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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

1820 Census - Concord Township

Contributed by Betty Matteson Rhodes

The information below was obtained from the 1820 Federal Census for Erie County. This listing is not necessarily complete, but it contains the names of those persons living in Concord Township, Erie County, PA, as listed in the 1820 Federal Census. Contact Betty for ommissions and corrections, etc.

1820 GRAHAM SILIS 171 Concord
1820 HALL JOSEPH 171 Concord
1820 HAYS JOHN 171 Concord
1820 MC CRAY JAMES 171 Concord
1820 NULL SILAS 171 Concord
1820 STEWART JAMES 171 Concord
1820 STEWART SIMEON 171 Concord

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