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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Fairview Township - United Presbyterian Church

Contributed by Rick Polaski

The information below was extracted from a 1963 US Government publication by Rick Polaski. The publication is titled United States Post Office, Fairview, Penna. April 28, 1963 Program Booklet and Historical Highlights. Please contact the contributor directly with any comments or questions, etc.

The United Presbyterian Church of Fairview

The United Presbyterian Church of Fairview and the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Erie both trace their origin to a small group of devoted pioneers who met for divine worship in Captain Richard Swan's Tavern near the mouth of Walnut Creek, Fairview, under the inspired leadership of the Rev. Johnston Eaton, in 1806.   The Rev. Mr. Eaton was the first ordained Presbyterian minister in Erie County as of June 20, 1808.  

A church had been organized prior to this date and had a membership of about twenty-five including Andrew Caughey, George Reed and William Arbuckle as elders. A log cabin meeting house was built in 1809 and served as a worship center until 1844. The Rev. Mr. Eaton served this and other churches until his death in 1847.  

The church at its present location was founded July 21, 1845, by former members of the earlier church. At this time it was known  as the Sturgeonville Presbyterian Church, "Old School". The site of the present Episcopal Church was at that time the  Fairview Presbyterian Church, "New School". Westminister Presbyterian Church severed its relationship and became independent about this time.  

The two Presbyterian Churches, "Old School" and New School," united on January 6, 1870, at the present site and a new frame building was dedicated in 1871.This stood for about two and a half years and was completely burned down June 24, 1874. But in less than a year a completely new brick structure was erected to "the glory of God" by the congregation that adopted the motto still in use today, "let us arise and build".  

The Church building has undergone substantial changes during the years, particularly in 1927, and again in 1960, at which time a fine new Christian Education wing was added, and dedicated on May 1, 1960.  

During the years several men and women have gone out into the ministry or the mission field from the Fairview Presbyterian Church.   Recent pastors have been the Rev. C.E. Reed, who came in 1922; the Rev. Ivan O. Wilson, The Rev. John F. Blewitt and the Rev. A.A. Clayton. The present pastor is the Rev. Stephen W. Marosy.              

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