Contributed by Sharon Frank

Ahl, John d. 4-9-1844, age 68y, M. D.

Ahl, Nancy Vaughn d. 5-27-1851, age 79y, w/o Dr. John Ahl

Ahl, Peter d. 3-20-1897, b. 12-16-1815

Ahl, Daniel V. d. 9-16-1896, b. 2-20-1826

Ahl, Samuel S. d. 1-22-1851, age 41y

Ahl, Martha J. d. 1-9-1881, b. 2-22-1807

Ahl, Mary E. d. 3-29-1882, b. 11-7-1818

Ahl, Eleanor G., age 28d, d/o David & Mary E. Ahl; age 4 wk


Alexander, Rosann d. 12-2-1867, age 31y 4m 20d, 

	w/o Elias Alexander

Alexander, Elias d. 1-28-1872, age 39y 0m 28d

Alexander, Samuel d. 1896, b. 1830

Allen, Samuel R. d. 4-24-1891, age 76y 3m 10d

Allen, Jane d. 1-25-1893, age 76y 8m 29d

Arbegast, James E. d. 1904, b. 1862

Arbegast, Katie B.  1861, w/o James E. Arbegast;

Arbegast, George J. d. 12-31-1894, age 88y 1m 2d

Arbegast, Anna M. d. 10-27-1883, age 72y 4m 14d

Baker, George d. 4-15-1883, age 82y 3m 14d

Baker, Martha d. 3-21-1889, age 74y 9m 5d

Baker, Henry d. 3-13-1854, age 78y 3m

Baker, Catharine d. 3-13-1852, age 72y 3m 16d, w/o Henry Baker

Baker, William d. 5-12-1851, age 28y 3m, 

	s/o Henry & Catharine Baker

Baker, Frank d. 3-27-1888, age 44y 4m 18d, Dr.

Baker, Annie S. d. 1903, b. 1836

Baker, Mary Savilla d. 1-21-1902, age 37y, w/o J. E. Baker

Baker, Mary M. d. 8-24-1860, age 4m 6d, d/o H. & J. Baker

Barrick, Mary Belle Margaret d. 7-8-1903, b. 6-18-1903

Barto, Mary Melinda d. 8-29-1856, b. 5-9-1853, 

	ch/o Jonathan & Rebecca Barto

Barto, Melinda Elizabeth d. 2-14-1852, b. 8-4-1850, 

	ch/o Jonathan & RebeccaBarto

Barto, Anna Maria d. 1-29-1852, b. 5-18-1848

Baum, Wilmer d. 12-18-1888, age 1y 3m 19d, 

	s/o J. A. & M. E. Baum

Beetem, Abram C. d. 2-10-1901, age 17y 4m 14d, "The Evangelist"

Bender, George A. d. 7-7-1902, age 11d, s/o G. W. & M. J. Bender

Berrier, Thomas d. 3-28-1900, age 69y

Berrier, Franklin P. d. 1-15-1885, age 17y 4m 7d

Berrier, Sarah Luella d. 2-12-1902, b. 9-26-1870, 

	d/o Thomas & Susan Berrier

Boldosser, J. Reed d. 1903, b. 1895

Boldosser, Catharine d. 8-4-1904, b. 5-9-1879, w/o G. E. Boldosser

Bower, John J. d. 1867, b. 1827

Bower, Hannah M. d. 1895, b. 1834, w/o John J. Bower

Bower, William A. d. 1871, b. 1851

Bower, Annie E. d. 1884, b. 1854

Bower, Louisa A. d. 1859, b. 1856

Bower, John d. 1859, b. 1858

Bowman, John d. 10-22-1894, age 60y 11m 17d

Boyd, John Calvin d. 4-8-1896, b. 1-16-1877, killed by the explosion 

	of an engine at a portable saw mill

Boyd, Luther Aden [?] d. 4-26-1898, b. 12-19-1895

Brandt, David d. 9-6-1861, age 63y, These remains were brought 

	from a private graveyard in Mifflin Twp.

Brandt, ----- d. 1-19-1882, age 80y 0m 29d, w/o David Brandt; 

	remains brought from a Private graveyard in Mifflin Twp.

Brandt, Sally d. 9-25-1871, age 10m 24d, 

	d/o Samuel & Anna Brandt

Brandt, Luetta d. 11-4-1902, b. 4-17-1901

Brandt, Carrie May d. 8-15-1878, b. 1-15-1878, 

	d/o Aquilla & Vinnie Brandt

Bricker, John d. 4-22-1868, age 71y 11m 14d

Bricker, Eliza d. 2-16-1893, b. 2-22-1805

Bricker, Jacob Erb d. 3-13-1842, age 1y 10m

Bricker, Ruth, age 9m, d/o J. H. & Julia V. Bricker

Bricker, John H. d. 12-31-1900, age 64y 9m 18d

Bricker, Kate E. d. 2-18-1875, age 35y, w/o John H. Bricker

Bricker, W. Albert d. 8-25-1890, b. 2-19-1887, 

	s/o W. C. & E. C. Bricker

Burns, Tressa d. 2-28-1903, b. 7-10-1871

Byers, Samuel d. 9-8-1883, age 51y 3m 19d

Byers, Nancy E. d. 3-4-1897, b. 4-12-1834

Byers, Malinda , d.?, b. 4-12-1858, ch/o Samuel & Nancy E. Byers

Byers, John A. d. 12-21-1859, age 3m 20d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Nancy E. Byers

Byers, Emma D. d. 4-16-1876, age 19y 10m 16d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Nancy E. Byers

Carl, George d. 11-28-1888, age 79y 8m 20d, [11/28?/1883]

Carl, Margaret d. 1-8-1891, age 83y 11m 9d

Carl, Mary A. d. 7-29-1887, age 50y 11m 1d

Carothers, William W. d. 1892, b. 1820

Carothers, Catharine d. 1894, b. 1828, w/o William W. Carothers

Carothers, William Ward d. 8-24-1872, b. 4-20-1872, 

	s/o W. W. & E. A. Carothers

Carothers, John B. d. 1850, b. 1845

Carothers, Mary d. 1854, b. 1853

Carothers, John B. d. 3-29-1851, age 4y 5m 4d, 

	s/o William B. & Catharine Carothers

Carothers, Martin J. d. 3-18-1897, b. 8-14-1825, Rev.

