Contributed by Sharon Frank

Alexander, James d. 2-13-1872, b. 7-28-1797, soldier

Alexander, Elizabeth d. 1-23-1862, age 66y 3m 19d, (b. 1796)

Alexander, Mary d. 2-24-1851, age 24y 6m 23d, d/o J. & E. 

Alexander, John d. 11-18-1863, age 7m 18d, s/o J. & Christianna 

Allen, Samuel d.?, b. 11-15-1833

Allen, Elizabeth d. 2-7-1904, b. 6-9-1832

Allen, Harvey A. d. 2-14-1872, b. 12-12-1866, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth 

Allen, Reuben d. 2-11-1863, age 7y 4m 9d, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth 

Anthony, Michael d. 10-5-1859, b. 1791, age 68y 3m 13d

Anthony, John d. 6-2-1838, b. 9-00-1824, s/o Eve & Michael 

Anthony, Eve d. 1-15-1864, b. 1793, age 71y 7m 14d, w/o Michael 

Anthony, Michael F. d. 5-6-1895, age 69y 4m 4d

Anthony, Sarah d. 12-24-1869, age 38y 8m 9d, w/o Michael F. 

Armold, Samuel d. 8-7-1861, age 62y, (b.1799)

Armold, Elizabeth d. 5-17-1847, age 50y 1m 13d, w/o Henry 

Armolt, Joseph E. d. 11-8-1901, age 67y 3m 9d

Armold, Sarah d. 12-11-1902, b. 9-2-1835

Baltozer, Elizabeth d. 1-2-1891, age 84y 9m 3d

Baldoser, George d. 3-15-1858, age 11y 0m 11d, s/o George & Mary 

Barrick, David d?, b. 3-10-1825

Barrick, Catharine d. 1-15-1902, b. 1-27-1822, w/o David 

Barrick, F. Albert d. 12-25-1889, age 2m 19d, s/o M.L. & Ellen 

Barrick, Levi H. d.?, b. 1844

Barrick, Anna M. d. ?, b. 1850, w/o Levi 

Barrick, Joseph A. d. 1875, b. 1871

Batrum, Samuel d. 5-3-1870, age 38y 5m 14d

Beltzhoover, George M. d. 3-14-1875, age 11m 14d, s/o George & Jane M. 

Benner, John d. 12-1-1827, b. 1761, age 66y 10m 12d, slate headstone

Berry, Thomas d. 1-00-1829, age 62y 6m 24d, (b. 1767)

Berry, Samuel d. 11-20-1874, age 72y

Berry, Elizabeth d. 10-6-1855, age 37y 11m 3d, w/o Samuel 

Billman, Annie Maud d. 4-17-1885, age 1y 10m 22d, d/o Adam E. &  Eliza 

Bixler, Annie C. d. 7-9-1876, b. 10-5-1874

Bloser, Peter d. 3-10-1839, age 93y, gray sandstone; lettering almost obliterated

Bloser, Elizabeth d. 9-14-1807, age 51y, 28d., w/o Peter 

Bloser, Peter d. 2-19-1830, age 45y 11m 3d

Bloser, Anna d. 8-12-1857, age 67y, w/o Peter 

Bloser, Peter d. 3-31-1885, b. 9-5-1815

Bloser, Solomon d. 7-29-1861, b. 2-7-1830

Bloser, John P. d. 1902, b. 1822

Bloser, Elizabeth d. 1904, b. 1826, w/o John P. 

Bloser, John d. 8-26-1860, age 79y 10m 1d

Bloser, Catharine d. 3-19-1853, b. 4-17-1781, w/o John 

Bloser, Mary, age 5y, d/o John & Catharine Bloser

Bloser, William d. 6-30-1871, age 89y 3m 15d

Bloser, Martha d. 6-21-1835, 36y 1m 18d, w/o William 

Bloser, Elizabeth d. 11-12-1866, b. 9-9-1817, d/o William 

Bloser, J. William d. 8-22-1889, b. 2-16-1865

Bloser, Catharine d. 8-14-1895, b. 3-6-1824

Bloser, William B. d. 6-10-1896, b. 12-18-1821

Bloser, Ella Mary d. 9-1-1875, age 5m 5d, d/o M.B. & Mary E. 

Bloser, Catharine d. 4-9-1865, b. 5-15-1823, w/o David 

Bloser, Mary d. 3-28-1867, b. 11-3-1828, w/o Benjamin 

Bloser, Lavina d. 3-27-1849, age 19y 8m 27d

Bloser, Jamima d. 3-7-1851, age 17y 7m

Bloser, Margaret d. 10-16-1835, age 58y, w/o H. Bloser

Bloser, Rebecca d. 4-11-1900, age 75y 2m 25d

Bloser, Catharine d. 9-6-1858, age 28y 9m 18d, w/o S.D. 

Bloser, Norman A. d.2-2-1885, age 5m 17d, s/o James O. & F.C. 

Bloser, Laura Faith d. 7-16-1897, age 1y 1m 27d, d/o S.B. & S.A. 

Bloser, Hazel E. d. 10-26-1899, d/o S.P. & A.E. Bloser

Boldosser, George d. 4-00-1847, age 40y 4m, date of death  April 31

Boldosser, John E. d. 5-2-1876, b. 10-15-1867, s/o W.H. & Elizabeth 

Boldosser, Samuel E. d.?, b. 3-15-1875, ch/o I.B. & C.B. Boldosser

Boldosser, Charles A. d.?, b. 3-15-1875, ch/o I.B. & C.B. Boldosser

Boldosser, Clark S. d. 8-6-1880, b. 4-9-1880, ch/o I.B. & C.B. 

Boldosser, Robert C. d. 12-11-1884, b. 4-27-1884, ch/o I.B. & C.B. 

Boll, Philip d.?, b. 1838

Boll, Mary W. d. 1898, b. 1851, w/o Philip Boll

Boll, Catharine d. 1873, b. 1839, w/o Philip Boll

Boll, Hiram A. d. 1-8-1873, age 6m 20d, ch/o P.A. & C. 

Boll, Salome A. d. 7-10-1870, age 1y 9m 14d, ch/o P. A. & C. 

Boll, Sarah Rena d. 11-13-1877, age 2y 2m 26d, ch/o P. A. & M. W. 

Boll, Ira David d. 7-27-1878, age 3m 8d, ch/o P. A. & M. W. 

Boll, Albert Edmund d. 5-17-1884, b. 7-7-1879, ch/o P. A. & M. W. 

Boughman, M. Angella d. 3-14-1897, age 2y 7m 21d, d/o S. P. & M. A. 

