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Stancliff Family Cemetery

Stancliff Cemetery: McKean Twp, Erie Co
by Cheri L NOLEN
Contributed by Dee Davidson

 McKean Twp, Erie Co., PA

Maria/ wife/ of Charles COLT, Jr./ died/ Jan 29, 1865/ aged 32yrs 7mo's/ &
13 days/
daughter/ of/ Eber & Betsey STANCLIFF/ there is rest for the weary/

A footstone: D.C. (probably for Darius Crouch)

Comfort STANCLIFF/ died/ Aug 4, 1810/ aged 79 years/

Melville/ son of Ludim &/ Philena CROUCH/ died Feb 4, 1845/ AE 6 years & 14

Geo(rg)e/ son (of)/ Ludim & Philena/ C(ROUC)H/ died/ July (4?...)3/ AE 19ys
(5 big pits in stone, apparently from having been shot on the other side.)

Darius CROUCH/ died/ Oct 13, 1855/ AE 29yrs/

Oren GOFF/ died/ Mar 5, 1842/ AE 48 y's/

Ira STANCLIFT/ died/ Mar 24, 1842/ AE 31 y'rs 9 mo/

Eber/ STANCLIFT/ died/ Nov 25, 1846/ AE 47 y's 4 m's/ & 8 d's/

Asenath/ dau'r of/ L? & H. STANCLIFT/ died/ Dec 1, 1809/ AE 2 yr's 6m/

A foot stone: C.S. (probably for Comfort Stanclift)

A footstone M.C. (probably for Melville Crouch, but could be for Maria Colt)

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