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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Wayne Township - Beaverdam Church 1827 List

Contributed by Nancy Richings

The information below was provided by Nancy Richings as a result of her family research at the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia, PA. Partial records for the 1827 membership of the Beaverdam congregation were extracted from "Old Churches in the region of Wattsburg & Waterford, Erie County, PA - Congregational & Day Book of Middlebrook, Beaver Dam and Union Churches 1826-1834". Nancy did advise that the book does contain other dollar amount and other record items such as beef, bushels of oats, etc., but that she did not copy any of this info. A similar extract for the Middlebrook congregation has also been done and is titled Middlebrook Church 1827 listing.

Comments or questions on this extracted information may be sent directly to Nancy Richings.

 List of Church Members Beaverdam, PA

William Gray William Carsons
E---------Gray  John Kincaid
Mathew Gray Jane Smith
Esther Gray Alibi Perkins
Phebe Perkins  
United June 1827  
William Wicks Margaret Wicks
John Carson Matilda Carson
Mary Smith Matilda Smith
Jane Smith Eliza Smith
Chancy Ames Polly Ames
Peggy Wall Hannah Wall
Nancy Smith  William Smith
John Smith James Smith
Mary Ann Carson Alexander Carson

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