Bower, Benjamin d. 9-13-1884, age 53y 11m 19d

Bower, Anna Mary d. 12-25-1883, age 41y 6m 29d, w/o Benjamin 

Bower, Maggie E. d. 8-28-1878, age 28d, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Anna Mary 

Bower, Benjamin S. d. 10-3-1881, age 3m 21d, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Anna Mary 

Bowman, Willie M. d. 8-16-1871, age 11m 4d, ch/o J. H. & S. L. 

Bowman, Walter M. d. 8-8-1869, age 4m 23d, ch/o J. H. & S. L. 

Bowman, Charlie d. 6-12-1894, age 10y 8m 6d, s/o J. H. & Susan L. 

Bowman, Clarence F. d. 3-14-1887, age 1m, s/o J. H. & Susan L. 

Bowman, Abraham, Jr. d. 9-14-1843, b. 12-16-1824

Bowman, Samuel d. 2-24-1872, age 54y 5m 3d

Bowman, Christian d. 5-2-1882, age 42y

Bowman, Elizabeth, w/o Christian Bowman

Bowman, Harry d. 4-9-1899, age 25y, s/o C. & E. Bowman

Bricker, David d. 4-8-1833, b. 1755, age 78y 2m 5d, (b. 1755)

Bricker, Molly d. 4-28-1838, b. 1762, age 75y, w/o David 

Bricker, David d. 12-16-1831, b. 9-10-1786

Bricker, Mary d. 2-29-1860, b. 1788, age 72y 11m 4d, w/o David 

Bricker, Isamiah d. 3-18-1851, b. 1-16-1841, 

	d/o Joel and Susan Bricker

Brim, Catharine A. d. 7-14-1859, b. 3-27-1858, d/o J. & R. Brim

Brownsbarger, Joseph d. 9-27-1823, age 24y 11m 11d, 

	red sand headstone

Brownsbarger, John d. 4-28-1832, age 1y 1m 18d, 

	s/o John Brownsbarger

Buckwalter, Israel d. 11-19-1902, b. 7-2-1846

Buckwalter, Annie E. d.?, b. 1-5-1849

Burkhart, John d. 3-14-1903, age 56y 11m 28d

Burkholder, James C. d.?, b. 1842

Burkholder, Annie B. d.?, b. 1848, w/o James C. Burkholder

Burkholder, Daisie Ola d. 1904, b. 1889

Burtnett, Jacob M. d. 5-11-1884, age 60y 4m 11d

Burtnett, Susan H.[?] d. 11-26-1895, b. 4-29-1826, 

	w/o Jacob M. Burtnett

Carbaugh, Elizabeth d. 6-4-1887, b. 7-10-1815, 

	w/o Theodore Carbaugh

Carl, Elizabeth d. 11-3-1892, b. 5-3-1836, w/o Alfred Carl

Carl, Charlotte T. d. 6-19-1864, b. 9-20-1863

Carl, Margaret L. d. 3-5-1865, b. 1-13-1859

Carl, Maurice R. d. 10-1-1881, b. 9-22-1881

Clouse, Nancy d. 2-12-1895, age 60y, w/o David Clouse

Clouse, John d. 4-29-1902, age 65y 8m 18d

Clouse, Mary d. 4-29-1904, age 77y 4m 29d

Clouse, John d. 11-19-1870, age 17d

Clouse, Lydia d. 12-4-1872, age 4y 10m 29d

Clouse, Levi d. 2-17-1865, age 1m 12d

Comrey, Andrew d. 4-16-1875, b. 11-5-1805

Comrey, Catharine A. d. 4-16-1881, b. 3-10-1814, 

	w/o Andrew Comrey

Comrey, Elizabeth d. 8-1-1838, age 1y 6m, 

	d/o Andrew & Ann Catharine Comrey

Cornman, Martin d. 11-28-1902, age 70y 9m 22d

Cornman, Susan d. 7-18-1897, age 64y 8m 11d

Dare, Peter, Sr. d. ?, age 69y, slate headstone

Dare, Mary, age 59y, slate headstone

Dare, Peter, age 16y, slate headstone

Darr, Sarah d. 12-28-1828, age 15y 5m 5d, slate headstone

Dare, Moses, age 5d

Dare, Elias d. 4-24-1824, age 8d, sand stone headstone

Darr, Catharine d. 1-21-1835, age 24y

Darr, Henry d. 6-11-1843, age 60y 4m 26d, slate headstone

Darr, Maria Magdalena d. 2-1-1827, age 44y 6m, German

Darr, Henry d. 4-27-1853, age 27y 3m 27d

Dell, Jacob d. 9-13-1825, age 39y 3m 8d

Deihl, Elizabeth d. 6-2-1868, age 83y 2m 21d

Deihl, Michael d. 8-10-1840, b. 9-26-1777

Deihl, Susanna d. 6-8-1876, age 89y 3m

Derr, John Amos d. 3-29-1876, b. 4-17-1824

Derr, Elizabeth d. 6-4-1905, b. 7-18-1818

Dill, Catharina d. 12-25-1810, b. 1745, age 65y 3m 5d, 

	German; slate headstone

Diel, Michael d. 12-15-1831, age 21y 8m

Doner, Abraham d. 2-23-1861, age 55y 3m 26d

Doner, Catharine d. 3-29-1870, b. 12-26-1811, 

	w/o Abraham Doner

Drawbaugh, William d. 6-20-1817, age 49y

Drawbaugh, Catharine d. 4-7-1839, age 65y

Drawbaugh, John d. 10-7-1882, age 58y 10m 11d

Drawbaugh, Nancy d. 10-9-1893, age 74y 2m 14d

Drawbaugh, George A. d. 11-6-1882, age 25y 4m 4d, 

	s/o John & Nancy Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, J. Freeman d. 10-4-1882, age 22y 7m 21d, 

	s/o John & Nancy Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, S. Wilson d. 10-9-1882, age 29y 9m 21d, 

	s/o John & Nancy Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, John d. 12-9-1878, age 90y, soldier

Drawbaugh, Leah d. 11-1-1869, age 77y, w/o John D-----

Drawbaugh, John d. 7-19-1838, b. 5-00-1837

Drawbaugh, Maggie M. d. 6-11-1879, age 3m 4d, 

	ch/o Joseph & E. Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, Mattie E. d. 10-1-1884, age 16y 7m 20d, 

	ch/o Joseph & E. Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, Joseph d. 11-30-1899, 61y 0m 17d

