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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Church Related - 1930s Combined Chorus

Contributed by Barb Seyler

The photos and information below have been contributed by Barbara Root Seyler. The photos are of some combined choruses in Erie County during 1937, 1938, and another undated year around the same time. From information on the photos, and from banners shown in the pictures, these "Combined Choruses" were church related. Click on any of the photos to bring up a larger image. Use your browser 'Back' button to return to this page. Any questions or comments may be directed to Barb Seyler.

1930s undated

This photo is undated but is believed to be in the same time frame as the two below. Unfortunately, only Barb's mother is identified. The location is also undetermined.

1937 Chorus

This 1937 photo was taken at an unidentified church in North East. Some of those identified include: Dorothy Hubbard; Marjorie Berkilite; Marge Spires; Grace Dean Lender; Edgar Forsyth; Dolores Steva; Gladys Dean; Opal McMichell; Ruth Hubbard; Virginia Butler; Louise Schrieber; Arlene Jeroka; Laura Hammer; Ester Lewis; Betty Way; Emily Forsyth; Avis Hosbach; Jeannette Hosbach; Ancil Pomorey; Raymond Hagel; Norman Hammer; Paul Hammer; John Butterfield; Walter Forsyth; Roy Christensen; John Christensen and Albert Rensuck.

1938 Chorus

This June 1938 photo was taken at an unidentified church in Girard. Included in this photo are: Miss Grace Dean, Leader; Theo Voorhis; Rev. Howard Smith; Jeannette Hosbach; Ruth Hubard; Neil Hetz; Opal MacMichell; Avis Hoebach; Fern Stein; Emily Forsyth; Marjorie Berkilite; Ruth Berkilite; Dolores Steva; Walter Forsyth; Margaret Brandeberry; Esther Lewis; Edna Brown; Edgar Forsyth; John Christensen; Laura Hammer; Helen Hartman; Mildred Shepard; Albert Rensuck; Ancil Pomroy; Norman Hammer; Gladys Dean; Dorothy Hubbard; Marjorie Spires; Betty Way; Arleen Seroka; Gerry Steva; John Melzer; Chuck Wagner; Dick Wagner and Paul Hammer.

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