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Sherrod Hill Cemetery - Supplemental Data

Contributed by Marilyn Konruff

The information below was provided by Marilyn Konruff, who is a fourth great grand daughter of Daniel Sherrod, Sr. Marilyn has been a Sherrod family researcher for over 25 years. All material submitted below is believed to be accurate and backed up with source information although discrepancies can occur. She welcomes all documented corrections and additions and can provide additional documentation if necessary. Marilyn has also provided a biography of Daniel Sherrod, and a listing of some of her source documents. Please see Biography of Daniel Sherrod. Any comments or questions concerning this article should be sent directly to Marilyn Konruff.


I would like to share some additional details on the Sherrod Hill Cemetery and some family members buried there. I am descended from John Morris Sherrod, a son of Michael and Fanny Sherrod, and visited the cemetery site in 1990, when it was overgrown and wild. My husband and I uncovered and mapped locations of broken and turned over tombstones, took photographs of the stones and identified as many as possible. Unfortunately, some were faded or illegible.

Headstone for Daniel Sherrod, Sr.

Overgrown in 1990, this cemetery view shows Daniel Sherrod’s headstone, slate and footstone.

The cemetery was most likely started as a family plot, with one of the earliest burials being that of Daniel Sherrod’s daughter-in-law, Rebecca (Kyle) Sherrod, in 1833.

DANIEL SHERROD, SR. was one of the early pioneer settlers in Elk Creek & Washington townships [see biography]. Daniel wrote his will on June 6, 1841, requesting burial in the family cemetery "to be interred in the burying ground at home" and willed the remaining 107 acres to sons Andrew and George. Daniel died on October 24, 1844 and an inventory was filed on March 21, 1845. Daniel’s grave was also marked with a slate slab and footstone. Locating the headstone near the creek side of the cemetery, we laid the stone back with the engraved side down to prevent further erosion. We also cleared brush from a large slate stone with footstone parallel to Daniel’s site that was otherwise unmarked. Daniel’s wife, Juliana (Julia) was still living at Sherrod Hill at the time of the 1850 Federal census. However, we have not found a headstone for her in this cemetery. She may have moved to Michigan with one of her sons.

POLLY & CALEB GREENFIELD – Polly was a daughter of Daniel, Sr. and Juliana Sherrod, born at Sherrod Hill in 1820. Polly and Caleb Greenfield and most of their issue are buried in the Sherrod Hill cemetery.

RALPH L. GOODELL - Infant son of Ruhama and John W. Goodell. Ruhama was a daughter of Michael and Fanny Sherrod. She married a son of Layton Bentley and Mary (Carpenter) Goodell. After their marriage, John and Ruhama Goodell moved to Scott Co., Illinois, where their first children, Fanny and Ralph, were born in 1860 and 1862. John enlisted in the 91st Illinois Vol. Infantry in August, 1862 and Ruhama came back to Sherrod Hill with her two young children. Ralph died there at age 8 months and was buried in the Sherrod Hill cemetery. After the war, John Goodell went into partnership with his brother, George Goodell, and brother-in-law, John M. Sherrod in 1865, running a general mercantile store in Edinboro. The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Erie Co. PA for 1873-4 indicated the business was known as "Goodell & Sherod".

BURR & JULIA PULLING -Pioneer settlers on land bordering Daniel Sherrod’s as far back as the 1810 Federal Census.

HOTCHKISS - The homeplace land of Daniel Sherrod, Sr. has now been in the Hotchkiss family since 1887. Luke Hotchkiss married Melissa A. Greenfield, a granddaughter of Daniel.

REYNOLDS – Lucius Reynolds was an early settler and neighbor on Sherrod Hill Road. Cordelia Sherrod, daughter of Michael and Fanny Sherrod married Derwin D. Reynolds, son of Lucius and Dimis Reynolds, and they were lifelong residents of Elk Creek twp. Cordelia is believed buried in the Sherrod Hill cemetery next to Derwin, although burial and records have not yet been found.

SHERROD – Many other descendants of the pioneer, Daniel Sherrod, SR were buried at Sherrod Hill including his children and their spouses as follows: Andrew (son) and wife Roxana Sherrod, Michael (son) and wife, Fanny Sherrod, Polly (daughter) and husband Caleb Greenfield and Rebecca Kyle Sherrod (wife of Daniel, Jr.). Also Daniel’s grandchildren and their spouses: Andrew (son of Michael and Fanny Sherrod) and wife Abigail Bartlett Sherrod and daughter Viola R., as well as Sylvester and Lewis R. (sons of Michael and Fanny Sherrod).

Andrew Sherrod’s stone is roughly 9 feet from his father, Daniel Sherrod. The Michael Sherrod family has an obelisk monument in the Sherrod cemetery. Michael died in 1857 and two sons, Sylvester and Lewis, were killed in the Civil War. Wife Fanny and her surviving children most likely had the obelisk monument erected in their memory, as it is very unlikely the bodies of Sylvester and Lewis, both killed in Virginia, were returned to PA.


"Danial" Sherrod " is miss-transcribed. The stone is clearly visible showing "DANIEL SHERROD" (see photo). Daniel’s gravestone indicates his age at 86, but according to viable records, he was approximately 78 years of age. Perhaps he or the family was not exactly sure, and this was not uncommon in the days before birth certificates with individuals of advanced age.

Rebecca Sherrod - Even closer to the creek, approximately nine feet "kitty-corner" to Daniel’s site, we located Rebecca’s stone but this is not his "wife". She was Rebecca Kyle Sherrod, the first wife of his son, Daniel, Jr.

Sylvester Sherrod "20y" – Sylvester was born in 1833 and was 28 years old when he was killed.

Lewis Sherrod "21 y" – Lewis was born in 1840 and was actually 23 years old when he was killed. The number does appear to be "21" on the grave marker.

Additional information about another Sherrod burial, and the obituary of Jay Sherrod has been submitted by Thelma Muffaletto. This information corrects many readings in this cemetery concerning the gravestone for Jay Sherrod. Click here to view this article.

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