Drawbaugh, William d. 10-28-1884, b. 3-1-1807

Drawbaugh, Catharine d. 1-27-1892, b. 9-24-1815

Drawbaugh, William B. d. 4-22-1881, age 14y 6m 4d, 

	s/o Joseph & E. Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, James A. d. 4-00-1857, age 8y 5m 10d, 

	s/o W. & M. Drawbaugh; died Apr. 31, 1857

Drawbaugh, David P. d. 5-23-1861, age 22y 1m 23d, 

	s/o George & Barbara Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, Catharine Agnes d. 12-6-1864, age 15y 1m 8d, 

	d/o John & Nancy Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, Margaret d. 3-19-1879, age 57y 4m 18d, 

	w/o William Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, Eliza Ellen d. 4-15-1860, age 26y 7m 16d, 

	w/o H. F. Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, Clarence King d. 12-13-1861, age 5y 2m 20d

Drawbaugh, Blanche M. d. 5-11-1892, age 7d, 

	ch/o J. P. & J. L. Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, J. Harry d. 4-14-1891, age 6m 24d, 

	ch/o J. P. & J. L. Drawbaugh

Drawbaugh, Harminta C. d. 10-21-1904, b. 10-2-1897, 

	ch/o J. P. & J. L. Drawbaugh

Ebrite, Ludwig d. 4-00-1825, age about 60 years

Ebrite, Elizabeth d. 6-20-1864, age 77y 6m 24d, 

	w/o Ludwig Ebrite

Eckart, George d. 10-25-1848, b. 9-1-1767

Eckert, Margaret d. 3-14-1847, b. 10-26-1771, 

	w/o George Eckert; 

Elicker, Catharine d. 8-22-1842, age 72y 1m 24d

Ensminger, Lewis d. 12-26-1867, 

	ch/o Joseph & Mary Ensminger

Ensmin	ger, Elvy May d. 6-3-1881, 

	ch/o Joseph & Mary Ensminger

Ernst, John d. 8-12-1838, age 83y

Ernst, Christian d. 9-23-1823, age 50y 10m

Ernst, Catharine, d. Sep.

Ernst, Samuel d. 9-00-1834, age 26y

Ernst, John d. 9-5-1892, age 63y 5m 28d

Ernst, Catharine d. 1-24-1842, age 25y 10m 8d, 

	w/o John Ernst

Ernst, David C. d. 4-12-1883, age 23y 5m 26d, 

	ch/o John & Jane M. Ernst

Ernst, John S. d. 10-10-1881, age 7m 7d, 

	ch/o John & Jane M. Ernst

Ernst, David d. 6-6-1867, age 65y 6m 5d

Ernst, Sarah d. 2-2-1869, age 70y 8m 12d

Ernst, Levi B. d. 5-22-1834, age 7y 0m 8d, s/o D. Ernst

Failor, John H. d. 1-24-1857, age 7m 4d

Failor, Henry E. d. 9-9-1852, age 1m 3d

Failor, Eliza J. d. 5-13-1881, age 38y 6m 2d, 

	w/o J. W. Failor

Failor, Elizabeth M. d. 3-21-1881, age 13y 0m 8d, 

	d/o J. W. & E. J. Failor

Failor, John P. d. 8-17-1872, age 2y 5m, 

	s/o James & Eliza Failor

Failor, Christian d. 11-29-1868, age 68y 11m 17d

Failor, Margaret d. 5-1-1881, age 70y 4m, 

	w/o Christian Failor

Fahler, William d. 6-30-1851, b. 11-1-1818

Fenton, William B. d. 8-6-1860, age 3m 16d, 

	s/o J. & A. M. Fenton

Fickes, Abram A. d. 2-25-1889, age 42y 1m 19d

Finkenbinder, John d. 2-14-1885, age 72y

Finkenbinder, Susan d. 3-26-1870, age 54y 10m 3d, 

	w/o Samuel Finkenbinder

Finkenbinder, Philip d. 2-25-1887, age 77y 3m 10d

Finkenbinder, Elizabeth d. 9-5-1876, age 68y 11m 18d, 

	w/o Philip Finkenbinder

Finkenbinder, Elizabeth d.?, b. 4-16-1841

Finkenbinder, George d. 4-8-1857, age 71y 6m

Finkenbinder, Catharine d. 6-16-1861, age 70y 7m 23d, 

	w/o George Finkenbinder

Freet, Benjamin d. 8-6-1873, age 64y 11m 28d

Freet, Elizabeth d. 3-29-1875, age 88y 1m 1d

Freet, Elizabeth d. 7-31-1888, age 74y 4m 8d

Freet, Catharine E. d. 8-2-1879, age 28y 4m 13d

Fry, Samuel, Sr. d. 2-26-1873, age 70y 10m 21d

Fry, Sarah d. 7-1-1866, 64y 3m 20d, w/o Samuel Fry, Sr.

Fry, Isaac d. 3-24-1889, b. 7-17-1838

Fry, Samuel d. 3-23-1893, age 65y 7m 17d

Fry, Mary Ann d. 12-7-1893, age 71y 0m 23d, 

	w/o George Fry

Fry, John d. 7-17-1900, age 65y 7m 4d

Fry, James W. d. 12-5-1864, age 2m 19d, s/o J. & M. Fry

Fry, Emma J. d. 9-5-1867, age 11m 23d

Fry, Ann S. d. 11-2-1874, age 26d

Fry, Thurman A. d. 8-5-1889, age 1m 9d, 

	s/o S. A. & S. B. Fry

Funk, John d. 7-27-1884, b. 6-25-1826

Funk, Mary M. d. 5-20-1877, b. 4-12-1807

Funk, Jacob d. 5-28-1882, b. 4-3-1803

Gayman, Annie H.[?] d. 8-9-1882, age 24y 4m 28d, 

	w/o John H. Gayman

Gayman, Samuel d. 9-4-1900, b. 6-28-1843

Gayman, Sophia J. d.?, b. 2-11-1845, w/o Samuel Gayman

Gayman, Bertha M. d. 1-25-1898, b. 4-18-1895, 

	d/o M. H. & A. G. Gayman

Gebhart, Minnie Alice d. 9-6-1871, b. 7-15-1871, 

	ch/o Jacob & Elizabeth Gebhart

Gebhart, Wanda d. 12-21-1871, b. 12-30-1864, 

	ch/o Jacob & Elizabeth Gebhart

Gebhart, Albert d. 8-8-1866, age 5m 11d, 

	ch/o Jacob & Elizabeth Gebhart

Gebhart, Susannah d. 1-13-1864, b. 10-3-1863, 

	ch/o Jacob & Elizabeth Gebhart

Gebhart, Emaline d. 10-30-1868, b. 8-3-1868, 

	ch/o Jacob & Elizabeth Gebhart

Gebhart, Simon d.?, b. 5-9-1867, d. Dec. 28, 187?

