Contributed by Sharon Frank


Au, Christopher d. 9-30-1855, age 77y 10m 5d

Au, Magdalena d. 6-17-1850, b. 12-23-1776, consort of Christopher 

Au, John d. 12-23-1837, b. 1-17-1817, s/o Christopher & Magdalena 

Au, Elizabeth d. 6-30-1837, b. 7-15-1803, 

	d/o Christopher & Magdalena

Au, Eliza J. d. 6-8-1883, age 36y 2m 25d

Au, Jacob d. 1-18-1877, age 75y 1m 26d

Au, William L. d. 3-31-1899, age 48y 4m 5d

Baker, Henry d. 4-29-1872, age 62y

Baker, Maggie d. 5-12-1871, age 21y 2m 8d, d/o H. & Sarah Baker

Bistline, Andrew d. 6-16-1900, b. 1-23-1830

Bistline, Catharine d. 1-6-1871, age 37y 4m 21d, w/o Andrew Bistline

Book, Florence Grace d. 8-28-1900, age 1y 9m 8d, 

	d/o A. C. & A. J. Book; [21 mo.]

Bowers, Frank W. d. 10-12-1900, b. 1872, age 27y

Bowers, -----  d. 1-14-1892, age 2m 27d, s/o S. & E. A. Bowers

Boyd, Florence Lytle d. 8-11-1896, age 1m 20d, 

	d/o J. R.[?] & S. B. Boyd

Boyd, Elizabeth d. 9-9-1881, age 78y 8m 28d, w/o Robert Boyd

Boyd, Sarah Jane d. 1-24-1860, age 11y 4m 2d, 

	d/o Robert & Elizabeth Boyd

Boyd, Elizabeth d. 1-27-1860, age 15y 2m 15d, 

	ch/o Robert & Elizabeth Boyd

Boyd, Jeremiah d. 2-23-1845, age 3y 11m 3d, 

	ch/o Robert & Elizabeth Boyd

Carbaugh, Rebecca d. 6-14-1851, age 32y 10m 14d, 

	w/o Michael Carbaugh

Carbaugh, William L. d. 11-15-1854, age 1y 0m 25d, 

	s/o T. M. & Elizabeth Carbaugh

Carson, John d. 2-28-1877, b. 1-17-1794, Capt.

Carson, Elizabeth d. 7-7-1881, age 77y 11m 19d

Conner, George d. 5-14-1840, b. 1-4-1804

Conner, Mary d. 10-2-1883, age 75y 3m, w/o George Conner

Conner, Catharine d. 3-6-1840, b. 12-1-1836, 

	d/o George & Mary Conner

Conner, Mary A. d. 9-2-1885, age 44y 9m 17d

Conner, Moses d. 10-1-1872, age 44y 3m 1d

Conner, Sarah d. 10-14-1860, b. 9-4-1822, w/o Moses Conner

Conner, infant son d. 10-11-1860, s/o Moses & Sarah Conner

Conner, infant daughter d. 10-11-1860, d/o Moses & Sarah Conner

Diehl, Joanna d. 11-23-1879, b. 11-11-1825

Diehl, Joseph d. 10-10-1896, age 67y 6m 9d

Diehl, George Adam d. 9-13-1868, age 2y 10m 27d, 

	s/o Joseph & M. Diehl

Diller, Francis d. 3-10-1857, age 71y 8m 26d, Rev.

Diller, Maria d. 2-7-1871, age 73y 11m 20d, w/o Francis Diller

Drewart, Ellen d. 9-8-1852, age 31y 8m 29d, d/o Richard & Sarah 

Drewett, Thomas M. d. 2-14-1863, age 3m 26d, 

	s/o James & Obadiah [sic] Drewett

Driver, Laura Alice d. 7-4-1882, age 1y 2m 15d, 

	d/o F. A. & S. H. Driver

Dunlap, James M. d. 3-12-1891, b. 6-18-1826

Dunlap, Eliza J. d. 10-28-1898, b. 9-23-1840, w/o James Dunlap

Dunlap, Laura S. E. d. 10-16-1869, b. 1854, 

	d/o James M. & Elizabeth Dunlap [b. ---12,1854] [sic]

