Contributed by Sharon Frank

Bailey, Leah E. d. 1-23-1884, age 90y

Barton, John d. 7-12-1802, age 47y 11m 24d

Barton, Isaac d. 9-26-1868, age 70y 8m 23d

Barton, David D. d. 5-13-1894, b. 6-1-1834, Co. F, 1st Regt., Pa. Vols.

Barton, infant daughter , d/o David D. & Susan Barton

Barton, twin children, ch/o David D. & Susan Barton

Bricker, Henry J. , age 62y

Bricker, Mary A. d. 8-4-1889, age 76y 3m 16d

Bricker, Russel , s/o George Bricker

Bricker, Clara E. , d/o George Bricker

Bricker, Nomie , d/o D. & H. Bricker

Byers, Joseph d. 4-10-1829, age 75y 5m 10d

Byers, Eliza d. 6-15-1878, age 61y 10m 21d, w/o Joseph Byers

Byers, George d. 12-13-1843, age 7m 13d, 

	ch/o Joseph & Eliza Byers

Byers, Joseph d. 9-27-1854, age 1y 1m 5d, 

	ch/o Joseph & Eliza Byers

Byers, George W. d. 10-25-1871, age 27y 0m 16d, 

	ch/o Joseph & Eliza Byers

Byers, Elizabeth d. 5-18-1846, d/o Frederick & Mary Byers; 

	aged ---years, 10 months,7days

Cain, Rebekah d. 2-8-1833, age 32y 11m

Drorbaugh, infant son d. 3-31-1846, b. 3-31-1846, 

	ch/o William & Maria Drorbaugh

Drorbaugh, Christiann d. 9-22-1852, age 15y 11m 4d, 

	ch/o William & Maria Drorbaugh

Drorbaugh, Sarah d. 8-6-1863, age 24y 3m 4d, 

	ch/o William & Maria Drorbaugh

Dunlap, Rebecca d. 9-27-1840, age 65y 4m

Edmondson, Mary d. 4-19-1895, b. 6-20-1880, [b. 188?0]

Finney, Rebecca Lloyd d. 2-12-1900, age 78y 4m 17d, 

	w/o James Finney

Gher, Ephraim d. 5-11-1845, age 19y 0m 28d, 

	s/o Andrew & Catharine Gher

Gher, Melissa d. 6-30-1845, age 1y 11m 6d, 

	d/o Andrew & Jane Gher

Gher, Mary d. 12-29-1859, age 44y, d/o Paul & Elizabeth Gher

Gher, Emma J. d. 8-10-1885, age 17y 9m 6d

Gher, S. A. d. 10-12-1889, b. 3-29-1889 

	[text reads “March 29, Oct. 12, 1889”]

Gher, Blanche B. d. 4-26-1863, age 2y 1m 16d

Grove, Emma Jane d. 2-1-1851, age 10m 21d, 

	d/o Samuel & Catharine Grove

Hall, George W. d. 10-16-1870, age 77y 10m 8d

Hall, Mary d. 8-3-1861, age 45y 9m 4d, w/o George W. Hall

Hart, Barbara A. d. 3-11-1884, b. 1-11-1823

Hart, John M. d. 2-1-1889, age 76y 3m 15d

Hart, Michael d. 5-14-1891, b. 4-3-1815

Hart, Mary Ellen d. 1-17-1892, age 62y 3m 25d, w/o John M. Hart; 

	d/o William & Amanda Anderson Lloyd

Hart, Charles, infant  of Michael & B. A. Hart

Hart, Martha, infant of Michael & B. A. Hart

Heck, Jane Umberger d. 9-29-1907, age 88y, 

	[b. Feb. 18----, aged 88 years &---]

