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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

1890 Veteran Census Record

Union Township - Union City

Submitted by Linda Emerson

 Eleventh Census of the United States



Enumeration District 280 - Union City

Note: This schedule was transcribed and provided by Linda Emerson in May 2001 but was never posted due to some format issues. This table has now been reformatted and is being posted at this time.

Jane R., widow of: ORMSBEE Ely Private L 16 PA Cav. 08/15/1862 10/20/1864 Waterford Gun shot wounds Died of chronic diarrhea
JACKSON Edwin Private D 6 MN Inf. 08/13/1862 08/19/1866 Union City Malerial poison Partial deafness
LYONS James Private   83 PA Inf. 09/02/1861 09/22/1862 Union City Gun shot wound  
CHURCH Silas Private A 102 PA Inf. 1864 1865 Union City Rheumatism
Delia A., widow of LOOMIS Elliott B. Private M 7 WI Cav. 04/23/1864 07/09/1865 Union City General disability Bowel complaint
Mary J., widow of WHITE James R. Private A 102 NY Inf.    Union City Gun shot wound Discharge lost
MAIN John L. Private 27 NY   1863 1865 Union City   Discharge lost
BROWN Daniel J. Private       Union City Heart disease Broken ribs
McCLURE Daniel Private C 111 PA Inf. 11/24/1861 10/25/1862 Union City Chronic diarrhea ??? of head
DUMARS Thomas H . Burnside   08/18/1864 06/21/1865 Union City    
Sidney A., widow of WOOD Alvin Private 112 NY Inf.   02/10/1864 08/28/1865 Union City Chronic diarrhea Rheumatism
STRICKLE Joseph U.S. Navy       Union City   Discharge lost; poor memory
ANDERSON Levi M. Private F 211 PA Vol. Inf. 09/10/1864 06/02/1865 Union City Injury to head by cannonball Stomach trouble
BROOKS John M. Private C 2 OH Cav. 1862 1864 Union City   Discharge lost in 1865
SMITH Jay G. Private E 83 PA Inf. 02/08/1864 05/30/1865 Union City Deaf in left ear; gun shot wound in left leg Other disabilities
DAVIS Layton F. Sgt. F 211 PA Vol. Inf. 09/03/1864 06/02/1865 Union City Injury to ankle Caused in active service
JOHNSON Russel S.D. Private F 169 PA Draft Inf. 10/16/1862 07/25/1863 Union City Injury to back and hip Injured by a log falling on him
GRIFFITH Shipman W. Private C 8 WI Inf. 08/14/1861 09/16/1864 Union City Rupture Lifting timber
EMERSON Ezra N. Coal Heaver U.S. Navy   09/05/1864 06/03/1865 Union City Chronic diarrhea and piles Ever since Fall of 1864
SHERWOOD James M. Corp. L 12 PA Cav. 01/04/1864 07/25/1865 Union City Chronic diarrhea and rupture While in service
EVANS George A. Private D 9 Vol. Rees Corp. 02/12/1864 07/20/1865 Union City Nervous prostration While in service
BURNAM William B. Private 1 MN H.A.   02/10/1865 09/27/1865 Union City Gun shot wound Left leg
BISHOP William H. Private C 83 PA Vol. Inf. 09/07/1861   Union City Mortal gun shot wound Received in Battle Antietam
Louisa M., widow of: SHEPARD Martin Van Buren Private F 89 NY Inf. 05/14/1861 11/27/1862 Union City   Died Feb. 15th 1890
Lydia H., widow of LANDARETH John Private       Union City   Muscle left leg; kidney trouble
GOURLETTOTT Oscar H. Sgt. F 116 PA Inf. 10/16/1862 07/23/1863 Union City Gun shot wound Right leg
WILLIAMS Edmund B. Corp. K 109 NY Inf. 06/22/1862 06/16/1865 Union City Gun shot wound in ankle June 11th 1864 at Petersburg
SMITH Harvey G. Private 12 PA Cav.   01/15/1862 12/25/1862 Union City    
BLANCHARD William S. Private B 111 PA Inf. 02/10/1864 08/05/1865 Union City Gun shot wound in left foot Other disabilities
Gertrude M., widow of: JUDEL * Frank M. Private       Union City Chronic diarrhea Cannot remember dates
CHURCH Horatio L. Private A     Union City    
Lois M., widow of CLARK Melville D. Private E 145 PA Vol. Inf. 08/18/1862 08/15/1865 Union City Gun shot wound in ankle Died, catarih consumption
GILLETT Abraham O. Private H 83 PA Inf. 04/22/1861 07/22/1861 Union City    