	s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Gebhart

Gebhart, Eli d. 9-2-1879, age 19y 5m, 

	s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Gebhart

Gettys, Mary d. 6-23-1867, age 74y 2m 23d

Gettys, Elizabeth d. 3-1-1884, age 46y 9m 28d

Givler, Henry J. d. 5-21-1897, age 66y

Graham, Edwin C. d. 1-31-1881, age 6m 5d, 

	ch/o James M. & Annie C. Graham

Graham, Annie McFarlane d. 8-18-1887, b. 6-3-1883, 

	ch/o James M. & Annie C. Graham

Graham, Laura May d. 8-26-1887, b. 5-14-1886, 

	ch/o James M. & Annie C. Graham

Green, John d. 1-3-1881, age 55y 9m 3d

Green, Susan d. 1-6-1885, b. 8-9-1833, 

	ch/o John & Susan Green

Green, John Rankin d. 9-11-1878, age 14y 2m 5d, 

	ch/o John & Susan Green

Green, Lizzie J. d. 4-17-1875, age 3y 10m 6d, 

	ch/o John & Susan Green

Greider, Frances I. d. 9-15-1901, b. 6-17-1901, 

	d/o J. & L. Greider

Haines, Sarah Ann d. 1-17-1892, age 61y 8m 15d, 

	w/o William A. Haines

Haines, William A. d. 6-14-1898, age 70y 0m 26d

Haines, Fanny A. d. 12-19-1882, age 19y 7m 12d, 

	d/o W. A. & Sarah Haines

Haines, Abner C. d. 3-11-1868, age 10y 2m 20d

Haines, Mary, Mrs. d. 2-6-1885, age 71y 3m 2d, nee Boldosser

Hale, Christiana d. 3-23-1866, age 74y, w/o Mikel Hale

Harmon, Catharine d. 6-9-1851, age 3y 7m, 

	d/o Thomas & Mary Harmon

Heberlig, John d. 1-15-1821, age 23y 2m 17d, slate headstone

Heberlig, Magdalena d. 8-20-1821, age 57y 11m 20d

Heberlig, Johannes d. 1824, age 14y 6m 11d, d. ----25, 1824; 

	slate; German

Heberlig, Jacob d. 6-5-1824, age 6y 0m 7d, slate; German

Heberlig, John d. 11-18-1827, age 67y 11m 18d, slate

Heberlig, Mable G. d. 2-4-1892, age 7d, 

	d/o J. E. & Ida J. Heberlig

Hefflefinger, John d. 11-5-1867, b. 6-9-1792

Hefflefinger, Elizabeth d. 3-9-1856, age 60y 2m 11d, 

	w/o John Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Ellen d. 1-9-1857, age 13y 10m 16d, 

	d/o J. & E. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, William d. 9-7-1827, age 30y 4m 15d, 

	slate headstone

Hefflefinger, Mary Ann d. 4-1-1848, age 19y 11m 16d, 

	d/o Wm. & Elizabeth Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, David d. 5-4-1854, b. 2-20-1832

Hefflefinger, Philip d. 5-5-1860, age 56y 9m 22d

Hefflefinger, Catharine d. 5-3-1874, age 74y, w/o Philip 

Hefflefinger, Benjamin d. 2-3-1885, b. 5-2-1836, soldier

Hefflefinger, Henry E. d. 12-17-1868, age 12y om 14d, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Sarah Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Minnie A., age 6m 16d, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Sarah Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Maggie J. d. 12-24-1891, age 29y 10m 5d

Hefflefinger, David d. 6-14-1878, age 38y 8m 16d, soldier

Hefflefinger, Margaret A. d. 12-13-1865, age 39y 5m 6d, 

	w/o John P. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Samuel K. d. 11-26-1862, age 8y 0m 3d, 

	s/o John P. & M. A. Hefflefinger

Heffleman, William Henry d. 2-23-1823, age 8m 9d

Heffleman, Mary Ann d. 12-14-1833, age 22y 0m 26d, 

	consort of John Heffleman

Hemminger, John d. 5-21-1871, age 68y 10m 17d

Hemminger, Martha d. 12-13-1893, age 78y 4m

Hemminger, Sue M. d. 1-31-1899, age 60y 2m 17d

Hemminger, Maria C. d. 2-25-1875, age 30y 7m 5d, 

	w/o J. D. Hemminger

Hemminger, Sallie B. d. 6-12-1871, age 2y, 

	ch/o J. D. & M. C. Hemminger

Hemminger, Clara Maria d. 4-16-1875, age 1m 26d, 

	ch/o J. D. & M. C. Hemminger

Hoffman, Jacob S. d. 1-31-1864, age 7y 10m 7d, 

	s/o Jonathan & Barbara Hoffman

Hoon, Elizabeth d. 4-11-1901, age 60y 7m 21d

Hoover, George d. 12-24-1868, b. 1-19-1817

Hoover, Nancy Gants d. 5-9-1855, b. 10-23-1815, 

	w/o George Hoover

Hoover, Catharine J. d. 12-19-1871, age 51y 11m 2d, 

	w/o George Hoover

Hoover, William d. 4-7-1897, b. 9-28-1824

Hoover, Elizabeth d. 4-11-1897, b. 1-8-1830, w/o William 

Hoover, G. B. McClellan d. 1-3-1864, age 1y 1m 7d

Hoover, Edward d. 4-30-1869, age 1y 4m 17d

Hoover, Henry H. d. 11-8-1882, age 29y 11m 2d

Hoover, Lovina J. d. 2-26-1890, b. 9-17-1854, w/o John 

Hoover, George B. d. 9-6-1875, age 16y 6m 26d

Hoover, William d. 12-28-1863, age 4y 11m 22d

Hoover, Susanna d. 9-5-1880, age 23y 2m 29d

Hoover, Samuel d. 7-27-1826, age 1m 6d

Hoover, William A. d. 2-6-1902, age 21y 1m 3d, 

	s/o W. A. & M. E. Hoover

Hoover, Annie Kate d. 3-7-1875, age 3y, 

	d/o W. M. & S. A. Hoover

Hoover, William F. d. 10-13-1832, age 4y 2m 6d

Hoover, George d. 10-9-1832, age 3y 1m 12d

Hoover, John d. 10-5-1832, age 5y 5m 2d

Hoover, Max M. d. 8-24-1894, age 11m 24d, 

	s/o Joseph F. & Nannie C. Hoover

Hoover, Rebecca E. d. 11-2-1859, age 3y 1m 11d, 

	ch/o G. K. & M. Hoover

Hoover, John Ellsworth d. 12-4-1863, age 1y 11m 8d, 

	ch/o G. K. & M. Hoover

Hoover, Oliver D. d. 6-5-1868, age 1y 4m 13d, 

	ch/o G. K. & M. Hoover

Hoover, Robert H. d. 3-1-1872, age 1y 3m 29d, 

	ch/o G. K. & M. Hoover

Ickes, Irvin A. d. 11-2-1904, age 2d, ch/o W. H. & A. M. 

