27-1899, b. 4-9-1830, w/o Daniel Kutz

Kutz, Gideon d. 2-25-1875, age 77y 7m 4d

Kutz, Ann Mary d. 12-22-1881, age 81y 5m 24d

Kutz, Elizabeth d. 3-29-1857, age 84y 2m 7d

Kutz, Benjamin d. 5-26-1849, b. 8-7-1808, 

	s/o Dewalt & Elizabeth Kutz

Kutz, Rebecca d. 11-5-1850, b. 8-13-1846, 

	d/o Jacob & Sarah Kutz

Kutz, William Alfred d. 11-10-1854, b. 1-26-1853, 

	s/o George & Sarah Kutz

Kutz, Levi d. 1-6-1865, age 22y 0m 20d, s/o Jacob & Sarah E. Kutz; 

	Co. A, 101st Regt., Pa. Vol; d. at Roanoke Island, NC.

Kutz, Sarah J. d. 3-1-1888, age 48y 1m 21d

Kutz, Harvey A. d. 3-17-1879, b. 2-19-1852

Kutz, Eve d. 6-17-1851, b. 6-12-1814, w/o Isaiah Kutz

Kutz, Elizabeth d. 8-2-1872, age 41y 4m 8d, w/o Daniel Kutz

Kutz, Anna Mary d. 1-30-1854, b. 1-22-1801, w/o Samuel Kutz

Kutz, Fanny M. Ilgenfritz d. 8-15-1888, age 20y 6m 14d, 

	w/o William M. Kutz

Kutz, Sarah d. 6-15-1875, b. 5-18-1853, w/o Charles Kutz

Kutz, Catharine d. 6-13-1870, age 44y 7m 11d, w/o John Kutz

Kutz, Lizzie d. 5-18-1872, age 16y 5m 21d, d/o John & C. Kutz

Kutz, Manda E. d. 3-13-1851, b. 7-28-1844, 

	d/o John & Catharine Kutz

Kutz, D. Webster d. 6-16-1893, age 2y 1m 18d, 

	s/o William M. & Mary E. Kutz

Low, Michael d. 1-00-1881, b. 8-00-1800

Low, Susan d. 12-17-1893, b. 2-14-1811, w/o Michael Low

Low, Solomon d. 10-9-1864, age 24y 0m 22d, Sergeant, Co. F, 

	17th Pa. Cavalry; wounded in Shenandoah Valley, 

	August 25, 1864

Lyter, Jacob , Co. F, 17th Pa. Cavalry [no dates given]

Lyter, Robert d. 9-22-1850, b. 10-11-1847, 

	s/o Jacob & Rebecca Lyter

Lyter, Joseph d. 3-21-1850, b. 3-27-1837,

	 s/o Joseph & Barbara Lyter

Lyter, John d. 9-7-1859, age 4y 4m 4d, 

	s/o John & Elizabeth Lyter

Lyter, Joseph d. 12-31-1850, b. 6-1-1845,

	 s/o John & Elizabeth Lyter

Manning, Sadie C. d. 5-31-1878, age 21y 8m 19d, 

	w/o Christian S. Manning; d/o Isaac & M. J. Wise

Martin, David d. 12-11-1890, b. 12-8-1817

Martin, Margaret d.?, b. 12-25-1825

Martin, Sallie E. d. 1-21-1886, age 8y 0m 5d

Martin, Mervin F. d. 2-13-1890, b. 7-9-1886, s/o J. A. & M. E. Martin

Martin, Minnie A. d. 7-25-1872, age 7m 19d, d/o W. & C. Martin

Martin, Samuel E. d. 9-6-1899, age 4m 22d, 

	ch/o J. W. & E. [?]M. Martin

Mathias, Harry E. d. 5-11-1899, age 13y 5m 23d, 

	s/o J. C. & A. M. Martin; [last name uncertain, 

	but probably Mathias]

McBride, Annie C. d. 7-13-1885, b. 1-27-1841, w/o J. C. McBride; 

	d/o P. & S. Breckenmaker

McBride, John C. d. 5-23-1888, b. 10-4-1842

McBride, Abram B. d. 7-4-1889, b. 7-28-1870, 

	s/o J. C. & A. C. McBride

Meals, Angeline E. d. 9-11-1860, age 1m 2d, 

	d/o George W. & M. E. Meals

Melester, Alexander d. 9-22-1887, age 65y 0m 28d

Mohler, Samuel d. 3-31-1883, age 53y 1m 18d

Mohler, Jacob R. d. 2-9-1871, s/o S. & E. Mohler; 