Carothers, Elizabeth E. d.?, b. 1-16-1827

Carothers, James M. d. 1899, b. 1829

Carothers, Isabella J. d. 1902, b. 1842

Carothers, Jane Clark d. 6-6-1899, b. 2-14-1819

Chambers, James d. 7-6-1883, age 53y, Lieutenant, Co. E, 

	49th Pa. Inf.

Chisolm, Mollie E. Middleton d. 9-5-1881, b. 3-8-1859, 

	w/o H. C. Chisolm

Christlieb, Jacob d. 5-9-1884, b. 3-27-1791

Christlieb, Julian d. 9-28-1854, age 50y

Cooper, Levina d. 2-16-1896, age 36y, w/o Samuel Cooper

Davidson, Hannah d. 1894, b. 1823

Davidson, George H. d. 1899, b. 1859

DeHaven, David S. d. 6-4-1896, b. 4-11-1842

Derr, Barbara E. d. 4-6-1888, b. 3-11-1809

Derr, Daniel d. 9-2-1876, b. 3-31-1796

Derr, Elizabeth d. 2-6-1858, b. 4-17-1797, w/o Daniel Derr

Derr, Eliza Jane d. 9-18-1892, b. 4-27-1827, w/o Daniel Derr

Derr, Ferdinand d. 1-19-1904, b. 11-7-1828

Derr, Mary d. 11-21-1872, b. 9-23-1824, w/o Ferdinand Derr

Derr, Frances d. 12-11-1868, b. 10-1-1845, w/o Isaac Derr

Duck, Philip d. 7-15-1830, age 72y 11m 13d, 

	"A patriot of the Rev. War" ; Corporal, 

	Capt. Decker's Co., Col. Magaw's Bn.

Dock, Elizabeth d. 2-7-1848, age 84y 5m 11d, relict of Philip Dock

Dock, Philip d. 12-3-1860, age 72y, one of the volunteers who 

	distinguished themselves on the battlefields of Chippewa 

	& Lundy's Lane in War of 1812

Dock, Mary d. 7-4-1881, age 81y 10m 10d

Dock, Mary d. 2-18-1848, b. 4-29-1792

Duck, Peter d. 12-15-1841, b. 8-15-1796

Dock, Amelia d. 12-16-1844, age 53y 2m 2d
Duck, Jesse d. 10-12-1840, age 45y 10m 5d, all Ducks and Docks 

	are buried on same lot and are of the same family

Duffey, James A. d. 4-6-1901, age 64y

Dunkleberger, Catharine d. 9-13-1898, age 56y 7m 20d, 

	w/o Nathaniel Dunkleberger

Dunkleberger, J. W. d. 3-28-1898, b. 2-15-1863

Dunkleberger, Edith M. d. 11-2-1889, b. 10-21-1889

Dunkleberger, John d. 2-25-1901, b. 1-24-1838

Dunkleberger, Margaret A., [no dates given]

