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BEATY; Agnes d. 1-7-1807, b. 1729, age 78y

                  William, d. 11-1-1809, age 78y

CHISM; David



                Margaret [listed with Thomas]

               Sen. [Sr. (?)]

               Margaret , w/o Sen. Chism

               Jane d. 10-29-1857

CRAIG; John d. 1794, Rev.; aged about 50y

FRENCH; James d. 5-24-1851, age 4y 7m 5d

                  Samuel d. 11-5-1881, b. 1817, age 64y 2m 11d

                  Elizabeth Zeigler d. 3-26-1862, age 40y 9m 7d, w/o Samuel

                  Margaret E. d. 8-13-1845, age 1y 4m 19d

GRACEY; Sarah A. d. 7-3-1845, age 28y 3m 25d, w/o William

HANNON; Jameson d. 2-00-1853, b. 3-00-1805

                   Margaret R. d. 8-20-1870, b. 5-6-1815

                    Margaret Williamson d. 11-00-1848, b. 12-00-1840, d/o

		Jameson & M. R.

                   Josephine d. 3-15-1875, d/o Jameson & Margaret R.

HEANNAN; Sarah d. 3-26-1831, age 21y 0m 12d

                      William, Jr. d. 2-5-1831, age 22y 9m

                       William, Sr. d. 10-25-1825, b. 1766, age 59y

                       Mary d. 1-19-1832, age 27y

                       Rebecca d. 8-29-1834, age 16y

HOON; Elizabeth d. 2-23-1860, b. 4-20-1829, w/o William

HUSTON; William d. 2-6-1821, age 68y

                   Mary d. 5-4-1822

                   Sarah, w/o James

                   James d. 6-5-1824, age 41y, s/o William & Mary

                   Eleanor d. 1-30-1815, age 30y, ch/o William & Mary

                   Martha d. 1-24-1818, age 17y 4m 23d, ch/o William & Mary

                   Eliza d. 5-9-1818, age 20y 2m 27d, ch/o William & Mary

                   Mary d. 12-11-1820, age 33y 9m 1d, ch/o William & Mary

                   Margaret d. 5-28-1819, age 23y 0m 3d, ch/o William &


IRWIN; Alfred L. d. 9-3-1869, b. 8-27-1844

JACKSON; Robert d. 12-10-1880, age 71y

                    Elizabeth d. 6-8-1883, age 72y

                    Emma d. 9-18-1883, b. 10-1-1849, w/o J. D. 

                    Isabella d. 11-12-1889, age 50y

JOHNSON; Jane d. 6-18-1819, age 28y, w/o John; d/o William 

		& Mary Huston

JONES; William H. d. 12-11-1861, b. 11-23-1856, s/o J. M. & P. E.

KYLE; Matthew d. 11-27-1855, b. 1778, d. in his 97th year;

LAIRD; Andrew M. d. 9-17-1854, b. 1-14-1827

MATHERS; Agnes d. 2-24-1817, b. 1791, age 26y 6m 30d, ch/o 

		William & Mary Huston

McCULLOCH; Elizabeth d. 6-25-1845, b. 1797, age 47y, w/o John

            	   Mary E. d. 8-23-1867, age 26y, w/o W. H.

	   Sarah Bell d. 11-12-1867, age 7m 4d, "Little" preceeds 

		given name

McELWAIN;  Martha Jane d. 6-15-1884, age 28y 6m 16d, w/o William

McMOOR; Rachel, 73y

McNEAL; Samuel d. 6-20-1860, b. 1778, age 82y 7m 5d

MONTGOMERY; James d. 11-29-1861, b. 1787, age 74y 0m 9d

	       Elizabeth d. 7-19-1859, b. 1777, age 82y

	       Robert d. 4-11-1879, b. 1815, age 64y 6m 28d

	       Rachel M. d. 10-20-1862, b. 1813, age 48y

	       Infant son, s/o Robert & Rachel M.

MOORE; John, age 75y

	    David, age 21y

REA; John d. 12-15-1867, age 23y 5m 18d

          George d. 9-22-1867, age 25y 7m 5d

          Isabella d. 4-19-1869, age 64y, w/o George

          George d. 9-23-1865, age 59y

          Mary Jane d. 7-27-1850, age 17y 5m 10d, ch/o George & Isabella

          Nancy Elizabeth d. 5-5-1850, age 12y 7m 23d, ch/o George &


          Sarah Ann d. 5-3-1844, age 13y 3m 15d, ch/o George & Isabella

          William d. 5-20-1857, age 21y

           Annie H. d. 3-14-1883, age 37y 1m 16d, w/o J. D. 