Ickes, Charles W. d. 3-7-1903, age 10m?, 

	s/o W. H. & A. M. Ickes

Kammerer, Jacob d. 10-4-1830, b. 9-28-1803, German

Kamarer, Mathias d. 10-4-1870, age 62y 5m 23d

Kammerer, Susan d. 9-6-1870, age 69y 6m

Kammerer, Alvinda P. d. 6-28-1900, age 43y 1m 5d

Kamarer, Mathias d. 8-11-1885, age 43y 10m 9d 

Kamarer, Sarah d. 1-19-1890, age 70y 4m 18d, 

	w/o Mathias Kamarer

Kammerer, Zacharias d. 2-10-1851, b. 4-17-1848, 

	ch/o Mathias & Sarah Kammerar

Kammerer, Jacob Abraham d. 2-11-1851, b. 2-8-1850, 

	ch/o Mathias & Sarah Kammerer

Kammerer, Leah Emily d. 2-15-1851, b. 11-1-1847, 

	ch/o Mathias & Sarah Kammerer

Kammerer, Elizabeth Ann d. 4-15-1857, age 14y 2m, 

	ch/o Mathias & Sarah Kammerer

Kammerer, Joshua C. d. 11-5-1874, age 23y 7m, ch/o 

	Mathias & Sarah Kammerer

Kammerer, Eugene P. d. 6-9-1886, age 26y 4m 22d, 

	ch/o Mathias & Sarah Kammerer

Kammerer, John D. d. 2-1-1894, age 42y 9m 23d

Keck, Harry d. 5-16-1886, age 32y 4m

Keefauver, Frederick d. 9-16-1865, age 60y, 

	buried at Centerville

Keefauver, Sarah Yeats d. 4-13-1892, age 91y 4m 23d, 

	w/o Frederick Keefauver

Keihl, Philip d. 1902, b. 1838

Keihl, Alice C. d. 1885, b. 1873

Kendig, Henry d. 1-9-1858, age 74y 8m 9d

Kinch, John d. 9-7-1836, age 57y 1m

Kinch, Jacob d. 12-4-1840, age 26y 6m 19d

King, John d. 7-19-1847, b. 6-15-1766

King, Catharine Elizabeth d. 9-1-1819, age 39y, w/o John 

King, David, age 6m, s/o John & Catharine E. King

King, Henry d. 10-16-1834, age 28y

King, George d. 2-8-1836, age 29y

King, Elizabeth d. 6-10-1826, age 15y

Kleber, Elizabeth d. 1-20-1805, b. 4-27-1787, 

	d/o Martin & Catharine Kleber

Knouse, George W. d. 9-15-1887, age 71y

Knouse, Elizabeth d. 8-22-1895, age 85y, 

	w/o George W. Knouse

Koch, John , age 63y

Koch, Mary, age 88y, w/o John Koch

Koch, John d. 12-9-1888, age 67y 8m 9d

Koch, Elizabeth d. 1-5-1872, age 44y 11m 20d, w/o John 

Koch, Leah d. 2-6-1876, age 18y 11m 4d

Koch, Frankie T. d. 5-2-1877, age 6m 18d, 

	s/o Jacob & Margaret Koch

Koser, Israel d. 6-5-1898, age 73y 6m 22d

Koser, Rebecca d. 1-19-1891, age 73y 6m 22d, 

	w/o Israel Koser; both h. & w. age given as same

Kosht, William d. 5-22-1875, age 52y 11m 9d

Kosht, Catharine d. 6-13-1877, age 54y 3m 21d, w/o William 

Kosht, Emma d. 10-6-1878, age 10y 2m 18d, 

	ch/o John & Mary Kosht

Kosht, George d. 2-16-1867, age 9m 2d, ch/o John & Mary 

Kramer, Samuel A. d. 11-15-1884, age 2y 3m 4d

Leas, Mary E. d. 8-25-1868, age 18d, ch/o C. & S. Leas

Leas, Margaret J. d. 9-9-1869, age 1m 29d, 

	ch/o C. & S. Leas

Lehman, Jacob d. 3-20-1848, age 69y

Lehman, Catharine d. 1-31-1860, age 70y, 

	w/o Jacob Lehman

Lehman, Mary Jane d. 5-16-1855, age 25y 8m 19d, 

	d/o Jacob & Catharine Lehman

Lehman, William d. 6-25-1848, b. 11-1-1787

Lehman, Elizabeth d. 10-9-1880, b. 4-9-1796

Lehman, Elizabeth d. 9-12-1892, b. 3-27-1800

Lehman, Jacob d. 11-23-1884, b. 10-17-1813

Lehman, Florence B. d. 10-8-1886, age 4y 6m 26d

Lehman, William d. 11-13-1872, age 66y

Lehman, Harriet d. 5-2-1887, age 74y 2m 24d

Lehman, John d. 5-24-1877, age 26y 3m 9d

Lehman, Jacob d. 2-22-1872, age 22y 6m 2d, 

	s/o William & Harriet Lehman

Lehman, William H. d. 6-5-1860, age 17y 9m 15d, 

	s/o William & Harriet Lehman

Lehman, Willaim A. d. 3-4-1890, b. 3-24-1826

Lehman, Anna L. d. 9-15-1902, b. 8-4-1832, 

	w/o William A. Lehman

Lehman, Levi d. 10-3-1879, b. 10-18-1835

Lehman, James C. d. 11-7-1889, age 24y 0m 26d

Lehman, W. C. Leroy d. 9-22-1887, age 1m 22d, 

	s/o S. P. & Annie Lehman [d. 188?7]