Dunlap, W. S. d. 1875, b. 1839

Eckman, John Milton d. 9-25-1861, age 1m 5d, 

	ch/o T. Alexander & Mary Eckman

Eckman, Anna Mary d. 9-9-1855, age 10m 22d, 

	ch/o T. Alexander & Mary Eckman

Eisenhower, Jacob d. 1-19-1892, age 84y 10m 9d

Eisenhower, Jane M. d. 9-17-1882, age 74y 5m 26d

Elliott, Robert E. d. 2-11-1897, b. 5-3-1829, 

	ch/o R. E. & Elizabeth Elliott

Elliott, Emma d. 2-4-1884, b. 8-13-1861, 

	ch/o R. E. & Elizabeth Elliott

Elliott, Annie E. d. 3-14-1886, b. 5-15-1864, 

	ch/o R. E. & Elizabeth Elliott

Elliott, James S. d. 3-6-1892, b. 11-6-1856, 

	ch/o R. E. & Elizabeth Elliott

Emerich, Willis Irvin d. 4-7-1876, b. 1-13-1853, 

	s/o George & Eliza Emerich

Ernst, Samuel Wilson d. 12-00-1861, b. 10-00-1858

Ernst, Naomi Frances d. 9-00-1883, b. 4-00-1866

Evelhock, George d. 3-24-1856, age 56y 7m

Evelhock, Rebecca d. 9-3-1865, age 58y 3m 4d

Fahnestock, Benjamin d. 3-28-1905, age 73y 6m 7d

Faust, Catharine Warden d. 4-5-1892, b. 9-9-1862, w/o W. G. Faust

Faust, George C. d. 4-18-1899, b. 10-15-1882, a son 

Finkenbinder, Lulu B. d. 2-23-1897, age 12y 3m 17d, 

	d/o W. H. & Emma Finkenbinder

Fishburn, J. Kenyon d. 12-5-1890, age 27y 2m 12d, killed at 

	Mifflintown Pa.  By an engine 

Fosnot, Bessie I. d. 2-16-1877, age 2y 4m 7d, 

	ch/o L. C. & L. B. Fosnot

Fosnot, Maud L. d. 2-14-1879, age 6y 6m 21d, 

	ch/o L. C. & L. B. Fosnot

Fosnot, J. M. d. 6-20-1863, age 6y 10m 20d, eldest 

	d/o J. C. & E. Fosnot

Fosnaught, Mary d. 7-3-1871, age 66y 10m 27d, 

	w/o Jacob Fosnaught
Fosnot, Margarete d. 10-23-1888, age 4m 3d, 

	d/o G. B. M. & A. K. Fosnot

Frymier, Isaac d. 1895, b. 1813

Frymier, Catharine Trexler d. 1845, b. 1814, w/o Isaac Frymier

Frymier, Catharine Jones d. 1893, b. 1811, w/o Isaac Frymier

Frymier, Anna Boyle d. 1886, b. 1853

Funk, John d. 5-26-1891, age 59y

Gamber, George A. d. ?, b. 1836

Gamber, Lavinia d. 1896, b. 1838, w/o George A. Gamber

Gamber, Robert Z. d. 1890, b. 1865, 

	s/o George A. & Lavinia A. Gamber

Getter, Cora A. d. 1-1-1900, age 32y

Getter, May d. 3-2-1898, age 14d, d/o Cora A. Getter

Getter, Eliza A. d. 9-29-1904, age 60y

Getter, Lovie d. 10-3-1872, age 2y, d/o G. F. & L. A. Getter

Gill, John H. d. 10-29-1896, age 56y

Gilmore, James d. 10-23-1852, age 54y

Gilmore, Eleanor d. 3-29-1885, b. 6-25-1806, w/o James Gilmore

Ginter, Jacob d. 1-19-1874, age 75y 10m 26d

Ginter, David G. d. 12-28-1863, age 5y 3m 7d, 

	ch/o Jacob & Mary Ginter

Ginter, Jacob S. d. 12-11-1863, age 12y 4m 17d, 

	ch/o Jacob & Mary Ginter

Ginter, Catharine d. 4-21-1866, age 29y 11m 5d, 

	d/o Jacob & Elizabeth Ginter

Greagor, Maudie M. d. 6-24-1884, age 1m, 

Green, John d. 2-20-1849, age 40y

Green, Jane M. d. 2-11-1842, age 1y

Green, Elizabeth d. 9-2-1850, age 2y

Griffin, William H. d. 8-14-1880, b. 7-18-1880

Gross, Henry d. 6-16-1893, age 60y 0m 2d

Grove, Harry M. d. 4-2-1892, age 6y 1m 7d, s/o S. & Sarah Grove

Gussman, Alice R. d. 9-6-1877, b. 2-26-1850, 

	w/o George L. Gussman

Hamaker, David d. 2-17-1879, age 65y 1m 25d

Hamaker, Elizabeth d. 12-1-1877, age 67y 9m 8d, 

	w/o David Hamaker

Hammer, Susan Ann d. 9-18-1864, age 34y 0m 24d, 

	w/o Captain G. B. Hammer

Hammer, John P. d. 9-16-1884, age 80y 9m 15d

Hammer, Catharine d. 1-16-1873, age 70y 4m 16d, 

	w/o John P. Hammer

Hammer, Susan A. d. 1901, b. 1846

Hammer, Catharine R. d. 1904, b. 1830

Hammer, Ida M., infant d/o William A. & Margaret Hammer

Handshew, Caddie E. d. 8-30-1879, age 38y 5m 16d, 

	w/o J. W. Handshew

Harlan, John F. d. 1896, b. 1831

Heberlig, Susan d. 2-20-1885, age 70y 4m 18d

Heberlig, Catharine d. 3-10-1875, age 64y 1m 17d

Heberlig, Rudolph d. 11-7-1863, b. 4-1-1785

Heberlig, Susan , age 71y 5m 27d, w/o Rudolph Heberlig

Heberlig, Margaret d. 3-22-1865, age 54y 0m 18d, 

	w/o Rudolph Heberlig

Heberlig, Martha E. d. 1-19-1857, age 4y 9m 9d, 

	d/o Rudolph & Margaret Heberlig

Heberlig, Millard F. d. 4-8-1888, age 4m 19d, 

	s/o W. E. & M. H. Heberlig

Heckman, Daniel d. 7-29-1889, age 63y 7m 4d

Heckman, Harriet d. 1-12-1893, age 64y 4m 27d

Hefflefinger, Nancy d. 8-28-1845, age 39y 6m 18d, 

	w/o B. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Mary E. d. 7-12-1889, age 5m 29d, 

	d/o P. L. & R. J. Hefflefinger

Heiser, Catharine d. 12-26-1904, age 29y 10m 18d, 

	w/o C. S. Heiser

Heiser, Anna M. d. 9-27-1898, b. 9-25-1880

Heller, Elizabeth d. 6-1-1903, age 62y 0m 5d

Hemminger, William d. 1874, b. 1831

Hemminger, Elizabeth d. 1903, b. 1835, w/o William Hemminger

Hemminger, Willie B. d. 1879, b. 1873

Hench, R. Alexander, b. 3-6-1829, on the Brandt lot; probably a 

	relative;  d. July 11, 184-

Henneberger, C. A. d. 1887, b. 1836

Henry, Sarah B. d. 6-16-1898, age 29y 10m 6d, w/o Andrew D. Henry

Henry, Abraham d. 8-3-1904, age 65y 4m 19d, Private, Co. D, 

	187th Regt., Pa. Vol.