Dunlap, Charlie S. d. 3-30-1872, b. 2-14-1871, ch/o J. M. & Jennie 

Dunlap, Martha E. d. 9-12-1881, b. 7-15-1880, ch/o J. M. & Jennie 

Eichelberger, Franklin d. 4-5-1896, age 64y 0m 25d

Eichelberger, Louisa Elsie Idelia d. 2-5-1885, b. 9-9-1874, 

	d/o Franklin & Louisa Eichelberger

Etter, Arabella D. d. 10-2-1879, age 7y 7m 10d

Etter, Margaret E. d. 10-10-1879, age 15y 5m 27d

Etter, Samuel J. d. 10-30-1863, age 6y 8m 10d, s/o J. & S. A. Etter

Etter, Jonathan d. 5-21-1898, age 69y 0m 13d

Failor, Andrew d. 2-17-1880, b. 8-7-1819

Failor, Susan d. 3-5-1898, b. 6-15-1815

Fyler, Delia E. d. 3-14-1881, d/o Ira M. & M. A. Fyler

Garman, Daniel C. d. 8-1-1891, age 61y 5m 25d

Gebhart, Martha d. 1-24-1860, b. 2-10-1830, w/o Isaac Gebhart

Gebhart, Eve Ann d. 2-12-1861, b. 2-17-1840, w/o Isaac Gebhart

Gebhart, Mary A. d. 2-9-1860, b. 9-5-1852, 

	d/o Isaac & Martha Gebhart

Geese, Susan d. 1-4-1889, b. 1-10-1823

Geese, John d. 1-30-1888, b. 9-26-1819

Gelwicks, John d. 12-12-1887, age 76y 8m 3d

Gelwicks, Magdalene d. 6-1-1894, age 81y 7m 1d, 

	w/o John Gelwicks

Gelwicks, John d. 1-15-1853, b. 9-8-1774

Gelwicks, Annie E. d. 2-15-1848, b. 10-19-1839, 

	d/o John & M. Gelwicks

Gelwicks, Jeremiah d. 6-6-1859, b. 3-30-1848, s/o John & M. Gelwicks

Gilbert, Henry d. 5-12-1857, b. 12-12-1790

Gilbert, Margaret Rebecca d. 10-18-1867, age 76y 9m 27d, 

	w/o Henry Gilbert

Gilbert, Maria d. 6-13-1878, age 56y 9m

Gilbert, John d. 7-16-1880, age 57y

Gilbert, Margaret E. d. 3-22-1870, age 16y 10m 12d, 

	d/o John S. & Catharine Gilbert

Gilbert, Henry d. 1-12-1881, age 59y 0m 18d

Gilbert, Susanna d. 4-3-1897, age 78y 8m 19d, w/o Henry Gilbert

Gochenauer, John d. 6-23-1885, b. 6-29-1828

Gochenauer, Elizabeth d.?, b. 5-21-1831

Gross, Viola May d. 7-26-1884, age 1m 16d, d/o C. P. & M. E. Gross

Hagey, Josiah C. d. 12-1-1876, age 1y 2m 9d, 

	s/o A. S. & Mollie J. Hagey

Harmon, Samuel d. 3-5-1887, age 66y 9m 18d, Co. K, 158 Regt., 

	Pa. Militia

Harmon, Peter d. 2-1-1877, age 63y 8m 24d

Harmon, Elizabeth d. 6-26-1873, b. 1779, age 94y 4m

Harmon, Margaret d. 10-17-1875, age 58y 11m 9d, w/o John Harmon

Harmon, John d. 12-28-1879, age 18y 8m 7d, 

	s/o Peter & Hannah Hermon

Harmon, David d. 4-8-1857, b. 4-1-1857, 

	s/o George & Maria S. Harmon

Harmon, Maria Sabina d. 4-5-1857, b. 4-8-1834, w/o George Harmon

Harman, Bertha B. d. 5-24-1896, age 2y 7m 7d, 

	d/o William & Ada B. Harman

Haun, David d. 11-3-1876, age 75y 1m 3d

Haun, Eliza d. 9-2-1893, age 77y 8m 27d, w/o David Haun

Haun, Philip d. 9-2-1863, age 64y

Haun, Jane d. 8-7-1847, age 54y

Haun, Jacob d. 11-9-1834, b. 8-14-1764, slate

Haun, Mary d. 11-2-1838, age 75y 2m 3d, w/o Jacob Haun

Haun, John d. 11-25-1827, b. 1-30-1805, s/o Jacob Haun; 

	slate carved

Haun, Michael d. 7-6-1819, age 11y 5m, s/o Jacob Haun

Heberlig, Benjamin d. 10-24-1850, b. 5-8-1807

Heberlig, Mary A. d. 9-22-1884, age 43y, w/o Jacob Heberlig

Heberlig, Maggie E. d. 5-13-1863, age 1y 2m 18d, 

	d/o Jacob & Mary A. Heberlig [E.?]

