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Harbor Creek Township Cemetery Surnames Index

Contributed by Beth Simmons

The following alphabetical listing has been provided by Beth Simmons, and indicates most burials in the 'old' cemeteries of Harbor Creek Township, including Hoag, Harborcreek Presbyterian, Clark, Gospel Hill and South Harbor Creek Methodist. The entries for South Harbor Creek Methodist are incomplete and contain only the first half of the alphabet. Each cemetery page will show additional details.

Last Name First & Middle Name Died Cemetery

Adams Betsey 1864 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Adams Charles 1893 Hoag
Adams Joel (?) Hoag
Adams Nancy 1851 Hoag
Allison Barbara 1846 Gospel Hill
Ances F.B. 1811 Hoag
Austin S.Phillip 1863 S. Harborcreek Methodist
B.. M.D. (?) Harborcreek Presbyterian
Backus Cordelia 1863 Hoag
Backus Eliza Ann 1860 Hoag
Backus Ezra P. 1851 Hoag
Backus Rachel 1854 Hoag
Backus Alfreda 1843 Hoag
Backus Floyd 1884 Hoag
Backus Haideman 1891 Hoag
Backus John 1903 Hoag
Backus Lydia R. 1901 Hoag
Backus Joseph 1830 Hoag
Backus Olive 1827 Hoag
Backus Jane P. 1843 Hoag
Backus Jesse P. 1843 Hoag
Backus Infants (two females) 1811 Hoag
Backus Joseph 1853 Hoag
Backus Martha 1860 Hoag
Backus Leslie 1862 Hoag
Backus Myron 1849 Hoag
Backus Hannah & infant son 1849 Hoag
Backus Thomas 1814 Hoag
Baker Amanda 9.27.1839 Gospel Hill
Baker Rev. T. DeLafayette 1839 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Barnhart William 1838 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Barnhart Sarah 1848 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Bayle Albert J. 1879 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Bayle Samuel H. 1879 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Beals Martin 1863 Hoag
Beals Vurney 1863 Hoag
Beebe Tabitha 1846 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Beebe Charles F. 1933 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Beebe Curtin S 1904 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Beebe Phoebe 1940 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Beebe Y.S. 1904 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Bell Levi 1863 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Bell Amelia 1857 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Bell Mary Dorcas 1836 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Bell H.A. (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Bell Emily 1914 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Bell Levi 1890 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Bennett Charles 1894 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Bennett Checkley 1868 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Bonnell George 1880 Gospel Hill
Bonnell George 1.29.1882 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Philindia 9.24.1853 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Harrison 1864 Gospel Hill
Bonnell John 1881 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Cynthia 1872 Gospel Hill
Bonnell J.F. 1847 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Lovisa 1886 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Mary Ann 1847 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Thomas 10.6.1871 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Eve 5.18.1886 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Jimmy 1868 Gospel Hill
Bonnell Washington   Gospel Hill
Bookmeyer Robert J. 1940 Hoag
Bosworth Terry M. Adelaide 1849 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Boynton Sarah 1861 Gospel Hill
Brower Alida L. 1900 Hoag
Brown D. Monroe (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cahoon Diana 11.4.1846 Gospel Hill
Camp William 1867 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Camp Ruth M. 1849 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Camp Lucy 1856 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Camp William W. 1857 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Campaign Althea 1900 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Campbell Luana A. 1896 Hoag
Campbell Sarah O. 1854 Hoag
Carter Minnie 1860 Hoag
Carter Emma C. 1860 Hoag
Chambers Irene 1860 Hoag
Champney Catharine 1848 Hoag
Charles Aaron 1848 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Charles Joseph 1845 Hoag
Charles Albert Edwards 1845 Hoag
Charles Mark B. 1844 Hoag
Charles Joseph H. 1841 Hoag
Charles Sarah 1863 Hoag
Charles Martha Iva Ann 1843 Hoag
