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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Conneaut Township Cemeteries

Marcy Cemetery

Contributed by Andy Pochatko

Marcy cemetery is a relatively unknown cemetery located on private property near Cherry Hill Drive-In. The named is derived from the Marcy family who owned this plot of land for well over 100 years, though it is thought that no Marcy's are buried here. With arrangements through Marcy family relatives, I was able to access the cemetery area. Since the time I took the pictures, the property was sold to a different family. This cemetery is recorded in the 1865 Atlas of Erie County, Pennsylvania, but no longer appears in the 1876 atlas. Curiously enough, the cemetery is not mentioned in land transactions for the parcel either. It is my theory that the cemetery was established with the now defunct Methodist Episcopal church. From the 1885 Beer's History of Erie County, Pa., we learn that "the church was organized with about fifteen members, by Rev. J. W. Wilson, in 1858, and the building was erected the same year at a cost of $1,250. The society was attached to Albion Circuit till Lockport Circuit was formed, to which it now belongs." Unfortunately, years of farming has left only a singular stone and base to even suggest that a cemetery was once there. The stone is leaning against a large tree. The actual cemetery was probably a few yards east on top of a hill. For your convenience I have provided both positive and negative photographs of the gravestone. A scan of the 1865 map is also given. The cemetery has been circled while the M.E. church is underlined. Those with questions or more information about the church or cemetery, please contact the contributor directly.

Samantha M.
Wife of
A. Timerman
Died April 10, 1866
28 yrs 10 mo
15 dys

How cheerless the home of the
dead, unrelieved by the prospect of
immortal life! But Hope bends
over man's last resting place a
Bow bright with immortality, which
lived on Earth soars away to

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