Henry, Jacob d. 5-31-1891, b. 5-11-1811

Henry, Joseph E. d. 8-7-1893, b. 10-22-1863

Hess, Catharine E. d. 5-17-1897, age 22y 10m 12d, d/o Drurill Hess

Hiltibidle, Terry d. 1-14-1881, age 59y 8m 29d, w/o Henry Hiltibidle

Hoch, Sarah d. 4-16-1899, age 65y 10m 13d, w/o Aaron Hoch

Hoch, William Oren d. 11-6-1855, b. 10-10-1855, 

	s/o A. B. & A. M. Hoch

Hoch, Ethel d. 4-19-1894, age 4y 4m 1d, ch/o F. K. & Jennie Hoch

Hoch, Clair d. 9-3-1888, age 3m 14d, ch/o F. K. & Jennie Hoch

Hollenbaugh, Samuel d. 1-13-1888, age 63y 3m 18d

Hollenbaugh, John E. d. 3-31-1875, age 6y 8m 12d

Hollenbaugh, Cora V. d. 3-24-1977, age 5m 19d

Hollenbaugh, Solomon d. 10-7-1859

Hollenbaugh, David T. d. 12-21-1863, age 4y 2m 14d, 

	ch/o Samuel & Catharine Hollenbaugh

Hollenbaugh, Carson S. d. 12-7-1863, age 6y 2m, 

	ch/o Samuel & Catharine Hollenbaugh

Holt, Thomas B. d. 10-30-1899, age 56y 5m, Co. E, 33rd Regt., 

	Ohio Vol. Inf.

Hood, Elizabeth d. 12-2-1891, age 81y 

Hoover, Joseph F. d. 5-4-1872, age 43y 6m 17d

Hoover, David H. d. 2-5-1899, b. 10-00-1826

Hoover, Christian F. d. 10-14-1898, b. 8-15-1856

Huntsberger, Daniel d. 6-23-1902, b. 8-18-1832

Huntsberger, Rebecca J. d. 1-29-1895, b. 5-4-1835

Huntsberger, Frances A. d. 10-14-1859, b. 3-19-1856, 

	ch/o Daniel & Rebecca Huntsberger

Huntsberger, William E. d. 10-29-1860, b. 8-10-1860, 

	ch/o Daniel & Rebecca Huntsberger

Huntsberger, Elizabeth d. 8-14-1871, b. 2-7-1871, 

	ch/o Daniel & Rebecca Huntsberger

Huntsberger, Emma F. d. 7-14-1886, b. 11-13-1864, 

	w/o A. G. Huntsberger

Huntsberger, Samuel d. 9-17-1896, age 53y

Huntsberger, Peter d. 6-28-1851, b. 9-7-1807

Huntsberger, Elizabeth d. 2-1-1893, b. 7-9-1810, 

	w/o Peter Huntsberger

Huntsberger, Nancy d. 10-20-1849, age 8y 2m 2d, 

	d/o Peter & Elizabeth Huntsberger

Huntsberger, Peter d. 1-16-1865, b. 6-27-1836, s/o Peter & Elizabeth

Huntsberger; captured at Wyatts Farm, Va. Sept. 29, 1864; 

	d. Salisbury, N.C. and buried there

Huntsberger, Jonas D. d. 4-19-1889, age 54y

Huntsberger, Mary E. d. 9-3-1900, age 60y

Huntsberger, J. Walter d. 1878, age 1y, 

	s/o J. D. & M. E. Huntsberger

Huntsberger, Elizabeth d. 10-21-1849, age 10y 7m 3d, 

	d/o Peter & Elizabeth Huntsberger

Jacoby, Peter d. 1-22-1861, age 45y 3m 18d

Jacoby, Mary J. d. 4-8-1862, age 29y 8m 16d

Jacoby, George d. 4-1-1893, age 66y 8m 6d

Jones, Peter d. 5-3-1893, Private, Co. D, 107th Regt., Pa. Vol.

Kelly, Samuel K. d. 6-28-1891, age 59y 4m 15d

Kendig, Elizabeth Jacoby d. 2-17-1892, age 68y, 

	w/o Daniel Kendig

Kennedy, Mary A. Moorehead d. 8-24-1896, age 84y 3m 29d

Kern, Charles B. d. 5-29-1901, b. 10-15-1893

Kershaw, Elizabeth Elliott d. 9-11-1897, b. 3-12-1850, w/o Joshua D.

	Kershaw; Middleton

Killian, Abraham d. 1890, b. 1816

Killian, Susan d. 1902, b. 1822, w/o Abraham Killian

Killian, Henry F. d. 1850, b. 1843

Killian, Martha E. d. 1884, b. 1845

Killian, Mary J. d. 1850, b. 1849

Killian, J. B. d. 11-00-1891, b. 8-00-1880

Killian, S. W. d. 11-00-1891, b. 1-00-1887

Killian, R. C. d. 1892, b. 11-00-1889

Killian, F. DeH. D. 1-00-1904, b. 12-00-1878

Killian, Robert C. d. 5-30-1871, age 11m 25d, s/o J. W. & I. J. Killian

Krall, Mary Lindsey d. 1897, b. 1896

Kunkle, George B. d. 7-20-1901, age 78y 5m 2d

Kutz, Ira J. d. 3-26-1864, age 5y 7m 18d, ch/o A. J. & S. Kutz

Kutz, Parker B. d. 1-21-1863, age 1y 6m 10d, ch/o A. J. & S. Kutz

Leidig, M. E. d. 1902, b. 1841

Leidig, Mary A. d. 10-2-1880, age 50y 3m 16d, w/o J. B. Leidig

Leidig, Amand C. d. 5-2-1878, age 21y 5m 7d, [Amand (sic)]

