Contributed by Sharon Frank

Black, Peter d. 2-24-1863, age 65y

Black, Sarah A. d. 3-17-1869, age 65y

Carothers, Ann Line d. 6-15-1838, b. 2-2-1794, w/o William 

Carothers, Ann R. d. 10-14-1866, age 34y 7m 24d, w/o J.M. 

Carothers, Margaret Jane d. 3-8-1904, age 73y 2m 8d

Ferree, Susanna Peffer d. 8-15-1859, age 93y, (b. 1765); (Grandmother)

Givler, Rebecca d. 9-8-1872, age 77y 7m 19d, w/o Henry 

Greason, Mary A. d. 6-15-1861, age 39y 8m 4d, w/o Robert 

Greason, Robert H. , age 2y 9m 7d, s/o Robert & Mary A. 

Greason, William E. d. 9-25-1862, b. 12-14-1840, 

	died from wounds received at the Battle of Antietam

Hemminger, Maria d. 12-3-1864, age 1y 0m 20d, d/o Samuel & 

	Elizabeth M. 

Huston, Matilda Line d. 4-27-1849, age 12-27-1827, w/o James; 

	d/o David & Sarah Line

Line, George, native Swiss. One of the first settlers and proprietors of 

	Lancaster Co.

Line, Salome Zimmerman,  consort of George; born in Lancaster 

	County, Pa.

Line, William d. 6-12-1822, b. 12-12-1749

Line, Maria Bear,  consort of William; born in Lancaster County, Pa.

Line, Abraham d. 7-16-1820, b. 2-20-1758

Line, Christiana Eby d. 8-19-1820, b. 1-17-1765, consort of Abraham 

Line, John d. 1-8-1827, b. 1-29-1763

Line, Ann Barbara d. 8-18-1850, age 69y 10m 30d, consort of John 

Line, Emanuel, Sr. d. 1-30-1851, b. 12-5-1781

Line, Elizabeth d. 9-29-1838, b. 1-12-1786, consort of Emanuel 

Line, David d. 1-21-1864, b. 8-30-1792

Line, Sarah d. 6-1-1882, b. 3-10-1801

Line, John d. 5-11-1833, age 1y 2m 29d, ch/o David & Sarah 

Line, Frances R. d. 6-21-1855, b. 9-10-1836, ch/o David & Sarah 

Line, Gabriel d. 1-29-1849, b. 9-26-1795

Line, Mary d. 11-25-1872, age 72y 4m 18d, w/o Gabriel 
Line, Henry P. d. 5-23-1845, b. 11-17-1833, only son of Gabriel & Mary 

Line, Abraham d. 12-11-1823, b. 10-6-1799

Line, Salome d. 1-22-1852, b. 12-21-1800

Line, George Lefever d. 11-5-1885, age 60y 10m 10d

Line, Maria d. 11-27-1869, b. 12-30-1807

Line, William d. 3-28-1872, age 78y

Line, Isabel Jane d. 6-20-1905, age 81y, w/o William 

Line, David M. d. 1863, b. 1862, s/o Dr. William & S.F. Irwin 

Line, Miriam E. d. 8-17-1870, age 9m 10d, d/o J.A.& M.B. ;[E?]

Line, Albert G. d. 9-1-1878, b. 8-6-1853

Musselman, Nancy d. 9-11-1824, age 52y

Peffer, Warren L. d. 3-10-1850, b. 4-10-1849, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann


Stayman, Arthur Melvenda Eugene d. 2-28-1851, b. 4-27-1850, 

	s/o Dr. J. & S.M.B