Heberlig, William Henry d. 2-8-1870, age 1y 1m 19d, 

	s/o B. F. & H. L. Heberlig

Heberlig, John d. 5-12-1889, age 94y 2m 19d

Heberlig, Margaret d. 12-17-1867, age 64y 6m 24d, 

	w/o John Heberlig, Sr.

Heberlig, Elizabeth d. 3-18-1889, age 49y 11m 26d, 

	w/o Adam Heberlig

Heberlig, Margaret J. d. 11-19-1861, b. 5-22-1857, 

	d/o Adam & Elizabeth Heberlig

Heberlig, Samuel d. 7-3-1876, age 77y 7m 13d

Heberlig, Hannah d. 7-16-1895, age 87y 11m 26d

Heberlig, Samuel A. d. 12-16-1862, age 7y

Heberlig, Catharine A. d. 3-21-1896, b. 8-10-1826, 

	w/o Joseph F. Heberlig

Heberlig, Mary A. d. 12-11-1865, age 1y 11m, 

	d/o J. F. & C. A. Heberlig

Heberlig, Jeremiah d. 4-13-1862, age 28d, s/o J. F. & C. A. Heberlig

Heberlig, Peter H. d. 2-19-1860, b. 5-3-1858, 

	s/o J. F. & Catharine A. Heberlig

Heberlig, Joseph d. 7-10-1855, b. 10-24-1833, 

	s/o Samuel & Hanna Heberlig, [185?5]

Heberlig, Benjamin d. 3-23-1843, age 4y 3m 17d, 

	s/o Samuel & Hannah Heberlig

Heberlig, Caroline d. 12-21-1842, age 2y 7m 27d, 

	d/o Samuel & Hannah Heberlig

Heberlig, Elijah d. 3-6-1849, age 4y 4m 16d, 

	s/o Samuel & Hannah Heberlig

Heberlig, William d. 10-28-1898, age 59y 0m 6d

Heberlig, Martha H. d. 1-13-1883, age 2m 25d, 

	d/o S. B. & M. J. Heberlig

Heberlig, Clarence B. d. 1-27-1879, age 1y 10m 11d, 

	ch/o William & Mary C. Heberlig

Heberlig, John W. d. 1-24-1875, age 1m 3d, 

	ch/o William & Mary C. Heberlig

Hefflefinger, James d. 12-24-1899, age 56y 7m 13d

Hefflefinger, Jacob d. 1-2-1900, Private, Co. K., 201st Regt.., Pa. Vols.

Hefflefinger, Sarah E. d. 9-15-1860, age 28y 3m, 

	d/o David & Elizabeth Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Thomas d. 5-8-1878, age 73y 9m 16d

Hefflefinger, Agnes d. 9-17-1868, age 65y 0m 17d, 

	w/o Thomas Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Thomas d. 6-16-1831, b. 1766, age 65y 3m 19d

Hefflefinger, Mary E. d. 11-15-1865, age 30y 6m 23d, 

	w/o Thomas Hefflefinger; d/o William & Margaret Brickley

Hefflefinger, Maggie d. 12-20-1865, age 5y 3m 28d, 

	d/o Thomas & Mary B. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Mary E. A. d. 2-4-1863, age 4y 6m 15d, 

	d/o Thomas & Mary B. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, infant son d. 11-22-1861, age 1m 29d, 

	s/o David & Eliza P. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, William d. 12-1-1856, age 28y 4m 9d, 

	ch/o Thomas & Agnes Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Alexander d. 6-28-1851, age 18y 6m 4d, 

	ch/o Thomas & Agnes Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Catharine d. 9-2-1847, b. 1761, age 86y 5m 14d, 

	w/o Philip Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Philip d. 12-13-1839, b. 1757, age 82y 4m, ; 

	was a drummer boy in the Rev.

