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Cemetery Records

Harbor Creek Presbyterian Cemetery

Contributed by Beth Simmons

According to Beth Simmons, the old Harbor Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery was on land donated by Judah Colt in 1832 for the original church location. The Harbor Creek Post Office occupies that site now. Before the building of the post office, the pastor of the Presbyterian Church "faced the hardest job of his career", tracing the records of the burials, finding the next of kin, and transplanting the settlers’ bodies in the South Harbor Creek Methodist yard. At the time of the sale of the property, the graveyard was almost unrecognizable. Few stones remained and most of the sites had sunken over collapsed caskets. The list below has been provided by Beth and should be as compiled at the time of relocation.

Surname Firstname Birth Death Comments
Adams Betsey 1790 1864 Wife of Jeremiah Adams
B.. M.D. (?) (?) Footstone only
Baker Rev. T. DeLafayette 1816 1839 """Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"" "
Barnhart Sarah 1776 1848 Wife of William Barnhart
Barnhart William 1774 1838  
Beebe Tabitha 1794 1846 Wife of Ephriam Beebe
Bell Amelia 1795 1857 Wife of Levi Bell
Bell Levi 1784 1863  
Bell Mary Dorcas 1826 1836 Daughter of Levi and Amelia Bell
Bosworth Terry M. Adelaide (?) 1849 Daughter of J.P. & Bertha Bosworth
Charles Aaron 1814 1848  
Clark George W.L. 1836 1840  
Clark Mary A. 1793 1855 Wife of M. Clark
Cowels Enoch 1817 1844  
Dodge Edwin 1813 1845  
Dodge John 1784 1844  
E.. E.E. (?) (?) Footstone only
Foster Calista (?) (?) Wife of Hiram W. Foster (rest gone)
George Elizabeth   1825 58
Goewey Lucy A. (?) 1845 Daughter of Peter & Sally A. (rest gone)
Greenwood Joseph   1858 64
Greenwood Mary   1855 Wife of Joseph (60 or 68)
Griffin Nancy   1836 Wife of Uriah Griffin (71)
Hampson Almira 1862 (?) Wife of J.F. Hampson (rest gone)
Hampson Charlotte   1842 Wife of James Hampson (27y8m)
Hardy John (Capt.)   1871 -86
Hardy Mary   1844 Wife of John Hardy (52y11m9d)
Hardy Thomas G.   1860 Son of Capt. John (?) (28y1m9d)
Hatton Ellen   1834 Wife of John Hatton (31y11m26d)
Hatton Henry 1828 1834 Son of John & Ellen Hatton
Hatton John   1867 (84y1m20d)
Hill Joseph 1810 1853  
Humastun Noah   1847 (72y6m7d)
Jessup Sarah Jane   1856 Wife of (?Mar?)tin Jessup (rest gone)
Luce Elizabeth   1843 Wife of Joseph (52y)
Luce Joseph   1842 (55y)
M.. F.M. (?) (?)  
Mackey Mary 1829 1848 Wife of Jeremiah Mackey
Moore Theron M.   1874 (22y8m9d)
Mundaniohl Rosella   1895 (35y4m6d)
Nellis Caroline E.   1848 Wife of David Nellis (39y5m)
Nellis John D. 1834 1834 Son of David & Caroline Nellis
Nellis Sarah E. 1835 1836 Daughter of David & Caroline Nellis
Peck Frances 1846 1853 Daughter of Thomas & Delia Peck
Peck Joseph B.   1846 (70y)
Peck Rebecca P.   1855 Wife of Joseph B. Peck (75y)
R…..arl Infant 1842 1842 Son of Thomas & Sarah
Rice Esther Ann 1827 1853 Wife of M.W. Rice
Scott Ambrose 1844 1844 Son of William & Emily
Sleeper Sarah   1849 (51y4m)
Slover Ann   1868 (59y)
Stephens Henrietta Rebecca (?) (?) """The mortal remains …deposited here"""
Willard Betsy   1859 Wife of Capt.P Willard (59y10m13d)
Willard Capt. P. 1799 1869  
Willard Ephraim B. 1828 1852  

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