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Butler Family Cemetery

Contributed by Bob & Kathy Groner

The information below was provided back in 2002 by Kathy Groner but somehow never made it onto the web site. So it is being posted at this time. According to Kathy at the time, this small family burial plot was not very well kept, and is on private land.

Please note that there is also a Butler Farm Cemetery or Old Butler Burying Grounds in Venango Township on Lee Road behind a radio tower. The subject of this listing is in Washington Township. Please direct any questions or comments to Kathy Groner.


This small family burial plot is located about one-quarter mile south of Mc Lane, PA on property once owned by the Butler family.  On a hill, about 100 yards back and to the east of Rt. #99, stand these few stones.  The area is fenced and in a group of trees.  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Koehler copied the following inscriptions in September of 1973.  The cemetery was located through information given by Mr. Charles Niederriter who lives near by. Sadly this is a badly neglected Cemetery - on private property.  We have been in contact with the Historical Society of Edinboro to see what can be done to show more respect to these ancestors.

John Butler – born Dec 3, 1804 died Sept 17, 1877

Clarissa wife of John Butler born Dec 15, 1814 died April 20, 1899 Asleep in Jesus.

Gerome died Feb 16, 1847
Lucy J. died May 12, 1852
Evaline died May 18, 1852
John E. died Feb 1, 1854
Clarisa L. died Jan 11, 1859
Children of John and Clarissa Butler

Separate small stones:

Evaline, daughter of John and Clarisa Butler, died May 18, 1852 age 1 year, 8 months.

Lucy Jane, daughter of John and Clarisa Butler, died May 12, 1852 age 8 years, 9 months.

Jerome, son of John and Clarisa Butler died Feb 16, 1847 age 5 years, 4 months.

ALSO, two small stones marked simply Mother and Father, foot stones for the children and one foot stone with the initials ET. 

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