Hefflefinger, John d. 1-1-1878, age 39y 11m 24d

Hefflefinger, Alberta E. d. 4-24-1873, age 2y 3m 15d, 

	d/o John & S. C. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, infant daughter d. 10-21-1876, 

	d/o John & S. C. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, infant daughter d. 5-22-1868, 

	d/o John & S. C. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Frank Hays d. 3-29-1882, age 14y 6m 23d, 

	s/o David & E. Jane Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, infant son d. ?, b. 8-6-1877, s/o John & S. C. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Samuel d. 1-18-1895, b. 3-27-1806

Hefflefinger, David Calvin d. 6-13-1886, age 21y 6m 16d, 

	s/o David & Elizabeth J. Hefflefinger

Hefflefinger, Benjamin d. 4-29-1875, age 35y 2m 2d

High, Mary High (?) d. 4-27-1869, b. 8-13-1814

Holby, Henry d. 8-30-1883, b. 8-30-1813

Holby, Catharine, age 67y 6m 28d, w/o Henry Holby

Holby, Hannah M. d. 12-12-1877, age 24y 7m 25d, w/o Hiram Holby

Holby, Hiram C. d. 4-2-1869, age 18y 3m 26d, d/o S. & H. Heberlig

Holby, Mary d. 1-22-1881, age 2m 8d, d/o J. F. & Lucy Holby

Holler, John d. 5-9-1864, age 34y 9m 23d

Humbarger, Jacob d. 4-1-1874, age 68y 10m 9d

Humbarger, Benjamin d. 1-3-1873, age 66y

Keesaman, Josephine d. 4-4-1855, age 11m 16d, 

	ch/o William & Sara Keesaman

Keesaman, David Carson d. 2-27-1860, age 3y 4m 3d, 

	ch/o William & Sara Keesaman

Keesaman, Sarah E. d. 11-3-1864, 1y 6m 12d, 

	ch/o William & Sara Keesaman

Ketron, John d. 5-3-1855

Koser, Jonathan d. 11-10-1862, b. 3-2-1797

Koser, Culbertson d. 7-16-1863, b. 9-12-1831

Lay, Mary E. d. 2-12-1898, age 15d, d/o L. D. & I. C. Lay

Lehman, John d. 5-31-1883, age 65y 2m 21d, Rev.

Lehner, Lewis d. 12-24-1880, age 68y 9m 26d

Lehner, Nancie d. 4-12-1890, age 66y 1m 26d, w/o Lewis Lehner

Long, John d. 5-12-1855, age 75y 10m 14d

Long, Susannah d. 4-5-1865, age 29y 0m 3d, w/o Andrew Long

Lusk, Fannie Ellen d. 5-12-1872, b. 9-26-1834

Lusk, Elizabeth d. 10-15-1877, age 87y

Marshall, James Oliver d. 11-13-1872, b. 6-22-1872, 

	s/o Robert & Jennie Marshall

McCausland, Carrie d. 12-10-1878, age 27y 6m 19d, 

	w/o Asbury McCausland

McCausland, Sadie E. d. 11-28-1877, age 1y 4m 4d, 

	d/o Asbury & Carrie McCausland

McCausland, Samuel B. , age 70y

McCausland, Eve d. 12-12-1886, age 74y 7m 28d

McCausland, William , Co. G, 2d. Pa. H. A.; [Co. C?]

McCavitt, Mary C. d. 3-23-1851, w/o John McCavitt

McCoy, Joshua W. d. 3-25-1874, b. 1-19-1804

McCoy, Sarah A. d. 8-19-1872, age 58y 8m 6d, w/o J. W. McCoy

McElwain, Joseph d. 1-18-1888, age 80y 2m

McElwain, John E. d. 8-25-1869, age 3d, 

	ch/o Joseph & Elizabeth McElwain

McElwain, Elizabeth d. 2-29-1860, b. 10-27-1855, 

	ch/o Joseph & Elizabeth McElwain

McKee, Samuel d. 3-26-1894, b. 6-28-1806

McKee, Thomas d. 5-29-1878, b. 10-12-1794

McLaughlin, David d. 3-20-1884, age 76y 3m 1d

McLaughlin, Martha M. d. 5-20-1885, age 75y 3m 8d

Miller, Ludwig d. 1-26-1836, b. 1755, age 80y, 

	a soldier of the Revolution

Miller, Anna Barbara d. 9-25-1823, b. 2-25-1761, 

	consort of Ludwick Miller

Miller, Lewis d. 7-31-1816, b. 6-22-1783, 

	s/o Ludwick & Anna Barbara Miller

Miller, Caroline Jane d. 4-9-1873, age 24y 9m 1d

Miller, Jane Hull d. 12-16-1880, age 67y, w/o James Miller; [H?ull?]