Heck, Mary Ellen d. 7-25-1872, age 32y 10m 20d, 

	d/o John G. & Jane Heck

Hickernell, Margaret d. 9-14-1826

Hickernell, Jacob d. 4-18-1832

Hickernell, Jacob d. 4-23-1900, b. 9-29-1810

Hickernell, Mary A. Miller d. 10-22-1833, age 21y 4m 2d, 

	w/o J. Hickernell

Hickernell, Sarah A. Moore d. 1-22-1858, age 43y 3m 26d, 

	w/o J. Hickernell

Hickernell, Mary Weber d. 9-4-1891, age 65y 2m 27d, 

	w/o J. Hickernell

Hickernell, Thomas F. d. 1-10-1862, age 28y 2m 19d

Hicks, Philemon H. d. 1-23-1862, age 12d, 

	s/o Philemon & Elizabeth A. Hicks; 

	grandson of  J. & E. Starr

Howerter, Lida J. d. 1887, b. 1857

Howerter, Sarah d. 1888, b. 1837, w/o Samuel Howerter

Howerter, Eliza d. 10-5-1851, age 19y 6m 27d, 

	d/o Jacob & Susan Howerter

Hull, Robert P. d. 11-26-1879, age 38y 8m 1d

Hull, infant son d. 1-9-1867, age 18d, s/o R. P. & M. J. Hull

Jameson, Elizabeth d. 10-1-1839, age 20y

Jameson, Amelia d. 5-23-1848, b. 5-10-1788, w/o Charles Jameson

Kann, Daniel H. d. 2-21-1900, age 57y 10m 14d

Kann, Matilda C. d. 10-31-1885, age 44y 1m 3d, w/o Daniel H. Kann

Kleier, Jacob d. 9-10-1845, b. 2-18-1807, inscription in German; 

	first letter of name is uncertain

Konn, Catharine d. 8-9-1853, age 47y 9m 4d, d/o Henry Konn

Konn, Daniel d. 9-22-1846, age 20y 2m 10d, 

	s/o Henry & Catharine Konn

Konn, Elmira d. 12-22-1850, age 6y 4m 27d, 

	d/o Henry & Catharine Konn

Krall, Martha d. 4-3-1862, age 75y, w/o Henry Krall

Krall, William d. 7-30-1887, age 62y 2m 22d

Krall, Christianna d. 3-29-1905, age 77y 6m 2d

Krall, William H. d. 5-30-1881, age 1y 10m 10d, 

	s/o J. H. & Rebecca Krall

Krall, Lizzie Ann d. 6-30-1907, age 57y

Lemer, Lerew d. 2-17-1877, age 70y 5m 23d, M.D.

Lemer, Sarah Ann d. 4-21-1862, age 38y 11m 1d, w/o Dr. L. Lemer

Lemer, George Mcl. D. 4-22-1863, age 1y 7m 13d, 

	s/o Dr. L. & S. A. Lemer

Lloyd, William d. 6-14-1860, age 64y

Lloyd, Amanda A. d. 8-26-1853, age 46y

Lloyd, Caroline d. 4-14-1849, age 11y 2m, 

	d/o William & Amanda Lloyd

Loyd, William d. 12-24-1831, age 16y 4m 2d

McCafery, William d. 1-3-1829, age 31y 5m

McCaffrey, Jesse d. 5-4-1834, age 30y 0m 16d

Meckley, Maud d. 10-29-1884, age 3y 4m 29d, 

	d/o S. R. & S. J. Meckley

Meckley, Howard d. 7-21-1887, age 1y 2m 12d, 

	s/o S. R. & S. J. Meckley

Meckley, Paul d. 9-23-1890, s/o S. R. & S. J. Meckley; 

	date is not specified as that of death

Metzler, Thomas d. 1843, b. 1767

Moore, Elizabeth d. 4-6-1863, age 73y 1m 14d, w/o Mordica Moore

Naylor, William d. 8-24-1876, age 82y 9m 26d

Naylor, Lydia d. 4-27-1888, age 81y

Naylor, Andrew J. d. 8-16-1849, age 9y 7m 18d

Naylor, John B. d. 12-31-1862, age 24y 6m 28d, 

	fell at the Battle of Stone River, Tenn.

