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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

1890 Veteran Census Record

Union Township (no borough)

Submitted by Linda Emerson



Enumeration District 229 - Union Township

TAYLOR Alvin Private E 1 NY Cav. 09/1862 07/1864 Union City   Discharge lost
FIELDS William W. Seaman   Burnside 08/22/1864 06/21/1865 Union City Chronic Diarrhea Discharged/close of war
BOND John A. Sgt. A 7 MN Inf. 08/14/1862 08/16/1865 Union City   Discharged/close of war
GATES Levi B. Private H 18 NY H.A. 09/05/1864 06/21/1865 Union City Chronic Diarrhea Discharged/close of war
BURDICK Orlando P. Private K 14 PA Cav. 02/22/1864 08/24/1865 Union City Deaf in right ear Injured right hip
McALISTER David Private B 98 PA Inf. 11/06/1865 06/22/1865 Union City Epileptic fits  
REYNOLDS Nelson Private B 42 OH Inf. 08/1862 1862 Union City Rheumatism Discharge lost
COTRELL John C. Private A Orge     Union City   Sold his discharge
BOGUE James H. Corp. C 145 PA Inf. 04/08/1862 04/28/1863 Union City   Discharge lost
CHANDLER Simon Private F 168 PA Inf. 1862 07/1863 Union City    
Esther, widow of: COLE Israel Private B 98 PA Inf. 03/06/1865 06/23/1865 Union City   Discharged/close of war
Mary J., widow of: MACKEY Jeremiah Private B 98 PA Inf.     Union City    
NORTHROP Harvey Sgt. K 76 OH Inf. 11/1861 1865 Union City   Reenlisted vet
DICK Henry Private H 83 PA Inf. 1861   Union City   Discharge lost
KING Sherrod Private M 102 PA Inf.     Union City    
WILCOX Spencer Private D 112 NY Inf. 06/14/1862 06/1863 Union City    
TRISCUIT Jefferson Sgt. A 111 PA Inf. 09/02/1861 02/17/1863 Union City Shot thru right lung & right arm  
LYONS Harvey S. Private E 145 PA Inf. 08/18/1862 06/28/1865 Union City Shot thru left ankle Transferred to 7R VRC
EARLL Daniel R. Seaman   Moore 09/06/1864 06/29/1865 Union City   Discharged/close of war
Sophia L., widow of: NICHOLS Norman Private E 145 PA Inf. 08/11/1862 04/20/1863 Union City    
Elizabeth Johnson, former wife of: SMITH Ashbert     NY Cav.     Union City   Can't remember /papers lost
Elizabeth M., widow of: KELLEY John B. B   2 DC Inf. 08/09/1862 06/1863 Union City   Discharge lost
CROOKE Eprphro S. * Private K 6 US Cav. 08/08/1861 08/08/1864 Union City    
LYNDALL John W. Seaman   Moore 08/23/1864 06/29/1865 Union City   Discharged/close of war
MYRES William R. Private H 18 PA Cav. 01/05/1864 08/11/1865 Union City Gun shot wound/left thigh  
ELDERKIN Sylvester D. E   124 IL Inf. 08/09/1862 08/16/1865 Union City    
CLEMMONS John Private B 98 PA Inf. 1864 06/1865 Union City    
CLEMMONS Delors Sgt. E 145 PA Inf. 08/15/1862 05/31/1864 Union City    
KNAPP James C. Private A 14 PA Cav. 02/22/1864 11/02/1865 Union City   Discharged/close of war
KELLEY German L. B   PA Inf. 08/09/1862 06/05/1863 Union City    
WELLMAN Warren Corp. C 169 PA Inf. 10/16/1862 07/26/1863 Union City    
JENKINS Judd           Union City    
THOMAS Abial R. Private F 138 IL Inf. 08/07/1862 1865 Union City Hernia & piles Prisoner in Camp Ford/14 mos.
MUNCIE Frank W. Private F 111 PA Inf.     Union City    
DRAKE Sanford Private F 111 PA Inf.     Union City    
McDONALD Andrew J. Private   NY     Union City    
KING Cyrus H. Private C 169 PA Inf. 10/26/1862 07/26/1863 Union City    
RICE Horace Private G 2 PA H.A. 03/1864   Union City   Discharge lost

alias DEVREAUX Francis M.

John M. Private B 9 NY Cav. 08/29/1864 06/01/1865 Union City Deaf in left ear Caused by ??? In head
HOUERMAN George G. Sgt. E 1 WI Cav. 09/12/1861 10/27/1862 Union City Chronic Pleuracy Enlarged vein in right leg
HOLDEN Anthony M. Private B 211 PA Inf. 1864 1865 Union City    
JOHNSON John J.         1865 Union City    
GILVAIR William Private G 16 PA Cav. 08/16/1862 06/13/1863 Union City Gun shot wound/right foot  
Sophia J., widow of: McLEAN John S. Private B 102 PA Inf. 03/06/1865 06/29/1865 Union City    
HULBERT Charles H. Private G 10 MI Cav. 08/23/1863 1865 Union City    
Sarah A. Jones, former wife of: ALFORD Martial Sgt. F 72 OH Inf. 1862 1863 Union City Chronic Diarrhea Discharge lost
HARRIS James J. Sgt. E 145 PA Inf. 08/20/1862 06/14/1865 Union City Chronic Diarrhea  
LORD Samuel P. Private B 12 PA Cav. 03/31/1864 06/29/1865 Union City   Prisoner at Andersonville/6 mos.
RISSLER Henry Private F 23 WI Inf. 08/15/1862 07/04/1865 Union City   Discharged/close of war
SHIPMAN John Seaman   Burnside 08/29/1864 06/02/1865 Union City    
BROMLEY Francis           Union City    
Emilia, widow of: BROMLEY George Private . NY Cav     Union City    
Harriett, widow of: CLARK Amos E. Private E 145 PA Inf.     Union City   Discharge lost

* items marked with an asterisk indicate questionable spelling

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