Lehman, George F. d. ?, b. 1863

Lehman, Martha d. 1904, b. 1866, w/o George F. Lehman

Lehman, D. Smiley d. 12-5-1888, age 3d, 

	s/o G. F. & K. M. Lehman

Lehman, Myrtle G. d. 1893, b. 1892

Lehman, William H. d. 1903, b. 1861

Lehman, Mary Susan d. 4-1-1851, b. 5-1-1849, 

	d/o David & M. Lehman

Leib, Annie C. d. 12-23-1890, age 30y 1m 9d, 

	w/o C. H. Leib

Leib, William C. d. 11-28-1886

Little, Susan d. 2-28-1878, age 82y

Lutz, Martin d. 6-3-1827, b. 6-2-1768, German

Lutz, Elizabeth d. 9-17-1850, b. 5-9-1771, w/o Martin 

Mayberry, Ruth Enola d. 1901, b. 1900, 

	d/o C. E. & Annie Mayberry

McCoy, Jane M. d. 10-15-1899, age 4y 0m 2d, 

	d/o H. & E. S. McCoy

Mell, John d. 11-3-1840, b. 4-25-1771

Mell, Adam d. 10-16-1768, b. 10-16-1745, 

	German; slate headstone

Mell, Maria Barbara d. 5-00-1800, age 54y 6m 3d, 

	German; slate headstone

Mentzer, John d. 2-5-1861, age 80y 1m 21d

Mentzer, Elizabeth d. 7-6-1880, b. 3-14-1793

Mentzer, Simon d. 1888, b. 1830

Mentzer, Barbara, d. 1903, 1844

Mentzer, Henry S. d. 1890, b. 1874

Mentzer, George E. d. 1900, b. 1873

Mentzer, John d. 3-28-1879, age 62y 4m 7d

Mentzer, Eve Ann d. 7-17-1893, age 72y, w/o John 

Mentzer, Ida Jane d. 8-23-1866, age 10m 21d, 

	d/o John & Annie Mentzer

Mentzer, Frederick d. 7-6-1874, age 60y 10m 6d

Mentzer, Martha d. 7-29-1883, b. 10-22-1815

Mentzer, Mary d. 11-11-1881, age 41y 8m 13d, 

	w/o Francis Mentzer

Mentzer, William H. d. 7-18-1870, age 1m 27d, 

	s/o F. & M. Mentzer

Mentzer, John d. 3-18-1884, age 41y 9m 9d

Mentzer, Mamie d. 5-4-1885, age 11m 25d

Mentzer, David d. 1903, b. 1832

Mentzer, Henry d. 1895, b. 1820

Mentzer, Mary d. 1895, b. 1820

Mentzer, George d.?, b. 1835

Mentzer, Harriet Oiler d. 1895, b. 1846, w/o George 

Mentzer, Sally B. d. 11-2-1875, age 3y 8m 21d, 

	ch/o George & Harriet Mentzer

Mentzer, Franky d. 2-21-1878, age 1y 2m 20d, 

	ch/o George & Harriet Mentzer

Mentzer, Myrtle Viola d. 9-11-1896, b. 4-20-1893

Miller, Anna d. 5-4-1844, age 22y 0m 27d

Miller, Jeremiah D. d. 1904, b. 1861

Miller, Annie G. d. 5-6-1884, age 1y 5m 14d

Miller, Mary J. d. 7-22-1884, age 4y 4m 16d

Miller, Charles B. d. 4-28-1900, b. 3-10-1899, 

	s/o G. G. & I. F. Miller

Miller, Charles F. d. 11-26-1886, age 4y 2m 22d, 

	ch/o James A. & Ellen C. Miller

Miller, Catharine E. d. 6-4-1897, age 16y 1m 6d, 

	ch/o James A. & Ellen C. Miller

Miller, Edward V. d. 9-21-1887, age 18y 0m 21d, 

	ch/o Adam & Elizabeth Miller

Miller, Nannie J. d. 1-3-1891, age 19y 3m 7d, 

	ch/o Adam & Elizabeth Miller

Miller, Martha M. d. 6-21-1893, age 19y 6m 9d, 

	ch/o Adam & Elizabeth Miller

Mitten, Edward C. d. 4-6-1884, b. 3-21-1884, 

	s/o F. I. & Katie E. Mitten

Mitten, Elizabeth d. 11-4-1887, b. 3-27-1802

Mitten, Elizabeth d. 1-20-1899, age 78y 10m, w/o David 

Mitten, Katie E. d. 6-3-1890, age 33y, w/o Frank Mitten

Mitten, William V. d. 1905, b. 1850

Mitten, David d. 3-24-1885, age 3m 4d, 

	s/o David & Elizabeth Mitter

Mohler, Peter d. 7-23-1899, b. 5-7-1821

Mohler, Anna d. 3-24-1886, age 71y 8m 17d, w/o Peter 

Mohler, Elizabeth d. 1901, b. 1849

Mordorf, Levi d. 12-18-1894, b. 12-13-1844

Mowery, Elmer K. d. 1904, b. 1872

Musser, Susanna d. 4-1-1864, age 84y 0m 24d

Musser, Abram R. d. 4-9-1898, age 75y

Musser, Mary Ann d. 9-29-1875, age 51y 6m 8d, 

	w/o A. R. Musser

Musser, Susan C. d. 4-23-1905, age 53y

Myers, Peter d. 6-19-1884, b. 12-19-1800

Myers, Conrad d. 11-11-1876, b. 2-14-1804

Myers, Margaret d. 9-2-1879, b. 3-6-1805, w/o Conrad 

Myers, William E.? d. 3-16-1904, age 39y 0m 26d

Myers, Ralph E. d. 11-23-1897, age 5y 6m 16d

Myers, Christian d. 10-16-1834, age 57y 6m 2d

Myers, John d. 1902, b. 1834