Lewis, George P. d. 1-19-1848, age 2y 4m 18d

Lewis, Lydia B. d. 2-7-1853, age 6m 19d

Lewis, David C. d. 10-31-1889, age 30y 0m 12d

Lewis, James d. 7-27-1875, age 73y 7m

Lewis, Lydia d. 10-12-1896, age 76y 7m 22d

Lewis, Mary E. d. 6-6-1856, age 6y 4m 17d, 

	d/o James & Lydia Lewis

Lewis, Flora May d. 3-3-1875, age 1y 7m 25d, 

	d/o Samuel W. & N. Lewis

Lindsay, Joseph A. d. 1903, b. 1846

Loy, Martha J. d. 8-6-1885, age 55y 8m 11d, w/o Jacob Loy

Martz, John C. d. 1898, b. 1855

Martz, Anna M. d. 1880, b. 1879

Martz, Anna May d. 1-29-1880, age 5m, d/o J. C. & Mary C. Martz

Martz, David d. 1896, b. 1824

Martz, Susan d. 1-18-1873, b. 4-12-1825, w/o David Martz

Martz, David Henry d. 1-1-1861, age 10y 8m 4d, 

	s/o David & Susanna Martz

Maurice, Herman W. d. 10-31-1896, age 5y 11m 3d, 

	ch/o J. J. & A. F. Maurice

Maurice, Carrie d. 11-3-1896, age 3y 10m 10d, 

	ch/o J. J. & A. F. Maurice

Maurice, Mary E. d. 11-20-1896, age 2y 4m 20d, 

	ch/o J. J. & A. F. Maurice

McClure, Rachel d. 6-13-1894, age 48y, w/o W. C. McClure; d. 49 yr.

McClure, Emma J. d. 5-13-1875, age 2y, d/o W. C. & R. M. McClure

McCoy, P. G. d. 1895, b. 1829

McCoy, Margaret d. 1895, b. 1835, w/o P. G. McCoy

McDermond, Joseph d. 8-16-1893, age 65y 3m 11d

McDermond, Sarah A. d. 7-1-1897, age 64y 5m 16d

McDermond, Clara J. d. 7-2-1862, age 3y 8m 7d, 

	d/o J. & S. A. McDermond

McIvor, David Y. d. 1902, b. 1838

McIvor, Susan C. d. 1882, b. 1841

McKeehan, William Parker d. 6-18-1893, age 28y

McKeehan, Anne M. d. 1896, b. 1862

McWilliams, Adalbert d. 10-2-1871, b. 12-5-1842

Mentzer, Virginia Pearl d. 1-8-1903, age 10m 8d, 

	d/o S. & A. J. Mentzer

Middleton, Andrew d. 6-22-1812 , age 46y, red sand stone 

	head stone

Middleton, Margery Gillelen d. 5-24-1834, age 67y, 

	w/o Andrew Middleton; red sand stone head stone

Middleton, Margaret d. 3-22-1831, age 23y, consort of Robert 

	Middleton; red sand stone headstone

Middleton, Andrew M. d. 6-30-1871, b. 7-26-1804, [7/26?/1804]

Middleton, Nancy E. d. 3-3-1881, b. 4-3-1817

Middleton, William Arbuckle d. 1-17-1899, b. 9-23-1830

Middleton, Jennie D. d. 10-11-1874, age 2m 27d, 

	ch/o W. A. & Mary E. Middleton

Middleton, Catharine E. d. 9-9-1857, age 8m 27d, 

	ch/o W. A. & Mary E. Middleton

Middleton, Robert d. 3-5-1858, age 70y 4m 26d, Esq.

Miller, Willis U. d. 6-19-1890, b. 9-30-1856, M.D.

Miller, Jacob P. d. 4-15-1900, b. 5-1-1822

Miller, Jemima d.?, b. 2-8-1829

Miller, Spangler G. d. 2-3-1904, age 35y 4m 27d

Miller, Jerrie A. d. 3-4-1892

Miller, Mary M. d. 7-30-1893, age 2m 15d

Miller, Paul B. d. 7-24-1899, age 8m 21d

Miller, Esther C. d. 2-21-1901, age 3m 7d

Miller, Susie J. d. 2-3-1888, age 9y 2m 11d, d/o Jacob & Jane Miller

Miller, Agness E. d. 1-4-1899, b. 3-20-1863, w/o John A. Miller

Miller, Aletta, infant d/o R. & S. M. Miller 

Miller, James D. d. 4-22-1889, age 61y 11m

Minnich, Adam d. 2-2-1893, b. 1-7-1831

Minnich, Ellas [?] d. 12-21-1875, age 6m 7d, 

	d/o Adam & Emma Minnich

Minnich, John d. 10-17-1850, age 23y 2m 2d

Minnich, William d. 10-8-1850, age 17y 10m 27d

Mitchell, Sydney C. d. 12-29-1901, b. 12-13-1878, Co. G, 19th U. S. Inf.;

	killed at Naga, Cebu Island, Philippine Islands

Mitchell, Alice B. d. 9-30-1898, b. 8-5-1878, w/o Sydney C. Mitchell; 

	d/o W. W. & E. A. Carothers

Mitten, William A. d. 11-27-1896, age 64y 8m 13d, Co. D, 187th Regt., 

	Pa. Vol.