Churchhill Stephen W. 1879 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Churchill Robbie 1882 Hoag
Clark Ann Jane 1843 Clark - Row 1
Clark Sally 1856 Clark - Row 1
Clark Henry 1859 Clark - Row 1
Clark Henry 1854 Clark - Row 3
Clark Cynthia Ann 1844 Clark - Row 4
Clark Henry Asel 1844 Clark - Row 4
Clark William H 1839 Clark - Row 4
Clark Eliza E 1857 Clark - Row 4
Clark William 1876 Clark - Row 4
Clark Eleanor 1887 Clark - Row 4
Clark Helen 1844 Clark - Row 4
Clark William L 1844 Clark - Row 4
Clark Mary 1838 Clark - Row 4
Clark Emeline E 1864 Clark - Row 5
Clark Margaret Ann 1840 Clark - Row 5
Clark George W.L. 1840 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Clark Mary A. 1855 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Clark Elemuel 1856 Hoag
Clark Lydia K. 1863 Hoag
Clark Olivia 1825 Hoag
Clark Sarah 1833 Hoag
Clark Joannas (?) Hoag
Clark Sophia 1859 Hoag
Clark Rev. J.W. 1893 Hoag
Clark Dorcas 1910 Hoag
Clark Timothy 1838 Hoag
Clark Jonas W. 1853 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Clark Caroline M. 1872 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Clark (?) Betsey E 1866 Clark - Row 4
Coburn Martha 1868 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Coburn Nathaniel (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Coburn Anna L. (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Coburn Eleanor 1853 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Coburn Willard A. 1855 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Coburn Ludellia L. 1862 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Coburn Edgar T. 1862 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Coburn Gertrude C. 1862 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Coburn Lucy L. 1855 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Congh William 1882 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Congh Evelyn 1889 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cooney James E. 1902 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cooney Thomas B. 1910 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Copeland Lucien H. 1860 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Copeland Flary O. (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cowden Ella 1877 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cowden Polly 1899 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cowden Columbus 1882 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cowden Columbia A. (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cowden E.Robert 1903 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cowden Mary C. 1931 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Cowels Enoch 1844 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Cowles Rhoda 1816 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Daggett Elizabeth A. 1861 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Darling George 1916 Hoag
Darling Ella 1902 Hoag
Davis Joshua 1816 Hoag
De Wolf Cornelia C. 1864 Hoag
Dike Jane 1853 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dodge John 1844 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Dodge Edwin 1845 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Dongan Mary D. 1896 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dougan Charles E. 1892 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dougan Rachel 1884 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dougan Charles 1941 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dougan Theresa 1877 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dougan Ethel Leah 1937 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dougan Horace B. 1896 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dougan Mary 1862 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Dumars Claudius 11.29.1889 Gospel Hill
Dumars Delina 1.29.1885 Gospel Hill
E.. E.E. (?) Harborcreek Presbyterian
Edson Elizabeth 3.8.1880 Gospel Hill
Edson William 1850 Gospel Hill
Ellis Frances 1834 Hoag
Evans Sarah 1853 Clark - Row 5
Fermon Alice E 1851 Clark - Row 5
Field Otis 3.5.1851 Gospel Hill
Finch Hannah (Henton) 1834 Hoag
Fitch "Frederick L, Major" 8.14.1882 Gospel Hill
Flinn Kate 1896 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Forster Maryam 8.27.1847 Gospel Hill
Foster Calista (?) Harborcreek Presbyterian
Foster Jane 4.25.1871 Gospel Hill
Foster Rachel 9.23.1853 Gospel Hill
Frey John 1894 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Frey Frederick 1901 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Fuller Sally F 1860 Clark - Row 5
