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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

1865 Business Directory - Fairview Township

Contributed by Rich Biondi

The information below was obtained from the Atlas of Erie County Pennsylvania that was complied and published by F. W. Beers, A. D. Ellis & G. G. Soule in 1865. Contact Rich for omissions, corrections, etc.




Beckman A. A. Manufacturer and Dealer in Harness, Saddles and Whips
Bick Frederick Wagon and Carriage Maker
Clary George P. Factory-hand
Cook A. Dealer in Groceries, Confectionary and Glassware
Einfeldt Christian Cabinet Maker
Fargo Perry Dealer in Stoves, Sheet-iron and Tinware
Fargo Samuel J. Carriage Maker and Blacksmith
Ferguson O. H. P. Manufacturer of Boots and Shoes
Ferguson W. F. Manufacturer and Dealer in Boots and Shoes
French & Keith   Manufacturers of Cloths and Flannels, and Dealers in Wool
Frisler Jacob Carriage Maker and Blacksmith
Galliard Jerome Proprietor of Cider Mill and Farmer
Gerhart August Manufacturer of Beer Barrels and Butter Tubs
Glazier P. P. J. P., House, Sign and Carriage Painter
Hess George Dealer in Groceries and Provisions
Jackson, M. D. George W. Physician and Surgeon
Johnson John Gentleman, Farmer
Kittleberger H. Farmer and Manufacturer of Boots & Shoes
Letterman Jacob Blacksmith and Horse-shoer
Lies Fred. Farmer
Long, P. D. D. Druggist and Dealer in Groceries
McCreary S. N. Proprietor Fairview Hotel
McCreary & Co.   Dealers in Cloth and Ready-made Clothing
Pettit R. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery & Hardware
Ross Gilbert Proprietor of Saw Mill
Saxuer, Jr. Andrew Harness Maker and Dealer in all articles in the trade
Schafer Jacob Sawyer
Schumaker Fred. Keeper of Saloon and Eating house
Schumaker Lewis Saloon Keeper
Schumaker Michael (& Bros.) Brewers
Slocum Oliver Wagon maker and Blacksmith
Sturgeon Charles J. Druggist
Taylor B. Proprietor of Saw Mill
Townsley William Cloth Dresser
Walter Fred. Shingle Manufacturer and Proprietor of Saw Mill

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