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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

1820 Census - Beaver Dam Township

Contributed by Barb Seyler

The information below was obtained from the 1820 Federal Census for Erie County. This is a complete census extract, containing the names of those Heads of Household living in Beaver Dam Township, Erie County, PA, as listed in the 1820 Federal Census. Beaver Dam Township became Greene Township in 1840, and parts were removed to form Summit Township in 1854. As per census format of 1820, numbers and age groups only of other individuals in the family are included. Contact Barb Seyler for ommissions and corrections, etc.

1820 Federal Census

Beaver Dam Township, Erie County, PA

Note: Beaver Dam was one of the original townships in Erie County. In 1840 Beaver Dam became known as Greene Township. Summit Township was formed in 1854 from Greene, Waterford and McKean.

John Coover

Andrew Coover

Jacob Brown

William Bundell

Samuel Brown

Peter Hindbaugh

Elijah Hewit

Conrad Winman

Syrel Drown, Jr.

James Warden

Syrel Drown, Sr.

Asa G. Olds

Isaac Church

Joseph Kimbell

David Church

Benjamin Gunnison

Frederick Hill

Martin Hays

Simeon Rockwell

Phineas Griswold

David Edwards

Moses Graham

John Graham

Ebenezer Graham

James Graham

Enos Wilmott

Jonathan Rockwell

Griffeth Hinton

End of Beaver Dam Township, 1820 Federal Census

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