Naylor, Isaac N. d. 5-20-1884, age 39y 6m 12d

Nebinger, Charles K. d. 7-18-1858, age 1y 6m 10d, 

	s/o Edwin & Sarah Nebinger

Nebinger, Mary d. 8-9-1860, age 1y 4m 26d, 

	d/o Edwin & Sarah Nebinger

Neel, Elizabeth d. 4-4-1832, age 39y 11m

Nelson, D. W., Co. H, 130th Pa. Infantry; [no dates]

Orth, Joseph d. 12-23-1862, b. 8-4-1859, s/o Hiram C. & Agnes Orth

Paul, Peter d. 3-20-1860, b. 3-17-1787

Paul, Susan C. d. 2-15-1864, b. 2-7-1788

Paul, Mary J. d. 5-30-1863, age 3y 7m 30d, 

	ch/o Peter & Elizabeth Paul

Paul, Sarah E. d. 1-28-1864, age 1y 3m 30d, 

	ch/o Peter & Elizabeth Paul

Paul, infant son d. 7-25-1853, age 4m, ch/o Peter & Elizabeth Paul

Paul, infant d. 1-19-1858, age 2d, ch/o Peter & Elizabeth Paul

Pipher, Celia d. 9-30-1863, age 2y 0m 1d, d/o S. C. & E. J. Pipher

Shaw, Lydia d. 8-18-1825, age 76y

Shaw, John d. 1894, b. 1819

Shaw, Henrietta d. 1907, b. 1821

Shaw, Martha A. d. 12-17-1850, age 2y 1m 17d, 

	d/o Philip & Rebecca Shaw

Shaw, John d. 12-17-1850, age 4y 10m 9d, 

	ch/o Philip & Rebecca Shaw

Shaw, Philip d. 1-7-1851, age 3y 6m 8d, ch/o Philip & Rebecca Shaw

Shaw, George W. d. 6-16-1897, age 15y 3m 6d

Sidle, George B. McClellan d. 10-9-1863, age 2m 18d, 

	ch/o Peter & Elizabeth Sidle

Sidle, Susan C. d. 10-12-1866, age 1y 10m 27d, 

	ch/o Peter & Elizabeth Sidle

Smyser, Michael P. d. 7-2-1903, b. 6-5-1830, Co. H, 149th Pa. Vols.

Smyser, Mary A. d. 10-3-1904, b. 7-8-1827

Sprenkle, John d. 12-8-1884, age 66y 7m 14d

Sprenkle, Leah d. 11-11-1885, age 69y 9m 3d, w/o J. Sprenkle

Starr, Samuel d. 6-10-1815, age 60y 1m 16d

Starr, Mary d. 5-3-1845, age 43y 7m 17d, w/o Samuel Starr

Starr, James d. 5-30-1876, b. 6-6-1798

Starr, Elizabeth d. 1-29-1883, b. 11-25-1804, w/o James Starr

Starr, George B. d. 7-9-1845, age 4y 0m 28d, 

	ch/o James & Elizabeth Starr

Starr, John L. d. 1-1-1852, age 12y 6m 24d, 

	ch/o James & Elizabeth Starr

Starr, Dollie d. 8-13-1861, age 1y 9m 24d, ch/o W. H. & M. J. Starr

Starr, infant daughter d. 2-14-1870, age 1y 2m 22d, 

	ch/o W. H. & M. J. Starr

Umberger, David d. 8-26-1854, age 79y

Umberger, Dorothy d. 6-27-1863, age 81y 4m 28d, 

	was lying a corpse while the Rebels were in Lisburn

Wiley, Ira J. d. 3-7-1888, age 20y 10m 13d, s/o W. J. & C. M. Wiley

Young, Martha , age 72y, d. Jan. 15, 188-