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Cemetery Records

Christian Church Burying Ground

 by the late  Cheri L Nolen- contributed by Dee Davidson

West Springfield, Erie Co, PA

The Christian Church at East Springfield, Erie Co, PA, was organized with
twelve members in 1826 by Rev. Asa C Morrison and Rev Joseph Marsh.  The
church building
was built in 1839.
                (Miller, Vol. 1, pg. 526)
When the building of the Christian Church in West Springfield was torn down,
these stones were in the churchyard and were removed to the East Springfield
Cemetery and placed in a row on the north side.  The present township school
stands on the site of the church on the west side of route 6N.  It is a High

BAKER Deborah/ Wife of/ Enos Baker/ Died/ March 4, 1843/ Aged 54 years, 5
months, 18 days.

BOND Benjamin Bond/ Died/ May 28, 1839/ Aged 42 years
 Bethiah/ His Wife/ Died/ January 13, 1838/ Aged 33 years
 Catherine/ His Wife/ Died/ February 11, 1859/ Aged 56 years

 James Bond/ Born/ April 3, 1786/ Died/ September 19, 1852/
 He emigrated to Springfield, Erie Co, PA/ in the year 1816 from Mass, and
will/ long ve remembered for his prompt/ enterprising character.
 Lendemine/ Wife of/ James Bond/ Died/ October 8, 1869/ Aged 79 years

 Mirium Bond/ Died/ January 16, 1864/ Aged 29 years

 Simeon Bond/ Died/ August 6, 1864/ Aged 27 years

BREWER Harriet A Brewer/ Died/ April 10, 1852/ Aged 19 years, 7 months, 9

CLARK Catherine L/ wife of/ Levinus S Clark/ and/ Daughter of/ Alanson L &
Catherine SPALDING/ Died/ January 22, 1847/ Aged 23 years

DERBY Delia/ wife of/ Walter Derby/ Died at Springfield/ March 21, 1856/
Aged 64 yrs

GEE Amy/ wife of/ James Gee/ Died/ February 19, 1845/ In Her 51st Year

HERRICK Ezekial Herrick/ Born/ March 20, 1779/ In Milberry, Berkshire Co,
 Died/ July 23, 1876/ On McKean, Erie Co, PA/ A soldier of 1812 in the War
with Great Britain, served under Col/ Malaney in 33 NY Inf

 Betsey/ wife of/ Ezekiel Herrick/ Died/ December 2, 1856/ Aged 70 y 6 m

KENT Lucinda/ wife of/ Asa Kent/ Died/ October 5, 1839/ Aged 41 yrs, 2
 Sanford D/ son of/ Asa & Lucinda Kent/ Died/ January 22, 1849/ aged  20
years 8 months
 Denced P/ Daughter of/ Asa & Lucinda Kent/ Died/ Janaury 16, 1848/Aged 25
years, 10 months

MARTIN David Martin/ Died/ December 20, 1848/ Aged 46 years

MILLER John N Miller/ Died/ July 28, 1866/ Aged 83 y 9 m 19 d
 Nancy/ His Wife/ Died/ September 15, 1853/ aged 63 years
 Elizabeth/ Their Daughter/ Died/ September 7, 1850/ aged 22 years
 Pierce C/ Their Son/ Died/ January 26, 1850/ In the 36th years of his age
 Isaac N/ Their Son/ Died/ December 17, 1847/ In the 24th year of his age

NEWTON George Newton/ Died/ January 14, 1850/ Aged 68 years

PETERS D E Peters/ Died/ May 23, 1863/ Aged 60 years
 R E Peters/ Died/ February 15, 1853/ Aged 36 years

RANDALL Hannah/ wife of/ Elias Randall/ Died/ January 30, 1849/ In her 29th
 (On the John N Miller lot)

RANDOLPH Elias Randolph/ Died/ February 10, 1845/ Aged 52 years 8 months 11

RAE Samuel Rea/ Died/ March 5, 1813/ Aged 50 yrs 2 ms 8 ds/ 

Samuel Rea, PA Pvt Cumberland Co/ Mil Rev War/ March 5, 1813
 Margaret Rea/ Died/ November 10, 1832/ Aged 66 y 4 m 7d

REMINGTON Amos Remington/ Died/ April 14, 1843/ Aged 52 years

ROUSE Irene/ wife of/ William Rouse

 Lucinda/ wife of/ William Rouse/ Died/ November 5, 1853/ Aged 55 y
 10 m 5 d

RUSSELL Almira/ wife of/ Lewis Russell/ Died/ November 5, 1853/ Aged 55y
10m 5d
 Amelia J/ Adopted Daughter of/ Lewis Russell/ Died/ May 28, 1848/ Aged  3
years, 6 months

SHERWIN Dr B R Sherwin

SLATER Danial Slater/ Died/ January 13, 1842/ Aged 60 years

SMITH In Memory of/ Mr Alpha Smith/ Who Was Killed By The Fall Of A Tree/
March 14, 1826/ Aged 30 Years/ On The Day He Was Killed.

THAYER William Thayer/ Died/ February 26, 1855/ Aged 60 years, 4 months

WEST Sarah West/ 1793-1864

WICKS Shuble T Wicks/ Born 1782 (broken)

WILSON Juline M/ Daughter of / Dr J W & Rhoda J Wilson/ Died/ November 7,
 Aged 13 years.  (Another copy calls the family Williams)

Joseph Wright, ESQ/ Died/ September 14, 1826/ Aged 47 years
 Joshua/ Son of/ Joseph & Elizabeth Wright/ Died/ July 28, 1826/ Aged 13 mo


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