Myers, Maria d.?, b. 1828

Myers, James Edmond d. 2-9-1878, age 20y 0m 9d, 

	ch/o John & Maria Myers

Myers, Sarah Ann d. 2-13-1864, age 4m 13d

Myers, Elizabeth d. 6-10-1833, age 51y, w/o John Myers

Myers, Margaret d. 11-11-1881, b. 6-30-1802

Myers, Barnet d. 2-13-1890, age 65y 2m 20d

Myers, Nancy d. 6-23-1901, age 68y 0m 2d

Nehf, Henry d. 7-7-1856, b. 9-10-1782

Neff, Eve Matilda d. 1-10-1864, age 18y 6m 4d, 

	ch/o Henry & A. C. Neff

Neff, William F. [?] d. 8-7-1863, age 3y 0m 18d, 

	ch/o Henry & A. C. Neff

Oiler, George d. 3-6-1886, age 76y 3m 3d

Oiler, Sarah Heckman d. 2-11-1889, age 72y 2m 25d, 

	w/o George Oiler

Oiler, Andrew d. 4-9-1882, age 79y 2m 22d

Oiler, Polly d. 11-1-1899, age 89y 5m 21d, w/o Andrew 

Oiler, Lucy Ann d. 8-23-1845, age 11m 10d, 

	d/o Andrew & M. Oiler; slate headstone

Oiler, John d. 7-5-1872, age 60y 1m 11d

Oiler, Catharine d. 12-30-1890, age 75y 0m 21d, w/o John 

Orris, John d. 12-4-1892, b. 8-15-1809

Orris, Elizabeth d. 5-17-1879, age 64y 3m 6d, w/o John 

Orris, John A. d. 6-20-1844, age 1y 6m, 

	ch/o John & Elizabeth Orris

Orris, Sylvester J. d. 11-7-1864, age 20y 0m 19d, 

	s/o John & Elizabeth Orris ; Co. H., 202d Regt., 

	Pa. Vols.; d. Alexandria

Orris, Martha M. d. 1-13-1886, age 7d, 

	d/o W. L. & H. J. Orris

Peffer, Mary M. d. 5-12-1895, age 60y 6m 25d, 

	w/o George W. Peffer

Ployer, Jacob d. 5-17-1897, age 77y 1m 7d

Ployer, Sophia d. 6-8-1896, age 73y 7m 17d, 

	w/o Jacob Ployer

Ployer, William A. d. 8-16-1858, age 3y 11m 25d, 

	ch/o Jacob & Sophia Ployer

Ployer, William H. d. 3-16-1871, age 3y 4m 23d

Raudabaugh, Polly d. 5-4-1854, age 38y 1m 12d, 

	w/o Samuel Raudabaugh

Reep, Jacob Frederick d. 9-4-1865, age 63y 11m 21d

Reep, Mary Charlotte d. 5-30-1869, age 67y 7m 10d, 

	w/o Jacob F. Reep

Reifsnyder, Abraham d. 11-6-1823, age 47y 6m 19d

Ressler, Eve d. 10-13-1864, age 74y 9m 23d, 

	w/o Samuel Ressler

Rex, Rachel Kremer d. 5-7-1850, b. 6-14-1830, 

	w/o Jeremiah Rex

Rex, Joseph d. 8-8-1849, age 1m 18d, 

	s/o Jeremiah & Rachel Rex

Rex, Catharine Minnich d. 4-17-1857, age 70y 9m 14d, 

	w/o Daniel Rex

Rhoads, John d. 10-31-1869, age 34y 5m 19d

Rhoads, Elizabeth E. d. 1-16-1860, age 2y 0m 26d, 

	d/o John & Margaret Rhoads

Rice, Benjamin d. 5-29-1885, b. 4-24-1815

Rice, Anna M. d. 5-9-1886, b. 10-5-1821

Rupp, Benjamin R. d. 1-11-1892, age 56y 11m 13d

Salisbury, Benjamin d. 8-12-1857, age 50y 11m 2d

Salisbury, Salome d. 12-1-1896, age 83y 2m 23d, 

	w/o Benjamin Salisbury

Salsburg, Catharine d. 11-18-1864, age 22y 1m 24d

Salsburg, William d. 9-29-1879, b. 7-27-1851, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Salome Salsburg

Salsburg, Andrew d. 12-24-1871, b. 12-22-1846, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Salome Salsburg

Salsburg, Susannah d. 9-14-1871, b. 11-14-1853, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Salome Salsburg

Salsburg, Elias d. 1-21-1869, b. 5-5-1849, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Salome Salsburg

Sanderson, William d. 5-25-1901, age 63y 7m 28d

Sanderson, Anna d. 10-15-1874, age 72y 6m 12d, 

	w/o William Sanderson

Sanderson, Samuel d. 7-23-1850, age 20y 3m 13d, 

	ch/o William & Anna Sanderson

Sanderson, Andrew d. 2-4-1833, age 1y 3m 25d, 

	ch/o William & Anna Sanderson

Sanderson, Mary J. d. 2-15-1833, age 5y 9m 23d, 

	ch/o William & Anna Sanderson

Sanderson, Eliza J. d. 8-12-1859, age 20y 0m 5d, 

	ch/o William & Anna Sanderson

Sanderson, William d. 5-1-1860, age 59y 1m 27d

Sanderson, George d. 1-25-1866, age 1y 4m 20d, 

	s/o William & S. J. Sanderson

Sanderson, Anna M., age 2y 0m 23d, d. Dec. 3, 186-

d/o William & S. J. Sanderson; 