Mitten, Catharine d. 9-9-1904, b. 11-26-1827, w/o W. A. Mitten

Mitten, David J. d. 7-16-1859, age 11m 16d

Mowery, David A. d. 1893, b. 1857

Murphy, George d. 3-12-1892, age 78y 1m 10d

Murphy, Harriet d. 3-16-1892, age 77y 9m 29d, [5 children below]

Murphy, John , ch/o George & Harriet Murphy

Murphy, Sharpe , ch/o George & Harriet Murphy

Murphy, James , ch/o George & Harriet Murphy

Murphy, Mary , ch/o George & Harriet Murphy

Murphy, Charlotte, ch/o George & Harriet Murphy

Murphy, Mary Matilda Robinson , d/o Emma Murphy

Myers, Benjamin d. 4-14-1887, b. 4-8-1816

Myers, Alfred d. 2-1-1889, b. 8-14-1850

Myers, Howard d. 1-5-1897, age 2y 4m 3d, 

	ch/o Abram & Louella Myers

Myers, Cordia A. d. 5-21-1897, age 6y 1m 13d

Myers, Joel d. 1899, b. 1838

Myers, Walter Fosnot d. 2-26-1884, age 6m 1d, 

	ch/o Abram J. & Lou Ella Myers

Myers, John Herman d. 9-20-1888, age 1y 6m 27d, 

	ch/o Abram J. & Lou Ella Myers

Myers, Sophia d. 2-3-1879, age 30y 5m 23d, w/o John B. Myers

Myers, John d. 1879, b. 1810

Myers, Elizabeth, w/o John Myers

Negley, Rebecca Jane d. 8-17-1878, age 1y 6m 17d, 

	d/o Jacob & Mary P. Negley

Nehf, Henry d. 11-5-1902, age 78y 8m 22d

Nehf, Anna C. d. 1-6-1901, age 79y 7m 5d

Nehf, Clara J. d. 5-10-1898, age 41y 8m 27d, w/o John A. Nehf

Neibert, N. S. d. ??not given, b. 9-16-1864

Neibert, Sallie C. d.?not given, b. 12-23-1864

Neibert, Carrie May d. 3-22-1889, b. 8-26-1887, 

	ch/o N. S. & S. C. Neibert

Neibert, Roy V. d. 1-8-1898, b. 12-11-1895, 

	ch/o N. S. & S. C. Neibert

Neidich, Catharine F. d. 1-30-1871, age 20y 3m 15d, 

	w/o Levi Neidich

Neidich, Catharine d. 8-10-1871, age 7m 1d, 

	d/o Levi & Catharine E. Neidich

Neidigh, Sarah J. d. 7-19-1903, age 58y

Neidigh, Libby May d. 8-4-1871, age 2m 28d

O'Donnel, Frank d. 7-7-1894, age 53y

Preisler, Catharine d. 1898, b. 1816

Prosser, Pearl L. d. 1-8-1900, age 3y 7m, d/o W. A. & Alice Prosser

Railing, Pearl J. d. 1905, b. 1904

Rea, Cora G. d. 8-15-1887, b. 3-3-1867, w/o Charles E. Rea

Rebok, Bessie B. d. 8-16-1893, age 11y 4m 14d

Rebok, Frank d. 9-28-1887, age 6m

Rhoads, Mathias d. 5-16-1905, age 65y, Prins. [?] , Co. A, 21st Regt., 

	Pa. Cav.

Rhoads, Sarah d. 12-5-1895, age 58y 6m 4d

Rhoads, Sarah J. d. 10-17-1900, age 65y

Ritner, Peter d. 3-3-1889, age 70y 6m

Ritner, Jane M. d. 7-9-1900, age 65y 2m 26d, w/o Peter Ritner

Ritner, Mary Davidson d. 12-7-1898, b. 12-1-1849

Ritter, Elizabeth d. 5-6-1892, age 65y 6m 28d

Ritter, Daniel d. 4-17-1893, age 71y 8m 24d

Sener, John d. ?, b. 1840

Sener, Catharine d. ?, b. 1836

Sensebaugh, Mary d. 1-2-1862, age 4y 4m 21d, 

	d/o J. D. & Matilda Sensebaugh

Sensebaugh, John d. 5-22-1886, age 27y 2m 18d

Sensebaugh, John d. 8-5-1849, b. 8-25-1763

Sensebaugh, Rachel d. 8-4-1848, b. 2-26-1866,??? 

	w/o John Sensebaugh; 

Sensebaugh, Mary d. 1-20-1874, age 80y 4m 3d

Sensebaugh, Margaret d. 8-2-1881, age 78y 1m 8d

Sensebaugh, John D. d. 7-7-1873, age 72y 2m 5d

Sharp, Robert B. d. 3-29-1874, age 49y 4m 20d

Sharp, George G. d. 9-28-1886, age 20y 11m 28d

Sharp, James H. d. 11-20-1886, age 19y 6m 23d

Shellebarger, Jacob d. 9-2-1855, b. 12-11-1804

Shellebarger, Eliza Reichert d. 7-10-1888, b. 8-18-1813, 

	w/o Jacob Shellebarger

Shellebarger, Isaac d. 5-5-1852, b. 6-30-1849

Sheriff, John d. 7-1-1849, age 39y 4m 19d

Sherf, Mary d. 3-13-1864, age 57y

Sharf, Sarah d. 9-16-1880, age 51y 5m 12d, w/o Jacob Sharf

Shipley, ----- d. 12-3-1863, age 51y, w/o Benjamin Shipley

Shoap, T. Edward d. 9-17-1890, b. 12-10-1863

Shopwell, John d. 2-7-1900, Private, Co. H, 202nd Regt., Pa. Vol.

