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Old Edinboro Cemetery - Partial Listing

Contributed by Bob & Kathy Groner

The listings below were provided by Kathy Groner in January 2002 but somehow never made it to the web site. So they are being posted at this time. They are mostly, if not all, listings from the Groner family tree. They are from the old section of the Edinboro Cemetery. Questions or comments should be sent directly to Kathy Groner.

Some Burials from

Edinboro Cemetery Records
Located at the Old Edinboro Cemetery
in Edinboro, Pennsylvaina

Located on Rt. 99 on the West Side of the road approx.  1 mile North of downtown Edinboro.  Graveyard is located to the left of the Conneaute Lake.  The beautiful background of the lake brings much peace to the setting.

Hamilton Family Burials

Alexander died 10 Oct 1847 age 73 (born 1774)
  Hannah – consort of Alexander died 18 Jan 1814 – age 32 years (born 1782)
Alexander 1814 – 1899
  Mary Ann (Jackson) His Wife – died 24 June 1888 age 73 years, 8 month  (born Nov 1804)
   Mary H. Their Daughter – died 6 June 1848, age 8 years, 1 month (born May 1840)
   Infant Daughter of A. & Mary Hamilton died April 23, 1853
Armstrong (no headstone)
  Jane, consort of Armstrong Hamilton, died 8 May 1848 in her 40th year (born 1808)
   Emeline, Daughter of Armstrong and Jane 
   Hamilton  died 12 July 1846, age 6 years 1 month
   (born June 1840)
   First Born Son of Armstrong and Jane Hamilton 
   died 24 June 1836 age 11 days born June 13, 1836)
   Francis M. Son of Armstrong Hamilton, died 19 
   March 1852 age 7 years 3 month, 13 days (born 
   Dec 12, 1845)

George N. Hamilton July 14, 1849 – June 19, 1891
  Cinderella A. His Wife, died September 23, 1881, in
  her 30th year.

  Mary, Daughter of George K. & Betsy (Butler) 
  Hamilton died 13 Oct 1852 aged 11 years, 6 months,

Butler Family Burials

Truelove son of John & Clarissa 
  Cordelia (Holbrook), wife
  Monty, son
  Mifflin J, son
   Leona S. (Peck), wife

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