Fuller Samuel F. 1849 Hoag
Fuller Margaret B. 1849 Hoag
Fuller Nancy M. 1840 Hoag
Fuller Harvey L. 1894 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Fuller Julia A. 1899 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Fuller Lyman 1878 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gass Ephraim J. 1912 Hoag
George Elizabeth 1825 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Gifford Rev. George B. 1917 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Lula M. 19(?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Clarissa 1857 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Justice O. 1896 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Alice M. 1894 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Justus W.H. 1855 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Milton M. 1901 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Mary A. 1910 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Benjamine F. 1899 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Clara B. 1893 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Albert J. 1885 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gifford Lois M. 1878 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Gitting John 1895 Hoag
Gitting Susannah 1879 Hoag
Gitting Josiah 1918 Hoag
Gitting Jane R. 1917 Hoag
Goewey Lucy A. 1845 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Goodwin Adella (Charles) 1861 Hoag
Grandy Adaline 1881 Hoag
Graves Amos 1836 Hoag
Graves Hannah Kennedy 1855 Hoag
Graves Chauncey 1871 Hoag
Graves C. Rollin 1841 Hoag
Graves D. Adelaide 1845 Hoag
Graves Mortimer 1848 Hoag
Graves "Watters, Jr." (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Graves O. Wells 1859 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Green Catharine 1858 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Green Charles (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Greenwood Joseph 1858 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Greenwood Mary 1855 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Greenwood Nancy R. 1867 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Griffin Nancy 1836 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hadley Ebenezer 1902 Hoag
Hadley Polly 1890 Hoag
Hampson Almira (?) Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hampson Charlotte 1842 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hardy John (Capt.) 1871 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hardy Mary 1844 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hardy Thomas G. 1860 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Harris Adelbert 1864 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Hatton John 1867 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hatton Ellen 1834 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hatton Henry 1834 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Henton William Melville 1841 Hoag
Henton Cordelia 1835 Hoag
Hiles Ester 11.22.1853 Gospel Hill
Hill Joseph 1853 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hinton H.B. 1878 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Hoag Beulah 1845 Hoag
Hoig Robert 1814 Hoag
Hoig E.T. 1878 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Hughes David 1888 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Hughes Jane 1872 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Hughes "David, Jr." 1910 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Hughes Emma 1949 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Humastun Noah 1847 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Hunter Susie Clark 1927 Hoag
Irish Ida Viola 1852 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Jessup Sarah Jane 1856 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Jordan FranklinW. 4.4.1886 Gospel Hill
Jordan William George 12.10.1881 Gospel Hill
Kemm Frank P. 1949 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Kemm Kathryn B. 1913 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Kendall Anna 1908 Hoag
Kendrick Charles W. 1904 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Kendrick Eliza J. 1908 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Kendrick William T. 1882 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Kendrick Edith A. (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
Kendrick Mary (?) S. Harborcreek Methodist