           Elizabeth L. d. 5-20-1871, age 32y 1m 10d, w/o J. D. 

          Effa Jane d. 9-27-1865, b. 8-27-1865, d/o James & Elizabeth

          Ella Bell d. 11-5-1886, b. 9-27-1866, d/o James & Elizabeth

REED; Agness, w/o J. H.; d/o James & Sarah Huston

SCOTT; John d. 8-27-1876, age 42y

SCROGGS; Sarah d. 12-11-1855, b. 1783, age 72y, (b. 1783)

SHARP; Robert d. 9-12-1815, age 67y

	 Margaret McDowell d. 8-13-1810, consort of Alexander

	  Alexander d. 12-8-1824, b. 1756, age 68y

	   Isabella Oliver d. 6-7-1843, b. 7-16-1771, w/o Alexander

	   Margaret d. 9-18-1815, consort of Robert; aged about 80 years; slate 

	   Andrew d. 11-13-1865, age 45y 7m 24d

	   Andrew d. 1-20-1868, age 46y 8m 4d

	   John d. 7-12-1863, b. 1783, age 80y 6m 18d

	   Martha (Huston) d. 12-29-1862, b. 1792, age 70y, w/o John

	   Martha d. 9-27-1861, age 38y, d/o John & Martha 

	   Margaret d. 1-27-1870, age 51y 9m 10d

	   Thomas d. 8-15-1888, b. 5-29-1827

	   Margaret d. 4-2-1873, age 47y 0m 25d, w/o Thomas; was Margaret Jane

Jacobs  of  Mifflin Twp.

	   Margaret McDowell d. 8-15-1810, age 50y, consort of Alexander

	   Margaret d. 12-00-1797, d/o Alexander & Margaret 

	   Elder d. 3-00-1805, b. 3-27-1786

	   Alexander d. 12-13-1860, age 34y

	   Alexander d. 1-28-1857, b. 1796, age 60y, Rev.

	   Elizabeth Bryson d. 1-27-1870, b. 9-11-1797, w/o Rev. Alexander, D.D.

(Sharpe), Jane E. d. 10-22-1861, b. 12-17-1826, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth

	   Jane W. d. 6-27-1876, b. 1795, age 81y

	   William H. B. d. 7-31-1849, age 21y

	    Thomas d. 6-15-1830, age 29y 4m, unmarried

	    William M. d. 8-20-1835, b. 1798, age 37y, (b. 1798)

	    Joshua W. d. 4-7-1881, b. 5-24-1831, Capt.; d. in Jaffa, Palestine

	    Lewis W. d. 2-6-1875, b. 12-8-1854

	    Eliza Ann d. 1-4-1858, b. 3-31-1819, w/o S. W.; d/o Samuel & Deborah 


	   Alexander d. 2-13-1868, b. 4-26-1849, s/o S. W. & Eliza A.

	   John R. d. 8-1-1875, b. 7-15-1830

	   Martha T. W. d. 2-29-1884, b. 3-2-1834

	   Martha J. W. d. 12-20-1882, b. 7-7-1863, d/o John R. & Martha T. W. 

VANCE; John d. 6-16-1849, b. 1773, age 75y

	    Jane d. 11-9-1837, b. 1781, age 55y, consort of John

WHITE; John G. d. 8-12-1848, b. 4-11-1818, s/o Crawford & E. ; b. New


                         	Lawrence Co., Pa.; d. Cumberland County

WOODBURN; John d. 1-11-1846, b. 1754, age 92y

	  Mary d. 1-16-1836, b. 1764, age 72y, consort of John

	 Samuel d. 11-13-1834, b. 1765, age 68y

	 James d. 8-20-1863, b. 1788, age 75y 1m 20d

	 Elizabeth d. 9-28-1851, b. 1792, age 59y 1m 15d, w/o James

	 Thomas Smith d. 10-14-1839, b. 8-20-1807

WOODS; William P. d. 11-2-1862, age 20y 1m 18d, s/o J. P. & J. P. ;

		Private, Co. E,

                        	130th Regt., Pa. Vols.; Captain Laughlin - 

		Colonel Zinn

	     Margaret d. 2-28-1865, age 15y 11m 1d

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