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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Venango Township - Middlebrook Church Marriage Records

Contributed by Susan Smith

The information below was submitted by Susan Smith as a part of her many years of research on the SMITH surname in Erie County. This data has been obtained from microfilm and other source documents and is not intended to be portrayed as complete, only an extract. Anyone having any questions or comments on this extract should contact Susan Smith directly.

Marriages Solemnized By Absalom McCready - Middlebrook Church - 1826 to 1834

Oct 12th 1826 John Criver Wayne Ruby Coal Wayne $1.00
  William McCray Concord Eliza Bruice Concord $2.00
Jan 1st 1827 Samuel Troop Elimary Ruth Herric Elemary $1.00
July 4th Duncan Carson Amity Anne Gates Amity $1.00
July 18th David Sheets Venango Lucy Macumber Venango $2.00
July 19th Jacob Sheets Venango Happy Janes Venango $2.00
Sept Ira Shedock Greenfield Lucretia Stewart Concord $2.00
Oct 20th James Gray Union Jane McCray Concord $2.00
Novem 13th Loyal ^Eliel Nims   Betsy Hascal York $2.00
1828 Jan 2nd Ashel Gates Amity Jane Smith Venango $2.00
Nov 6th 1828 Parley Bloss Elimary York state Lucinda Shields Venango Erie Co Pa $2.00
Nov 20th 1828 Giddeon Barotwell Mayville Aervilla Tracy Venango Erie Co $2.00
Dec 23rd Robert McCray Brokenstraw Matilda E Carson Wayne Erie Co $2.00
1829 Feb 19th John Carson Beaverdam Erie Co Dorcia Tracy Venango $2.00
March 26th William Davis Amity Erie Co Peggy White   $4.00
May 28th 1829 William Yost Amity Ann Medcal Greenfield $1.50
Sept 8th Cyrus Jenks NE Eualine Loomis Greenfield $2.00
Oct 28th 1829 Mathias Kinian   Mary Ann Wattles   $1.50
Nov 12th Stephan Brown   Adaline Slown   $2.00
Dec 24th Horatio Abbey   Martha Smith   $2.00
Dec 27th Nohum Darrah   Jane Johnston   $2.00
Dec 27th Hugh Skelly   Sarah Johnston   $2.00
Dec 30th Moses Brown   Polly Willson   $1.50
Jan 14th Pliny Chapin   Hannah Smith   $2.00
Jan 17th 1830 Andrew Scribner   Mary Sheets   $1.00
Jan 21st Benjamin T Fales   July Ann Nims   $2.00
Jan 21st (no first name) Osmer   Mrs Drake   wood
Mar 18th Nathaniel Willson   Catherine Wittington   $3.00
  (no name)   Mrs Jane Akin Concord $2.25
Oct 7th 1830 Thos Robison   Nancy Johnston   $2.00
Oct 21st Edson White   Polly Wattles   $1.50
Nov 25th Wm F Sloan   Miranda Nitchasch   $2.00
Dec 28th 1830 John Smith   Nancy Philips   $3.00
Jan 3rd Ira Bristal   Nancy Warner   $1.50
Jan 13th 1831 William Willson   Betsy Donaldson   $2.00
Feb 3rd Truman Perry   Jane Donaldson   $2.00
Feb 15th Wm Smith   Mary Nelson   $3.00
Oct 6th 1831 Jasen Hatch   Mary A King   $1.87
Oct 13th Wm McCready   Selertice Tracy   $2.00
Dec 1st John Willson   Nancy Willson   $3.00
Jan 26th 1832 Joseph Brownel   Emily Chapan   $2.00
  Joseph Willson   Mrs Richmond   $1.00
1833 Jan 16th Luther Nims   Hannah Yost   $1.87
Jan 22nd Harvey Smith   Sophiah Smith   $2.00
Jan 29th John Berinst   Harriet Foot   $2.00
May Dr (no last name) Concord Mrs Graves Concord $3.75
Sept 19th Seth Petit North East Nancy M Melton North East $5.00
Sept 24th Dr S Dickinson Wattsburgh Hepsabah R Judson Wattsburgh $2.00
26 Hugh Cochran North East Rachel Hampson North East $4.00
Oct 3rd Andrew Thompson Wayne Sarah Smith Wayne $3.00
3rd Ruel Mcarthur   Mrs Goodrich   $2.00
De Alexander Smith   Ann Thompson   $3.00
1834 (no name)   Almira Gates   $1.50
Oct 30 Niger R Tracy   Emily Nelson   $3.00

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