Schneider, Henry d. 9-27-1825, age 64y

Snyder, Mary M. d. 4-8-1824, age 59y

Sell, John d. 12-14-1875, age 85y 8m 24d

Sell, Sussana Kesler d. 1-11-1871, age 75y 0m 1d, 

	w/o John Sell

Sell, John d. 1904, b. 1837

Sell, Catharine d. 1905, b. 1821

Sell, Catharine d. 12-21-1860, age 61y 0m 27d, 

	w/o Henry Sell

Sell, John A. d. 6-3-1842, age 4m 5d, 

	s/o Daniel & Frances M. Sell

Shambaugh, Elizabeth d. 6-15-1879, age 82y, 

	w/o Philip Shambaugh

Shambaugh, Michael d. 12-6-1900, age 75y

Shambaugh, Mary d. 3-15-1892, age 60y, w/o Michael 

Shambaugh, Clara E. d. 5-24-1881, b. 2-14-1880, 

	d/o L. J. & M. E. Shambaugh

Shanabrough, Charles Earl d. 7-14-1883, age 1y 6m 15d, 

	s/o John T. & Minnie Shanabrough

Shanabrough, Raymond Roy d. 3-13-1887, age 1y 8m 2d, 

	s/o John T. & Minnie Shanabrough

Sharp, Rebecca J. d. 9-16-1887, age 20y 11m 28d, 

	w/o W. B. Sharp

Sharp, Charley H. d. 10-24-1886, b. 2-28-1886

Shimp, William d. 6-3-1877, age 68y 10m 18d

Shimp, Nancy d. 1-10-1883, age 71y 10m 27d

Shimp, Daniel d. 12-8-1863, age 20y 5m 19d, 

	ch/o William & Nancy Shimp

Shimp, Elizabeth d. 3-11-1847, age 13y 1m 20d, 

	ch/o William & Nancy Shimp

Shimp, William d. 2-2-1857, age 17y 8m 22d

Sipe, John d. 8-18-1826, age 53y

Sipe, Leah d. 9-00-1830, age 13y 2m 20d

Sipe, William Henry d. 11-15-1836, age 2m 23d, 

	s/o Henry Sipe

Sipe, Martha Ellen d. 12-21-1838, age 1y 3m 11d, 

	d/o H. & Margaret Sipe

Sleabaugh, Sarah d. 8-5-1830, age 37y, 

	d/o Burkhart Warner

Smith, Henry A. d. 1905, b. 1839

Smith, Rebecca d. ?, b. 1842, w/o Henry A. Smith

Smith, John A. d. 1876, b. 1871

Snider, Jonathan d. 6-25-1894, age 81y

Snider, Sarah d. 5-2-1896, age 76y, w/o Jonathan Snider

Snyder, Henry d. 3-29-1847, age 61y 6m 7d

Snyder, Elizabeth d. 12-14-1868, age 83y 5m 22d

Snyder, Catharine d. 12-1-1859, age 54y, w/o Jonathan 

Snyder, John d. 1902, b. 1833

Snyder, Catharine d.?, b. 1833, w/o John Snyder

Snyder, Joseph d. 7-9-1838, b. 5-7-1835

Souder, John d. 11-6-1890, age 78y 9m 8d

Souder, Elizabeth d. 1-23-1896, age 78y 2m 3d, 

w/o John Souder

Souder, David d. 8-5-1860, age 39y 7m 13d

Souder, Samuel d. 9-20-1860, age 37y 10m 21d

Souder, Susanna d. 10-4-1860, age 19y 0m 27d, 

	d/o John & E. Souder

Stichler, John H. d. 10-3-1862, age 22y 10m 4d, Corp., 

	Co. E, 130 Regt. PV; d. of wounds received at the 

	Battle of Antietam

Stickler, Elizabeth d. 12-14-1875, age 48y 3m 12d

Stickler, John d. 3-20-1873, age 70y 9m 15d

Stichler, Margaret d. 10-25-1861, age 54y 5m 24d, 

	w/o John Stichler; [sp. Varies]

Stickler, Sarah d. 2-20-1873, age 42y 3m

Stine, John d. 4-13-1891, b. 9-25-1827

Stine, Ann d. 4-3-1898, b. 1-26-1826

Stoner, David d. 6-2-1838, age 42y 5m 15d

Stover, Harry W. d. 12-5-1887, age 2m 11d, 

	ch/o W. H. & N. A. Stover

Stover, Clyde d. 4-3-1892, age 29d, 

	ch/o W. H. & N. A. Stover

Stover, Amanda d. 1-17-1901, age 48y 1m 19d

Stover, Alice R. d. 4-10-1890, age 3y 0m 23d

Stover, Jacob d. 9-29-1902, age 73y 7m 4d

Stover, Catharine d. 10-19-1892, age 63y 7m 6d, 

	w/o Jacob Stover

Stover, Bertha E. d. 1-15-1895, b. 3-2-1891

Stum, Henry d. 1901, b. 1830

Stum, Mary A. Sell d. 1898, b. 1831, w/o Henry Stum

Stum, Daniel d. 2-28-1865, age 37y 0m 8d

Stum, Elizabeth C. d. 1-8-1904, age 70y, w/o Daniel 

Stum, Morris A. d. 8-4-1883, age 23y

Stum, James M. d. 1-9-1891, age 36y

Stum, Rebecca E. d. 10-22-1893, age 29y 8m 29d, 

	w/o John A. Stum

Stum, Samuel H. d. 7-22-1885, age 2y 0m 22d,

	s/o E. H. & Lucy Stum

Swartz, Jesse Z. d. 8-25-1865, age 26y 10m 13d, soldier

Swords, Susannah J. d. 1-13-1892, age 74y 3m 19d

Taylor, George d. 7-6-1901, Private, Co. K, 1st Regt., 

	N. H. Inftry.

Throne, George d. 12-25-1890, age 37y 4m 4d

Thumma, Ellen A. d. 1895, b. 1848, [b. 184 8?]

Thumma, Ella May d. 1-23-1878, age 2y 10m 23d, 

	d/o W. S. & E. A. Thumma

Utley, Peter d. 2-3-1830, age 55y 6m 15d

Utly, Elizabeth d. 5-20-1836, age 21y 3m 25d

Utley, Samuel d. 11-21-1844, age 32y 2m 20d

Wagner, Elizabeth d. 8-8-1897, b. 2-12-1826

Waigal, Magdalen A. d. 10-19-1831, age 54y, 

	w/o Henry Waigal

Weise, Lizzie C. d. 12-13-1874, age 17y 8m 12d, 

	d/o John F. & Sophia Weise

Wolf, Myrtle L. d. 3-4-1890, age 4y 6m 7d, 

	d/o T. & A. C. Wolf

Wolf, Samuel d. 8-1-1892, age 78y 3m

Wolf, Susan d. 9-30-1884, age 62y 9m 9d, 

	w/o Samuel Wolf, Sr.

Wolf, Charles E. d. 5-23-1900, b. 7-23-1870

Wolf, David d. 1895, b. 1844

Wolf, John d. 1903, b. 1838

Worst, Benjamin d.?, b. 1835

Worst, Mary d. 4-15-1901, age 61y 0m 13d

Worst, Daniel d. 4-6-1849, b. 8-23-1799

Worst, Susan d. 9-28-1884, age 80y 4m 20d

Zeigler, Johannes d. 4-17-1828, b. 1-16-1793, 

	German inscription

Zeigler, Catharine d. 10-22-1820, b. 3-17-1795, 

	German inscription

Zeigler, Margaret d. 3-26-1850, age 40y, 

	w/o William Zeigler

Zeigler, Susan d. 10-11-1857, age 58y 0m 2d, 

	relict of William Zeigler

Zeigler, Charles d. 10-5-1823, b. 9-16-1798

Zeigler, Frederick d. 9-17-1866, b. 6-13-1787

Zeigler, Barbara d. 10-1-1830, b. 2-10-1793

Zeigler, Philip d. 11-19-1846, b. 6-17-1766

Zeigler, Catharine d. 2-14-1833, b. 9-8-1763, 

	w/o Philip Zeigler

Zeigler, Catharine d. 3-20-1835, b. 8-8-1817, 

	ch/o Frederick & Elizabeth Zeigler

Zeigler, Elizabeth d. 5-26-1835, b. 9-29-1818, 

	ch/o Frederick & Elizabeth Zeigler

Zeigler, William d. 4-30-1846, age 55y

Zalar, Mary d. 2-12-1834, age 89y 11m 19d

Zoller, Nicholas d. 1-23-1814, b. 12-7-1774, German