Lucinda, widow of: FANSET * Nathan G. Private L 12 PA Cav. 01/07/1862 07/20/1865 Union City Rheumatism Died July 20th 1877
KAMERER Jacob F. Private F 169 PA Vol. Inf. 10/10/1862 07/28/1863 Union City  
DONELLY Thomas Capt. F 154 NY Inf. 08/08/1862 05/10/1864 Union City Gun shot wounds In both legs
REED James F. Chaplin 62 PA Vol.   07/1861 02/26/1862 Union City    
Clara J., widow of: DAVIS Stephen Private D 112 NY Vol. 09/06/1862 05/02/1863 Union City Coralgia right hip Discharged by disabilities
SHAVER Charles W. Private C 150 PA B.F. 08/30/1862 06/15/1865 Union City Gun shot wound in left foot Discharged by disabilities
HUNTLEY Mathias A. Private K 83 PA Inf. 09/11/1861 12/10/1863 Union City Rheumatism Discharged/surgeon's certificate
Lola, widow of: YOUNG John B. Private B 2 KY Inf.    Union City Rheumatism Died Nov 2nd 1888
ERSKINE Lucino Corp. E 110 NY Vol. 08/08/1862 08/28/1865 Union City Chronic diarrhea Discharged/close of war
LAMPHIER Edgar B. Private Ind. Battery NY   09/12/1862 09/12/1865 Union City Chronic diarrhea Discharged/close of war
HARRIS Frank Private E 145 PA Inf. 08/13/1862 03/13/1863 Union City Gun shot wound in head Also in shoulder
BENNETT George Private K 83 PA Vol. 09/07/1861 02/16/1864 Union City Disease of throat Reinlisted Feb 12th 1864
BENNETT George Private F 83 PA Vol. 02/12/1864 06/28/1865 Union City Disease of throat Discharged/close of war
TRYON Henry H. Private B 145 PA Vol. 08/14/1862 02/14/1863 Union City Partial deafness Discharge lost
GOLLMER Jacob C. Private F 100 OH Inf. 07/28/1862 06/20/1865 Union City   Discharged/close of war
JORDAN William D. Private B 12 PA Cav. 01/01/1862 07/20/1865 Union City Heart and throat Reinlisted Jan 1864; died Aug 1865
CORNISH Daniel Private H 100 NY Vol. 09/30/1862 05/08/1863 Union City    
GILBERT Lorenzo H. Sgt. C 21 MA Inf. 09/24/1861 09/24/1864 Union City Gun shot wound in right hip Discharged from hospital
SHEPARD Samuel G. Private U.S. Navy     Union City Wife cannot remember dates
WILLIAMS Thomas M. Private F 11 PA 1861 1861 Union City Lost right arm Discharged from hospital
FISHER Erasmus Private F 74 PA Inf. 06/1863 04/1865 Union City    
BOWERS Isaac Private C 83 PA Inf. 04/23/1864 06/30/1865 Union City    
CLAYTON Joseph Capt. Port after guard USN 08/12/1864 07/24/1865 Union City Lung disease Discharged/close of war
ROCKWOOD Horatio N. Private F 12 PA Cav. 12/29/1863 07/24/1865 Union City Rheumatism and kidney trouble Discharged/close of war
NILES Henry H. Seaman U.S. Navy   08/24/1864 06/29/1865 Union City Rupture and heart trouble  
WILLIAMSON Thomas U.S. Navy    1864 1865 Union City   Discharge lost
SHELDON George B.        Union City  
KELLEY Darius Private G 83 PA 01/27/1864 07/25/1865 Union City Rheumatism  
NORTHROP Ezra M. Private F 179 NY Inf.    Union City Gun shot wound to both thighs Discharged from hospital
KING Truman S. Private F PA Cav. 03/15/1864 07/01/1865 Union City   Discharged/close of war
COLENZO John Private G 1 OH H.A. 08/11/1862 06/12/1865 Union City   Discharge was burned
WETHINGTON Robert M. Private F 16 PA Cav.    Union City   Never received any discharge
Maria, wife of DIMOND Josiah M. Corp. A 16 PA Cav. 08/14/1862 10/06/1863 Union City Chronic diarrhea Discharged from hospital
DRURY Peter Private B 98 PA Inf. 03/06/1865 06/23/1865 Union City   Discharged by special orders
CHAPIN Lucius M. Private K 83 PA Inf. 08/31/1861 02/06/1862 Union City Gun shot wound in hand Discharge lost
MULVIN James W. Private E 145 PA Inf. 08/10/1862 07/23/1863 Union City Rheumatism and disease of eyes Discharged from hospital
CHENEY Harrison C. Private G 21 MA Inf. 07/19/1861 09/1864 Union City Gun shot wound in arm  
ROCKWOOD LaRue D. Private E 83 PA Inf. 02/28/1864 10/05/1865 Union City Gun shot wound in left foot  

* items marked with an asterisk indicate questionable spelling

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