Miller, Philip d. 11-14-1895, age 64y 5m 22d

Miller, Samuel d. 12-21-1893, age 75y 4m 6d, Private, Co. A., 

	101 Regt. Pa. Vol. Inft.

Miller, Mary E. d. 3-23-1877, age 38y, w/o Samuel Miller

Miller, Samuel d. 2-19-1872, age 78y 6m 2d, 

	a soldier of the War of 1812

Miller, Catharine d. 12-29-1875, age 83y 11m 17d

Morrett, Jacob d. 10-3-1837, age 29y

Morrett, Nicholas d. 4-1-1836, b. 1751, age 85y

Morrett, Mary d. 8-25-1853, b. 1768, age 84y, w/o Nicholas Morrett

Mowery, Joseph H. d. 5-24-1894, age 24y

Mowery, Catharine d. 11-18-1871, b. 10-13-1792

Mowery, Solomon d. 12-16-1870, age 80y 4m 17d

Mowery, Mary E. d. 4-13-1885, age 22y 5m 18d, 

	d/o John & Rosanna Mowery

Mowery, Andrew d. 8-13-1887, 58y

Mowery, Harry E. M. d. 1-16-1890, age 9y 2m 6d, s/o Andrew Mowery

Mowery, John Calvin d. 10-23-1876, age 27y 2m 6d, 

	s/o John & Rosanna Mowery

Mowery, Margaret J. d. 3-29-1869, age 22y 9m 22d, 

	d/o John & Rosanna Mowery

Mowery, Laura Ann May , age 1y 2m 14d, 

	d/o John & Sarah J. Mowery

Mowery, Hanna C. d.?, b. 9-22-1858, age 6y 3m, 

	d/o Samuel & Sarah R. Mowery

Mowery, John d. 2-18-1885, b. 10-26-1815

Mowery, Rosanna d. 10-1-1864, age 38y 1m 19d, w/o John Mowery

Mowery, Mary C. d. 5-12-1852, age 4y 6m, 

	d/o John & Rosanna Mowery

Mowery, Mary d. 11-22-1839, b. 4-6-1801, w/o Adam Mowery

Myers, W. Erle d. 3-26-1899, age 1y 4m 12d, s/o D. P. & J. M. Myers

Myers, Parker R. d. 3-6-1897, age 14y, s/o A. & E. Myers

Myers, Mary A. d. 9-1-1899, age 71y 8m 16d, [A.?]

Myers, Henry d. 2-3-1851, age 25y 3m 16d

Myers, Mary A. d. 12-24-1876, age 26y 1m 15d, 

	d/o Henry & Mary A. Myers

Myers, Mary A. Keesaman d. 1-23-1862, b. 12-10-1789, 

	w/o Jacob Myers

Myers, Mary C. d. 5-16-1899, age 54y, w/o Abram Myers

Neidigh, Sarah C. d. 9-22-1896, age 62y 7m 7d, 

	w/o Michael Neidigh

Nickey, Eve d. 6-4-1847, b. 11-22-1796, w/o Jacob Nickey

Nickey, Elizabeth Springer d. 9-18-1867, b. 12-10-1819, 

	w/o George Nickey

Pilgrim, Maria d. 6-20-1876, age 51y 3m 17d

Ramp, John d. 2-9-1892, b. 1-20-1817

Ramp, Elizabeth d. 7-24-1889, b. 3-8-1821, w/o John Ramp

Ramp, Jacob Rupley d. 2-15-1861, b. 7-2-1860, 

	s/o John & Lacy R. Ramp

Ramp, Jacob, Sr. d. 12-3-1875, age 74y 6m 11d

Ramp, Eve d. 5-27-1884, age 78y 11m 14d, w/o Jacob Ramp, Sr.

