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City of Erie - Glenwood United Methodist Church History

Contributed by Barb Seyler

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Glenwood United Methodist Church is located at the corner of Peach Street at Myrtle in the City of Erie.

Sketchy records indicate that the ministers of the United Brethren in Christ Church conducted services in the vicinity of Erie in late years of the nineteenth century. It was not until April 2, 1878, that a church class was organized by Reverend John Hill in the home of Mrs. John Reed. Services were held for some time in an abandoned Presbyterian Church located at the corner of Tenth and Cherry Streets. This church as purchased in 1879. The length of time which this church continued is not fully known. It is known that the following pastors ministered to this mission church: The Reverends John Hill, W. W. Pringle and John Thomas. Just as many other churches in these early years, the Erie Church was a part of a circuit which included the following preaching appointments: Randell, Branchville, Bethel, Foy School House and Union. For some reason this early work of the denomination was closed and the church building sold.

The Church, known as Glenwood Evangelical United Brethren Church, was the outgrowth of a Union Sunday School, organized in January 1893. This Sunday School met in Bowers Hall which was about two blocks from the present church. The rapid growth of this school soon necessitated the building of a chapel which was dedicated in 1895. The Central Presbyterian Church for some 18 years fostered the program of this organization.

The Spring of 1911 saw the beginning of the Glenwood Church when the Reverend W. B. Nelson was asked by the Erie Conference to look up people who had a relationship with the United Brethren in Christ Church. His attention was called to the Union Sunday School, which was in a flourishing condition. Mr. Nelson gave this school his full support and within a short time the school voted to be affiliated with the United Brethren in Christ denomination. In the Fall of 1911 a charter class of twenty-five members was organized and the chapel property was purchased. In the Spring of 1912 a large class of members was received into the fellowship of the church. Thus, Glenwood was off to a fine start. Mr. Nelson served as pastor until 1916.

The pastor for 1916-1917 was the Reverend W. P. Hanks.

Dr. N. H. MacAllister was assigned to the Glenwood Church in the Fall of 1917. It was during the pastorate of Dr. MacAllister that the triangular lot on which the present church is located was purchased. This purchase was made in January 1922. In a directory of 1923 we are told that "on account of the strikes and the embargo placed on all roads leading into Erie, it was necessary to wait until the Spring of 1923 to begin operation upon the new building". So on May 1923, ground was broken for the present edifice. On March 25, 1924, Bishop W. M. Bell, assisted by Dr. R. S. Showers, Conference Superintendent, the present building was dedicated to the service of God. Dr. MacAllister continued as pastor until the Fall of 1925.

Glenwood was served the next three years by Reverened G. L. Graham (1925-1926) and Reverend J. L. Love (1926-1928).

The Annual Conference of 1928 assigned Dr. S. Paul Weaver to the church. The Weavers served faithfully and well for six years.

Dr. O. E. Schafer was assigned by the Conference in the Fall of 1934. Dr. Schafer was the pastor for twelve years. During his pastorate the indebtedness of the church was liquidated and the beautiful and comfortable parsonage at 2924 Myrtle Street was built. The parsonage stands where the original chapel was located.

Dr. Glenn Donelson was appointed in the Fall of 1946 and continued for nine years.

In order to provide for the growing Sunday School an educational unit was built, adjoining the church.

In 1955, Dr. Harold V. Lindquist was assigned to the ministerial leadership of the church.

In 1968, the church known as Glenwood Evangelical United Brethren Church, merged and is now known as Glenwood United Methodist Church. It continues to grow and recently has undergown another building expansion.

Ed. Note: In 2006 an email from 2002 was discovered from church member Molly Petroff. Molly indicated that this church has a current website at

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