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Chester Owen Farm Cemetery

Contributed by Rusty Davis

The Chester Owens Farm Cemetery is also known as the Williams Cemetery. It is a very small inactive cemetery located near the corner of Arbuckle/Phillipsville and Lee Roads in Amity Township. The photographs below were taken by the contributor in the late summer of 2003 and were provided at that time. They are being posted at this time.

Rusty Davis, the contributor, has provided the following information: "Hi! Took a field trip today [September 2, 2003] and found info on this cemetery for the web site. Talked to a Mr. Esther who used to own the property (over 50 years). He said that several people used to come and visit and take care of this cemetery. He does not recall anyone inquiring about it for a very long time. He also stated that you used to be able to see "2 or 3 dozen tombstone". Today, I could only find about 5 stones. The cemetery is overgrown and several of the graves have caved in. Mr. Esther could not tell me much more about the cemetery or the people buried there. I hope that someone finds this information interesting and helpful. I am going to try and get the current owners permission to at least trim it up and remove a few weeds."

I do not have the history of this cemetery, but will add any other information to this page as it becomes available. Any comments or inquiries concerning the material on this page should be sent directly to Rusty Davis or to the Amity Township coordinator, Bimmy Urso.

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