Shopwell, Carrol Walz , age 21d,; age 3 wk.

	 s/o David & Mary Shopwell

Shreffler, Henry d. 12-12-1904, age 68y, 1st Lieutenant, Co. F, 208th

	Regt., P. Vol.

Shreffler, Salome G. d. 5-1-1868, age 1y 3m 6d, 

	d/o H. & M. E. Shreffler

Shulenberger, B. F. d. 1901, b. 1840

Shulenberger, Samuel d. 1-5-1845, age 31y 3m 5d

Shulenberger, Margaret White d. 6-19-1885, age 70y 9m 1d, 

	consort of Samuel Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Elizabeth d. 2-9-1845, age 7y 7m 16d

Shulenberger, Ralph d. 9-11-1877, age 3y 0m 16d

Smith, Sebastian Boner d. 2-19-1885, b. 12-18-1810, 

	b. Stadtsteinnach, K. of Bavaria, Germ.

Smith, Mary d. 2-3-1846, b. 8-1-1816, w/o Sebastian B. Smith

Smith, Mary d. 3-7-1851, b. 2-6-1820, w/o Sebastian B. Smith

Smith, Anna E. d. 7-11-1889, b. 7-4-1811, w/o Sebastian B. Smith

Smith, Doratha d. 3-2-1847, age 1y 7m, d/o Sabastian B. Smith

Smith, Harvey O. d. 10-30-1898, age 3y 3m 22d

Smith, Mervin I. d. 4-2-1879, age 28y, s/o M. & M. C. Smith

Snyder, Henry F. d. 12-31-1895, b. 4-12-1834

Spangler, William W. d. 10-31-1892, age 51y 8m 12d, [51/08?.12]

Spangler, Catharine d. 3-8-1887, age 48y 9m 28d, 

	w/o William W. Spangler

Spangler, Earl S. d. 3-5-1885, age 1m 14d, s/o P. M. & H. J. Spangler

Spangler, Elizabeth d. 10-10-1898, b. 10-5-1826

Spangler, Yost d. 5-17-1878, b. 8-29-1800

Spangler, Rebecca d. 3-29-1870, b. 4-5-1803, w/o Yost Spangler

Sponsler, George d. 12-4-1898, b. 8-20-1810

Sponsler, Sarah E. d. 3-3-1899, b. 3-7-1815

Sprout, Levi B. d. 7-14-1899, b. 11-4-1837

Sprout, Sarah E. d. 1-23-1894, b. 7-27-1842, w/o Levi B. Sprout

Sprout, Willie d. 9-28-1882, infant s/o R. N. & Kate C. Sprout

Staver, Sarah Jane d. 7-1-1891, age 54y 3m 1d, w/o Levi Staver

Staver, Henry F. d. 9-26-1880, age 13y 9m 25d

Stough, James K. P. d. 11-11-1899, age 54y 10m 10d

Strohm, Minnie S. d. 7-1-1901, age 32y, w/o Edwin D. Strohm

Stum, Henry d. 1903, b. 1836

Swartz, Ira Abram d. 9-16-1897, age 1y 10m 23d

Talhelm, John d. 1898, b. 1830

Talhelm, George E. d. 5-14-1877, age 17y 11m 1d, 

	s/o John & Elizabeth Talhelm

Tanner, Flora Belle d. 1903, b. 1867, w/o Sheridan C. Tanner

Taylor, Anna E. d. 8-19-1887, age 38y 2m 5d, 

	d/o John & Elizabeth Talhelm

Thomas, William H. d. 9-13-1861, age 9m 26d, 

	ch/o D. W. & E. A. Thomas

Thomas, David A. d. 5-5-1864, age 1y 0m 11d, 

	ch/o D. W. & E. A. Thomas

Thomas, George B. Mc. d. 9-6-1864, age 2y 7m 10d, 

	ch/o D. W. & E. A. Thomas

Thomas, Flora May d. 8-27-1878, ch/o D. W. & E. A. Thomas

Thomas, Ralph K. T. d. 8-2-1902, b. 1-2-1880, 

	ch/o D. W. & E. A. Thomas

Thomas, Ella d. 11-26-1898, age 14y 11m 22d, 

	ch/o D. W. & E. A. Thomas

Thomas, Martha D. d. 4-15-1858, age 62y 8m 5d, w/o Josiah Thomas

Thomas, Martha Jane d. 3-4-1858, age 22y 5m 15d, 

	ch/o Josiah & Martha D.Thomas

Thomas, George Davidson d. 7-9-1855, age 22y 0m 20d, 

	ch/o Josiah & Martha D. Thomas

Thrush, David T. d. 5-5-1890

Tritt, Christian d. 1-5-1879, b. 3-21-1841

Trough, H. A. d. 7-8-1893, age 63y

Trough, T. M. Grath d. 8-29-1866, age 7m 28d, 

	ch/o H. A. & J. C. Trough

Through, Harry McClane d. 2-3-1873, age 2y 2m 18d, 

	ch/o H. A. & J. C. Trough;

Trough, J. Luther d. 2-8-1887, age 31y 0m 1d

Trough, Mary Victoria Goodhart d. 7-6-1888, age 33y 7m 20d,

	 w/o J. L. Trough

Trough, Sallie Grizzella d. 4-18-1878, age 8m 9d

Wagner, Isaac d. 10-28-1895, b. 8-25-1821, Corporal, Co. F, 

	158th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.