	aged 3 years, 17months, 18 days

Mohler, Mary C. d. 1-31-1859, age 28d, d/o S. & E. Mohler

Mohler, Albert H. d. 5-24-1858, age 3y 6m 27d

Mohler, Clara A. d. 5-25-1858, age 5y 7m 26d

Nailor, Daniel d. 1-14-1878, age 62y 11m 4d

Nailor, Catharine d. 2-17-1876, age 57y 3m 1d, w/o Daniel Nailor

Nailor, Amanda d. 11-20-1897, age 57y 6m 25d

Neff, Susan d. 9-30-1900, b. 12-11-1819

Neisley, Jesse W. d. 8-21-1899, age 27y 4m 3d

Neisley, Elizabeth d. 3-2-1889, age 39y 5m 23d, 

	w/o Jacob B. Neisley; d/o J. M. Wolgemuth

Niesley, Jacob d. 4-5-1879, b. 7-1-1810

Niesley, Eli W. d. 6-4-1877, b. 9-6-1868, 

	s/o Jacob B. & Elizabeth Niesley

Niesley, Fanny d. 2-14-1895, b. 1-4-1811

Nevel, Jacob d. 11-00-1851, b. 1-10-1796, d. Nov. 31, 1851

Paul, Jacob d. 3-7-1861, age 75y

Paul, Barbara d. 12-17-1864, age 78y 9m 11d, w/o Jacob Paul 

Paul, Jacob d. 8-25-1877, age 56y 11m 11d

Paul, Sarah J. d. 10-24-1858, age 15y 8m 28d, ch/o Jacob & E. Paul

Paul, Henrietta d. 3-14-1864, age 10y 2m 21d, ch/o Jacob & E. Paul

Paul, Catharine E. d. 12-24-1869, age 8m 29d, 

	d/o Henry & Lydia A. Paul

Porter, Joseph F. d. 6-15-1889, age 61y 11m 21d
Porter, Ellis F. d. 8-30-1863, age 3y 7m 3d, s/o M. & J. F. Porter

Pyke, ------ d. 3-24-1900, age 10d, s/o J. H. & S. E. Pyke

Railing, John d. 3-2-1901, age 60y 0m 10d

Railing, Catharine Ann d. 5-15-1884, age 38y 6m 25d

Reaghert, John M. d. 2-6-1893, age 49y 4m 3d

Reaghert, Mary Smeagh d. 7-2-1872, b. 5-30-1845

Reaghert, Magdalene d. 7-25-1892, age 78y 3m 18d

Reemer, John d. 1-12-1848, b. 12-25-1799

Reemer, Elizabeth d. 12-30-1856, b. 7-12-1799, w/o John Reemer

Rinehart, Emma M. d. 6-28-1888, age 28y 0m 2d, 

	w/o J. C. Rinehart

Ruch, Samuel d. 4-10-1847, b. 8-10-1807

Ruhl, Jesse d. 10-7-1891, b. 3-5-1812

Ruhl, Emma A. d. 10-15-1892, b. 4-2-1850

Ruhl, Mary A. d. 1-12-1897, b. 6-29-1820

Ruhl, Christian d. 12-18-1851, b. 1-14-1787

Ruhl, Moses d. 3-5-1841, b. 11-11-1838, s/o Jesse & Mary Ruhl

Ruhl, Christian d. 10-26-1824, b. 11-10-1815

Ryder, Charles E. d. 12-5-1876, b. 9-3-1866, s/o S. C. & J. C. Ryder

Ryder, Lucetta d. 6-7-1876, b. 2-10-1869, d/o S. G. & J. C. Ryder

Saretell, Maria d. 1-00-1879, b. 7-12-1829, d/o M. & S. Low

Seitz, Lucetta M. d. 10-12-1858, age 1y 11m 27d, 

	ch/o S. W. & M. A. Seitz

Seitz, Minnie E. d. 8-16-1863, b. 4-16-1862, ch/o S. W. & M. A. Seitz

Sites, Rebecca d. 12-13-1900, age 50y 10m 3d

Shetron, Lizzie d. 9-30-1897, b. 8-18-1866, w/o D. N. Shetron

Shetron, Maudie d. 6-21-1902, b. 4-7-1894

Shreiner, Rebecca d. 2-23-1875, age 34y, 

	d/o George & Elizabeth Farenbaugh

Shuff, Delilah d. 3-11-1864, age 40y 10m 20d, [ text reads “Dlilah”]

Shuff, Anna A. d. 8-16-1865, age 8y 9m 4d, d/o James & E. Shuff

Smec [?], George P. d. 8-15-1898, age 1y 10m 2d, 

	s/o H. A. & A. M. Smec [?]

