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2014-2015: Title: “A Child’s Journey through Ellis Island”

Topic: The year 2015 marks the 125th anniversary of Ellis Island as an immigration station. On a typical day, immigrants arriving on the island could expect to spend up to seven hours in processing activities intended to determine whether or not they were legally and medically fit to enter the United States. Imagine yourself as a child traveling through Ellis Island in 1892. How would you describe your experience to your cousin who has never heard of Ellis Island?

All grade 5, 6, 7, and 8th grade students in a public, private, or parochial school, or those who are home schooled, are eligible. This contest is conducted without regard to race, religion, sex, or natural origin.

Number of Words: Grade 5 - 300-600 words
Number of Words: Grade 6-8 - 600-1000 words
(All words count. Title page and bibliography excluded. Dates count as one word.)


Essay is to be handwritten in ink, typed, or prepared on a computer or word processor, using black type in a non-script font no smaller than 12 point or larger than 14 point.
All of the essay must be the studentís work. Each essay must be the studentís original work. Each essay must have a title page.

The Title page must contain: 

  • Contestantís full name and address, Street, RR, P.O. Box, City, State and Zip Code.
  • Contestantís telephone number with area code and e-mail address if available.
  • Name of contestantís school with grade level indicated.
  • Name of sponsoring DAR Chapter (Delaware County).
  • Number of words in the essay.

Any questions should be directed to Stephanie Herman, Essay Chairperson, DELCO Chapter NSDAR

Your essay must have a bibliography listing all references utilized. Internet resources, if used, should be cited in similar format to that used for printed resources. Add the electronic address used to access the document as supplementary information. Any essay with information copied directly from sources without using quotes will be disqualified.

For assistance, please read "How to Prepare a Bibliography.

Essay Checklist

  • Historical Accuracy
  • Adherence to subject
  • Organization of material
  • Originality
  • Interest
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Bibliography

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