Wagner, Walter d. 5-24-1888, b. 9-26-1873

Wagner, J. M. d. 3-1-1875, age 51y 0m 16d

Wagner, Mary J. d. 11-24-1886, age 57y 10m 22d, w/o J. M. Wagner

Walker, Willie Sanderson d. 11-21-1871, age 4y 10m 23d, 

	s/o M. & M. A Walker

Warden, Joseph B. d. 1889, b. 1815

Warden, Mary A. d. 1883, b. 1820

Weast, Leonard d. 1892, b. 1807

Weast, Catharine A. d. 1850, b. 1819

Weast, Rebecca d. 1864, b. 1842

Weast, Abraham d. 1868, b. 1846

Weast, William B. d. 1890, b. 1868

Weast, James O. d. 7-21-1894, b. 10-12-1876

Weast, George d. 4-6-1899, b. 10-1-1848

Weaver, Jacob R. d. 1899, b. 1830

Weiser, Reuben, Co. K, 126th Pa. Vol.

Westafer, Mary d. 10-19-1864, age 42y 6m 18d, w/o John Westafer

Westfall, Oliver C. d. 1901, b. 1841

Westfall, Rebecca d.?, b. 1848, w/o Oliver Westfall

Westfall, Flora M. d. 1898, b. 1882

Westfall, Maud E. d. 1884, b. 1884

Westfall, William G. d. 1885, b. 1885

Whaler, John Elmer Ellsworth d. 8-11-1862, age 1y 3m 23d, 

	s/o John & Elizabeth Whaler

Wheler, John D. d. 1871, b. 1836

Wheler, Ellsworth d. 1862, b. 1861

Wheler, Elizabeth d. 1905, b. 1837

Wheler, D. W. d. 7-28-1898, age 66y 5m 5d, Sergeant., Co. H, 

	3rd Pa. Cav.

Wheler, Sue Thornton d. 8-8-1873, b. 9-9-1831, w/o D. W. Wheler

Wheler, Annie L., ch/o D. W. & S. T. Wheler

Wheler, Maria A. , ch/o D. W. & S. T. Wheler

Wheler, Nannie Bell , ch/o D. W. & S. T. Wheler

Wheler, Arthur T., ch/o D. W. & S. T. Wheler

Wheler, John d. 3-11-1864, age 57y 5m 28d

Wheler, Elizabeth d. 4-9-1860, age 49y 11m 20d, w/o John Wheler

Wheler, Phoebe d. 1903, b. 1838, his wife

Wheler, Mamie E. d. 1880, b. 1875

Wheler, Jacob W. d. 1892, b. 1834

Wheler, Ada F. d. 1866, b. 1861

Wheler, Charles C. d. 1874, b. 1873

Wheeler, Williard W. d. 1900, b. 1897, s/o H. B. & C. A. Wheeler

Whistler, Daniel d. 10-21-1903, age 60y 9m 8d

Whistler, Elizabeth, w/o Daniel Whistler; [no dates]

White, Mary Middleton d. 6-5-1891, b. 11-6-1843, 

	w/o E. Norton White; buried at Duncannon, Pa.

Wichlein, George d. 3-13-1854, age 76y 5m 13d

Williams, John d. 1897, b. 1808

Williams, Susanna d. 1892, b. 1813, w/o John Williams

Williams, Benjamin d. 4-23-1893, b. 9-10-1822

Williams, Catharine d. 10-18-1897, b. 7-16-1825, 

	w/o Benjamin Williams

Williams, C. Elizabeth d. 5-28-1869, b. 8-24-1853, 

	d/o B. & C. Williams

Wilson, William H. d. 7-9-1896, b. 4-15-1825

Wilson, Lazarus K. , age 48y 9m 13d, Seaman "Great Western" USN

Wilson, Elizabeth d. 8-3-1896, age 45y, w/o Lazarus Wilson

Wilson, Mary A. d. 10-23-1902, b. 5-21-1872

Worst, Samuel d. 1-2-1864, age 7y 11m 20d, 

	s/o Joseph & Mary Worst

Worst, Annie M. d. 10-13-1868, age 11y 11m 6d, 

	d/o Levi & Rachel Worst

Wyke, Christopher d. 1817, b. 1740, age 77y, (b. 1740)

Wyke, Susannah d. 1787, age 40y, w/o Christopher Wyke

Wyke, Margaret d. 9-00-1823, b. 1733, 

	2nd  w/o Christopher Wyke; (b. 1733)

Wyke, George d. 12-17-1825, age 44y, s/o Christopher Wyke

Wyke, Sarah d. 10-11-1826, age 16y, d/o Sarah Wyke

Wyke, William M. d. 12-17-1845, age 2y, 

	s/o William & Hannah Wyke

Wyke, Joseph d. 4-4-1848, age 10m

Young, Mary C. d. 11-28-1853, age 49y 3m 13d

Zeigler, Nancy d. 10-24-1862, age 41y 11m

Zeigler, Jacob d. 2-14-1857, age 68y

Zeigler, Barbara d. 1-20-1855, age 69y 6m, w/o Jacob Zeigler

Zeigler, John J. d. 1889, b. 1826

Zeigler, Nancy d. 1898, b. 1834, w/o John J. Zeigler

Zeigler, Franklin , infant s/o John J. & Nancy Zeigler

Zeigler, Jacob A. , infant s/o John J. & Nancy Zeigler

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