Ramp, Anna Mary Heberlig d. 3-3-1872, age 82y 5m, 

	w/o William Ramp

Reader, Abraham , Co. F., 8th Maryland Infantry

Reader, Annie Bell d. 8-29-1883, age 21y 8m 29d, 

	d/o Jacob & Sarah Reeder

Reinhardt, Mary R. d. 1-11-1882, age 25y 3m 3d, 

	w/o Max H. Reinhardt

Reinhardt, ---------- d. 4-11-1880, age 1y 3m 11d, 

	s/o Max H. Reinhardt

Reinhardt, Carl Ferdinand d. 5-18-1896, age 69y 6m 18d

Reinhardt, Minnie Sophia d. 12-8-1895, age 21y 6m 5d, 

	d/o C. Ferdinand & Mary J. Reinhart

Reinhardt, Mary Elizabeth d. 6-21-1897, age 17y 2m 26d, 

	d/o Ferdinand & Mary J. Reinhart

Ruth, William d. 10-26-1882, b. 9-4-1816

Ruth, Elizabeth Conner d. 8-31-1898, b. 8-22-1831, w/o William Ruth

Ruth, William M. d. 4-30-1893, b. 11-1-1869, 

	s/o William & Elizabeth Ruth

Shoap, Linda A. d. 12-7-1889, age 31y 9m 13d, w/o John H. Shoap

Shoap, Harry B. d. 4-22-1887, age 2y 10m, 

	s/o John & Linda A. Shoap

Shriner, Mary A. d. 7-4-1852, aged about 75 years

Shriner, Elias d. 3-15-1844, age 76y

Shriner, Elizabeth H. d. 6-16-1849, aged about 26 years

Shulenberger, Benjamin d. 4-3-1892, b. 4-6-1832

Shulenberger, Anna d. 9-15-1894, b. 9-29-1829

Shulenberger, Stella H. d. 2-20-1889, age 6m 2d, 

	ch/o J. C. & Sarah C. Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Thompson S. d. 9-25-1868, age 3y 10m 5d, 

	ch/o J. C. & Sarah C. Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Emerson B. d. 4-27-1874, age 8y 0m 28d, 

	ch/o J. B. & Martha S. Shulenberger

Shulenberger, William B. d. 8-22-1875, age 11y 4m 2d, 

	ch/o J. B. & Marths S. Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Samuel Kirk d. 2-21-1885, age 3y 1m, 

	ch/o J. B. & Marth S. Shulenberger

Shulenberger, J. Emmett d. 4-2-1889, age 14y 8m 12d, 

	s/o J. B. & Martha S. Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Theodore R. d. 9-8-1860, age 5m 2d, 

	ch/o J. & C. Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Amanda J. d. 8-2-1863, ch/o J. & C. Shulenberger

Shulenberger, John d. 1-8-1875, age 67y 2m 11d

Shulenberger, Janet d. 3-26-1857, age 53y 3m 15d, 

	w/o John Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Catharine d. 5-20-1887, b. 1-7-1825, 

	w/o John Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Anthony S. d. 8-20-1845, age 4y 5m 16d

Shulenberger, Mary J. d. 2-16-1859, b. 7-15-1858, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Ann Shulenberger

Shulenberger, Sarah E. d. 8-25-1860, b. 1-28-1860, 

	ch/o Benjamin & Ann Shulenberger

Smith, Mary d. 5-15-1891, age 58y 5m 8d, w/o Michael Smith

Smith, Anna J. d. 8-18-1865, age 1y 7m 26d

Smith, Susan d. 8-15-1871, age 1y 1m 23d

Stephens, Elino?r [?] E. d. 4-18-1884, age 22y 1m 15d

Stover, Lydia May d. 9-1-1892, age 3m 6d

Stump, ---------- d. 3-9-1900, age 8y 10m 16d, s/o W. A. & L. B. Stump

Swartz, Esamiah d. 10-23-1880, age 29y 4m, w/o Samuel Swartz

Thrush, Richard d. 9-19-1892, age 78y 1m, Private, Co. D, 

	77th Regt. Pa. Vols.

Thrush, Elizabeth d. 10-26-1897, age 81y 10m 22d

Watson, William d. 7-2-1823, age 41y 9m

Watson, Susanna d. 6-16-1866, age 84y 2m 27d, w/o William Watson

Weaver, Peter d. 8-10-1845, age 77y

Weaver, Margaret d. Apr. 8, 1885 [??], b. 8-20-1770, 

	w/o Peter Weaver

Weaver, John d. 8-12-1876, age 78y

Weaver, Catharine d. 10-1-1868, age 62y, w/o John Weaver

Whisler, Clara B. E. d. 6-19-1876, age 1y 9m 17d, 

	d/o W. H. & Margaret Whisler

Whisler, infant d. 8-22-1877, s/o W. H. & Margaret Whisler

Wolf, John d. 4-15-1866, b. 1-24-1785