Smith, James d. 10-9-1902, b. 5-15-1835

Smith, Elizabeth Kutz d. ?, b, 9-6-1831, w/o James Smith

Smith, Susanna d. 7-18-1856, b. 12-15-1855, 

	ch/o Jacob A. & Anna Smith

Smith, Anna E. d. 2-9-1855, b. 9-20-1854, ch/o Jacob A. & Anna Smith

Snyder, Henry d. 1-24-1885, b. 7-16-1812

Snyder, Elizabeth d. 7-28-1886, b. 7-12-1809

Snyder, Amanda d. 3-3-1862, age 7y 3m 22d, d/o Henry & E. Snyder

Snyder, Harry d. 1-17-1871, age 3y 5m 21d, s/o J. N. & M. Snyder

Sowers, B. F. d. 1899, b. 1876

Sowers, Minnie B. d. 1900, b. 1874, w/o B. F. Sowers

Sowers, Nellie G. d. 1899, b. 1897

Stickle, Jacob d. 9-6-1867, age 67y

Stickle, Jacob d. 4-6-1883, age 38y 7m 25d

Stickle, Catharine d. 1-13-1885, age 84y 3m 14d

Stickle, Peter d. 11-30-1857, b. 10-14-1856, s/o J. & C. Stickle

Stickle, Daniel A. d. 11-7-1895, age 21y 11m 27d

Stickle, Mervin d. 10-28-1894, age 4m 20d

Stone, Harriet I. d. 6-7-1893, age 41y 1m 17d, w/o George W. Stone

Stone, Harry E. d. 1-20-1875, age 14d, ch/o G. W. & H. Stone

Stone, George W. d. 10-28-1873, age 1d, ch/o G. W. & H. Stone

Stone, John d. 4-25-1876, b. 3-4-1871, ch/o Henry & Anna Stone

Stone, Sarah Ellen d. 2-14-1875, b. 5-28-1874, 

	ch/o Henry & Anna Stone

Stone, Lizzie A. d. 9-13-1867, age 1y 5m 25d, d/o Israel & Jane Stone

Strausbaugh, Elminah Ashenfelter d. 6-10-1875, age 31y 0m 21d, 

	w/o William Strausbaugh; d/o S. & L. Ashenfelter

Strickler, Mary G. d. 2-18-1866, age 1m 9d, 

	d/o John H. & Kate Strickler

Swanger, Lizzie d. 1-14-1887, age 25y 10m 12d

Swanger, Elizabeth d. 2-27-1899, age 77y 2m 17d

Tobias, Simon d. 10-15-1860, age 48y

Trego, Rebecca d. 7-18-1884, b. 4-6-1846, w/o Parker M. Trego;

	 d/o J. & C. Stickle

Troup, Samuel S. d. 3-17-1894, b. 10-20-1822

Troup, Elizabeth d.?, b. 8-27-1823

Troup, George W. d. 2-8-1895, b. 1-8-1852

Troup, Mary E. Sidesinger d. 2-24-1895, b. 12-22-1857, 

	w/o George W. Troup

Ulrich, Christiann d. 2-25-1865, age 58y, w/o John Ulrich

Ulrich, Susan Mountz d. 4-19-1876, age 51y 6m 1d, w/o John Ulrich

Waidly, Susanna d. 2-12-1857, age 36y 11m 8d, 

	consort of Amos Waidly

Waidly, William H. d. 2-16-1858, age 18y 1m 23d, 

	ch/o Amos S. Waidly

Waidly, Eleanora , age 6y 8m 2d, ch/o Amos S. Waidly

Wanbaugh, Mary E. d. 9-10-1896, b. 8-15-1849

Weary, Samuel d. 8-2-1885, b. 4-16-1812

Weary, Maria d. 2-4-1898, b. 2-2-1818

Weary, Sarah E. d. 12-27-1846, age 1y 5m 2d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Maria Weary

Weary, Oliver F. d. 5-16-1848, b. 8-25-1843, 

	ch/o Samuel & Maria Weary

Weary, Paul B. d. 11-24-1901, b. 11-13-1896

Weary, Keller A. d. 7-19-1898, b. 2-13-1898

Weitzel, Mary d. 8-7-1900, age 57y 6m 1d

Westfall, Henry d. 1-20-1891, b. 3-9-1817

Westfall, Jeremiah d. 4-25-1872, b. 12-2-1844

Westfall, Catharine d. 11-12-1861, b. 11-16-1852

Westfall, William d. 1-11-1857, b. 7-11-1855

Wink, Daniel d. 5-3-1896, b. 5-9-1807

Wink, Catharine d. 11-13-1874, b. 12-9-1808, w/o Daniel Wink

Wink, Rebecca d. 7-24-1854, b. 12-4-1832, 

	d/o Daniel & Catharine Wink

Wise, Anna M. d. 4-26-1884, b. 2-4-1863, 

	w/o Samuel H. Jackson, [name ?]

Witmer, Samuel d. 12-14-1893, b. 3-4-1825

Witmer, Clarissa Williams d. 3-14-1898, b. 1-22-1833, 

	w/o Samuel Witmer

Witmer, Joseph d. 8-27-1853, b. 2-10-1785

Witmer, Catharine Eberly d. 4-29-1876, b. 6-8-1792, 

	w/o Joseph Witmer

Witmer, Rebecca d. 3-12-1830, b. 9-10-1827

Witmer, Benjamin E. d. 7-29-1853, b. 8-17-1832

Witmer, Benjamin d. 1872, b. 1871

Witmer, Lizzie d. 1875, b. 1864

Witmer, Samuel d. 1880, b. 1873

Witmer, John d. 11-23-1837, b. 9-8-1820

Wonders, ---- d. 1-21-1887, age 2y 5m 3d, 

	s/o Daniel & Sarah Wonders

Zeigler, Gertie M. Kutz d. 1-30-1901, age 21y 11m 20d

Zettler, Elizabeth d. 2-12-1869, b. 5-7-1780, w/o George Zettler