King Peter D. 1888 S. Harborcreek Methodist
Lee Andrew 4.30.1864 Gospel Hill
Lee Rebecca 3.31.1887 Gospel Hill
Lee Joseph 6.18.1853 Gospel Hill
Lee Betsy 2.24.1838 Gospel Hill
Lee William A. 2.17.1871 Gospel Hill
Lennon Bessie 1859 Hoag
Locke Vernie M. 1889 Hoag
Locke Hannah 1880 Hoag
Luce Joseph 1842 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Luce Elizabeth 1843 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Luther Emily A. 1879 Hoag
Luther Eunice 1887 Hoag
Luther Harman 1844 Hoag
Luther Maria 1879 Hoag
M.. F.M. (?) Harborcreek Presbyterian
Mackey Mary 1848 Harborcreek Presbyterian
May S.R.   Gospel Hill
McConnell Robert   Gospel Hill
Mead DiYanta 7.186.. Gospel Hill
Mead Richard D. 9.6.1865 Gospel Hill
Moore Almena 1861 Clark - Row 5
Moore Theron M. 1874 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Mundaniohl Rosella 1895 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Neff Mary Emma 1864 Hoag
Neff William A. 1884 Hoag
Nellis Caroline E. 1848 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Nellis Sarah E. 1836 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Nellis John D. 1834 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Orton B. 1846 Hoag
Orton Darius 1841 Hoag
Orton Miranda 1829 Hoag
Orton Truman 1845 Hoag
Orton Sarah 1890 Hoag
Orton B. 1846 Hoag
Palmer Albert S. 1910 Hoag
Pearson Mary 7.24.1827 Gospel Hill
Peck Frances 1853 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Peck Joseph B. 1846 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Peck Rebecca P. 1855 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Pierce Rachel 1889 Hoag
Pierce Francis 1846 Hoag
Pierce Almira 1862 Hoag
Pierce Theron A. 1935 Hoag
Pierce Adah M. 1935 Hoag
Pierce Ethel 1903 Hoag
Prindle Chauncey 1892 Hoag
Prindle Thirza 1892 Hoag
R…..arl Infant 1842 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Rees Thomas (Esq) 5.1.1848 Gospel Hill
Rees Ann 6.16.1840 Gospel Hill
Rees Sarah 3.31.1833 Gospel Hill
Rees Ann 1837 Gospel Hill
Rees Wm. 1.11.1832 Gospel Hill
Rice Esther Ann 1853 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Roberts Edward C. 1889 Hoag
Roberts Edwin C. 1911 Hoag
Roberts Florence 1916 Hoag
Roberts Mary E. 1916 Hoag
Roberts Anna L. (?) Hoag
Roberts George H. 1912 Hoag
Roberts W.C. 1896 Hoag
Roberts Lucy 1922 Hoag
Scott Ambrose 1844 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Searls Luther P. 1896 Hoag
Searls Sarah A. 1882 Hoag
Searls Baby (?) Hoag
Sewell (Infant) 8.25.1883 Gospel Hill
Sewell Albert F. 1921 Gospel Hill
Sewell Alfred E. 1892 Gospel Hill
Sewell Caroline Baker 1904 Gospel Hill
Sewell Ellen M. 4.12.1869 Gospel Hill
Sewell John R. 7.18.1860 Gospel Hill
Sewell John R. 1860 Gospel Hill
Sewell Josephine 1916 Gospel Hill
Sewell Luanna 8.17.1854 Gospel Hill
Sewell Mary L. 1.26.1886 Gospel Hill
Sewell Mary M. 3.18.1852 Gospel Hill
Sewell Nancy 12.28.1904 Gospel Hill
Sewell Norton 11.17.1864 Gospel Hill
Sewell Robert 11.27.1868 Gospel Hill
Sewell Sidney 1.17.1891 Gospel Hill
Sewell William A. 5.1.1865 Gospel Hill
Sewell Willis G.   Gospel Hill
Shadduck Ira 1892 Hoag
Sleeper Sarah 1849 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Slover Ann 1868 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Smith Eugene E. 3.23.1862 Gospel Hill
Smith Laura E. 9.26.1888 Gospel Hill
Smith Margaret 1914 Gospel Hill
Smith Mercy 1865 Gospel Hill
Smith Monroe 1913 Gospel Hill
Smith Rebecca 1905 Gospel Hill
Smith Viola H. 1859 Hoag
Smith William 1859 Hoag
Smith William W. 5.17.1878 Gospel Hill
Smith Willie E. 8.26.1865 Gospel Hill
Snow Elisabeth 1894 Hoag
Stephens Henrietta Rebecca (?) Harborcreek Presbyterian
Tracy Andrew 11.11.1846 Gospel Hill
Tracy Fanny 7.2.1835 Gospel Hill
Turner Robert R. 1825 Hoag
Turner Anna 1851 Hoag
Tuttle John S. 1893 Gospel Hill
Tuttle Elinor Henton 1859 Gospel Hill
Tuttle John 1913 Gospel Hill
Tuttle John S. 1893 Gospel Hill
Tuttle Julian Sheltre 11.29.1823 Gospel Hill
Tuttle Mary A. 1910 Gospel Hill
Wade Edward 1862 Hoag
Wade Anna 1868 Hoag
Wade Hiram 1864 Hoag
Wade Emily L. 1865 Hoag
Wadsworth Horace 6.16.1840 Gospel Hill
Wadsworth Lovisa 5.12.1833 Gospel Hill
Wadsworth Mary 7.29.1867 Gospel Hill
Walker Justus 1830 Hoag
Walker Samuel 1829 Hoag
Walker Caroline 1837 Hoag
Willard Capt. P. 1869 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Willard Betsy 1859 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Willard Ephraim B. 1852 Harborcreek Presbyterian
Williams Ella 1865 Hoag

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