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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Early Waterford Journal

Contributed by Beth Simmons

In August 2003, Beth Simmons had some email exchanges with a Yvonne Weston Hawley who resides in California. Yvonne related that her great grandparents migrated to California about 1909, and that her parents were in possesion of a ledger that had been passed down to the sons of the Weston family. She provided some information to Beth from the journal. Beth indicated back to Yvonne that the ledger may be a company store book of the Holland Land Company, or the Pennsylvania Population Company, or perhaps the commissary at Fort LeBouef. Unfortunately, the email exchanges had been forwarded to me under a different subject line. As a result, this information was only found during a recent review of old email that was being reviewed for possible deletion or archiving. A quick inquiry to Beth has indicated that nothing further was done concerning this "discovery". Yvonne's email to Beth is quoted below. Some of the names are recognized as being in the Waterford area; hence the cross reference to Waterford Township.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, August 25, 2003 1:06 AM
Subject: Re: LeBoeuf Twp Plat map 1876

You asked where I live, I'm in Calif. My great grandparents came to Calif. abt 1909. This ledger has been passed down to the sons of the Weston family, at least the ones here in Calif. I don't know it this is even connected to my family line but presuming so as the way the family has passed it down. I have no history about it.

While at my parents I got into the safe and got the ledger out. It is very fragile. It is a piece of what looks like animal hide pig or deer, with paper in it and a string holding the paper in place. Very primitive...... make do with what you have.....The dates in it are 1794-95 some go into the 1813.

On Oct 5 , 1813 Peter Humborugh (spelling ? ) is buying seventy acres on the South side of Nathaniel Holloryes (?) on French Creek for 5 dollars a acre. There is the name Nathan Brown and the name of Mathias Homebough (spelling?) at the end of this transaction. Another entry Jan 6 1816 Charles Colt buying or selling one yoke of oxen.

Names that I could read:
Thos Moore 1794
Edward Paine
Wm Goodwin
Ezra Paine
Capt Strong (?)
Joseph Smith
Robt Mc Donrl(?)/ Mc Pole
David Loree /Loru
Abm Johnson
Mr Tiler
Abraham Devenport 1794
Job Rogers 1794
Peter Dumond
Isaac Dumond
Mr Thayer
Philip Truman
Jacob Brinkerhoff
Capt Morgan
David Smith 1794
William T(P)angburn
Tim Gregory
John Stourd 1795
Nath Walker
Joseph Starr
Joseph Rogers Jr 1795
Garret Shoemaker 1794 Nov 22
Nat Devenport
.. ....Conkle
Israel Garrison
Isaac Dumond Sr
Mr Barni
Henry Teiter

Buying and selling of:
corn, potatoes, salt, whiskey, rum, snowshoes, wheat, tea, pepper, buttons material, other sewing notions.
Most of the writing I'm not able to make out as it looks like it is in written in another language. After looking what you had written about your ledger the one I have is nothing like your well organized book......I hope you can find some of these names.. Thank you for looking.
Yvonne Weston Hawley.

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